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She Meets Her Match

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It was funny how I first laid eyes on Jen. We had been flirting online for months. We had both ended marriages and were online searching for others. One day I called her and thought her voice sounded a little “old”. That was one of the dumber mistakes of my life.

But we continued to write back and forth. We were also both talking with others all over the US. One night we were instant messaging back and forth when I looked at the clock and wrote that I had to go, that I had my daughter’s school program to go to. “Me too,” Jen said. “What town are you in?” I asked. It turns out we were in the same town. You probably already have this figured out (sure where were you back then) but Jen’s and my daughters were classmates. Not only that but Jen lived ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME. AND our daughters were best friends!

We agreed to meet at the school function. My daughter pointed out her classmate, Jen’s daughter, and I was floored. The “old” woman that I had written her off as was really a very lovely blonde, 125 pounds, with 38C boobs, shoulder length hair, a slender waist, a cute rear, the perfect body. We spent the evening talking and I ended up taking her and her daughter home after dropping my daughter off at her mom’s. Jen and I kissed goodnight at her door. Before I got to the stairway, she had run back into my arms. “That kiss told me everything I need to know about you,” she said. I moved in the next day.

Jen, I quickly learned had four sexual surprises. She was squirter. In other words, she had female ejaculate that squirted when she came and came often. She was a wet nurse. Her breasts leaked milk when sucked on even though her daughter was now 11. She could deep throat. And she totally enjoyed anal sex. I was quick to tell her about the swing club that I had visited with my ex. She wanted to try going as well.

The moment we walked into the room, heads turned both male and female. One couple, Gary and Wanda, had always been favorites of mine. Wanda was a carbon copy of Jen but with short dark hair. This night at the club, Wanda was wearing nursing scrubs with no bra. Gary was wearing a G-string, a bow tie, a top hat and a cane. Gary quickly asked Jen for a dance and she was off to the dark dance floor. Wanda and I quickly followed.

Once on the dance floor, Wanda quickly kissed me deep admitting that she had always wanted to be with me but her husband was against it as he did not find my ex attractive. Obviously this had changed once he eyed Jen. I searched the dance floor and I spotted her in the corner sticking her panties into the pocket of her plaid skirt. She quickly slid the straps of her bra down her arms and unhooking the clasp and it quickly went into the other pocket.

Here was my hot new girlfriend with only her bobby socks, transparent white button down shirt and short skirt dancing with a guy she had only met 5 minutes before, a guy in a G-string! This girlfriend had never cheated on her husband and never though of swinging. I stood watching as she slid the G-string to the side and ease Gary’s dick in between her legs, obviously sliding deep inside her. Within minutes her legs were around his hips and she is leaning back against the wall. Suddenly a puddle formed on the floor.

Of course, I was busy myself. I was finally feeling Wanda’s chest through the bottom of the scrub top. She had her hands down my pants. I was in heaven watching Jen and feeling Wanda. I thought it couldn’t get any better.

We ended up back at the table together. “Hi, I’m Jen,” she said shaking Wanda’s hand. I don’t why or how but Jen let go of Wanda’s hand and kissed her long and deep on the lips. Wanda’s hands quickly found Jen’s perfect chest and the two of them were off to the races.

Fortunately, the DJ announced it was a “Girls Only” dance and the two of them headed off to the dance floor. That dance had everyone cheering them on. There was little that didn’t occur. Both kept their clothes on but both left no doubt what was going on.

“Wow, I think we need to go upstairs,” said Wanda. “We have a room and need to use it NOW!” Jen asked permission to take a few minutes to clean up and change into something else. “Hurry up,” insisted Wanda.

We took separate elevators to our floors. “I never knew you were bi,” I said to Jen. “I wasn’t until I laid eyes on Wanda,” she responded. She admitted she also loved Gary’s dick.

Jen asked if I approved of her new outfit, a transparent teddy that ended just above her shaved pussy. “Do you think they’ll like it?” she asked. My inaudible panting was obviously the answer she wanted to hear. She tossed on a robe and we headed to the floor above.

“What do you think she’ll be wearing,” Jen asked. “Maybe I am under dressed.” That thought quickly passed as we got to their room, directly across from the club’s hospitality room. The sign on the door said, “Come on in and if you see anything you like, fuck it.” We entered to see Gary pulling out after dumping a load into a cute brunette. Wanda was on the same bed on her back with a guy buried in the spot I only dreamt about.

The brunette moved up and sat on Wanda face, dripping Gary’s load down Wanda’s throat. In the meantime, I laid Jen across the other bed and went to work licking her pussy. Something tasted different. Then I remembered Gary has already dumped a load into her. Wanda’s female friend quickly came and I could see Wanda just looking at us and licking her lips lustfully as the brunette’s husband unloaded into her.

The other couple left and Gary ran to get a drink. “I think Mike needs a little help here,” said Jen, laying me down on my back and going down on me. Suddenly, I had strange feeling and looked down to see both of them going at my, now enormous boner.

Unfortunately, it ended far too quickly as the two of them started using their tongues to kiss each other. Slowly they moved up until they were kneeling breast to breast Frenching deeply, with fingers deep inside each other. Fortunately, I was still trapped between them with the best seat in the house. Unfortunately, I knew they wanted at each other and I was in the way. I scooted out from between them and Jen pushed Wanda down and through herself over Wanda’s face in a lengthy 69.

About 20 minutes later, Jen came nearly drowning Wanda. Wanda flipped Jen to the bottom and showed that she too was a squirter. “Wow,” said Jen. “I always wondered what that looked like. Now I know.

Suddenly we heard applause. We turned and realized that Gary had returned and about 20 people from the dance had come up to the hospitality suite and heard the commotion and read the sign on the door and stood applauding the girl’s torrid action.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Jen asked me. “Yes, but we have a problem,” I added. “Everyone here has come at least once. Gary came inside you. “Prove it,” Jen laughed. “Hey remember I went down on you after your action on the dance floor,” I reminded her. “Busted! And Wanda came on your face after already getting fucked by that other guy. You came in a puddle on the dance floor. Busted again! And you came on Wanda’s face. But has anyone solved my problem?, pointing to my erection.”

“Stop your pouting Mikey,” said Wanda. “I told you I have wanted you inside me for months. I just saved the best for last.” With that she spread her dripping pussy and grabbed her ankles.

“Hey I resent that,” said Jen. “Hey Gary would you like to fuck my ass?” Neither Gary or I wasted anytime taking our offers. After months of waiting and wanting, I slid deep into Wanda, slid my hands on her naked breasts and tasted my girlfriend on her tongue. “Gad this was everything I waited for,” Wanda and I said simultaneously with a laugh.

We could hear slapping and moaning as Gary went at Jen’s ass like a piston on a steam engine. Jen’s was screaming in total joy. “Gad I love being fucked there,” she panted.

As Gary dumped a load into her bowels, Jen squirted another puddle onto the bed.

The room again erupted in applause. We had totally forgotten the door was open and about 40-50 people claim to have watched all of part of the show.

“I just wished you didn’t live 100 miles away,” I said, holding a naked Wanda in my lap. “Oh didn’t we tell you, Wanda’s dad died and we inherited his farm,” said Gary with Jen curled up and wrapped around Gary, his dick now in her pussy.

“Where is the farm?” I asked. Oh hell, you must have heard this story before. There farm was less than a mile from Jen’s and my apartment. Let’s just say we became close friends. Jen and Wanda got together often. Jen would join the two of them. Wanda would visit Jen and I some weekends. Other weekends we just switched partners for the entire weekend. We always ended up with our own spouses and always ended up “eating out.” I sometimes wonder who actually drank more of the other guy’s load, us or the girls.

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