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She Finally Did

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I don'tknow where to begin. I am in my early forties with a never ending sex drive. I am very happily married to a beautiful and very sexy lady. We have three kids away in college, so we have an empty house. My wife Kathi has only gained 7 lbs since we were married 23 years ago. Those 7 lbs. went to her fantastic set of tits. During the first 10-12 years of marriage she would always say that after the kids are born she was going to get a boob job to return what child birth and nursing took away. She did a lot more than that. She had a nice set of 32 C before the operation. I never complained and was in fact very satisfied with her tits, she has very sensitive nipples and I know just how to make her wet by playing with her nipples. After the boob job she was a perfect 34DD and I found out what I was missing all these years. I love them. She is 44 and is 5'7" 117lbs with a 34DD 25- 35 figure.

About a year ago I joined a swinger's website with her knowledge. As I started making our profile, she decided she was not ready for having another couple share our bedroom. She was raised in a very strict household as a child. Sex in the early part of our marriage was a chore for her. She did not have her first orgasm until we were married for 5 years and they were very sporadic over the next 10 years. About the last 2 years or so she is really starting to enjoy sex more. She can now climax almost every time. When I joined the site I paid for a whole year in advance. Once in a while she would catch me looking at the site online. I would show her pictures of other couples and ask what she thought and she would turn me down cold. Saying I was enough for her.

Kathi is very independent and owns her own company. A supply warehouse in Phoenix. I also own my own company and am one of her biggest customers. I spend a lot of time at her place of business. Her employees know we are married, but other customers and sales people do not. I love to start a conversation with another customer about the size of her tits and how her jeans fit so nice. To a man every one has had thoughts of getting her in the sack and fucking her silly. When I come across a good looking guy that has really got the hots for her I tell her. I want to see how she interacts with the men she knows want to fuck her. The majority of the time she is very professional. With some men though, she is a little bit of a tease. She will make sure her tits are on display for the guys to stare at. She has even brushed her tits against a guys arm or shoulders. Whenever I witness one of these displays I know when I get home tonight we are going to fuck like rabbits. I talk to her as I am fucking her telling her this is what her customer is wishing he was doing right now. She has non stop orgasms when I am vocal about her teasing. I am trying to lay the groundwork for bringing another in our bed with us. She still maintains she has no interest.

The last two weeks I have been out of town. When I got back I noticed she was very horny and was dressing for the office a lot sexier than before. We had three days of just fantastic sex. She could not get enough and my cock was sore by Sunday. Monday in my office I was online and went to my swinger's account and had an e-mail from a guy that has been begging me to set him up with my wife. The header says "Thanks" I open it and he is not sending me a note he is sending it to Kathi. In it Gary tells my wife that she was the hit of the party and people are asking when she and her husband will be back. No way, my wife must have gone on line under our account and read some of his pleadings to fuck her. I e-mail him with my cell phone number and ask him to call me. I can't believe how hard my cock is right now. I went to my wife's office and as I entered the warehouse she was helping one of the guys that before has told me he would love to fuck her. She was having a good time teasing this guy. He was a rugged construction worker, but was only about 23-25 or so he looked. By the time he was ready to check out he was adjusting his jeans to conceal a very nice bulge. I noticed it from 30 feet away, I'm sure my wife did too from 10 inches away. When she spotted my truck thru the window. She finished up with him and came looking for me. I bumped into her and asked how her day was going? She said great. I noticed our friend at the counter getting written up and asked her if she got to help him. She said she took very cook care of him. I whispered in her ear. "You know he wants to fuck you". She told me to be ready when I get home as she is ready to fuck right now. I kissed her and grabbed her ass and told her I loved her and couldn't wait till tonight.

At 3pm I got a call from the Jack from he website. He told me my wife had stumbled onto my computer that I had left on. She went to the website (password was stored) and read all of my previous e-mails. There were about 40 from him. I sent him a picture of about a year ago. In the previous e-mails he tells me he wants to fuck my wife. He checks in about every three weeks to see if she has changed her mind yet about joining. He tells me that he sent an e-mail on Thursday 2 weeks ago. He said she answered the e-mail. She was asking questions about what I have said about her. He told her I thought she was the sexiest woman alive and that I had made you sound so hot the He has wanted to fuck her ever since. He asked about me. She told him, I was away on business. He asked her if she wanted company tonight. She said she was fine alone with her book. He said he started telling her things I told him about her. I would make his cock hard by telling her things she would do in bed. She was curious and wanted to know more. He invited her out for a drink. He told her to wear something sexy. He said they met for a drink at a bar closed to here and that she looked hot when she got there. She was wearing tight jeans with a leather vest bra less and fuck me pumps. I would love to see her dress like that I told him. He said he tried to take her home and fuck her brains out and even tried to get her to give him a hand job in the booth. She informed him she was married and did not want to fool around without me. He told me he went home and jerked off the biggest load of cum in years.

On Friday afternoon he e-mailed her again and invited her to a party. Through e-mail they had agreed she would be his date and that he would show her what a swing party was like first hand. She had made him promise not to try anything or to get her drunk (she gets very horny when drunk). He told me that was his opening. He reminded her to dress as sexy as she did at the bar last night. He said the party was Saturday night and when they met at the bar she wanted a drink to calm her nerves. She ordered a vodka cranberry and he told the waiter to make it a double while she was in the ladies room. When they arrived at the party, she was clued to his side. He said he loved it. She was by far the hottest lady there. There was beauty all around but with her shyness and the sexy clothes she was wearing she just stole the show. After meeting everyone and been handed more than a few drinks she was starting to open up and act like these strangers a half an hour ago were now long lost buddies. She is on her to being drunk I thought. He told me that since it was swinging party that when a lady came up to him and wanted to get some couch time. He said my wife told him to go and get some and that she would be ok. We had been there an hour when people started pairing up and making good use of every soft spot in the house. He took his lady friend and found a den with a queen size bed in and was soon joined by another couple. He said he and his lady friend were having awesome sex for about 45 minutes when they finished and he went looking for Kathi. He found her in the back yard laying on the pool table and getting pounded by a huge cock pounding her cunt as she lay on her stomach and is sucking a cock on the other side of the pool table. There are about 8 more men around the table waiting their turn. There were at least twice as many men as women at the party. Jack said his cock was instantly hard and soon he was at the back of the line surrounding her. Jack said she was moaning with a cock in her mouth and thrusting back against the cock that was pounding her cunt. he said the cock in her mouth was balls in and when the guy emptied his load down her throat and pulled his cock from the depths of her throat he was shocked to see a cock the same size as the at least 8 inch one pounding her box. She had swallowed to the bone a huge piece of meat. (I had to put him on speaker phone so I would not crash while driving) Shortly after another cock took the place of the guy that had just deposited his cum in her mouth the guy fucking her pulled out his monster cock and erupted all over her back and ass with one rope of cum landing on the back of her head as she sucked another cock. Jack told me that at least 10 guys fucked her at least once with a few of them banging her two times. She had sucked of at least 12-15 cocks thru the night. She also had 2 women who would suck all the cum from her cunt and she had a few powerful climaxes with the ladies.

Jack got to feed his cock in her mouth and he said she was an excellent cock sucker as she had his balls emptied in less than 10 minutes. He said she was the hit of the party and took on men for over 4 hours and had at least 10 men fuck her to multiple orgasms. Each one the best yet. When Jack drove her home he asked if he could come inside and fuck her as he had not had the chance to yet. He said she said next time and went into our house alone. That was the first Saturday I was gone, I asked Jack if he and her hooked up the next weekend also. He told me he tried but she was not interested.

I got home and my cock was rock hard as I entered the house. She came out from the kitchen wearing only an apron and panties. She went right for my 7 inch cock and soon she was bending over our living room couch and I was feeding her my cock from behind. I pounded her for less than 5 minutes before I shot a huge amount of cum into her hot cunt. She then told me we needed to talk. She told me she was not a good girl while she was home alone. I asked her what she meant. She then told me about finding the website and reading my mail and being online as Jack sent an instant message. She then told me she met him for a drink and went to a sex party with him and that a few guys had fucked her and that she had sucked them also. She asked if I hated her. I answered by pointing to my already erect cock and told her I loved her and wanted to watch next time.

She then surprised me by saying that we were hosting a party tonight and that their would be at least 10 couples coming over in an hour. When people started showing up, we were ready as I pulled out the extra air mattresses from the garage. We have a six bedroom house and in less than 45 minutes there was people fucking everywhere. Kathi was the hostess for the first part of the night she thought I needed to catch up with her on the swinging front and was watching as a small breasted oriental lady about sucked my cock from my skin fucking me. She had me sit on the couch and her 90 lbs sank on my cock and soon she was using her cunt muscles on the base of my cock like a cock ring. My cock was ready to explode the first time she clenched her cunt muscles around the base of my cock, but she knew just how to keep me from exploding my seed into her. She had fucked herself into a tremendous orgasm using my cock and her cunt muscles. I was just an excited power tool for her. We fucked for over 45 minutes (a record for my cock) when I emptied the biggest load of cum in my life. Lisa then asked me to eat my cum from her cunt. She then turned her 90 lb body over and soon I was sucking the cum out of her while she was bringing my cock back to life with her mouth.

I needed a drink and also want to find Kathi. I did not have to look too far as she had become the center of attention among three guys that had arrived together with out ladies. She had a cock in her mouth another in her cunt and the third guy was slapping his cock against her nipples (she loves this). When I stopped to watch, another beautiful lady came up and dragged me outside by the pool and asked me to fuck her while her husband filmed it. She had huge breasts and a very tight pussy and as she backed into my throbbing cock, I had my hands all over her titties and was feeling her nipples grow in my hands. They were the biggest nipples I have ever seen they had to be an inch long and at least that around. She was thrusting her body against my cock and teasing her husband all the time. He is filming and playing with his cock as she is screaming about getting fucked by me. Soon another guy shows up with a throbbing cock and feeds it to her mouth. Her voice muffled by cock now her moans are loud and clear. A sexy redhead soon comes out to see the excitement and she goes for the husbands nice size cock and swallows him but is then disappointed as he shot his load in under a minute. Now I know why she loves the 2 cocks pounding her, as I had been fucking her for over 15minutes before the one in her mouth arrived and together we have now maid this lady climax at least a dozen times. We switched places and soon she had my cock in her mouth and I shot my second load cum into a stranger tonight.

I walked back in to the house to see two very sexy ladies eating each other out with four guys standing around. After about 5 minutes the ladies pronounced their cunts empty and ready for more cock. As the guys around tried to find a hole for their cocks one of the girls said she wanted three guys at once and grabbed the smallest cock (still 6 inches at least) and got him wet and slowly fit his meat into her ass. He was on his back and she motioned for me to put my cock in her cunt, as she reached for a 10 inch cock for her mouth. We found a nice rhythm and we soon pounded her to multiple orgasms. I have never fucked a woman while another cock is fucking her ass. It was awesome as his hard cock and my hard cock were sawing away at her insides. I could feel his cock thru the thin wall separating her cunt from her ass. I think we were in competition to see who would cum first between the two of us as the 10 inch cock in her mouth lasted about 15 minutes before he pulled out and fed his cock to the other lady on the bed fucking a huge cock and begging for one in her mouth. As I watched the huge cock explode all over the other lady I shot the biggest load of my night in her cunt and was soon seeing the ropes of cum from the guy in her ass as he pulled out and shot all over her bush and stomach. The ladies wasted no time in getting together for a cleaning.

I went in search of my wife and found her in the guest house with the same group of guys from before. A guy was fucking her from behind as he sat in a chair. She was bouncing on his cock as she played with the other 2 cocks with her hands, mouth and boobs. She was very vocal and telling the guys she wanted to fuck all night and that they had promised her they could. That sent the guy in her cunt shooting as he grabbed her ass and impaled it against his cock. She had a nice explosion as he shot off. She saw me, and using her finger to lick some of the leaking cum from her cunt, she put the cum on her lip and stuck her tongue out to me and had me lick the guys cum from her tongue. She got up and told me to lie down and she planted her cum filled cunt right over my face and I was treated to at least a cup of cum the eagerly went down my throat. I bring her to an orgasm and feel her lips on my cock and I notice her cocksucking skills have definitely improved (she has not really sucked me much in our marriage until just a couple of years ago). I am now playing with her clit as she is cleaned of cum and when she starts moaning real loud while there is a mouth around my cock I look down and notice a guy is sucking my cock. That was it I shot another load of cum and he gagged on it. Kathy had put his cock in her mouth and she was sucking the cum from him and feeding it to another guy close by. She was ready to get fucked again and the guy she was feeding the cum too, was ready to pound her again. I got up to see the rest of the party and noticed that a lot of people had left. The two girls were still entertaining four different men. They each had a cock in her mouth and cunt and were kissing each other and licking each others tits.

This night has been wild as I have cum over six times with 4 different women 1 guy and my sexy wife all in less than four hours. I was still hard as I went to find my wife again and noticed she was not in the room she was in but two of the guys were and they were each giving each other a blow job. It was hot watching these guys who had been banging my wife for the past four hours were now sucking each other. I found Kathy in the back yard on our swing set with the guy with the 10 inch cock he was trying to fuck her while she was on the swing. She could not get that to work so she got onto the bars and lay upside down and had him feed his cock downwards as he positioned his cock to enter her she curled her legs and instantly she slid up and engulfed his cock on her way up. When she uncurled her legs you could see his cock then she curled up and his monster disappeared inside her. He had to do nothing as she curled and uncurled her legs and fucked him very slowly. She waved me over and on my knees between the monster cocks legs I fed her my cock. I could feel his balls bouncing on top of my head as she curled and uncurled. I did not last very long and gave her mouth another load of cum. As I am coming the cock in her cunt starts to erupt and soon his cum is filling up her cunt and coming back up and overflowing onto my hair. When he removes his cock from her cunt it brushes up against my forehead. It was awesome up close and personal. I straightened up and put my mouth over her cunt and drank another load of cum from her. After I helped her up we all went back into the house and found it empty. Our 10 inch cock was named Jeff. Jeff said to Kathi she was right it was a night to remember. He gave her nipples a kiss and left. We were beat and started to clean up and talk about the night and I asked her which one was Jack? She said he wasn't her type and she made up the list from people that had e-mailed me in the past. She also told me the 3 guys she spent much of the night with were her customers. I knew I recognized them from somewhere. We went to bed and had one last slow fuck and slept till noon the next day and immediately started to plan our next swing party.

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