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Sex after retirement

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I am writing this to prove that older people still have sex lives as exiting and satisfying as younger people. My wife, Jane, and I are retired and in our 60?s, when we moved to our retirement home in the North Woods. We settled in to our new home and decided to attend some of the local functions to meet our neighbors. My wife joined a group of local gals that were involved in promoting art, in all of its forms, in the community. When she came home from her first meeting she seemed to be a little preoccupied and I asked her what the problem was. Jane answered that the meeting was the most exciting meeting she had ever been to. I asked how, and she just smiled and said ?later?.

She went to the bedroom and was in there for quite a while when I asked ?Jane what are you doing in there?? She came out of the bedroom and stood in front of me and asked ?Ted how do you like my outfit?? Well I couldn?t do anything but stammer, she was wearing a short black top that was almost see through, and a pair of red thongs that didn?t cover much. She hadn?t dressed in an outfit like that in years. She bent over and planted a juicy kiss right on my lips. She quickly followed up by sticking her tongue half way down my throat. By the time we were done with the first kiss I was as hard as I had been in a long time. Jane looked down and said ?it didn?t take you long?. I said I wasn?t expecting this. She just smiled, kneeled on the couch straddling me and reached between my legs and started rubbing my already hard cock. Jane?s breasts were almost completely exposed through the scoop neck of her blouse, and were swinging slowly in front of my face. I started exploring them with both hands until I had a nipple between the fingers of each. I twisted and rubbed both of Jane?s nipples, moved my mouth over her left nipple and sucked it right through the blouse; she let out a little squeal and pushed herself into my face pushing my head back against the back of the chair. I pulled her blouse up over her head and exposed her breasts both nipples seemed as hard as my cock. I leaned into Jane and licked one nipple while I used my hand to rub and softly twist her other. She was now moaning a little louder and her hips were moving back and forth rubbing her wet pussy against my stiff cock, she moaned ?Your cock feels good even through our clothes, It will be better when there is nothing in between?. I switched to the other nipple and made it as hard as the first. Jane was loosing all control and pushed her pussy into my cock so hard I thought it was going to slide into her, panties and all. Jane suddenly slid off of my lap kneeled down in front of me and started pulling my pants down. When my pants slid down my cock was released and slapped Jane right in the face. She looked up at me with a smile and said you?re really excited; I?m going to give you the best blow job you?ve had in years. She grabbed my cock and put the tip of it into her warm wet mouth, then started to swirl her tongue around the swollen tip. She slowly sucked it into her mouth until she had it all the way down her throat. I am not that big but she has never deep throated my cock before. She began to fuck me with her mouth. I reached down and started to pull her thongs down, she pulled back, smiled, and turned around with her ass about a foot from my face and pulled them slowly off. It was a terrific sight; there was her ass only a foot from my face with her pussy sticking out between her slightly spread legs. I just dived in and covered her ass cheeks with kisses. Then I dropped my mouth down to her sweet juicy cunt and stuck my tongue into it as far as I could. She let out a little groan and pushed back hard into my face. I couldn?t really get at her clit very well so I backed off and had her lay back on the couch, then lifted her leg to the top of the couch and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips open and dove right in. I stuck my tongue in and licked up as much of her wetness as I could, then I sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth and rubbed my tongue over it until she started squirming. I moved to her clit and licked it until it stood up like a little penis. When I sucked it into my mouth her ass came about a foot off of the couch, and she started pumping her hips almost knocking me back on my ass. By now my face was wet with her pussy juices and she was evidently enjoying an intense orgasm. She yelled out ?please don?t stop now? and just kept thrusting her warm wet pussy against my tongue as fast as she could. Her excitement subsided a little and when her breathing slowed down enough to talk she said ?please stick your dick into me and fuck me as hard as you can?. I didn?t waist any time, moving her into position, I pushing my swelled cock into her waiting pussy. She was so wet as I pushed my dick all the way into her there was a distinct squishing sound, and some of her juices ran out and down my balls. The suction was so great that I had trouble pumping in and out of her. She was building to another climax and I know I was not far behind. We were both pumping wildly and she was moaning and shuttering as she had her second climax, then I came shooting my cum, load after load deep in side of her. When we were finished it took all the energy I had left to get off of her, she just closed her eyes with a big smile and shivered.

We just laid there for a while and then she reached over and grabbed my cock and squeezed it. She looked at me and asked ?do you think it will get hard again so we can have some more fun?? I answered ?what in the hell has gotten into you, you haven?t been this sexed up since our honeymoon?? She said ?remember that art club I just joined? and then described what happened ? it seems they had a live male model for her first meeting. He was introduced to all of the girls and they had him stand on a large stool to pose for them, all he had on was one of those sock type things that just covered the minimum and it was evident that the guy was hung pretty well. He assumed a couple of poses and all of the girls were sketching away, and taking pictures like crazy when the president of the club, Barb, asked him if he would mind posing in the nude. He didn?t say anything but just smiled and took the sock off his cock and struck another pose. They all started sketching and taking photographs of him in the nude. Jane got her sketch book and showed the sketches to me. The first few pages had full length sketches but by about the third page she had started to concentrate on close ups of his genitals and I had to agree with her that this guy was BIG. Jane said that Barb asked him if he could make his dick hard. He answered that he had to have help to do that. Barb handed her camera to the woman next to her saying ?be sure to get a picture of this? and walked up to the model with a smile on her face. When she got in front of him standing on the platform she spit on her hand, reached out and grabbed him by his penis and started to stroke it. She turned to face the camera and smiled. After a few strokes the model?s dick was as hard as a rock, at its full length it was a good 10 inches long. All of the women really got into it and were sketching and taking pictures like mad. After a few minutes the models dick started to droop a little and Barb asked ?anybody else want to bring that enormous hard on back?. With that, another of the club members almost ran up to the model and grabbed his dick but this time took the end of it into her mouth, it didn?t take long for the model?s cock to get hard again. This went on until all of the girls except my wife had had a turn sucking his hard on back to life. All of the girls looked at her and asked if she was going to take her turn, so she tells me she couldn?t let the girls down, and she went up and sucked his cock until it got hard again. The model had been hired for an hour and it was almost 1 ½ hours since he started and he said he would have to leave. Barb escorted him to the room where his clothes were and didn?t come back for a while, when she did get back out to the meeting room most of the members had left. My wife was still packing up so Barb stopped to talk to her and told Jane that she had taken a little longer than she thought she would because she just had to give the model a proper blow job so he wouldn?t go home with blue balls or something. They both had a laugh over that and continued to pack up. Barb then asked my wife if she liked her first meeting and Jane told her it was more than she had expected, and couldn?t wait to see the pictures. Barb said she would have them all printed out by Saturday and maybe she would like to come over to her house with her husband to see them. My wife said no at first but Barb insisted saying we should get to know her and her husband; we would probably have lots in common.

When Jane finished telling me her story and showing me her sketches she put the sketch pad down, said now can we get back to business and took my cock all the way into her mouth and proceeded to suck it as hard as she could. I couldn?t stand just doing nothing so I slid down on the couch so my face was next to Jane?s cunt and she spread her legs so I could start eating her out. Her pussy was just as hot and juicy as it had been earlier, in fact it was so wet that her juices were leaking out all over my face and on my tongue and lips, it tasted pretty good. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rubbed my tongue over it while I stuck 3 fingers into her hole and she started to move her hips up and down fucking my fingers. She stopped sucking my cock for a second and moaned ?keep it up I love your fingers in me and the feeling of the suction of your mouth and your tongue rubbing my clit is driving me crazy?. With that she just moaned and sucked my dick all the way down her throat. She started her orgasm and was groaning even with my dick in her mouth. The juices were running freely all over my face and she was almost knocking my head off with her pussy pushing against my face harder and harder. I could feel my cum building up and started to shoot my wad down her throat, I just kept shooting and shooting longer than I had since I was a kid. Jane?s mouth was overflowing but she just swallowed and kept on sucking until I was finished. We just fell back in exhaustion and started laughing when we saw each other?s faces. Jane still had cum on her chin, and my face looked like I had just finished a water melon eating contest. We moved around so we could kiss and she licked all of her wetness from my face and I cleaned the cum off of hers. We were so exhausted that we fell asleep in each others arms.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I was in one of those states where you are half awake. As I regained consciousness I realized that I had another hard on and my wife was sucking my cock. Well to make a long story short we didn?t fall back to sleep for about 45 minutes.

After waking up in the morning and having sex again, the phone range, I answered it and it was Barb. After introducing herself she said she was calling to be sure we were coming over that night. I said that Jane and I had talked about it and I guess we were planning to visit them. She said ?good you won?t be sorry, I am sure we will all have a great time together?, she then asked to talk to Jane. Jane talked to her for a few minutes and asked me if I cared if she went out shopping with Barb; I said I really didn?t care, and she giggled and told Barb she would meet her at the mall in an hour.

It was late afternoon when she got home she said Barb wanted us to be at their house early and have dinner with them if it was OK with me. Jane said she had bought something for us to wear and she would lay it out on our bed while I took my shower; and that she would use the shower down stairs. Well when I got out of the shower and started to dress I found that my new underwear was a pair of black silk bikinis with a hole in the front. She had also bought me a pair of shorts made with some kind of stretch material that didn?t hide much; especially with the hole in the front of the bikini undies. I yelled down to Jane ?do you think this is appropriate to wear for our first visit, and she came into the bedroom with her new outfit on and said ?I am sure it will be just right Barb and I picked everything out together?. Well when I looked at what she was wearing I wasn?t sure we would be going anywhere but the bed! She was wearing a dress made with stretch fabric and a hem line that just covered her ass. She wasn?t wearing a bra and her hard nipples stood out for all to see. She smiled and lifted the skirt to reveal a pair of crotch less thongs that didn?t cover anything. Then said come on just go with the flow, everything will work out, you?ll see!

Well we had all we could do to not take a detour to the bed but went straight to the car. While driving out of the drive way I said ?I better not drive to fast and get a ticket or we will end up in jail for indecent exposure?. Jane laughed and said ?watch the road and just get us there?.

When we walked through the door at Barb?s place she was wearing an outfit that, if anything, was more revealing than my wife?s. Her top had a scoop neck and was almost see through allowing the darkness of her nipples to peek through; her skirt was as short as my wife?s and she was wearing 6? hooker heels. Barb was about 5? 10? our age, her makeup was immaculate for an older lady, she had large breasts, was full bodied, and the high heels showed off legs that were in pretty good shape for her age. We walked in and met her husband, Dick, who was about 6? and about the same age, with a little paunch. He had clothes similar to what I was wearing, showing that he was slightly aroused, which, I could see, was not unnoticed by my wife.

We walked out to their patio where Dick had the grill getting hot and he offered us a drink. Barb offered us seats while the drinks were coming. It was hard not to notice that, when they sat down, both girls? skirts rode up almost showing everything they owned. Dick brought the drinks out and smiled widely when he looked down at the girls, he gave them their drinks and when he turned around to give me mine I could see that he was more aroused than he was when we first walked in, if I had been standing I am afraid that I would have been sticking out just like Dick was. We sat and talked for a while and every few minutes Barb uncrossed and recrossed her legs, almost taking my picture with her snatch every time. Dick got up to start cooking the steaks on the grill and I walked over to talk with him while he cooked. We both were pretty much standing at attention and Barb giggled and pointed to our crotches and said to Jane ?looks like the boys like what we are wearing?. Jane giggled and said ?looks good to me?. Barb asked if Jane would help setting the table and they both walked inside. Dick looked at me and said I ?should be proud to have a wife that looked so good? I agreed and said ?your wife isn?t bad either?. Dick finished the steaks and we carried them inside, Barb was bent over reaching across the table when we walked in and her skirt was up enough that the bottom half of her ass was sticking out, Dick laughed and said to me ?looks good enough to eat? I agreed as I could feel my dick getting stiff again.

We sat down to eat and Dick poured some wine, the conversation kept coming back to sex. About half way through dinner I felt Barb?s foot on the inside of my leg, she was running her toes along my leg from the calf all the way up to my crotch. When I looked over at her she just smiled and winked at me. I knew this was going to be a fun evening. I had been trying to get Jane to go to one of the swinger clubs in the area for a while and she always refused but it seemed as though she had changed her mind; I was sure hoping she had. Barb said ?when we finish we can go into the den and look at the pictures we took at the last meeting. We finished and Jane and I helped Barb clean off the table while Dick opened another bottle of wine and we headed for the den.

Jane and I sat down while Dick poured the wine and Barb set the TV to play the DVD with the pictures of the meeting. Dick sat down next to Jane and Barb squeezed in beside me. Barb started the show and leaned against me with her hand rubbing my leg and asked my wife ?you did tell Ted about what is on the pictures?. Jane said ?well most everything?. The pictures started with the model posing in his cock sock; the next pictures showed him in several poses. After about 8 or 10 pictures he removed his cock sock and showed everything he had, Jane was right this guy was probably 7? long without a hard on. There were several pictures with the model nude, the poses were getting more and more suggestive, then the picture with Barb giving him a hand job came up and WOW he was hard and his dick was probably 10? long at least. The pictures continued with the girls going up one by one and kissing the end of his dick, then came the picture with Jane and she just about swallowed his dong. Barb moved her hand up to my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my clothes and asked Jane if she was having fun when the picture was taken. Jane said ?I just couldn?t help myself, Ted I hope you don?t mind?. I looked over at her and she was rubbing Dick?s cock as hard as Barb was rubbing mine. Dick leaned over and gave Jane an open mouth kiss and Jane looked like she was enjoying herself. I reached under Barb?s blouse and started rubbing her breasts one at a time, Barb planted her open mouth on mine and tried to stick her tongue all the way down my throat. When we broke our lip lock Barb went through the next couple pictures of other girls with the model?s cock in their mouths. Then came a picture with Barb, she had the model?s dick about 7 or 8 inches down her throat. Jane said ?I thought you were going to choke?, and Barb said ?I swallowed as much as I could but he was too big. If I had more practice I bet I could get the whole thing down my throat?. The next picture was a close up of Jane with the dick in her mouth and there was come on her lips and cheeks. That was all any of us could take, the slide show was over, we had better things to do. Barb moved over until she was on my lap, pulled her blouse over her head, and pushed her left nipple into my mouth. I reached down and pulled her skirt up and put one hand on each ass cheek and massaged her ass. I sucked Barbs tits and rubbed her ass until she got up and leaned over to pull my pants off. Mean while I heard Jane moaning and looked at her and Dick, she was bent over sucking on his cock with a vengeance; he had her dress up almost over her head and was sucking on one nipple and rubbing the other. As Barb pulled my pants down she said ?good you wore the underwear we picked out for you?, my dick was sticking out of the hole in the shorts and she reached down and gently pulled my balls out too. Then she looked at me, smiled and said ?I bet your cock really tastes good?, and she went down on me taking my stiff joint about half way into her mouth. Then she let it out and ran her tongue around the head and up and down both sides. She then took the whole dick all the way into her mouth and down into her throat, started sucking and swallowing which felt so good I thought I might come right away. I reached behind her, pulled her skirt over her ass and rubbed one ass cheek with each hand. I had to make her stop sucking my cock or I new I would come too fast. I gently pushed her off of me, stood up and had her lean back in the chair, grabbed her legs and opened them up revealing her wet and luscious pussy through the open crotch of her underwear. I reached down and spread her pussy lips open and ran my tongue over them and then licked her clit. She was really enjoying this; her ass was bouncing off of the chair pushing her pussy hard against my mouth. I planted my lips on her pussy so I could suck the juices out while my tongue was working quickly in and out of her hole. She shuddered, pushed her pussy harder against my mouth and started to come all over my tongue. When the orgasm subsided she said ?lie down on the couch so I can get on top of you and fuck you until your dick shoots its load up my pussy?. I tried to lie back on the couch but I bumped into Jane; she was leaning over the arm of the couch with Dick?s cock running in and out of her hole fucking her doggie style. I worked my way under her heaving breasts and Barb swung her leg over me and lowered her wide open juicy cunt slowly engulfing my cock. When my cock was all the way into her open hole she squeezed her pussy on my cock as tight as I had ever felt. Barb slowly loosened her pussy?s grip and started to fuck me with slow delicious strokes. Jane?s tits were swinging back and forth just above my mouth; I urgently grabbed them and pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue over it as fast as I could. Barb saw what I was doing and said ?go ahead; suck that titty while I fuck your brains out. It wasn?t very long until Jane let out a soft scream and started to shake all over as she climaxed in a wave of ecstasy. Dick started to cum too; he was slamming his dick into Jane?s hot hole as hard as he could, his balls were slapping her ass so hard that I could hear them over both of their moans. I couldn?t hold back anymore it felt so good to have Barbs hot box ridding my cock like she was possessed. Before Jane and Dick finished coming Barb and I were climaxing. I was lifting my ass off of the couch meeting Barbs pussy as it was coming down. My orgasm was so intense that it felt like my dick was going to explode inside of Barb, I just kept shooting load after load of hot sticky cum into her as she climaxed her pussy kept convulsing and every time she squeezed my cock I shot another load into her. After we had all finished we just fell onto each other in a pile on the floor in front of the couch, we were so exhausted that no one could move.

We just laid there for a while all recovering from fantastic sex. Barb sat up and asked Dick to pour us another wine and asked ?are you two interested in seeing a tape of one of our house parties?? Dick said ?I hope so it might be just what the Doctor ordered while we all get ready for another session?. I answered ?it?s OK with me; how about you Jane?? Jane said ?if it helps get everyone ready for more of what we just did, I am all for it?. Jane got up and put a tape into the VCR, came back and laid down with her head in my lap and the video started. It didn?t take more than a few seconds to see that we had made the right decision. The video started with about 10 ? 12 people all in various positions having sex with each other. The camera zoomed in on 3 men and one woman having a great time. One guy was fucking the woman in the ass, the 2nd guy had his dick in her pussy, and the woman was giving the 3rd guy a blow job. Jane just said ?oh my? and reached out and grabbed my cock to give it a squeeze. The camera panned over to 2 women lying in the 69 position really giving each other a good pussy licking. They were each shoving a big rubber dick into the other one?s cunt and twisting it while they pulled it in and out; all the while licking each other?s clit. Another guy was fucking a gal doggie style while she was in a 69 with a second guy, she was deep throating him while he licked her busy pussy and the first guy?s balls where rubbing against his face. Barb said ?Jane you?re going to like this?, the first guy pulled his dick out and it slipped into the other guy?s mouth just as he started to shoot his load. Come was shooting in the guy?s mouth some squirted out onto the girl?s cunt and the guy on the bottom was licking any that wasn?t in his mouth from the girls convulsing cunt. Jane started to laugh and said ?how that was a surprise. Would you like some of that action Ted?? I answered that I had never tried anything like that but I guess there is always a first time. Dick said ?try it you?ll like it?. I answered ?if the opportunity arises?. Barb said ?it will, later tonight if I get my way, I love to see guys going down on each other, it turns me on?.

Barb said ?enough watching, lets get back to doing. Should we introduce them to the gang plank Dick?? Dick said come on Ted help me set this up. He went to a closet and got out a couple of fold up saw horses and we opened them up and then I helped him lay a specially modified plank on them. Barb said ?Dick show Ted how to lay on the gang plank for a double rub?. Dick laid out face up with his legs hanging down straddling a narrow part in the middle of the plank. She said ?Ted your turn?, and told me to lay down with my legs hanging down and my balls next to Dick?s. She said come on guys get your balls touching, Dick slid closer until his balls were touching mine. Barb bent over and took both dicks into her mouth at the same time. She pulled her mouth off and asked Jane if she wanted to try. Jane grabbed both dicks, opened her mouth, and almost swallowed both of our cocks at once; meanwhile Barb got a bottle of lubricant out of the closet and brought it back to the plank. She said ?Jane let me get them ready for the rest of our double rub?. As Jane let our dicks out of her mouth Barb poured a good glob of lube over both dicks. She them straddled us and had Jane do the same. She moved her pussy in close to Dick?s cock and had Jane slide her cunt against my prick, and poured more lube over us. Barb reached down and separated the lips of both their pussies and slid in till she had both cocks trapped between the 2 open love boxes. She had Jane start running her pussy up and down on both dicks Barb slid her pussy up as Jane?s was sliding down. The alternating up and down motion of both hot boxes felt better than anything I had ever felt. Barb squirted more lube on her nipples and pushed against Jane?s, so their nipples were rubbing together as they slid alternately up and down on the 2 dicks. Everyone was moaning in ecstasy. I could feel both cunts and Dick?s stiff rod all rubbing my cock at the same time. It wasn?t long before I was ready to shoot my load, I could feel Dick?s cock starting to squeeze out his load of come, and then all four of us had the most intense orgasm imaginable. Barb stood up and swung her leg off of the two guys, and said to Jane ?it looks like your pussy needs a cleaning; it has cum from both of these guys all over it not to mention my pussy juice?. With that she leaned over and started licking Jane?s snatch. Jane warmed up to Barb?s tongue quickly and moved around until her mouth was close enough to Barb?s pussy to do a little of her own cunt cleaning. They were both getting into each other?s action with moans and groans. Both of them were thrusting their wet pussies against the others exploring tongues. Barb pulled away from Jane?s love hole long enough to tell Dick and Me that we had a clean up job of our own to do. Dick arranged himself so his mouth was in front of my now limp cock and said ?if we want any action from those two we better do as they say?. I said ?this will definitely be a first for me; I don?t know if I can do it?. With that Dick moved his mouth closer and flicked his tongue over the end of my love pole a couple of times; then sucked it into his mouth and started sucking the thing clean. He pulled away and said this is pretty good you can taste the juice from both of their pussies, mixed with cum from both of our cocks. I decided what the hell and moved around so I could get my lips around his cock which was quickly getting stiffer. He was right the taste of combined pussy juice and gism was pretty good. The girls were finished with cleaning but it didn?t stop their tongues from lapping each other. Both of our cocks were now hard and I can say for sure that Dick really new how to suck a cock and his hip thrusts were knocking my head back so I knew I was also doing OK. It didn?t take Dick long before he had to pull my now hard dick from his mouth and say ?you better watch it I think you?re going to have another load to clean off pretty quick. I just kept sucking and licking and then his cock started jerking and he squirted a full load of come into my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum right out of the spigot and it was pretty good. In fact it got me going and I shot a load into Dick?s mouth before I could warn him, he just took it into his mouth and didn?t spill a drop.

Every body had been so busy licking and sucking each other that we didn?t hear our audience arrive. But the 4 new guests all started clapping and cheering when our orgasms were subsiding. Barb jumped up and ran over to meet the new guests, giving each one of them a long open mouthed kiss. She said ?come on over and meet our new friends, as you just witnessed they are going to fit right in?. She introduced them to us; then Barb said ?come on get your clothes off and join the fun?. It didn?t take them long to get undressed, none of them were wearing a whole lot. Jenny was a black woman in her late 60?s with a nicely round belly, the nicest set of heavy titties with aureole that were a good 3 inches in diameter. Her partner, Jack, was also in his late 60?s black and just slightly over weight; his dick was hard and he defied the urban legend of black men being extra big, he was about 6?long. The other couple was the youngest of the party, in their early 50?s. Mary was pretty tall, almost 6 feet, with a slim athletic body. She had piercings in each nipple, and her belly button, her shaved pussy had each lip pierced twice, and I had found out when she had stuck her tongue in my mouth it was also pierced. Her breasts were small but firm and her nipples were sticking out a good ½ inch. Her partner, Bob, was well over 6 feet tall, muscular, with his hair pulled back in a pony tail. The hair around his dick was shaved, and his dick was at least 9? long and was pierced just behind the head (Jane was having a hard time taking her eyes off of it).

When Jenny got all of her clothes off she walked over to me, and rubbed her heavy boobs against my chest and asked ?have you ever fucked a black girl?? I had to confess that I hadn?t. She smiled, grabbed my ass with both hands, pulled my cock tight against her, and said you?re in for a treat. She reached out and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down so my mouth was against her left nipple and said ?see how you like the taste of this?. I started sucking it and then stuck my tongue out and flipped it back and forth over her now hard nipple as fast as I could. I backed off and said ?it tastes as sweet as honey, lets see if the other one is as sweet?? I moved my wet tongue over to the other nipple and started sucking it. By now both of Jenny?s nipples were sticking out about ¾ of an inch and her aureole were getting aroused and were full of goose pimples. While I was sucking on her nipples, Jenny reached down and grabbed my cock and was jacking me off with a deliciously slow motion. I said ?is your pussy as sweet as your breasts?? She said ?you know that dark meat is always the sweetest, and it is getting all wet for you?. I released my suction on her nipple and moved my mouth down toward her waiting pussy. As her legs spread open I was greeted with one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. Jenny?s mahogany skin contrasted beautifully with her moist, pink pussy. Her pussy looked almost luminous; I gasped and dove for the most luscious pussy I had ever seen. I stuck my tongue as deeply as I could into her wet hole, and started using my tongue like a dick, running it in and out of her love hole as fast as I could. Jenny?s hole was getting wetter and warmer with every stroke. I worked my way up towards her clit, but stopped to suck each of her pussy lips, one by one, into my mouth while rubbing my tongue against them, wow were they sweet. When I got to her clit I flicked my tongue over it trying to create as much friction as I could. Her clit came out of hiding and looked like a miniature cock. I sucked it into my mouth and continued to run my tongue back and forth with renewed energy. Jenny laid back and thrust that beautiful love canal into my face as hard as she could. By now the juices were running out of that luscious hole all over my face, and even though I was lapping the juices up as fast as I could they were running off of my chin like someone had turned on a faucet. I suddenly felt an extra weight pushing down on my face, when I moved my head to look around Jenny?s pink pussy I saw Bob lubing up the rubber he had put on, he then took his finger and stuck it up Jenny?s ass getting it slippery. Jenny sighed, ?hurry stick it in I want my ass fucked now?. Bob stuck his dick into her ass and slowly pushed the full length into Jenny?s waiting ass. Jenny sighed ?boy that feels good, now get back to sucking my clit?; I got back to work on her dripping cunt with renewed fervor. All of a sudden my dick was being rubbed by something that felt wonderful. Mary said ?I just couldn?t resist it your dick was sticking up into the air as hard as anything I have ever seen?. I could feel her pussy lips wrapping themselves around the head of my dick and sliding slowly down until it was all the way in. The rings in the pierced lips of her pussy were rubbing along both sides of my dick and the sensation was like nothing I had ever felt before. Mary said ?do you like my pussy? Can you feel my rings?? I swallowed another mouthful of pussy juice and said ?my dick has never had a workout like this before?. Mary just kept riding my cock slowly and her pussy was getting warmer every stroke. There I was lying on my back on the floor, eating the sweet juicy pussy; a pierced pussy riding up and down on my dick, while another dick was plunging in and out of the ass just next to the pussy I was eating; it was like being in heaven. Bob was the first to come he started really giving Jenny?s ass a pounding, I could see his balls start pumping and he groaned and shot his wad deep inside of Jenny?s backside. This got Jenny?s orgasm started, she pushed her pussy even harder against my open mouth and said ?suck that clit hard? so I sucked her clit as far as I could into my mouth and really gave it a work over with my tongue. As she came her juices ran down over my face and were dripping onto the floor. Mary?s cunt was spasming on my cock and was so tight it just sucked the come out of my dick as I came. We all just fell into a pile on the floor trying to catch our breaths. Mary said ?look over there at the rest of the group?. The other four partiers were just finishing up. Jack had his dick up Jane?s ass and Dick was pumping her pussy while she was licking Barb?s pussy as fast as she could. Dick pulled his dick out of Jane?s pussy and stuck it into Barb?s open mouth just as he started to come, Barb was coming all over Jane?s mouth and Jack came inside Jane?s ass as she reached down and stuck a couple of fingers into her own cunt and shook with her own orgasm.

We all just laid there in two piles on the floor too exhausted to even move for about 15 minutes. After catching our breath Barb and Jenny, who seemed to have the greatest sex drives, started sucking each other?s tongues. They were massaging each other?s erect nipples, the others started to come back to life as they watched. Suddenly Barb said ?you know we haven?t initiated Jane yet?. Jenny stopped fingering Barbs stiff nipple, smiled and said ?you think we can get the guys hard again so soon?? Barb said ?how about it guys?. The other 3 guys all answered, we?ll give it our best for such a good cause?. I said ?I am usually not one to go along with initiations? but Barb had been whispering into Jane?s ear and she was smiling as she told me ?its OK I think this initiation could be one of the best experiences of my life?.

Barb and Jenny took Jane by the hand to the bed in the next room, asking everyone to follow. They laid Jane down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs open. Barb reached down and spread Jane?s pussy lips open and said which one of you guys is ready. Bob was already hard so he stood at the edge of the bed with his stiff member right over Jane?s open love hole. Barb poured some lube over Bob?s dick and spread it over his cock, then grabbed him and guided it into Jane?s waiting hot box; Bob immediately started to pump his meat in and out of Jane?s waiting cunt. Mary and Jenny sat down on the end of the bed and called Dick, Jack and me over to them, Mary took Dicks soft cock into her mouth and Jenny swallowed Jack?s meat while she stroked mine. Barb said ?get them hard so they can take over when Bob?s finished?. Jane and Bob were both starting to show signs of coming, Jane was moaning with delight as Bob shot his wad deep inside of her, Barb ?said hurry who?s next? and Dick moved over for his turn, Barb lubed him up and he plunged into Jane?s glorious hole, Jane was into an orgasm almost as soon as Dick entered her. With her first orgasm over her head was laid back and she moaned ?I think I am going to come again?. Before Bob could really get into his rhythm Jane was into her second orgasm. Bob couldn?t hold back any more and shot his seed into Jane as she was building toward her third orgasm. Jack had his swollen prick over Jane?s opening almost before Bob was done. He got his lube job and was into Jane before she even realized Bob had pulled out. There was no counting Jane?s orgasms any more she was just moaning and groaning, her hips pushing against the new dick and seemed to be having one orgasm after another. As soon as Jack was satisfied it was my turn, I stuck my dick into Jane?s vibrating cunt, it was hotter than it had ever been before and there was a squishing sound as I pumped in and out of her. Jane was just having one orgasm after another and I could feel her juicy hot pussy squeezing my cock with spasm after spasm until I shot my wad. When I finished Bob was ready for his second round, and we continued on for two more rounds before Jane sighed ?I hate to say it but I just can?t take any more or I?ll pass out?.

I do not like to admit it but you could have stuck a fork in us; we were done! We both fell asleep holding each other in the middle of the bed. I woke up a couple of times during the night and heard lots of sexual activity going around us but could only smile and snuggle closer to Jane before falling back to sleep.

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