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Seduction in Puerto Vallara - Group, Voyer

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Seduction in Puerto Vallarta by Jan Drew

It was, as they say in Mexico, another shitty day in Paradise. You aren?t really aware of time but we knew it had to be almost six as we made our way to the fiesta bar at the time share resort we were staying at in Puerto Vallarta. Sunsets are something to behold in this part of Mexico and the way the clouds had formed in the west, tonight would be no exception. It promised to be a kaleidoscope of vibrant color. Already, the clouds were taking on bright red and orange hues as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon sending shimmering rays of golden light across the still waters of the Bay.

This was the tenth year that Ted and I had enjoyed our time share but it was the first time we had been here with anyone other than our kids. We had decided to invite our very close friends John and Susan to join us and it was turning out to be a very romantic and sexual week.

We had known John and Karen for just over a year and had talked about Mexico several times, showing off the album of pictures we had taken over the years. Our relationship grew more and more intimate over the year until we were comfortable sharing fantasies with each other about spending a sexy week in the warm Mexican sun.

It was very humid the day we arrived. Karen and I had worn shorts and tee shirts on the plane. Within minutes of deplaning, our clothes were damp and sticky and only got worse with the long slow taxi ride from the airport. As soon as we had checked in and got settled in the room, we jumped in a shower then changed in to very thin dresses made of light cream colored gauze material, packing our underwear away for the duration of our stay. The dress material was so sheer that it exposed a lot of our bodies and especially the outline of our breasts. After dressing, Karen and I stood on the balcony looking at the bay, our backs to the door.

When Ted and John entered the room and saw what we were wearing, they got so horny that walked up behind us, flipped the dresses over our backs and fucked us right there. That was the beginning of one hell of a sexy week that only got better as the days went by.

Other than a few trips in to town to do some sightseeing or shopping, we spent most of the time at the poolside bar or in the water. Our closeness allowed us to be rather intimate with each other so most of the time I would be hanging on John, as was Karen with Ted. The intimacies included kissing as well as some pretty risqué groping under the water. It was pretty obvious that the other guests were having a difficult time trying to decide who was with whom. One afternoon a rather good-looking guy seemed fascinated with the constant changing of partners. For the next two days we caught him watching as the four of us romped with each other, frequently changing partners.

On the third night of our stay, Karen and I decided to dress in matching dresses made of a thin gauze material. They were pale blue and very sheer. It was too muggy to wear underwear and the dresses did a great job of showing off our entire bodies. The material was so thin that anyone, who wanted to, could look right through the material and see our breasts. Before dressing we had shaven the bush between our legs into perfectly formed hearts and their outline was clearly visible. If we stood so the sun was behind us, our entire bodies were silhouetted. Just after six, we left the room and walked to the poolside bar. The sun was sitting low in the western sky and we made it a point to find a stool so the sun would be at our back. The guy who had been watching us for the past three days was already there and his eyes bugged out as we walked up and took a stool across from him. He was wearing a tight fitting Speedo bathing suit and the bulge that formed between his legs was quite obvious as he moved closer and introduced himself.

Steve, as his name turned out to be, bought us a drink and soon we were talking openly like old friends. He admitted that he had been fascinated with our partner switching and openly asked if we were swingers. He wasn?t at all surprised when we admitted that we shared each other?s spouse, having pretty much assumed as much from having watched us.

We didn?t admit to swinging with other people, leaving that little bit of information to his imagination. A couple drinks later, Steve walked around the bar to where we were sitting and stood between us. We turned toward each other, trapping his legs between ours then set about teasing him by caressing his legs with ours. We were afraid his cock was going to get so big that his Speedo would not longer hold it. Karen even helped it along by moving her body closer, caressing it with her hips. Before things could get any more carried away, Ted and John joined us. After being introduced, Steve returned to his original seat and offered to buy us all another round. Later that evening when were alone, Karen and I decided that we were going to fuck Steve before the week was over.

Our timeshare unit was a one bedroom with a living room and kitchen area. The couch in the living room made into a queen-size bed. John and Karen were relegated to the couch although it didn?t really matter since we seemed to share the bedroom. We would often switch mates for the night and more or less played musical beds with each other.

The next day, Karen and I had made up a plan to seduce Steve and while cavorting in the pool, shared our little plan with Ted and John. Their reaction was just as expected. They both got so turned on by the idea we had to go to the room and fuck for an hour or more, taking turns with each other, of course, and fantasizing all the while about what we were planning for Steve. With their encouragement, we put the plan into action and set out to seduce Steve the next afternoon.

The next day we stood on the balcony where we could look down and see the bar. Sure enough, there was Steve sitting in his usual spot, wearing his usual Speedo bathing suit. We had to laugh because neither of us had ever seen him in the pool or in the ocean. It was obvious that he wore the dam thing so he could show off his tool. We donned our skimpy bathing suits, arranged the room then left for the bar and the beginning our seduction.

He immediately bought us a drink and motioned for us to join him, gesturing to the stools on either side of his. Sipping on our Happy Hour Special, he toasted our looks, his eyes moving up and down our bodies. With one drink down and the second half gone we picked up a little more nerve and started pressing our legs against his. I looked down and saw that the bulge in his Speedo and was pleased to see that our actions were having the desired effect.

Karen let her hand fall on his leg and slowly inched upward until she was stroking his cock, her fingers tracing its outline through the thin material. Immediately he placed a hand on both our legs and let his fingers trail upward until they reached the band of our bathing suits. As if on cue, we both spread our legs a little wider to give him better access to the tiny strip of cloth that covered our hot little pussies.

He was in seventh heaven, sitting there, his cock being stroked by a beautiful vixen while his own hands trailed thin lines over two very hot pussies. What we were doing was becoming obvious to others around us and we decided it was time to go for it. Karen suggested that he join us in our room and told him quietly that our husbands were out for a while and that it would be ok. We gave him the room number and told him to wait for fifteen minutes then come on up, assuring him that the door would be unlocked and that we would be waiting for him in the bedroom.

Little did we know that Ted and John had set up our camcorder and had placed it on the dresser so its wide-angle lens was focused on the bed. The on light was taped over so it appeared like it was just sitting where someone had stored it. Even Karen and I were unaware that it had been turned on, neither one of paying any attention to it as we quickly removed our bathing suits and took a quick shower. After applying fresh makeup and perfume, we dressed up in some sexy lingerie including, very sexy g-string panties and high heels capped off with a sheer cover-up.

Steve was very prompt, opening the door and stepping inside. He stopped in his tracks as his eyes surveyed the sexy sight in front of him. Karen and I were standing there, the sunlight behind us, our bodies completely revealed through the silk robes. We were both hot and horny and very much in the mood to fuck the good-looking guy standing before us. Steve quickly shut the door as we immediately crossed the room to where he was still standing, his mouth open, and his eyes staring at us. With Karen on one side and me on the other, we took turns kissing him as our hands moved over his body. His cock grew to mammoth proportions as we stroked him, reaching under the band of his Speedo to curl our fingers around its swollen mass. His dark eyes smoldered with the fire that burned inside him. He pulled Karen to him, clutching her in his arms, his hot lips covering hers in a long devouring kiss. His hands quickly removed her silk robe and cupped her exposed breasts in his hands.

My fingers continued to trace his body, feeling the dampness of his perspiration, smelling the sweet odor of his cologne. Karen quivered and pressed hard against him gasping for breath as he kissed her. He pushed her away for a moment, stepping back, his eyes feasting upon my body. Reaching out, he removed my cover-up, letting it fall to the floor. We both snuggled to him, feeling the strength of his cock pulsating in our grasp. He pulled me to him, my eyes closing as his lips covered mine. I could feel my body quiver as it responded to his touch, his hot probing tongue darting between my lips. With an arm around each of us, he pulled us to him, his hands drifting over our bodies, softly caressing our breasts, hips and thighs. Leaning forward, he cupped my breasts and sucked my stinging nipple in his mouth, gently biting and sucking it. Karen lowered herself down his body, her hot lips kissing and nibbling on his chest, stopping to play with his tiny nipple as her fingers toyed with his cock. Falling to her knees, she shoved the Speedo out of the way, letting his giant cock spring free. He cock was huge, at least nine inches. It was thick with a purple head that twitched up and down in excitement.

The fire inside my body became intense as his hands left my tits and moved between my legs. He stroked my swollen pussy lips through the soft wisp of silk that covered it, and then slid his fingers under the elastic band, inserting one inside me, playing with my clit, twirling it between his finger and thumb. My body trembled with lust as our lips met in a long wet kiss and his fingers pushed my panties out of the way, helped by Karen who knelt before him on the floor.

Karen took his cock in her hands, her hot breath teasing the cock head, her mouth moving closer and closer to it. Curling the enameled fingertips of one hand around him, she stroked it, up and down while she cupped his balls with the other.

One of his hands caressed my tits as his other hand moved back and forth between my quivering legs as his talented fingers toyed with my pussy lips finding the elusive little button that set off my first climax.

Standing now, Karen quickly took off her panties. She was totally naked except for her high heels. Steve s eyes bugged out at the sight of the tiny heart shaped puff of hair between her legs. He looked at me, knowingly, and then pulled off my panties, his eyes feasting on my own carefully shaped heart.

Taking his hand, we led him to the bed. He fell backward pulling Karen on top of him as her hot lips searched for his turgid pole. Her body was on fire. She wanted him. She wanted his cock in her mouth and grasped it, quickly guiding it to her hot lips. He moaned loudly as her hot lips slid over him and her head moved downward sending his long hot pole deep in her throat. Her mouth and tongue licked and sucked furiously over the bulbous crown, her fingers curled around its base, stroking up and down, pulling the skin tighter and tighter as her mouth worked and sucked the huge knob.

I straddled his chest and lowered my hot aching pussy over his eager mouth. My body tingled impatiently wanting his tongue to quickly reach its intended destination.

I screamed as his hot tongue made contact and started licking my swollen flesh. My body pressed down as his hot mouth clamped over me, his probing tongue dancing over my clit as he flicked it up and down the wet folds of flesh. I shoved harder against his mouth, my body aching for the touch of his tongue, my mind losing count of the waves of sensation that rose up and crashed thorough me.

Karen changed positions, moving her body over his, her dripping pussy poised over the massive head of his cock. Reaching down, she grasped him, guiding the tip over her swollen and wet pussy lips, lubricating him. Lowering her body, she guided the tip to her opening. The tip of his throbbing shaft teased her lips to flower open and his huge member slid effortlessly inside her wet warm hole until she was fully impaled on the throbbing piece of meat. Her body began a slow pumping motion as his cock slid in and out of her, its mass stimulating every millimeter of her vagina. He pushed his hips upward, trying to match her quickening thrusts. He reached out and grasped her ass, pulling her to him, the temp becoming faster and faster. Finally she screamed as her climax exploded. Her head jerked violently and she gasped for air as he plunged upward, sending his cock to the very tip of her womb. She whimpered as her body jerked wildly, then with a sharp cry she went limp, her body collapsing on his trembling body. Her climatic cry was almost a wale as the sweet sensation of her climax surged through her body. Lowering his head, his mouth found her breasts and he swirled his tongue around the taut stinging nipple.

Satiated, Karen moved away and fell to the bed, exhausted. He was still hard, his cock still shiny from her juices. He reached and took me in his arms, his hot drawing lips closing over my breast as he cupped them. Taking my tits in my hands, I raised mounds of flesh, lifting to his eager tongue. Pushing me to my back, he slid between my legs, raising them to his chest. Kneeling, he took his throbbing cock in his hand, skillfully guiding it to my waiting hole. My body quivered and shook as he rubbed the tip up and down my slit, covering it with my juices. His hands grabbed my tits as if to give him leverage as his hips thrust forward sending his cock sliding deep inside me. I told him how good his cock felt sliding in and out of me.

It was so big and so hard and it filled me with pleasure. His hands continued kneading my tits as his hips began a slow pumping motion, back and forth, back and forth, his cock sliding in and out, in and out, each stroke forcing it deeper. We fucked slowly for a long time, my inner muscles clutching at his cock. It felt wonderful having his balls touch my twitching ass at the end of each inward thrust. Pausing, for a moment, he raised my legs high over his shoulders then bent forward and plunged deep and hard, sending his cock as far as it would go inside me. He cupped my ass in his hands, pulling my body upward as if trying to shove himself even deeper. His strong arms spread my legs wider as we thrashed and panted, our bodies stretching, twisting and bucking. I clasped my arms around his neck, pulling him to me as we fucked faster and faster. I closed my eyes and listed to the sucking sounds of his cock as it slid in and out of my oozing crotch. Our hips bucked with wild abandon as we both neared the brink. Altering his position slightly, he plunged hard against me. I felt his cock swell and harden and knew he was going to explode. He pulled back, leaving just the tip imbedded in me, and then with a savage lunge, he sent his cock slamming deep inside. My body shuddering like it was possessed as I felt his rushing orgasm explode inside him, his body falling forward over mine, convulsing in spasmodic waves. He screamed his release, his body jerking wildly in the excruciating anguish of his ejaculation. With a shudder and a final lunge he sent his hot juices splashing against the walls of my vagina. The feel of his explosion caused my own orgasm to crash thorough me in a wild explosive climax that shook my body like an earthquake. Whimpering, we clung to each other, our bodies glued together during those frantic seconds as our orgasms surged through our bodies in a seemingly endless wave of pleasure. My body was beautifully ravaged. I had been fucked good and moaned with pleasure from having been taken so completely.

After a short rest, he fucked Karen again. After that, we took turns fucking him over and over until he was totally spent and unable to get hard again. During the remaining days of our vacation, we fucked him four or five more times, each one being better than the one before. John and Ted were the real winners though.

They got to watch some great video and were fucked more often in the remaining four days than they had in the two months before.

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