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Second time around (The Beginning)

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So here I am setting at the breakfast bar in the small but nice furnished apartment I had just rented. I was thinking about all the changes that had taken place in my life in the past couple of months. I am 64 years old, just ending a marriage of over 40 years and wondering what the hell was ahead. Thinking back over the years, our good and bad times together, all the good sex, her interest in swinging, bi sex and the fun we had during this time.

Growing up in a very strict, straight laced family as a youth all I knew was hard work and school. I was very good at both of these but sex was never talked about in any way and my only exposure to it was my right or left hand. I had something close to sex twice in my senior year in hi school with a neighbor girl and she knew even less than I did, which was nothing. I met Emma (my wife to be) at a friends party during the last quarter of my Sophomore year in collage. I was the lost looking kid standing in the corner and I?m sure I was a challenge to Emma. She was about 5?6 great looking 38 c breast and a nice full ass that make me want to do things to it but I was not even sure what. I was surprised when she ask me to dance. It was not the kind of dance I has done back home. A slow dance and she started by putting both arms around my neck and pulling my body into her, pushing those great tits into my chest and her leg up between my legs. My cock immediately sprung to life and I could feel my face turning a bright red. Emma really got a kick out of this and she really starting working me over, rubbing my cock through my pants, pushing her tits into me and kissing me on the neck and ear. My heart and cock was pounding so hard I though I was going to cum right there on the dance floor or die of a heart attack. When the dance ended Emma ask if I would like to go up stairs where we could be more alone. I stammered out a yes and she headed for the stairs with me in tow and entered the first bedroom we come to. When we entered I noticed all the lights were out and the only light in the room was several candles around here and there. When my eyes adjusted to the dim light I could see another couple in the middle of the bed, both naked and doing something I had only heard about to this point. They were in a 69 position with the girl on top and I could see her head bobbing up and down and both were making sounds I had never heard before. Emma walked to the side of the bed and said, okay Jim and Christy, move over and give us some room. The couple suffered a little to the side and Emma pushed me back on the bed and just fell on top of me. She wasted no time in unbuckling my belt, unzipped my pants and fished my hard as a rock cock out, slid down my body, placed her lips on the head of my cock she opened her mouth and swallowed all 7 inches of my thick hard cock. I had never experienced anything like this and it was all I could do not to shoot my long over due load down her throat. She kept my cock down her throat and some how used her mouth to massage my cock head while the tongue was licking out to my balls from time to time. I couldn?t hold back any longer and I told Emma I was about to cum. She just gowned and licked my balls even more. I could feel my cum making the trip up my cock and unloaded shot after shot into Emma?s hungry mouth. For the last couple of shots Emma pulled back on my cock a little but continued to suck me dry. I could feel my cock start to soften and she let it slip out of her mouth. She set up on the bed and moved up to lay beside me. Then she rolled over on top of me, took my face in her hands and pressed her lips on mine and force my mouth open with her tongue. I could feel the thick wetness on her tongue and then I felt my own cum flowing into my mouth. I tried to pull away but Emma was holding my face and I couldn?t pull away. I was mad, confused and excited all at the same time. Without even realizing it I had started kissing her back. I also realized my cock was rock hard again. Emma then broke the kiss and set up an kneeling beside me with a big grin on her face. I was startled by applause, I was so carried away with Emma?s BJ that I had forgot about the other couple in the bed with us. I was totally embarrassed knowing they had both been watching. Emma said Oh Christy he has great tasting cum and the most I have ever had at one time. Christy ask Emma if she saved any for her. Emma said maybe a little then she leaned across me and kissed Christy with an open mouth tongue battling kiss. I realized Jim was setting next to Christy laughing at me. I could just imagine how I looked setting there my hard cock sticking out of my pants, mouth wide open and my eyes about to pop out of my head.

Christy broke the kiss, licked her lips and said yum, yum. She then turned back to Jim taking his cock in her hand she lifted her leg and straddled Jim's bodt placed his cock at the lips of her pussy then slowly set down letting Jim?s cock slip into her waiting hot pussy. She moaned and threw her head back then started moving her hips back and forth. I had never seen anyone else fuck before and I couldn?t stop staring. Then I felt Emma move up beside me and when her tits touched my arm I knew it was bare skin. When I looked I realized she had removed her clothes while I was watching Jim and Christy. She reach up and started unbuttoning my shirt. I stopped her, jumped out of bed and in a mini second I had stripped and was back on the bed. With my lack of experience I was not sure what to do next but not to fear, once again Emma took over by pulling my face to her tits placing my mouth first on one then the other. I sucked like a hungry baby nursing its mother. Emma then started pushing my head down and told me to lick and kiss her as I was moving down. I knew where I was going to end up and just before I reached the top of her pussy lips I stopped and told her that I was very willing to go further but this was my first time and was not sure what to do.

She laughed and said don?t worry I?m going to tell you what to do and let you know when you are doing good. She then moved her hands from my head and opening her legs wider used her fingers in each side to open her pussy wide and told me to start at the bottom and licking up. I did as I was told, licking, sucking and kissing my way to the top until I felt a little hard spot like a tiny penis. When I touched that spot Emma groaned and pushed her pussy harder against my mouth. I knew this must be the right spot and she assured me it was when she moaned an OOOOHHHHH YYYEEES.

I continued moving my tongue up and down her slit and talking the hard clit in my mouth, sucking and licking on it. Emma started thrusting her hips harder and harder against my mouth then she groaned very loud and said OH YES, I?M CUMMING.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it hard into he pussy. Then I felt her warm moist liquid gushing out of her pussy and into my mouth. It was nothing like I had tasted before but I knew at once that it was something I would like to taste again.

Emma just lay there relaxing and catching her breath while I lay there between her legs not knowing what to do next.

Not to worry, Emma already had something in mind. She rolled over and told me to move up on the bed. After I moved up Emma straddled me and lined her wet pussy up with my stiff cock. She slid down just a little and let the head of my cock ease just inside her lips. I was laying there on my back looking up at her, she looked down, smiled and said away we go. Then I one quick move she buried my cock in her pussy until we were bone to bone. She looked over and Christy and started moving her hips in rhythm her. The girls were close enough together that they were reaching across and playing with each others tits while they both were grinding back and forth on our cocks. I heard Christy moaning and knew she was about to cum. She told Jim, come on baby, cum with me. I looked over at the other couple and could tell it was not be long for either of them, This was enough to set me off and I heard myself growing out, I?m Cumming. Emma said OH YES BABY, give me that cum. She was really humping now and I knew we were going to cum together. I know it was only seconds but it seemed like we were all four Cumming for several minutes. Emma and Christy both fell forward on Jim and I and everyone was relaxing and catching their breath. Then Emma set up, leaned over and said something to Christy but I couldn?t hear what she was saying. Christy said OH YES and I could see her raising up to get off Jim. She placed her hand over her pussy as she did and started moving up toward Jim?s head. I felt Emma and saw that she was doing the same. At first I was not sure what was going on. Then Emma and Jill both positioned themselves over our head, pushing their hot cunt lips down to our mouths, removing their hands and pushing down. The cum just poured in my mouth and it was all I could do to swallow it as it was coming so fast. I stuck my tongue as far into her pussy and she started moving back and forth fucking my tongue. I could hear the girls talking again but it was so low that I still couldn?t under what they were saying. Both girls started laughing and I ask what was going on. Emma said just be quite and enjoy the ride. Just as she said this I jumped as I felt a hand grip my almost soft cock. Then I felt a warm lips around the very tip of my cock and I began to get hard again. I though this must be Christy because Emma was still kneeling over my face. Then I felt the hand move away and a tongue started licking the shaft of you cock and I thought NO WAY. No one could suck the head and lick the shaft at the same time. As dumb as I was about such things I was totally confused about what was going on. I heard Jim say OK Emma how about me. Emma then moved from over my face and I was able to raise up on my elbows and look around. I first saw that Emma had moved around and now had Jim?s cock in her mouth, Then I looked down at my own cock and got the shock of a life time when I saw Christy with the head of my cock in her mouth and Jim sucking and licking on the shaft. Christy looked up at me and said hey big fellow, you need to get to used this if you are going to hang out with Emma. While she was talking to me Jim worked his way up my shaft then took my cock in his mouth and moved down taking most of it in. He started bobbing his head up and down and licking around the head each time he pulled back. I knew this was not the first time he had sucked a cock. He told Christy it is getting hard again if she want to take it from here. She said not a problem, you get down there on Emma?s pussy and don?t forget she love to have her ass tongued also. Jim laughed and said I?m headed that way right now. Christy started licking and sucking on my now harden cock. When she had it good and wet she started jacking my cock with her hand and moved down and started licking and sucking on my balls. I was about to go out of my mind. Here was a sexy young girl, up until now I had only seen a couple of times around campus, jacking my cock and licking my balls. Christy moved around and placed her arms under my legs raising them back toward my chest exposing me even more to her hands and mouth. She continued using her hand on you cock and licking lower and lower on my balls. Then she moved back just a little and put her head down even lower. Then another shock of a lifetime. I felt the tip of her tongue touch against my ass hole. I jumped but I could not mover much with position I was in. When I jumped Christy pushed her tongue harder against my ass and the tip of her tongue pushed a little inside. I was about to go out of my mind as she just kept pushing her tongue deeper and her hand pumping faster. I thought, no way could I cum any more. WRONG!! I could feel it building and when I thought there was nothing left I started cumming again. Christy quickly moved up and took it all in her mouth. She sucked until my cock was limp and there was nothing left. She let my cock slip out of her mouth and as she did I turned my head to see Emma and Jim in a 69 and really humping away. It looked like they were both about to reach their peek at the same time. While I was watching this Christy had moved around and was kneeling by my head. She put her hands on either side of my face and pulled my head around and kissed me hard on the lips, using her tongue to force my mouth open and I could taste my own cum on her tongue and she forced a large wade of it into my mouth and down my throat. I didn?t even try to stop her, instead I started sucking on her tongue getting all the cum that was left. I was thinking yesterday I was almost a virgin and now today all of this. I had my eyes closed while I was kissing Christy and kept them closed when she broke the kiss then I felt lips toughing mine again and I opened my mouth to suck her tongue back in. Then a got another shock when I could taste more cum and felt a really big load flowing into my mouth. I open my eyes to see it was Emma kissing and I knew where she got the cum. I just said to myself, what to fuck and just started sucking it in and swallowing as the cum flow from her mouth to mine. When Emma broke the kiss we all just fell together in a pile and all four of us fell asleep. We slept about an hour and as far as we knew no one else even knew we were there. Christy said there was a nice large shower in the bathroom and we could all get in at one time if we would like. We all headed that way and Christy got towels out of the closet for each of us while Emma adjusted the shower. I mentioned to Christy that she seem to know a lot about the house and where everything was located. The three of them started laughing and Christy said we should know about it WE live here, WE, I asked with a puzzled look. Yes Christy said me and Jim, he is my brother. Holey shit was the first thing that come out of my mouth. Your brother, I had no idea. Emma said yes her brother, their parents are out of town for a long weekend and they are the ones giving the party. I was the one that ask you friend to invite you hoping you would come and I would get the chance to make you cum and more. I knew about Christy and Jim, they have been fucking each other for the past three years and we have had several threesomes but I didn?t know they were in the bedroom until we got there. That was just icing on the cake, hope you didn?t mind. I confessed that I was for the most part a virgin up until tonight but all that had been well taken care of now. Christy ask me if I had any regrets. I said my only one was that it took so long to get here. We all laughed and Emma informed me that I owed Jim. I ask what she was talking about. She laughed and said WELL, he did suck your cock but you didn?t return the favor. When I looked over at Jim he was just standing there smiling at me. Emma said shower time before we run out of hot water.

Emma and I got to be a steady thing after that and had many other private parties with Christy and Jim and yes the girls made sure I repaid Jim many times over. I could not believe how much I had learned and how much I was enjoying the new sex life I had become involved in. I also knew that I had fallen in love with Emma, it was more than the sex and I hoped she felt the same way.

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