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Saturday Night Fever!

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Every now and then I let my wife pursue her hobby, which started out as a fantasy and then became to reality through an introduction by the hostess at a MnG.

This past Saturday night was one of the nights I let Di have complete freedom to pursue her hobby. It is a true story and I have the pics and videos to prove it! weg!

On this night with me along to take pics (as always), we entered a hotel suite with about 7 couples, 5 single ladies and maybe 15-20 BBC guys in attendance. The ladies were all dressed so sexy and hot including Di who had a very short black mini skirt, black thigh highs with lacy tops (which peek-a-boo'd out from her mini skirt), platform black strappy high heel shoes, a low cut revealing tank top in dark red and black, and a pair of see through very tiny black panties. (the panties surprised me because she usually doesn't wear them to these parties because she often loses them!)

We knew probably 1/3 of the people there and exchanged greetings and then had a drink and some appetizers, while continually meeting and greeting everyone else. Most of the guys we did not know, which was unusual. Also unusual was the fact that the new guys all seemed to be very shy as well as being nice guys which is what Di likes.

As you probably suspect this party is designed for the ladies to get their freak on and be as wild as they want with the guys. The ladies as always in control of everything that goes on. The guys usually are respectfully trying to make hook ups with the ladies!

About 9:00pm after about spending 45 minutes of socializing Di wanted to go up to the loft bedroom at the suite and see who was up there. One of her BBC friends saw her and I head upstairs and followed us. She smiled at him and embraced him with a sexy hug and some kisses you don't give to your brother!

Just like that he was removing her top and they settled on the bed kissing some more and then he moved to her breasts where he rubbed them and kissed them and by now she was squirming on the bed. He then removed her skirt and panties and slid down to her pussy. He gently spread her legs and then started lickng her moist swollen lips and clit. It didn't take very long for her to start moaning and it was getting louder and louder! In less than a minute she had her first of many orgasms that night.

Di is, shall we say, a very vocally appreciative lady and you always know if she is having a good time! After another couple of minutes and a handfull of additional O's she started saying,"no, no ,no, I can't stand it anymore!" and squirmed away! She removed his clothing and took his cock into her mouth and made him ready by slowly licking and sucking the entire length and then taking as much into her mouth as she could! After a couple of minutes he had her stop and he turned her over and put her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. After putting on a condom and some liquid lube on her, he slowly slid his thick and long cock into her pussy and her wild night was on! I could tell from her moans and sounds that it felt very good immediately and very shortly her mouth opened and her eyes were wide open and rolling back in her head!

She started coming very quickly and about every 15-20 seconds she was screaming with another big O! He was big and he was very good at finding her G-spot!

The upstairs bedroom is open to the first floor area and her screams of ecstasy reverberated throughout! Rather quickly people were coming up to watch her and her BBC friend go at it. Soon there were 20 people in the audience and Di was getting pounded and loving every second of it! Her whole body was shaking and quivering and flailing about from the almost continuous orgasms! Being early in the party and not wanting to cum so early, the guy pulled out after 10 minutes and she was left shaking and cumming for another 30-45 seconds before one of the new guys came over and asked if he could join her.

She now opened her eyes and smiled at him and asked his name and invited him onto the bed with her. After a quick kiss and hug she sucked on his cock which was also big but not quite as big as the first. He could only take a minute of this and put a condom on and asked her to climb on top of him. She did so and started moaning almost took her very little time to hit a nice stride and to start cumming! After cumming a few times and screaming things like "oh god, oh god!" and "yes! so good baby" and "Oh shit" she collapsed on him for about 20 seconds to regain some composure and then continued her ride! After about 15 minutes she rolled off of him but she continued to visit, in her head, that far off dimension that you ladies go to when you are experiencing such delight and over the top ecstasy!

Before she could completely calm down two more guys approached her and she smiled and invited them both onto the bed with her. One positioned himself by her lips and she sucked him in while the other fingered her pussy and made her squirt and flood the bed! Then he entered her in the missionary position and she was busy again. I had to chuckle because it is so hard for her to scream with a dick in her mouth and the other one hitting her G-spot continually! After ten minutes or so they changed positons on her and kept it up for 10 more. They did this twice more and she just was continually coming every 20 seconds or so sometimes having to take her mouth off of the other guy so she could scream!

I looked at my watch and it is now over an hour and a half and she has not been off the bed or taken a break. It is by her choice because she just loves to fuck non stop!

Our agreement on these party nights is that its her night,I'm always there, I take pictures and videos, and just watch early in the evening. Whatever she wants to do and however wild she wants to be has my blessing. We have been together a very long time and we are both very secure in our relationship and neither one of us has a jealous bone in our bodies.

Finally she has worn the two guys out and needs to take a bathroom and water break. I think I should get her a sports drink to re-hydrate her on these nights but never have.

After washing up and drinking a bottle of water her first friend is back and they head to the bed and he wants her in the misionary position and after only 30 seconds she is cumming again and they continue for 20 minutes of screaming, shaking, and continuous quivering on her part. She is so out of control its hard to believe but true. Her friend moves in close putting his arms around her and puts his head down close to hers and they are very intimate and erotic...

As he gets up to leave another of the new guys comes close to the bed and she invites him to join her. He wants her to climb on top of him and she does but this time stays on her feet to ride him. Before long she collapses and has to get off of her feet and goes down on her knees to ride him. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open screaming out the pleasure that is engulfing her and every so often her eyes open up and roll back into her head as she has an extra hard orgasm!

She continues on with one other short break until 1:45 am! She has been with six different guys and several of them twice and her special friend three times!

I don't know about this night for sure but she probably has cum over 200 times and is just winding down. The ladies have completely worn out the guys! I don't know where she gets the energy but the guys call her the energizer bunny and she loves the title!

There is no doubt in my mind that god has given you ladies the unbelievable ability to be able to cum continually and enjoy the pleasures of sex beyond anything a man can fathom or imagine. As our friend always says..."pussy rules!"

We then left the party with another couple and went back to our room where the four of us went at it for two more hours of fun and ecstasy! I was worn out. Di was smiling and glowing from her wild night! She kisses me and tells me that she loves me and thanks me for letting her be so wild. I tell her that she's welcome and she owes me big time!! WEG!

The thing people find hard to believe, and we find hard to believe, is that Di was never as multi orgasmic and her body was never so responsive as she has become since we started out to fullfill this fantasy of multiple lovers with large cocks for her. Its like a training class for her body and she has become a finely tuned human orgasm and pleasure machine! Whereas she would cum once or twice with me before, when we were doing it, now after this "training experience" she is multi-orgasmic not only with the BBC guys but with me as well and cums so easily and quickly its been a fantastic win-win experience for both of us! So when people ask me what I get out of this kind of party I tell them about where it has taken us and how much I love it! And believe me the pics and videos are much better than any porn you can buy!

By the way, as we were leaving the party, one of our lady friends laughingly told Di she was the biggest SLUT of the evening and Di got a big smile on her face! lol!

Rich and Di

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