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Saturday Night Caliente Aahz Party

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Nina and I woke up refreshed from a short nap after some time by the pool, followed by our afternoon delight. It was time to get some dinner and then start getting ready for upcoming festivities. We were on vacation at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, Tampa. The big Aahz pre-party, dance party and after-party were on the agenda for the rest of the evening and into the early hours of the morning.

We had dinner at Caliente?s sports bar. It was great to be able to just throw a towel over our shoulders and head on over there. We ate diner in the nude outside on the veranda. While we were eating, Amber and Eric stopped by our table. We had met and played with them the day before. They said they were looking forward to some more fun with us later on. We were too, especially since Amber was the first woman Nina had ever gone down on. It was so hot. I was ready to see that again.

We went back to our hotel room to dress for the evening. The theme for the dance party was Eyes Wide Shut. We had run to the party store the day before and bought a couple of cool masks to wear for the dance. Nina dressed in a sexy little black dress and strappy high heels. She was a knockout as always.

There was a pre-party meet-and-greet in one of the villas. We went over there around 7:30. There were was a decent amount of people there. Amber and Eric were there and we hugged and chatted for a few minutes. Sue and Jack were there and left early to reserve a booth in the nightclub. We made our way around the crowd, introducing ourselves. Many of the people we had seen around the pool earlier. Before we knew it, it was 9:00PM and time for everyone to head over to the dance.

It was already starting to get crowded in the nightclub. We found Sue and Jack and took a seat with them. We ordered some drinks and shared our stories of the fun that had occurred since our fun with them Thursday night. After a while, Sue and Nina took off to the dance floor. Before long there was a large group of ladies dancing together. At one point, I spotted Nina doing some dirty dancing with Amber. Thoughts of Nina munching on Amber?s pussy ran through my mind. I got an instant boner thinking about that. I couldn?t wait for the after-party. Caliente being a lifestyle friendly resort, the Aahz after-party would be a play party. We had heard stories of other after-parties and were really looking forward to this one. We didn?t realize when we booked it that we had picked such a great weekend to vacation. Although we did find out that there are other swinger groups that host parties there every month.

By 11:30 the place was absolutely packed with hot couples. Every seat was taken and the dance floor was full. And it was really cool because almost everyone was in theme, wearing masks. It was one hell of a masquerade party. There were ladies dancing on both of the poles on the dance floor and a couple of ladies dancing on the pole on stage. It was quite the show. It was for sure the sexiest dance party we had ever been to.

Sue grabbed me and led me to the dance floor. She turned her back to me and started grinding her ass right on my crotch. She got me so rock hard. I looked over and saw Nina dancing the same way with one of the guys we met at the meet-and-greet. She looked over at me and winked. It was all good. It was a huge turn on seeing her turned on by someone else and having so much fun. The next dance, Nina and I were together. She was straddling my leg as we danced. She wasn?t wearing any panties and her hot, wet pussy rubbing on my thigh almost pushed me over the edge. I could?ve bent her over and fucked her right then and there. But, that kind of stuff had to be taken behind closed doors. But, there was at least another hour or so of dancing before we?d be going to the after-party. Then Amber came up and asked for the next dance and Nina went and danced with Eric. Amber was grinding her ass on my crotch. Oh my God, it was a hot night.

About 1:15 we took a shuttle back to the villa for the after-party. We walked in the living room and there a few couples making out on the sofa and chairs. In one of the bedrooms, there were two couples on the bed; one couple was fucking while the other couple was 69ing. There was a guy sitting on a chair with a woman kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. On the dresser was a woman sitting up there while a guy was eating her pussy. Other couples were standing in the room watching while groping each other.

We went into the other bedroom and there was one couple on the bed with the guy going down on the woman. We asked them if we minded if we got on the other side of the bed. I had Nina lay down on the bed and started eating her pussy, licking up and down and sucking on her tiny clit. I slipped a couple of fingers inside her, finding her g-spot. She started moaning and bucking her hips. Hot pussy juice started flowing into my hand, her muscles began to spasm and she squirted all over my face and I tried to slurp up every bit of her sweet nectar. I looked up and saw that Nina and the woman next to us were rubbing each other?s tits. The other guy asked if we wanted to swap partners. I looked at Nina and she shook her head yes. The other guy and I got up and went to the restroom to wash our face and hands. When we came back, the other woman was down between Nina?s legs. So, I started fingering the other woman and the other guy went over to Nina and she started sucking his cock. Since I was standing at the edge of the bed, I had clear view and could see that Nina was thoroughly enjoying herself. Just seeing my wife enjoying herself and getting into it all made me hornier than anything else. The woman I was fingering was great fun, wiggling her ass at me and squiring her hot juice to the point it was running down my arm. After a huge gusher, she pulled herself away from Nina?s pussy and begged to be fucked. I looked at Nina and the go ahead nod. I had the woman get on her back lying next to Nina while I grabbed a condom and put it on. I reached over and sucked face with Nina for a moment before getting on top of the other woman. I took my time and slowly worked my cock into her tight, wet pussy. After a little bit, the other guy put a condom on and I watched him first finger Nina for a minute before mounting her and sticking his cock inside of her. As he did so, I rubbed Nina?s thigh and she smiled at me. This was the first time we had had actual intercourse with other people during play. It was totally sexy and exhilarating.

I took a look around the room and saw other couples sucking and fucking and watching. There were two women leaning against the dresser while their partners fucked them from behind. On the chair next to the bed was a woman having her pussy eaten by another woman that was getting fingered from behind by a guy. There was a couple doing it doggy on the floor. In the doorway and just inside there were a few people watching and fondling each other. It was quite the scene!

Almost simultaneously, we had the two girls get on all fours and we were doing it doggy. This was great because while I was banging the other chic I was able to smack Nina on the ass while the other guy was fucking her. It was the best! Both women were howling in ecstasy as we fucked, both of them squirting all over our cocks. I held out as long as I could and finally exploded in orgasm. Shortly thereafter, the guy fucking Nina started moaning as he shot his load.

After catching our breath, I went back to Nina and the other guy went back to his partner. Nina and I lay there hugging and kissing from a while before getting up. We took a peek into the other bedroom and things were still going strong in there. Downstairs the action had heated up quite a bit. There were couples on all the furniture and the floor going to town. We caught a shuttle back to the club, took a shower and then took a dip in the hot tub before calling it night.

Saying that we loved our vacation at Caliente Resort is a huge understatement. We will go back there again and already have some dates in mind. You can go there too and have a sexy vacation. We came across this website where you can enter to win a FREE Caliente vacation. EroticResorts dot net.

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