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Sandys Party - part 2

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As I was about to walk into Dave?s back door I was greeted by a naked couple walking out of it. I paused a moment to admire the ladies naked body as they walked toward my yard before I entered Dave?s house. As I entered the living room there were a number of couples engaged in what you would have to describe as an orgy. I checked out each couple looking for Linda but didn?t find her there. I checked out the kitchen and she wasn?t there either. Next I walked down the hall toward the bedrooms. As I entered the master bedroom I found two guys standing just inside the door. Between them I found Linda. She was standing straight legged with her legs spread wide. She was bent over at the waist and one of the guys was fucking her from behind while she sucked the others cock. I watched the guy behind her holding her by the hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her. The guy in front of her was resting his hands on her shoulders as he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She was holding the guy in front of her by his cock and would slowly rotate her hand in a sideways circular motion around the base then as she slid her mouth up removing all but the head of his cock from her mouth she would stroke the length of his cock up to her lips. She would then slide his cock back into her mouth and down her throat again starting the sideways motion of her hand around the base of his cock. I reached under her and massaged her tits. Without removing her mouth from the cock of guy in front of her or even looking over she reached out with her free hand and started stroking my cock. As I was standing there enjoying watching Linda doing her thing with these two guys a woman walked up beside me and dr*ped an arm over my shoulder. I looked over and saw a woman that was just the opposite of the woman I had just been with. This lady must have been over six foot tall. She was completely naked and barefooted she was taller than me by a couple inches. She was very well proportioned but being that tall her tits were the size of small melons instead of gr*pefruits. She had long blond hair and a classic hourglass figure that she was happily showing off as she stood naked beside me. She had beautiful facial features that just set-off the whole package.

I casually slipped an arm around her waist as I admired her naked body. I don?t know if Linda saw the woman standing next to me or if she just returned all her attention to the guy whose cock she had in her mouth but she let go of my cock. With my cock now free from Linda?s grip I checked out the woman next to me. As I admired her body I commented to her, damn lady you are all woman every sexy inch of you. She just smiled and reached out with her free hand and wrapped it around my cock slowly stroking it. You?re nicely equipped there yourself big boy I might have just the place to put that if you?re interested. I turned toward her and with my free hand rubbed her pussy. There was no doubt I wasn?t going to be the first man she was with tonight her pussy was soaking wet and a combination of her juices and cum were running down the insides of her thighs glistening in the dim light of the bedroom. As I fingered her pussy I admired her beautiful tits. They were large, round and firm I leaned forward and sucked the nipple on her left breast into my mouth. She started to moan and with the arm she had around my shoulder she pulled me to her. I massaged her ?G? spot and sucked her breast for a few moments standing there.

I walked her over to the bed and placed a couple pillows on the edge of the bed. I moved her in front of me to the side of the bed were I bent her over at the waist with her abdomen resting on the pillows. She was now a perfect height for me to enter her from behind. With her legs spread wide I moved behind her and rubbed my hard cock along the length of her pussy. She reached under herself grabbed my cock and positioned the head at her entrance. I arched my hips forward and in one quick motion drove my cock all the way into her. As my cock slid into her I was really surprised at how tight she was. Her pussy felt like a vice the way it gripped my cock. Her pussy was almost pulsating the way she was tightening and loosening the muscles in her pussy. I started slowly and methodically pounding my cock into her pussy. I built the tempo and force I was using as our passions increased until I was pounding her as hard and fast as I could. I would then stop for a few moments holding my cock deep inside her pussy then start the process over again. I don?t know how long this went on I do know that being I had been with another woman already that night I was able to control cumming much longer than I had with the first woman I was with that night.

At one point when I had slowed down to almost a stop I ran a finger from base of her pussy all the way up between the cheeks of her ass. I gently rubbed her little back door entrance as I passed over it drawing a moan as she pushed her ass back into my finger. I repeated this again paying special attention to coating my finger with her juices before moving it to her ass. This time with a well lubricated finger after massaging her bung hole I slowly applied more pressure and slowly slid my finger into her a little. I was taking it real slow and easy playing with her ass. The more I played with her ass the more aroused she became.

I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy and positioned my well lubricated cock head at her rear entrance. She seemed to brace herself a little when she felt me slowly push my cock into her ass. I kept applying pressure until I felt the head of my cock slip into her. I held still with just the head in her until I felt her push her ass back into me. As she pushed back impaling herself onto my cock I held her by the hips and pushed my cock into her. Slowly and methodically I slid my cock all the way into her ass and held it there motionless until I felt her start to move her hips.

Her hips and ass started to make twitching movements after a few moments. Her breathing started coming in gasps drawn between clinched teeth. As she started moving her ass back and forth in a rhythmic motion I slowly started fucking her beautiful ass. As I started pumping my cock in and out of her she started forcing herself back into my thrusts with more force. I started thrusting my cock into her with more force as I matched her thrusts into me. I reached up and grabbed two hands full of her long blond hair and pulled lightly raising her head. When I did she started moaning loudly and whimpering in her passion. She was telling me that it felt so good and to fuck her ass harder as she sucked at the air she was breathing through clenched teeth. The slapping sounds of my sweet covered abdomen slapping against her wet ass filled the room.

The couples that we were sharing the bed with were now watching us while they fucked. They were in the missionary position with him on top holding her legs straight up against his chest. He was fucking her hard and fast while he watched us with a look of pure lust on his face. The bed was shaking and both women were moaning in lust. The woman I was fucking was the first to go over the edge and let her orgasm sweep over her. The other woman wasn?t far behind her as she closed her eyes and started to moan that she was cumming. With the women coming at the same time I couldn?t hold out any longer and as I thrust my cock as far into this beautiful woman?s ass as I could I started to cum. I sent squirt after squirt of cum deep into her ass as I held myself as deep in her ass as I could.

I was spent as I held myself deep in her ass as I tried to regain my normal breathing. My legs were weak and I couldn?t stop them from shaking. I gave up and slowly withdrew my cock from her ass and sat on the bed beside her before lying back with my legs dangling off the edge of the bed. She looked over at me with a smile and a very satisfied look on her face. She ran a hand over my thigh lightly and whispered ?that was great?. I most definitely had to agree with her it had been great.

From out of nowhere Linda was standing between my legs. She leaned forward lying on top of me she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. As she slid her tongue into my mouth I tasted the salty remnants of the cum that she had swallowed moments before. She smiled at me but didn?t say anything. Nothing needed to be said because we both new how much fun we both were having. As Linda stood up I rose up to a setting position and looked at her with a smile. As I took in her naked body I couldn?t help but notice how wet the inside of her thighs were, no doubt it was from the cum flowing from her pussy that had been deposited in her by the men she had fucked that night.

I lightly ran a hand over the back of the woman I had just fucked and addressing both her and Linda I said I think I could use a drink how about you two. Both women agreed that a drink was in order right about then. All three of us walked out of the bedroom and down the hall. As we did I had an arm around each of their waists and couldn?t help but think about how great it was to be me right then.

In the kitchen I got three beers from the fridge opened them and handed one each to Linda and my new lady friend. We then went into the living room and sat down on the couch with me sitting between the two ladies. There were about four couples on the floor of the living room fucking. We sat on the couch sipping our beers and enjoying the show they were putting on. I can?t remember anybody saying anything as we were each just enjoying our beers and our sexual surroundings.

I hadn?t noticed him until I heard him say great party isn?t it. I looked up and a guy was standing in front of Linda drinking a beer and checking out the room. The first thing I noticed about him was the fact that he was naked. The second thing I noticed was the fact that his cock looked about the size of Italian salami. It must have been at least eight to ten inches long hanging down his thigh in front of him. Linda got that familiar sparkle in her eye when she saw him.

Great party I replied to him. Linda chimed in with ?and it seems to just get better all the time? with a smile and a sparkle in her eye. Without saying another work Linda reached out a hand and hefted this guy?s cock like she was inspecting it. She then wrapped her fingers around it and started slowly stroking it. As his cock started to harden he turned toward Linda giving her better access to his growing cock. Linda eased forward on the couch to where she was setting on the edge she then gently pulled her new friend toward her by his cock. She tried to slide her mouth over the head of his cock but it was just too large now to fit into her mouth other than just the head. Linda didn?t let this slow her down though and she kept stroking and licking his cock until it was fully erect. As she was giving her attentions to his cock he reached down and started massaging her tits, tweaking and gently pulling on her nipples.

The couch we were setting on had a little walkway between the back of it and the snack bar. As both Linda and her new well hung friend started getting into it hotter and heavier he reached down and eased her to her feet. He took this opportunity to pull her to him and kiss her deeply while pulling her into him with an ass check in each hand. Linda maneuvered her ass away from him a little then reached down between them and slid his hard cock between her legs where the shaft was rubbing against her pussy. It was really one of the strangest and most erotic things I think I have ever seen. His cock was so long that a good 3 or 4 inches protruded beyond her ass and was sticking out behind her as they stood there kissing.

After a few minutes of this Linda had his cock glistening with a combination of her juices and cum flowing from her pussy. Linda was getting more and more sexually vocal by the minute. Finally he eased back away from her taking her by the hand he led her around the couch. Standing behind the couch he eased her forward bending her over the back of the couch and moved between her legs rubbing the head of his massive cock along her flowing slit. Linda looked back at him with hooded eyes and softly said take it slow until I get use to the size. He replied to her not to worry that he was going to take his time with her to make sure she enjoyed herself. Linda had enjoyed a number of well hung men but as far as I knew this was the biggest cock she had ever had in her.

Linda was gripping the back of the couch with both hands and closed her eyes as her friend eased the head of his cock into her pussy. With just the head in her he froze and stood perfectly still waiting for a sign she was ready to continue. After a few seconds Linda slowly started arching her hips causing her pussy to move over the head of the cock waiting to impale her. He moved his hips back just a little then eased them forward sliding a few more inches of his cock into her. This process continued very slowly and patiently over the next few minutes until he had managed to impale her pussy with the full length of his cock. With what must have been at least 12 inches of hard cock in her he held himself firmly in her without moving for a few minutes waiting for her next indication that she was ready to continue. When Linda started moving again he started slowly fucking her with long slow methodical strokes.

Linda?s moans of pleasure had started to draw and audience as more and more people from the party started standing around watching her get fucked. The sight of that massive cock sliding in and out of her pussy was almost intoxicating in the sexual effect it was having on everybody watching them. Some of the men and a few of the ladies took turns massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples. She was concentrating so much on the feel of that big cock in her pussy I?m not even sure she noticed them. As the minutes past he started fucking her a little faster and a little harder. Her moans were now none stop and her hips were arching back meeting his thrust with thrust of her own and she drove her pussy back impaling his cock deep into her with every stroke.

I felt a hand wrap around my cock and looked over expecting to see the woman I had been sitting with when this whole thing started. I have no idea when but at some point she had gotten up and was now fucking some guy on the floor in front of the couch. I guess watching a guy with a cock the size of the one now fucking my wife can have that effect on you. In her place was now a petite little blond who was stroking my cock as we watched Linda putting on her show. I looked over at her smiled as I took one of her tits in my hand. She leaned over so I could kiss her and as I did I slid my hand down between her legs letting a finger slid into her very wet pussy.

My new lady friend separated herself from me momentarily while she stood up on the couch. She straddled me and slid a foot in between a cushion on either side of me. Then holding onto my shoulders for balance she squatted down lowering her pussy onto my cock. I had both hands free to enjoy her body as she fucked me setting on the couch. I would massage her tits pulling and tweaking her nipples. I was able to slid my hand between our bodies and massage her clit with my thumb. I was also able to play with her ass which was something that she seemed to enjoy as much as I did. But the biggest turn on for me was watching Linda getting fucked right beside me at the same time.

Two guys were now standing on the couch in front of Linda I?m sure they wanted her to give them some head while she was being fucked by this guy. She took one of the guys into her mouth for a few minutes but I think the feel of the guy fucking her had her mind way too occupied for another cock in her mouth at the same time. She withdrew the cock from her mouth but gripped both cocks in front of her one in each hand. I could tell she was gripping them tightly and stroking them with a strength that match that of the cock that was now slamming into her pussy.

Linda?s breaths were coming in short hard gasps. She was moaning none stop and mumbling almost incoherently. I knew it was going to be but a matter of seconds until she had a major orgasm. Of course I think everybody in the room knew that. The guy fucking her continued slamming his cock in and out of her until he heard her start to scream that she was cumming at which time holding her by the hips he slammed his cock as deep into her as he could and held it there letting her ride out her orgasm on it. I could tell by the look on his face that as he held his cock deep inside her feeling her pussy gripping and pulsating on his cock he started squirting his cum inside her. The feeling must have been contagious because at the same time the two guys whose cocks Linda was stroking began to squirt cum on her face and onto her back. A smile spread across her face as she felt their cum landing on her body. She continued to stroke their cocks until she felt the pulsing stop and their bodies relax. She then let go of the cocks she was holding as her body dr*ped over the back of the couch.

The blond riding my cock was slamming herself up and down on my cock as she watched Linda. I was holding her by the ass with both hands and meeting each of her slams with a thrust of my own as I arched my hips driving my cock up and deep into her pussy. With all her weight she came down on my cock driving it as deep into her as she could and started to cum. I let go of all resistance and holding my cock as deep into her pussy as I could I started shooting my cum into her. She lends forward and her mouth found mine. We shared a deep kiss as we enjoyed our bliss.

The large cock in Linda?s pussy was softening as both Linda and he were resting as they came down from their sexual highs. After a few moments he started to slowly back away from her withdrawing his cock from her pussy. I hadn?t noticed her before but as soon as his cock emerged from Linda?s pussy Sandy was there with a warm wet washcloth and started to clean the cum flowing out of her. Linda remained dr*ped over the couch until Sandy had cleaned the majority of the over flowing cum flowing from her pussy.

Linda made a quick trip to the restroom to freshen up a little. While she was away Sandy lends over the back of the couch and wrapped her arms around me giving me a kiss. I want to thank you both so much for being part of my birthday party and for making it so special she said. Oh thank you very much for letting us be part of it I told her we really enjoyed ourselves tonight and hope we can do it again sometime. I think we can come up with a reason to have another party real soon she replied.

Linda rejoined me on the couch wrapping an arm dr*ped over my shoulder as she snuggled up with me. My little blond was still on my lap and my soft cock was still in her pussy as her head was resting on my shoulder. As Linda sat beside me it dawned on me just how lucky I was. There is just something so special and so sexy about having your naked wife sitting next to you with that fresh fucked look and glow all over her. With an arm dr*ped over your shoulder while you have a naked woman on your lap with her head on your other shoulder and your cock still in her pussy and everybody was enjoying the after glow of very satisfying sex. Neither Linda nor I have any question or doubt about our love for each other. We both really enjoy seeing the pleasure the other receives from whatever life brings.

As we sat there relaxing a number of the party goers came to say their good byes as they were leaving. It seemed that in a matter of a very few minutes most of the people there had left. I bent down and gave Linda a soft kiss and ask her if she was ready to go. She said that she really should help Sandy clean up a little before we go. I said I don?t think there will be much cleaning up going on tonight and we can come back tomorrow to help them.

We found Sandy and Dave in the kitchen and told them that we were going to call it a night but would be by tomorrow to help clean up. They thanked us again for everything and said they would see us tomorrow.

Without giving it any thought at all we walk naked out the back door and through the yard to our house. Everybody was gone from our yards when we got home and we both just went straight to bed. We held each other under the covers and I ask Linda if she had had fun tonight. She said this had to have been one of the best parties like this that we had ever been to.

Linda asked me what all I had done that night and I told her about the little redhead that I fucked and that the other two she had been in the same room when I fucked them. She asked if I had enjoyed myself to which I replied very much.

It was then my turn to ask her what all she had done. She smiled and said she had really enjoyed herself. She said that from the start she had been extremely horny tonight. She then reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock as she told me about her night.

She said it started right after I had left after Sandy had opened her presents. She said that the guy she was with when I left had been grinding his hard cock into her ass through their clothes while Sandy opened her presents. Then right after I left they had both got hot and heavy with each other. They were both soon naked and without much preliminary action had fucked right there in the hallway. She said that as soon as he got her clothes off he spun her around, leaned her against the wall and fucked her in the hallway. She said it was good but really left her wanting and needing more.

She said she then went to the restroom to freshen up a little bit and met another guy as she left the restroom. They had talked for a little bit and in short order had wound up in one of the bedrooms. She said that this one took his time with her and had given her several orgasms giving her oral before he fucked her. While he was fucking her another guy had entered the bedroom they were in and she had sucked him off while the other one was fucking her.

Linda squeezed my cock which was by now fully erect and said it looks like you enjoy hearing about my sexual conquests. I just smiled and told her you know I do keep going what happened next. Well when the guy that had been fucking me got off me I started to get up to go freshen up when the guy I had sucked off told me that he would also like to fuck me. I told him I was going to go freshen up and would be right back but he was a lot like you and said that he wanted me with my pussy full of cum. So I got him hard again and he fucked me. After that I went into Sandy?s bathroom to freshen up a little bit.

As I was walking through the bedroom on the way out of the restroom I met the guy I was giving head to when you found me. The guy that was fucking me when you found me came up while I was fucking the guy that I was giving head to when you found me. The guy I was giving head to didn?t last too long when he fucked me. While I was giving him some head trying to get him going again the other guy got behind me and the next thing I know he?s fucking me. So I just kept giving the one guy head and let the other guy fuck me from behind, you know how much I like that she said with a broad smile. I just nodded my acknowledgment. Linda continued to stroke my cock and said that was about everything she had done while I wasn?t around.

I rolled Linda over and got between her legs. I rubbed my cock over her gaping slit getting the head wet then sank my cock all the way into her in one thrust. She closed her eyes and sucked a breath in through her wide open mouth. With my cock buried all the way into her pussy I asked her how she enjoyed getting fucked by the guy with the monster sized cock in the living room. She smiled and said now that was something that was a real treat I really enjoyed it. He took his time and after I got accustom to the size it was great. It hurt a little but the pain gave way to some real pleasure. That is the biggest cock I've ever had in me and he was hitting places that have never been touched before. I wouldn't want a regular diet of that size cock but every now and then I would like to try it again.

We continued to fuck in silence. My mind was replaying visions of her being fucked by all the guys she had fuck that night and especially the one with the big cock. Linda was lying beneath my with her eyes closed, her mouth open and her breaths coming in short gasps and my cock pounded into her well used pussy. I knew she must also be thinking of all the guys that had fucked her that night also. Even though I had fucked more that night than I can ever remember fucking before when Linda started cumming I also started cumming.

When we both got our breathing back to normal I relaxed and laid down on top of her giving her a loving kiss before resting my head over her shoulder with my head next to hers and my cock growing soft inside her.

I must have fell asleep on top of her because I have no memory of rolling off her and after laying down on her the next memory I have is of her shaking me and handing me a hot cup of coffee. Wake up sleepyhead she told me it?s almost eleven o?clock and we told them we would help them clean up today. There is just something about how a little good booze, some great friends and a lot of great sex makes a guy sleep like a baby.

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