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Sandys Party - part 1

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This is a continuation of the ?New Neighbors? story were we told about our first meeting Dave and Sandy. If you haven?t read that story yet you may want to read it before ready this one for better context of this story. I might also add that this story took place a number of years ago when we were living in central California. In those days the biggest thing you had to worry about from unprotected sex was pregnancy and yeast infections. The pill took care of one of those worries and the other could be easily cured. So during those days we were able to engage in the joys of unprotected sex without worry about our life expectancy being shorten. With that in mind let me tell you about Sandy?s birthday party which took place about a month after we first meet Dave and Sandy.

Even though they had only lived next door to us for a couple weeks we had become great friends with Dave and Sandy. Things moved pretty quickly in our friendship. In fact we had engaged in a foursome with them the first day we met them. It was just one of those things were four people just clicked from the word go. Over the first couple weeks after we met them Dave and I played golf a couple times. We went out to dinner with them a time or two. We also had another night where we enjoyed another foursome with them. In short things were just getting along great between us.

One day I was out in the front yard doing a little yard work when Sandy backed out of their garage. As she backed down their driveway she smiled and waved at me before driving off. As I was watching her drive down the street Dave walked out of their garage and gave me a wave. We chatted for a few minutes and he asked me if I was up for a cup of coffee. Sure I replied and followed him into their house.

As we sat around the kitchen table Dave said he had something on his mind that he would like to discuss with me. Sure I told him what?s up? Well Sandy?s birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I would like to set up a birthday party for her. OK I told him what can I do to help you? I don?t really know he said I was thinking about inviting you and Linda along with some of the couples we have got to know over the years from my work crew. Being that I?m inviting some of the guys from work it makes things kind of awkward to invite some and not others if you know what I mean. I can understand that I said. I would like to make it a swinger?s party and if I invite everybody from work that we have partied with it could end up being about 10 guys from work and you guys so we might end up with about twenty-four people over here to party. Well I could think of worse things I said with a laugh. Yea in that way it would be fun he said but this house just isn?t big enough to hold a swinger?s party with over twenty people attending.

Well what did you have in mind I asked? Well he said just keep in mind this is just a thought and you don?t have to go along with it if you?re not interested. Ok I said with a chuckle I've never had a problem not going along with something I didn?t want to go along with so why don?t you just tell me what?s on your mind. Well this is just an idea he said, you guys live right next door to us and our backyards are separated by just that redwood fence. As you know I work at a construction site. What would you think about me getting some of the guys from work to temporarily remove a section or two of the fence that separates our yards? Before I could reply to the question Dave continued with his ideas. Then we could spread the party between both our houses. It would also give us a hot tub, more outdoor seating and a big enough area so we would not crowd everybody on top of each other.

Dave took a drink from his coffee cup as he looked over the brim at me waiting for my reply. Well when are you planning on having this party I asked him? Weekend after nest on the 25th he replied. I?m pretty sure we don?t have anything planned that weekend I said and I don?t have a problem with the idea. In fact I like it, sounds like a lot of fun. But I?m going to have to run it by the boss lady before I can say for sure it?s a go but I don?t think she will have a problem with it. Dave then asked me to tell her that he?s going to be bringing the crew over here to take care of stuff so let him know if there is anything she wants us to take care of while we are here and we will do it for her. Well one thing to keep in mind I guess would be as small as these lots are and as close as we are to the houses in back of us we need to come up with something to block our yards from the view of our neighbors if possible. In the meantime let me go run this by Linda and I?ll get back with you as soon as I know anything.

Linda was setting at the kitchen table having coffee when I got back home. Got anything you want taken care of in the back yard I ask her. She looked over her cup and replied ?why?. I told her about Dave?s idea about wanting to throw a party for Sandy and about him wanting to combine our yards for the party. How big of a deal is it to take the fence down she asked. Not that big a deal I said they will just remove a couple of the panels, leaving the post in place and just put them back up after the party. We don?t have anything planted against that fence except for lawn so it?s not a big deal at all.

Linda thought about it for a little bit before saying, I think it sounds like fun let?s do it. Well think about it while I tell Dave that it?s a go as far as we are concerned. He is going to have a construction crew over here taking care of setting this thing up so if you want them to take care of anything back there while they?re here they will do it for you. So I?m going to have a construction crew to take care of me she said with a laugh. At the party you will I replied I don?t know about when they are working over here.

I went back over to Dave?s to tell him that Linda was good with his plan for the party and that we were looking forward to it. Over that week he was busy putting plans together for the back yard. The next weekend he had a group of guys from his construction crew over and during the next two days converted our two small back yards into one big back yard. They had commandeered some corrugated siding from somewhere and extended the height of the fence for more privacy. Linda also had a few cosmetic projects that they took care of and I must say they did a great job of making our back yards into a private garden. Tables were set-up as well as setting areas in both yards.

The guys who were working on the yard also brought there wife?s over to help. It was a chance for us to get acquainted with them before the party. We all seemed to get along well together. After the yard project was finished on that Sunday we had a barbecue and everybody had a chance to get on a first name bases with each other. One of the things that did catch my attention was the fact that none of them were you typical construction worker stereo types. They ranged in age from mid-twenties to their forties. They were all fit and trim with no overweight bruiser?s in the bunch. As for the wife?s we met I was pleased to find that they were also trim and attractive. Needless to say we were impressed and looking forward to the party the next weekend.

I saw Dave a couple days later during the week before the party and he told me that everybody he invited said they were coming so it looks like a big party. He also mentioned that as was the custom with his group of friends had all kicked in a few bucks for party supplies and he planned on making a run to the store on Friday so if we thought of anything we needed to let him know by then.

When Saturday, the day of the party finely rolled around I think Linda was just as excited about the party as Sandy was. They both spent the morning and early afternoon making sure everything was set up in both houses and both backyards. Food and snacks were prepared, tubs were iced for beer and soft drinks and torches were set out around the back yard. I was helping Dave with some last minute preparations and about mid afternoon I told both Sandy and Linda that everything that needed to be done had been done and they really should take an hour or so to rest before the other guest arrive. They both reluctantly agreed and each went to their room to take a nap.

The girls both got up about four o?clock showered and spent the next hour and a half or so doing each other?s hair and make-up. They were like two teenagers getting ready for the big dance. By about six both of them were looking great and ready to party. A little after six the first of the guest started to arrive. We were all over at Dave and Sandy?s where the guests were greeted and where the party would start. From there the party would filter through the back yard to our place.

After the first few people arrived I started the charcoal in our barbecue and got things ready to make some burgers. Over the next hour or so people kept arriving. They were making their way into the backyard area where everybody was in a festive mood. Dave?s friends took the opportunity to dress up a little bit the guys were all looking sharp and the women were all looking sexy. I handed out burgers as the beers and drinks were flowing. There was a lot of good natured joking going on between the guests making it apparent that these folks all knew one another very well and all seemed to get along well together. Everybody was introduced or introduced themselves to me as they arrived. But to be real honest with you I?m not all that good with names but I never forget a face.

I fixed Linda a plate and brought it to her. I found her in Dave?s kitchen talking to a group of women. Linda was sipping on a glass of wine and seemed to be enjoying herself. She gave me a quick kiss and thanked me for the plate. She proceeded to introduce me to the women she was talking to. One of them a sexy little redhead gave me a hug then reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants before saying, did you bring me something to eat baby. I laughed and told her oh I've got something you can eat alright. The group of lady?s erupted in laughter. About that time Dave came by and said it looks like everybody is having fun. Then he put an arm around both Linda and my shoulder and told us that he thinks everybody is there now so if we can get everybody together Sandy will open her presents.

I headed back to our backyard while Dave and Linda started going through his house to get everybody together so Sandy could open her presents. In a few minutes everybody was either in their living room or kitchen which opened to the living room. Dave had a camera and Sandy was sitting on the couch with a coffee table in front of her loaded with presents. Two women were sitting on each side of her on the couch and they would read the name tags to her as they handed the gifts to her.

It didn?t take long to figure out just how good of friends these people were. The first gift Sandy open was a small gift wrapped box. It turned out to be a pair of gold nipple clips connected with a gold chain. As soon as folks saw what it was the chant went out, put them on-put them on. Sandy tried halfheartedly to quiet them but when she saw that wasn?t going to happen she stood up and very theatrically removed her blouse and bra then with everybody cheering her on attached a clip to each nipple.

Each present she opened was greeted with a round of cheers and chants. The gifts were all sexual in nature and as Sandy opened them the atmosphere of the party was turning more and more sexual. The next few gifts she opened were all jells, lubes, massaging oils, a few porn cd?s and things of that nature. Each was sampled and of course one CD was placed in a CD player. Then she opened one that turned out to be a big black dildo that was at least a foot long. Everybody began the chant use it ? use it ? use it. Sandy got up and removed her skirt and panties leaving her with just her high heel cfm shoes and thigh high stockings on. She took the dildo put some lube around the head. She then scooted forward on the couch and rubbed the head along the length of her pussy. The ladies sitting on either side of her gently took hold of her legs spreading them apart.

You could hear the muffled sounds of the adult video playing low on the TV but other than that nobody said a word as Sandy started playing with her new dildo. It took her a few minutes but shortly she started working the head into her pussy. You could hear the vibrating sound coming from the dildo and the clicks from the camera that David was using to take pictures of Sandy. Other than that the only thing you heard was the sounds of heavy breathing and a few passionate moans from around the room. By the time that Sandy had worked her new toy into her pussy there was a lot of groping and rubbing of body parts going on around the room.

I noticed Linda standing in the living room watching Sandy. There was a guy standing in back of her. He had his arms wrapped around her and was massaging a breast with one hand and her pubic area with the other. It was also very apparent that he was grinding his cock on her ass through their clothes. Linda was just leaning back into him watching Sandy and letting him enjoy her body while she enjoyed the sight of Sandy fucking herself with that big black dildo.

Sandy brought herself to an orgasm while everybody at the party watched and enjoy her stimulating display. When she finished her show she smiled and took a little bow as everybody gave her a round of applause. She then put the dildo on the coffee table and proceeded opening the rest of her gifts. David had given her a red corset which was one that left her breast exposed. After the group requested she put it on she obliged the crowed by putting it on along with the red thigh high stockings that accompanied it. Sandy continued to demonstrate or sample the gifts as she opened them until she had opened all her gifts.

A number of other people around the room started to get sexually active. One lady dropped to her knees, unzipped the guy she was standing next to, pulled his cock out and started giving him head. Many folks started removing clothes and pairing off. Linda who I knew wasn?t wearing a bra now had her blouse open, her tits exposed and the guy she was with was massaging them as he tweaked her nipples.

After Sandy had opened the last of her presents she proceeded to make her way around the room kissing, hugging and thanking everybody for her gifts. There was no lack of people that were tweaking her nipples or fingering her pussy both males and females were playing with her as she made her rounds. In one case when one of the guys fingered her pussy she reached down unzipped his pants took his cock out and proceeded to give him a little head. This brought another cheer from those watching her. All in all there was a very festive and sexual atmosphere to the party now.

I made my way over to my bare breasted wife and gave her a kiss. When I backed away a little I asked her how she was doing and if she needed anything. I wanted to give her an escape from her new admirer if she wanted or needed one. She made it clear that she was enjoying his advances and told me that she was going to hang around there for a while if I didn?t mind. I had no problem with it and told her to have fun.

I told her that I was going to check to see how things were going back at our house and would be back to check on her in a little bit. She gave me a little kiss and said ?have fun? just before she eliminated any doubt about her intentions. She turned around dropped to her knees in front of the guy behind her. She smiled up at him as she opened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then with a jerk pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. While looking up at him with a sexy smile she gave his cock a few strokes before taking it into her mouth. I just smiled and told both of them to have fun.

I walked out the back door to the back yard. There were a number of people in Dave?s back yard talking and what-not. I crossed over to our back yard where I found a number of people in the patio. I had planned on sitting up the hot tub but when I got there I found that somebody had beaten me to it. There must have been at least three naked couples in the tub already. This was fine with me because it made one less thing that I needed to do.

I went over to get a beer out of the iced tub in the patio. As I was digging around in the ice looking for my brand of beer I heard female voices say do you have a cold bud lite in there? I looked over my shoulder to find the sexy little redhead that I had met in Dave?s kitchen standing behind me. Well if I don?t have one here I bet I can find one for you. I dug around and found her a bud lite I opened it for her before handing it to her. She gave me a sexy little smile before thanking me and taking a drink.

I ask her if she was having fun. She chuckled and told me yea but not as much as I plan to soon be having how about you she added. Oh I plan on having a lot more fun before the night is over maybe we can have some fun together. After taking another sip she said I think I would like that. She looked over to the hot tub and said that?s my hubby in the hot tub with Sue who?s new to our little group. He?s been wanted to fuck her since he first met her and it looks like he?s going to get his chance tonight. Would you like to join me in the tub I asked her? She thought about it for a minute before saying, no I think I just want to take you inside find a bed and fuck you in private. Now that?s an offer I?ve waited a life time to hear I said with a little laugh. I took her by the hand and lead her inside the house.

Once we got in the kitchen I slipped an arm around her pulled her to me and kissed her. Her body was incredible she was a small girl only about 5?1? and maybe a buck twenty but she had nice gr*pefruit size tits, a thin waist and a nice round ass. When we parted our kiss I asked her if she wanted to continue this in the front room and make it a party if anybody else came in or would she like to take it to my bedroom. Let?s use the bedroom I want to keep you for myself this time. With a big smile on my face I said right this way young lady as I lead her down the hall to our bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom I closed the door behind me then set my beer down and tuned some music on the stereo. I took her beer and set it beside mine on the night stand. With both hands now free I again took her in my arms and gave her a deep kiss. Our tongues were probing each other?s mouth and my hands were busy exploring her body. She reached down and started undoing my belt. As she was busy with my pants I started pulling her tank top off over her head. We were pulling clothes off each other like a couple of teenagers and in no time we were both naked. I led her over to the bed and let my hands roam over her body as she scooted onto the bed. You are so sexy I told her as I bent down to kiss and suck her breast as she lay down on her back.

I worked my way onto the bed and between her legs. With my hands on her knees I spread her legs wide as I lay down between them kissing and licking my way up her thighs toward her pussy. In no big hurry I kissed and licked my way up her legs and thighs. I admired her pussy for a moment being she was the first true redhead I had ever been with. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a little landing strip and the color was a little lighter red than her head hair. The lips of her pussy were clean shaven and her clit was protruding outside her pussy lips.

As I stretched out I ran my tongue over her thigh. As I reached her pussy I traced the area outside of her lips. I let my tongue travel all around her pussy being careful not to touch the center of that flower just yet. As her breathing became deeper and more rapid I ran the tip of my tongue over the length of her pussy. With my hands under her ass I lifted her slightly as I planted a kiss on her pussy. She grabbed my head pulling me into her as she arched her hips pushing her pussy to my mouth. With my tongue held out as far as I could and probed it into her pussy as she ground herself into my mouth. Moving my head back and forth I tongue fucked her. Her pussy was starting to flow as her pussy was opening exposing her clit. I first ran my tongue over her clit then ran it back and forth in a side to side movement. After I had her moaning and breathing was coming in gasps I sucked her clit between my moist lips pulling on it as I moved my head back.

After several minutes between her legs I started to swing my lower body around from between her legs without stopping my oral attention to her pussy. I moved around until my cock was at her mouth. She began to stroke my cock before holding it toward her mouth. She started licking the head swirling her tongue around the head and driving me crazy. She licked my pre-cum as it flowed out of my cock before she took my cock into her mouth.

I rolled her over until she was on top of me with my cock in her mouth and her pussy was on my mouth in a classic 69 position. We sucked and licked each other until I reached the point I knew I wasn?t going to be able to take much more without cumming. I again rolled her over and moved between her wide spread legs placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She reached between us grabbed my cock and rubbed it along the length of her pussy spreading her juices over the head. She positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy as she looked into my eyes and smiled the sexy wicked smile of hers.

I arched my hips forward slowly letting the head slide inside her then held it inside her for a moment without moving. We were looking into each other?s eyes when I slowly slid my cock all the way into her. She felt like soft warm wet velvet as I held my cock all the way inside her. She started to move under me arching her hips moving her pussy on my cock.

I withdrew from her until just the head was in her hesitated momentarily then drove my cock all the way into her again. She started to moan with each thrust and I started fucking her faster and harder. I rose up grabbed her legs moved them up against my chest exposing her pussy in a way that aloud for maximum penetration. She was now flowing juices out of her pussy and down between the checks of her ass as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her. She was moaning in pleasure as I continued to fuck her as hard and as deep as I could.

I pulled out of her and dropped down to lick and suck on her pussy trying to prolong the pleasure we were having together. She was moaning nonstop and grinding her pussy against my mouth. When my jaws were so sore I couldn?t continue. I then rolled her over got behind her and pulled her ass up so I could fuck her dogie style.

I slid my cock into her from behind. I grabbed her by the hips and started slamming my cock into her. We had been going at it for some time and I knew I couldn?t hold out much longer. I knew she had cum at least three time already and I was about to fill her pussy with my seed. I told her I was about to cum to which she replied I want you to cum inside me fill my pussy with your cum. That was all I needed to hear I held her firmly by the hips drove my cock deep inside her held it there and started to cum. My cock was jerking hard as I filled her with cum. As I did she had another orgasm.

We collapsed in a heap with my cock still deep inside her. That was fantastic I whispered in her ear as I tried to catch my breath. Yes it was she replied as she also tried to catch her breath.

I would love to stay here with you all night I told her but I better get back to the party outside to make sure everything is going smoothly. I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy. I kissed her again when I was out of her and walked into the restroom. On my way out of the restroom I removed my robe from the back of the door and put it on. As I tied the sash she walked pass me and into the restroom. As she passed me with that sly smile she gave me a swat on the ass and laughed.

I was taking a long pull on my beer as she rejoined me. Would you mind if I just left my clothes in here for a while I?m not ready to get dressed yet and I would really rather not have to carry them around with me. Not at all I said as I picked her clothes up off the floor and laid them in the dresser chair.

As we walked out to the back yard I had an arm around her waist. She nudged me a little and pointed toward the hot tub see I told you she said. I looked over at the tub and saw her husband had the woman he had been with bent over the edge of the tub fucking her from behind. I?m going to join them in the tub she told me would you like to join us. Go ahead I said maybe I can catch up with you again a little later I?m going to check on Linda to see how she?s doing. She gave me a quick kiss and skipped off toward the tub where three couples were engage in various forms of sex. As I walked to Dave?s house I saw another couple in our backyard in one of the lounge chairs. The guy was on the bottom and the lady with him was riding his cock while he played with her tits. The party was in full swing and couples were paired up having sex and all seemed to be having fun.

To Be Continued

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