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Same old sex

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I will try not to make this story too long, but I want to try to be as accurate as possible, so please bear with me. My wife and I have been married for many years. We had just past our 60th birthdays, but both of us had been able to maintain our weight, and we were relatively healthy. The sex over the years has become somewhat mundane and probably somewhat boring for both of us.

We had talked about possibly looking for a way to spark up our sex life, but it just seems that we had never done anything about it. We both continue to work, and are kept pretty busy with work, and family.

My wife has told me several times about her boss at work. She indicated that he was much younger, in his late forties, and that he had seemed to express that there may be some sexual interest between them. My wife just dismissed the remarks and laughed it off. She did mention it to me on occasion, and I suggested that perhaps we should try to hook him up with her sister since she had recently lost her husband. My wife said that her boss was a married man, but she believed that if he had the chance for some free pussy, that he would probably take a shot at it. My sister in law has indicated to us in the past, just how much she missed the sex with her husband.

I told my wife that we should try to hook them up, and just sit back and see what happens. She just said that she would consider it.

When we went to bed that night, I told her that I was going to play the part of her boss, and that she was to play the part of my sister in law. This seemed to turn her on, and as soon as I reached between her legs, I could tell that she was already aroused by the wetness of her crotch. As I continued to rub her pussy thru her panties, she was jerking me off.

I decided to just lay back and watch the action, and enjoy the warm stroking hand that was now in control of my erection. She now took on the task of masturbating herself, and me at the same time. She had removed her panties, and gave them to me to enjoy. It seemed to get her hot if she could watch me enjoy the aroma of her wetness from the panties that she had just removed.

It wasn?t very long before I could feel her muscles tighten up in her pussy, as I had moved my hand under her buttocks, and found one hot ass. I could tell that she was about to cum. With every stroke of my dick, she was working on her pussy in unison, and she had a knack for having us both cumming at the same time. I could feel her picking up the tempo on stroking my dick and her pussy, and I was shooting my load, as she was arching her back up to her strokes. Once we both finished, she got on her knees, and licked up my cum from my chest. I returned that favor, and licked her pussy, so that I could taste her enjoyment. I was able to bring her to a second orgasm. Normally, I am not able to recover very quickly after shooting my load, but she reminded me that I was her boss, and that she wanted to kneel down before me and suck my cock, and she wanted to taste my cum. Well with that kind of an invitation, it was difficult to turn down.

With that, she got out of bed, and on her knees beside the bed, and placed my limp dick into her mouth. She was working with her mouth, and her hands, as she continued to play with my balls. I was somewhat surprised to see that I was clearly getting hard again, and she had her hand between legs, and was masturbating herself again. It wasn?t long before I reminded her that I was the boss, and that she was to take me into her mouth as deeply as she could, and that I wanted her to swallow every last drop of cum. She followed my instructions explicitly and I began shooting my load down her throat. She just kept taking all that I could muster up, and I did not see anything come out of her mouth.

We both got back into bed, and laid there hugging each other. She told me that this was a very exciting evening of sex, and that perhaps she would see about getting her sister together with her boss. We both then drifted off to sleep.

Nothing much was different the next morning, and we both went off to work as usual. I was anxious to see if she had any news the next evening over dinner. By the time I got home, she had already put together a nice dinner, and had it on the table. As usual, I asked how her day went, and she proceeded to tell me about the day?s events.

She said that she had spoken to her boss, and told him about her sister, and how lonely she was after the loss of her husband, and that her sister hasn?t had any sex for over a year. He found that pretty difficult to believe, but indicated that he would like to meet her. She emailed her sister, and told her that she would like to setup a meeting at our house between her boss and her. Her sister was a little nervous, but expressed some desire to at least meet him and see where it goes.

We tried to set it up for the following weekend, but we just couldn?t put it together with everyone?s schedule. It was beginning to look like things may not happen, when my wife called me during the day, and indicated that her boss and her sister were coming over to our house after work.

By the time that I got home, everyone was already there. My sister in law was 64 years old, but she too was well preserved, and a very sexy lady. She was 5?7?, and 140 lbs. She has a nice body, and I have enjoyed seeing it at any opportunity over the years. She has perky little breasts, that are 36B cup, and she is not afraid to display what she has. She was wearing a very nice short black dress, and black stockings, and black shoes. She was dressed very well, and I could see that there was a spark between my wife?s boss and her sister. We just kind of sat there while they got to know each other, and helped them exchange some sexy banter. I could see that every time she would reach for something off of the coffee table, her new male friend was taking every opportunity to look down her dress, and catch as much tit as she wanted to share. I was enjoying the show as well, and had a better view since I was sitting directly across from my sister in law. I was able to see a nice set of tits under the dress, and I was somewhat jealous of my wife?s boss, and wished that I would someday have an opportunity to get a better view of her tits. As she continued to drink, and the evening was progressing, she was becoming more relaxed. She was allowing her dress to ride up, and showed us some pretty nice leg. We could all see that she was wearing a black garter belt to hold up her stockings, and that she was resting her hand on Craig?s thigh. It seemed most innocent, but I could see that Craig was getting somewhat excited, and was starting to display a decent hard on.

I whispered to my wife that we needed to give them some space, and let nature take its course. We made up an excuse to run out to the store for some more alcohol, and told them to just enjoy themselves, and we would return in an hour or so.

We left the house, and we were able to sneak back into our enclosed porch, where we could continue to watch the show. We weren?t gone five minutes, and I could see that Craig had his hand between her legs, and her dress was up around her waist. He had already unhooked her dress, and had both breasts exposed. My sister in law was in the process of jerking off Craig, and he was removing her panties. She must have been enjoying herself, because she had her legs spread as far apart as I have ever seen.

Craig was clearly enjoying himself as well, and I was surprised to see that he was much larger than I was, and that my sister in law had all 8.5 inches of his dick standing at attention.

I could her my sister in law tell Craig that she wanted to taste his cock, and that she hadn?t sucked any cock since her husband passed away. She indicated that she wasn?t sure that she would be able to get it all into her mouth, since he was much bigger than her husband, but she wanted to try. She told him that she doesn?t swallow, but that she would make certain that he would enjoy her mouth.

Craig stood up in front of the couch, and my wife and I could see that he was pounding her mouth, and had one hand on the back of her head, and another hand on her pretty breast. She must have been aroused, as I had a great view of her breast, and her nipple was well extended. She also had two fingers inserted into her pussy, and was very busy working it over. I whispered to my wife that it was too bad that she had to work on her own pussy, since she had waited all year to get some cock. I was hoping that she would suggest that I go in and give her a hand, but she said that perhaps she should go back in and see if she could help things move along. She told me to stay there for now, and watch the action.

I wasn?t sure what was going to happen at that point, but I positioned myself so that I had a good view of the action. My wife walked in quietly, without disturbing any of the action. Craig was enjoying the blow job that he was receiving from my sister in law, and I could see that my wife sat down beside Craig, and reached between her sister?s legs, and proceeded to masturbate her sister as she continued to suck on Craig?s large cock.

I was more surprised to see my wife reach for Craig?s cock, and she removed it from her sister?s mouth and continued to jerk him off as well as her sister. Craig at this point realized that my wife had already removed her panties, and he was now stroking my wife?s pussy. It wasn?t long before my wife had placed Craig?s dick into her own mouth, and he appeared to be in heaven.

I was past the point of no return, and I removed my clothes on the porch and went into the living room. I proceeded to remove my sister in laws dress, and she was stroking my cock as I removed her clothes. Just as I was getting her naked, Craig shot his load into my wife?s mouth. I could see that it must have been a large load, and that she had a hard time keeping it all in her mouth, but when he was done, she was all smiles.

As Craig sat back on the couch and continued to watch the action, I was now fucking my sister in laws pussy while she was eating my wife?s pussy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Craig was stroking his dick as he watched the three of us enjoying each other. My wife is usually very reserved, and I was somewhat surprised to see her directing most of the action. I was even more surprised to see her sucking off her boss, and I was never aware of any sexual connection between the two sisters. From what I could see, the sisters must have had some sexual connection in the past.

My wife was now reaching over to Craig, and took control of his semi hard on, and continued to stroke his dick. My sister in law seemed to be enjoying the fucking that I was providing her, and while I was most surprised with the results of the evening, I was certainly enjoying the warmth and wetness of my sister in laws pussy. I was about to shoot my load, and I wanted everyone to know that I was close to cumming. My wife wanted to finish me off by sucking my dick, and sharing it with her sister, so they both got down on their knees, and were working on me. Craig was standing next to the ladies, and they were stroking his dick, and playing with his balls. My wife could tell that I was about to cum, and took me out of her mouth, and jerked me off on her sisters face, as my sister in law was jerking off Craig all over my wife?s face. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. As we finished, the girls exchanged kisses with each other and cleaned up all of the cum off of each others face, as Craig and I lay back on the couch and watched.

Both ladies put themselves into a 69 position, and began working on eating each other?s pussy. They were able to bring each other to another orgasm and we were now all sitting around on the couch, discussing what had just taken place.

My sister in law thanked my wife and I for putting together the evening, and Craig indicated that he enjoyed himself, even though he ended up fucking my wife more than my sister in law. Craig indicated that he would like to get together again in the future, and we all agreed that it was something that we should plan for in the near future, but that will have to be another story for another time.

My wife and I agreed that the evening was different, and that she really didn?t plan on fucking her boss, but that if she was going to fuck him, she wanted me to be there to at least watch. The fact that I got to fuck her sister at the same time was just icing on the cake. She told me that she enjoyed watching me fuck her sister, and that her sister told her how much she enjoyed the evening, and that she does not intend to go without sex for another year. I told my wife to make sure her sister knows that I will always be there for her, and make certain that she does not have to go without sex at any time.


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