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We are now living in Central Texas. Not always....We were very, very, active in the Swingers Life Style in northern Indiana. We lived in central Indiana just south of the Michigan State line and about half way between Illinois and Ohio. It was easy to travel and party in any of these states, and we did. Had a little notebook with many names of people we swung with. Went to a restaurant and hung up my jacket with notebook in pocket, some SOB stole the jacket. But, certain individuals you can't forget for a number of reasons.


We had a male friend who we had over on numerous occasions for a MFM get together. My wife really liked him for a number of reasons. He was very clean, DDF, nice looking, kept things to himself, and had a piece of manhood any guy would be proud of. He was married but couldn't talk his wife into sharing in good times. He had other friends like us that we introduced him to. So, needless to say, he led an active and sexual life style. We'll call him Bob for now, OK.

Bob would call us from time to time and ask if we'd like some company. About 80 o/o of the time we had him come over and we would have a few drinks, watch some porn, let him give Mary a massage which usually made her hornier than hell, and we would end up in a sweaty fuck session with him sending her to orgasm heaven with his nice cock. We had a couple of Bi lady friends that we'd have over as well and they just loved these sessions as they also had their way with my wife.. Mary, my wife, enjoyed this as well as I think there was a touch of Bi in her too.

We also had a married couple from Cincinatti, Oh. that visited us quite often. He, Ed, was a very talented auctioneer and came to our city about every month or so to work the local large auto auction. We met them at a party in Indianapolis. They were wonderful people and favorites of ours. The auctions were usually on Friday. After getting well acquainted with them we would have them over to party and spend the night

They were about our age in their forties, and free as mice in a field, to come and go as they pleased. He was another one that didn't have to be ashamed of his male package. He was give or take 6', maybe 180 lbs, well put together and good company. His wife Betty was an absolute knockout. Not big tits but nice sized, a small waist, and a catch- all- eyes round prominant ass.. At about 5'8 she was something to look at even in her clothes.

This particular Friday they had come over after the auction. We had just finished a pizza and were killing a bottle of wine when the phone rings It was our friend Bob. Would we like some company??????? Just a minute Bob, I'll ask Mary..........I put my hand over the phone and we quickly discuss this. Hell yes say Ed and Betty as does Mary..An extra cock never hurt any good party.

I knew it would take him about 20 minutes to arrive so we got our heads together and conived a sneaky scheme. Now I had converted our garage into a super plush family room witha wet bar, large screen TV on the wall about 12 feet from the bar. We were to be just friends of Ed and Betty and act so. When Bob came to the door I met him and told him about our friends in the family room. I told him to behave himself as I had no idea what sexual orientation our friends had. Oh yeah he says. That's cool with me.

Now I'm going to let you visualize this as I portray it. I'm behind the bar serving drinks. There's about five stools in front of the bar. The TV screen is to the right of me so anyone sitting on one of the stools has to look to his or her left. Ed is at my far left, Betty is next to him, and Mary is sitting next to Betty. When Bob comes in Mary gets up to go to the potty or something and Bob is directed next to Betty. Presently Mary comes back and sits next to Bob. So it's Ed, Betty, Bob, and Mary. There's a game or something on the TV and we just drink some more and chat usual stuff.

Then Ed says to me, hey can you get any of those nasty movies on that TV. I look at him and act surprised. I didn't know you were interested in that stuff, I say. Well he says, it beats this crappy ball game. Now they're all looking at me waiting for my response. I can't get satellite but I've got a few movies I can play on it. I look at Betty and ask her if she's OK with that. Yeah, I suppose so she says. Mary??OK with me.

So I put a tape deck in the VCR and it's Marilyn Chanbers in "Behind the green door"..This is as good a fuck movie as there is. We're all staring at the scenes and Ed is now undoing Betty's blouse and bra. She's behind Bob and he doesn't know she's being slowly stripped. Presently she's got her hands around Bob and is undoing his shirt. He glances over at me, gives me that what the hell is going on look, and I just shrug my shoulders. I look at Ed and he's got a shit-eatin' grin on his face. Pretty soon she has her hands on his belt and is undoing his pants This is when her reaches behind him and her skirt if up to her hips and he feels bare leg...She grabs his hand and puts it on her pussy. About this time I come from behind the bar and start taking Mary's blouse off. I say that if they, meaning Ed, Betty, and Bob, can fool around so can we. At this time Mary goes to Bob after her blouse is off and grabs and kisses him.

He's still not sure what's happening until we start smiling and he sees Betty's titties and Ed sucking on them. He says, hey what the hell's goin' on. We finally tell him that we just played a joke on him. He's a damned good natured guy and starts taking his clothes off. It isn't long and we're all naked and he's got Mary on a bean bag eating her pussy. Betty gets behind him and is playing with his steel hard cock.

Ed leans over Mary and is kissing her and fondling her titties, and then starts to suck on them as she grabs his nice cock. Wow, these two hot women have three cocks to play with....I get behind Betty and let my cock slide between her legs as I play with her titties....Then Bob slides up on Mary and kisses her tittie and nipples as his cock is brushing against her pussy.. there's another Bean Bag and I get Betty on it on her back and Ed and I both are working over her ample titties. Ed says fuck her Charlies, I wanna watch this. She's ready and I put my cock in that succulant pussy. We had just recently gotten these bean bags and I had no idea how nice it was to fuck on them.

Mary starts making her usual noises and Ed goes over and kneels next to her. She turns her head, reaches over, grabs his cock and starts to give him one of her out of this world blow jobs. Bob is pouring it to her but good when her orgasm hits. She's trying to suck Ed's cock while she's having this tremendous come and is snorting throught her nose making the damndest noises on his cock, and finally blows it out and is yelling I'MMMMMCUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG.. Hearing this triggers Betty's mechanism and she gets as stiff as she can, arms outstretched. and yells UUUUUUJMMMMMMMMMMM IIII''''MMMMMMMMMMMMM....MMMMEEEETTTTOOOO..

Bob slams his dick into Mary and holds it there as he lets out some ungodly snorts, Ed finishes off by shooting all over Mary's titties and chest, I hear all this and just savor the moment and I fill Betty's pussy with my own good load...

We're all just laying there breathing heavy. I get up and get some towels and a nice wet warm one for Mary to clean her titties and chest. Pretty soon we're all back at the bar.. I freshen all drinks. Bob says, I'd like to have a joke played on me like this about once or twice a week. We all get a kick out of it. The tape has come to the end and rewound. Something else uninteresting is on the TV.

Bob says he has to go before it gets too late. He and Ed exchange names, numbers, etc. Bob leaves and the four of us retire to our master BR and get in the king-size bed together. It isn't long and Ed is putting Mary thru the grinder and I'm again warming up Betty. You can just imagine what our night was like. Saturday morning comes and it's raining cats and dogs. We have a nice breakfast and Ed and Betty head back to Ohio.. Our next escapade on our next story.


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