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Steve began to visit almost every day. The weather changed. It was getting colder. Fall began to turn into winter. By late December it would be snowing. It would stay that way all through April.

I didn’t mind Steve stopping by. It gave Sally, my wife, some one to talk with other than the two dogs. I was away during the day working in the valley. It was an hour’s drive to work. With the evening traffic it took about ten minutes little longer to get back home.

Sally and I lived in a community with 500 homes. Two thirds were full time residents. The rest were vacation homes. Half the full time residents worked in the valley. The other half were unemployed or on disability.

Steve had lived in the forest since his wife filed for divorce. Three weeks after he was served with the divorce papers, he lost his job. Now he had nothing to do but visit his friends and get ready for winter.

Sally got along ok with Steve. He seemed some what effeminate, and a few of our friends thought so also. When Steve did stop in, Sally and he would talk for hours. Sally once told me he was a good listener. He liked to play some of the same card and table games that Sally and I played. Three people made a more interesting game than just the two of us anyway.

Monday I left for work at my usual time. When I arrived, I had a severe stomach ach. I tried to stay at work. Around nine, just before my break, I left and started for home. I figured there was no point in trying to work while being sick all day.

It was ten thirty when I pulled into the drive way and came through the door. Steve was sitting on the couch. I didn’t see Sally. He pointed toward the bedroom. I walked down the hall and let her know I had come home sick.

I sat on the bed and closed my eyes. I figured if I took a snooze I would feel better. Sally closed the curtains. On the way out she closed the door. I hadn’t been in bed more than five minutes when I got back up. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Apparently I had been in such a hurry to crawl into bed, I failed to notice the VCR was running and the cards were out on the coffee table with a score sheet. When Steve and Sally saw me in the driveway, they had quickly turned off the TV. That explained why I didn’t notice the VCR was on and running.

Now, the TV was on and the VCR was playing one of Tom’s porno tapes we didn’t see over the weekend. I finished drinking and headed back to bed. Just then Tom showed up and knocked on the door. Tom was a big time crank dealer. He usually gave Sally and I some crank when he stopped. If we had to pay, it would be dirt cheap.

I knew the three of them were about to get high and play some cards. That was the first time I noticed Sally had on her dark blue see thru top. It really showed off her nipples. The sight of her tits and exposed nipples really turned me on.

I knew then what was really going on. They were about to start a card game that included some fooling around, and maybe play time. I felt my cock stiffen at the thought. I went back to the bedroom, shut the door and tried to get some sleep. I began to wonder if this game was going to be an extension of the last week’s game. If so, it didn’t include me, either in the planning, or playing! I wish I had felt better. I would have liked to play.

When I woke, it was one in the afternoon. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I first thought I wouldn’t flush the toilet. I could piss, walk down the hall, and catch every one by surprise. I thought I had better not. Sally would figure out what I did and would be really upset. I flushed the toilet and walked down the hall into the living room.

It turned out the toilet flushing didn’t matter one way or the other. No one was home but me. it looked like Tom, Steve and Sally had gone someplace in Tom’s car. I could tell Sally had changed outfits several times. She left them in a pile on the dinning room table. I counted four tops and night gowns. The coffee table was covered with an assortment of beer bottles and drink glasses. I picked the bottles and glasses up and took them to the kitchen.

I called Sally on her cell. Surprisingly, she was able to get service and answered. I told her it looked like she had a very good time while I slept. I could tell she was both tipsy and high. She was slurring her words and giggling at the same time. She said they were at Tom’s house, and had left to go there about noon. She said they didn’t want to wake me while I was trying to sleep.

Sally handed her phone over to Tom. He told me where I could find some crank he had left for me if I woke. I thanked him and asked when they were returning. He said he wasn’t sure. He was waiting for a delivery. He said they would be back as soon as it arrived.

It was around three hours later when I noticed Tom’s car coming up the road. As he pulled into the drive way I saw Sally sitting in the middle with Tom and Steve on either side. I sat down on the couch and checked out the score pad. It seemed Sally didn’t do to bad. She had won four games, while Tom and Steve each won three.

When everyone came into the house, I wondered who had been keeping score. If Sally had won the majority of the games she wasn’t dressed like she was a winner. When she came in the door she had no shirt on at all!. She did, however, have a bottle of booze in one hand, and a shot glass in the other. It was evident she had been drinking some more and was quite buzzed. Her tits were red and her nipples were swollen. I knew Sally had been playing with someone for quite a while.

When the three of them entered the house, I remarked that it looked as if they all had a good time at Tom’s. They agreed it had been a great day so far! Steve and Tom sat down on the big couch, and Sally took a seat between them.

I asked Sally what happened to her shirt. She said she had lost the last game to Tom. If she lost, Tom would remove her top. Sally would have to go with them down to Tom’s place and back here with no shirt. Since Sally couldn’t bring a blouse with her, she had to remain topless when the delivery man came as well.

There was a second part to the bet. When they came back here, Sally could put on another shirt, but it must remain unbuttoned in front. If she won the next game, she could wear a blanket if she wished.

Steve took me aside. He told me four guys made the trip this time. They all drooled over Sally while Tom checked his product. He said the guys all circled around Sally and flirted with her. They also gave her three big lines, a couple of drinks, and made her all kinds of other offers. He wasn’t specific about the other offers. He didn’t need to be!

When Tom finished checking his delivery. Steve said he took Sally into the kitchen. When she came back, he had given her two ounces of crank for being such a good sport. Steve went on with his story. He said Tom told the delivery guys he purchased one hour of Sally’s time. He gave each delivery man fifteen minutes with Sally as a tip! No wonder her tits were red! She was played with for an hour by four different guys.

Tom told Sally she could put on another blouse now that they had returned. He reminded her it had to be one that left her tits available for more play time until she won another game. If it had buttons they were not to be used. Sally went to her closet and came back with a white long sleeved shirt unbuttoned in the front. Sally sat back down on the couch and said that neither Steve nor Tom would be lucky enough to beat her like that again.

I liked Sally’s attitude, but sometimes her abilities did not match up to her expectations. That’s when we all had a good time.

I was feeling a lot better now that I had slept a while. My stomach didn’t hurt any more and I felt like having a drink myself.

I suppose the crank Tom left behind for me to do may have helped some.

I realized for the first time that day I was beginning to get hungry. I asked the three on the big couch if they were hungry. I should have realized with the crank they consumed none of them wanted to eat.

In the kitchen, I searched the freezer. I found a Hungry Man TV dinner and threw it in the microwave. When the bell rang, I took it in the living room to eat. Sally, Tom and Steve had just started another card game.

This time if Sally won, both Tom and Steve would have to strip naked. Sally liked to embarrass the guys that way. Anyway I knew she liked to see more than one cock at a time. She was fascinated with all the different shapes, sizes and textures cocks could have. If Sally lost to either of them, she was going to remove her jeans and panties. In addition, the winner would get ten minutes play time with her in private. When Sally said in private, she meant a trip to our motor home. It was always set up for a little fooling around.

As I ate I saw Sally was falling behind to Steve, but keeping in front of Tom. I didn’t know if Steve could catch a glimpse of Sally’s cards or not, but what an advantage that would give him over her.

Before I took the dirty tray into the kitchen I asked every one if they wanted me to fix them another drink. The all said yes. I decided I would just make a picture of drinks and we could each pour our own as we wanted. I brought out the picture and put it on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Sally and Steve weren’t there, but Tom was sitting on the couch naked filling his pipe again. He told me Steve had slaughtered them both, but she had really beaten him. Sally had left with Steve for the motor home to pay him off. I asked Tom if he wanted to see a little secret I had.

I took Tom into our bedroom and showed him some equipment I had hidden in the walk in closet. I flipped on a switch. There, on a small nine inch monitor was Sally paying off her debt to Steve. I had purchased a cheap security lens and mounted it in the motor home for such an occasion. I told Tom I could also record the action on a VCR tape and view it later.

Tom told me how lucky I was to have such a hot and understanding wife. As we watched the action, we both began to rub our cocks. I rubbed mine through my pants. Tom being naked just did it bare handed! Sally was particularly curious about Tom’s cock. He wasn’t circumcised. She found all the extra skin interesting. I made Tom promise not to tell my secret to anyone. He said he wouldn’t tell anyone as long as I agreed to one thing. If he had the opportunity to use the RV with Sally, he wanted a copy of the tape. I had no problem with that and agreed to make him a copy should that happen.

When Steve and Sally came back she put on a short black skirt and another black top. Since she had beaten Tom she could now cover up a little if she wanted. Tom lit his pipe, and passed it to me. I gave it to Steve and when Sally came in, Steve gave it to her.

The top Sally chose was more like a vest. It had only one button in the front. It was at the bottom where the vest came together. Tom told Sally he liked the vest outfit. Especially the way it showed off her tits! He asked if she wanted to play another game and let him try to get even. I knew what Tom wanted and why. If he had a tape of himself and Sally playing around, he could view it any time. He could then sit back and masturbate to the memories.

Sally would never pass up an opportunity to embarrass Tom again, and she still wanted to get Steve in that Situation as well. I sat back and smoked the pipe. The three of them started a new game. The score went up and down for a while. Each of them took the lead at one time or another.

When the game ended, Steve had to strip naked. Tom and Sally went out to the motor home for the big pay off once again. This time I made Steve a promise to keep my secret and showed him the closet and equipment. He was shocked. He begged me for a copy of his play time tape with Sally. I agreed if he would promise to keep my secret. He aid he would, and I said I would make him his copy.

The monitor came on. It was taping Sally sitting on Tom’s thigh with his cock in both her hands. She began stroking and playing with his cock in a way only Sally can.

I saw Steve begin to play with his cock. I couldn’t help myself. I undid the button on my pants, and unzipped them. They fell to the floor around my ankles, followed quickly by my underwear.

I saw I was rubbing my cock in unison with Steve as Sally continued on. She leaned over and started licking Tom’s shaft as she continued to turn up the heat. Sally started to make those slurping sounds going down on Tom’s shaft entirely. The security lens showed she came off just in time for Tom to shoot his load all over his chest.

He reached up and took hold of Sally’s left tit and began to fondle it. That’s when I shot my load all over the monitor. I think Steve came before I did, but I’m not positive. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I had a lot of closet cleaning to do the next morning.

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