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A few days after I told you my story about the silver bullet I get a beautiful catalogue in the mail from the company I bought it from. Naturally it has all sorts of toys pictured in it. There's a small note in the catalogue urging me to page 20, SILVER BULLET. It's almost exactly like the one I have with the exception that it has a remote control, no three foot chord. I enlarge the pic and read the product description. The remote control is almost identical to the original ...The bullet is a little larger and has a battery in it and a short cord similar to a tampax for easy removal. Now I think to myself, how would a person use something like this.

I show the ad to my wife. Well, she says, if you could get some gal in the mood I was in you could put it in there and not say anything. Then you could tease her from time to time with the remote. Hey, now how would someone go about this?? I had told my buddy Rob about my first bullet, but he knows nothing about this remote toy..He's told me that he would like to see his wife's reaction to my first toy. Also, Mary has told his wife Laurie about it. Needless to say, Laurie is interested..

I send for the remote and it comes in the mail. I don't even tell my wife about it. We have a date for Friday evening with Rob and Laurie to go to a fish fry at our favorite spot the Rendezvous. Wednesday afternoon Rob and I had gone to Lowe's to look at riding mowers. On the way home we stopped at the Rendezvous to have a cool one. We're watching something on the TV when who stops to talk but Charles and Bob, who we refer to as the "hunks". Hey, where's your good lookin' wives they ask. If you've read a couple of my previous stories, you know that these two are about 20 years younger than us and have been to a couple of our wild parties. They love older women, especially our wives and our wives like their "last forever" cocks. We tell them that we'll be here Friday evening with them. Hey, maybe we'll be here too they say.

Rob says, you know they'll be here and dancing with our women. You know Rob, somehow or another we'll end up either at your place or mine partying. Yeah, but we'll just have to let the chips fall where they may Friday evening. Yeah, these two guys are what just about every swinging couple wish would come along once in a while. I get really sexed up watching my wife being taken to orgasm heaven by a healthy stud like them.

When I get home we have supper and I tell her about the two "hunks" at the Rendezvous. She gives me that 'are we gonna fuck' look. So we talk a little about maybe partying and so forth. Then I tll her what I recived in the mail. No shit she says. Where is it..I tell her that according to the literature that came with it the remote works up to 75 feet away. Oh man, after supper let's try it out.

I help her clean up the kitchen, we're having a cup of coffee, and she says, WELLLLL. I ask her if she's in the mood for sex and she says NOOO. I just wanna see this sucker work. So I go fetch it and lay it on the table with the remote. I tell her everything has fresh batteries so go ahead. The bullet is laying in the grooved box and she picks up the remote. She sees the on/off switch and the little round knob that controls the intensity. She starts to turn the knob and it starts jumping around in the box. Wow, she says, that thing comes alive.. I said go in the other room and and salve yourself up with KY and put it in there. Let me know when you've done that. She goes in the bathroom and shuts the door. Presently she calls, okay, I'm ready. So I turn on the remote with the knob all the way to low. When you gonna turn it on she says. I turn the knob a little to the right and she says, OH OH, I can feel it. I turn it up about half way and she says "oh shit", I can feel it now. I turn it wide open and now she's goin' ohmygod, ohmygod, hell man, turn it down.

She comes out and says it's wilder than the other one. She comes over by me in her panties and they're all wet. I said, do you feel like sex NOW and she sits on my lap facing me and takes her bra off. You mean that it only took that one good shot to do that to you. Yeah she says. Well then it don't need to be wound out to do the job. Hell no it don't. Not on me anyway. We left it in there, went to bed. Turned it on less than medium and we fucked our eyeballs out. Again she said it feels like th head of your cock is going wild.

I call Rob and tell him what I have and how it works. He says I'm coming over to get that catalogue. While he's at the house on Thursday I show him both of them. He says that he told Laurie and she says she's gonna put it in for Friday night. Mary says, she is????Yeah, she is.......Mary says if I behave myself with that remote she'll have it in there too...If you get wild with that remote I'll go to the lady's room and remove it. Laurie will have control of her own destiny.

Friday evening comes, we go to the fish fry, and are sitting at our favorite table having marguritas. Meal time ends, the lights are dimmed, the round mirrored globe starts turning and the combo starts playing. The lady's wore something just a little bit more appealing and we're slowly getting used to the margaritas. We dance with our lady's and are having a normal good time. We notice two nice looking guys come in and sit at a small table next to us. These are not the "hunks" and they're a little younger, maybe in their thirties. The "hunks" haven't yet arrived to our knowledge. The music is playing a slow song and one one of these gets up and asks me if he can dance with my lady. When the other one see me say okay he gets up and asks for Laurie's hand. Now Laurie has her control box in her waistband and I've got Mary's on the table.

These two guys are real gentlemen, they dance another song and bring the lady's back. One of them asks if they could have another in a while. Sure we, Rob and I say. We asked Laurie if she used her bullet. No, maybe after while. Then Mary says her guy kissed her on the neck and says she smells nice and wished she were not with someone. She says she thinks she felt his manhood becoming aroused. Laurie said, mine too. It's a good 45 minutes later, the two "hunks" haven't come in and these two guys have danced a few more times . The dance floor is getting pretty crowded and we can't see our women every step of the way.

I spot Bill, who's dancing with my wife has his hand in her wastband and on her ass. Jack, Laurie's excort, has her blouse unbuttoned at the top and they are getting real friendly with our ladies. I ask Rob if Laurie has practiced a little with her bullet. Oh yes he says. I say that if she were to accidently turn it wide open nobody knows what would happen out there on the dance floor. He says she's had it on low for a while now and can feel her guys cock real good pressing against her. This is when I turn on Mary's on low. I look their way and she's looking at me smiling. It's working. Presently the guys bring our women back to the table. The lady's say they want to go to the powder room. At this time we ask the guys, Jack and Bill if they'd like to sit at our table with us. So they move over with us. The waitress moves their drinks and they order another round. They tell us what wonderful women we have and they enjoy dancing with them.

Presently the lady's come back and are surprised. Jack asks my wife for a dance and Bill dances with Laurie, a little switch. I turn up Marys bullet a little bit and again she looks at me and just rolls her eyes back in her head. The guys are holding them as close as they can and I can see Jack's leg getting in between Mary's. How long these gals can hold out is beyond me. When they come back to the table both guys have huge tents in their slacks. Laurie seems to be having a hard time sitting still and Mary reaches to me and whispers "I feel like screwing".. Both the guys get up to go to the John. We ask the lady's if we should take them home with us. Yessss, they say, let's do. Lauries says that thing in her is making juice run down her legs......Mary says me too......

So, when the guys come back we tell them we're going to go home. Aw man, we were just beginning to have fun. Rob says, if you'd like to come over and have a nightcap with us you're more than welcome. .So they follow us over to Rob's house and we're all inside in about 20 minutes after leaving the Rendezvous. They've still got part of a tent in their pants. I had turned up Mary's bullet a little bit and she said on the way, don't go any more. I can hardly stand it now. The lady's again go to the powder room and come back. Laurie says, I turned the night light off, and Mary says yeah, we didn't need it anymore. We knew what they meant. The guys had no idea. Bu t these two babes were hot and ready. Rob turned on some nice music and the lady's asked the guys to dance.

They weren't dancing two minutes when both women had a hand full of young ready to screw meat in their hands. The guys looked at us and I said, "you started sometin', now finish it.". Mary's guy was undoing her blouse and she had already removed her bra. Bill had unzipped Lauries skirt which was falling to the floor. Rob and I helped undress them the rest of the way as they had already discarded their wet panties. Rob says come on, follow me. He led us to the downstairs bedroom which had two beds and in no time we were all naked. Both these guys had a package to be proud of. Jack was on top of Mary kissing her, playing with her titties and grinding that piece of meat against her pussy..She rolled him over on his back, crouched over him and lowered herself down a bit. There was too much there to take all at once.

Laurie was on her knees between Bill's legs and devouring his cock an inch at a time. Rob was behind her rubbing his cock around her more than clippery and juicy pussy. Mary is just about all the way down on Jack's beautiful cock and I see her ass and pussy shining with lubricant. I reach down and rub my finger nuckles up and down her ass. I can see it opening and closing in anticipation. I rub my cock on her rosebud and I hear her say OH YES, OH YES. So I push a little and the head goes in rather easily. About this time Laurie is crying out loud, Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, as Rob is obliging her.

This is about the third time Mary is getting DP'd and she is going zonkers. Jack says Mary I can't hold it anymore, go ahead she says, push it in hard. I push down on her as and can feel his big dick thru the membrane as he starts pulsating. Holy shit, what a feeling. When he's slowed down I give about three or four good thrusts in her ass and I have one thunderous orgasm. By now Rob has come in Laurie's pussy and she's on her back getting one hell of a screwin. from Bill.. We're all now trying to catch our breath Jack is gently massaging and sucking on Mary's titties.. Man, that feels good she says.. Jack still has half a dick in Mary and getting smaller. I'm kneeling behind Mary and watching cum fall out of her pussy and ass.

I'll tell you man, you can't have a fuck-fest like this without having cum all over the place. We all get cleaned up and are at the dining table drinking something wet and cool. We exchange names and number, etc. and find out our two new "hunks" are in the U.S. ARMY stationed at Fort Hood. Both of them are commissioned officers and had just recently returned from Afghanistan. What a way to welcome back our military, even though Rob and I are both Navy veterans.

In the following weeks Rob and I had a ton of fun with our new toys, THE SILVER BULLETS. Tell ya bout it later..................


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