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Rose's Introduction (MMMf, domination, anal, group)

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You call to tell me that you will be bringing friends over for dinner. You tell me to have the bbq ready, and drinks on the patio. I bustle around, cleaning and preparing dinner for you and your friends. I shower, and lather with fragrant soap and shampoo, running my hands over my body in anticipation of your visit. I reach my breasts, and tweak my nipples, imagining your hands, your lips, your tongue on me. With hot water streaming over me, I lean back, and tease my clit, stroking gently. And then I stop. I will wait for you to bring me there, anticipation generating heat and need. You know my secret - my desire to be dominated, used for your pleasure, instructed - and I will wait for you to do that tonight. I change clothes, a silk blouse and full skirt, barefoot and hair unbound, lacy bra and matching silk panties, definitely on the titillating side. Knowing I am wearing them just for you makes me tingle with excitement.


Using your key, you come in. Calling for me, you find me in the kitchen, chopping vegetables for the salad. My back is to you, and you lean into me, rubbing yourself in tiny circles in the cleft of my bottom, while your hands reach in front of me and cup my breasts. You squeeze them, rubbing your palms on my nipples, and kiss the back of my neck. I try to turn to face you, to hug you; you prevent that by pressing yourself into me hard, holding my hands on the chopping block, and lean your full weight into me, holding me there, captive. You whisper "tonight you are mine, all mine, to do with as I want." I murmur, "whatever you want. You know I am yours". I am tingling from your hands on my breasts, full with waiting, nipples aching for your lips; I feel the heat begin between my legs. Pushing my chest down over the counter, you run your hands up my legs, under my skirt, teasing me with your touch. I seperate my legs slightly, to give you better access should you want it. You grasp my hips, pulling me towards you. You feel my panties, and laugh.

"You are wearing the silkies I bought for you, aren't you?" you ask.

"Yes, I am" I respond.

"Lift your skirt for me" you say, a demanding tone to your voice.

Silently, I raise my skirt, exposing my silk-clad bottom to your gaze. You step back, taking in the sight of me bent over the counter, bottom exposed, skirt around my waist. Gently, with a single finger, you trace the outline of my panties down into the darkness nestled below. You slide your finger under the edge of them, reaching, touching, pushing into my pussy. I moan slightly, wanting more, wanting you to caress my clit, wanting you to finish the job you are starting. You laugh, deep in your chest, knowing exactly what I want.

"My girl is wet," you observe. "My girl wants me, I think."

You slowly slide your finger in and out of me, smearing my wetness around. Your thumb touches my other hole, slight pressure in gentle brief probes. I love it when you tease my bottom, and you know it. I have never had anal sex, although you keep telling me someday you will use that hole too...when I am ready for it, and when you are ready to allow it.

"You are getting so swollen and wet. You like this." Not a question, more just a comment of my need and desire building.

"Oh yes" I breathe, "yessir."

My eyes close, and my head drops forward, submitting to your touch. You pick the rythym up, and with your free hand you reach for my tit again. You grasp my nipple, pinching and pulling it until it stands high, throbbing. You hear me moaning. You press yourself into my thigh, and I can feel your hardness, contained in your slacks, straining at the zipper. I want you in me so badly, so badly...yet you do not release yourself for me to taste, to hold, to have inside.

The doorbell rings.

"Right on time", you say, abruptly removing your fingers. "They are here. Straighten yourself up, my dear, our guests will be wanting dinner. But don't clean yourself off. I want you to feel your wetness and know I did that to you. Bring out the appetizers in about 5 minutes". I take a deep breath, unfulfilled and aching. I am dripping wet, the crotch of my silk panties soaking wet now. I can smell my desire, and hope that your friends won't be too observant. I turn to the serving platter, making sure all is well and presented in the manner you prefer. Following your directions, I wait, and then enter the living room, where you have escorted the guests. They are seated and have been served drinks. I bring the platter of appetizers to the coffee table, and they stand as I enter the room.

"This is Greg" you say, "Greg, this is Rose". Greg is a tall man, 6 foot 2, and slender. His dark hair and blue eyes are arresting, although the rest of him is unremarkable. I take his offered hand, and smile up at him. "And this is Paul". Paul is burly, shorter than Greg but very muscular. I shake Paul's hand, as well, although I notice him looking at my breasts instead of my face. For some reason, he makes me uncomfortable, but I don't know why.

"Let's go out to the patio," you say. "Rose has the bbq hot and ready." You get the platter of appetizers, and lead the way ouside. I return to the kitchen, and get the dish of steaks, and bring them out. You have poured me a glass of red wine, and I accept it gratefully. You move to the bbq, and start putting on the meat. Watching you move, I feel the wetness begin (not that it ever stopped) again, and I try to think of something other than your cock in me, your weight on me, of having you and being had by you. I excuse myself and return to the kitchen, where I rub my tits, looking for a little release, hoping for a brief respite. Alone, my eyes close, and I lean against the refrigerator, touching my hard nipples, pretending it's you.

"Ahem," coughing gently, Greg enters. "We need some ice for the drinks, Rose." He reaches past me, and opens the freezer. Blushing bright red, I hope he hasn't seen me, but I think he has. "Uh, here, put it into this" I stammer, holding out a bowl. Greg reaches for it, and brushes his hand against my breast. "Sure", he says, a twinkle in his eye. He did that on purpose, I think, and I am so embarrassed now. And the heat between my legs increases. It has excited me, to be caught that way, to be touched by a man I don't know.

Dinner is ready, and served. We eat, commenting on work and the weather, and I am complimented on my cooking. With the exception of the secret touch by Greg, it has been uneventful. I am still hot, though, flashes of you and me in the kitchen entering my mind at quite inopportune moments. You direct Greg and Paul into the den, for after dinner drinks, and I start to clean up. Paul offers to help, and, despite my demurring, he starts bringing dishes into the kitchen. Helpless, I look at you - and you nod, "sure, let him," you say, "and brew up some coffee, too".

Stacking dishes onto a tray, I carry it into the kitchen. Paul is there already, and I set the tray down. I ready the coffee pot, and, turning quickly and bending down for the coffee cannister on the lower shelf, Paul bumps into me. His hips brush my bottom. I am slightly off balance, unable to stand very quickly, and he does it again.

"I'm sorry" he says, a heavy note of sarcasm in his voice. "It's just that you have such a delicious ass." He has made it clear that was no accident. I blush, and stand, and turn to face him. "Um'" is all I get out before he reaches out and grasps my breast, hefting it's weight in his hand. "Oh, real, big, and perfect," says Paul, laughing now. He knows I am trapped in the kitchen, and his fingers tug at my nipple through my bra and blouse. "Paul, please don't," I say. But I can feel the wetness increasing again. What is this, I wonder. Why is this happening to me? I am not like that. My body is betraying me, though, and my nipples swell against my bra, poking out, giving him access. Now both his hands are on my tits, squeezing and pulling.

"Rose? How's that coffee coming?" you call. "Right away, coming right away!" I am glad for the interruption, Paul's hands stop groping me, and he leaves the room. I move again to the coffee maker. Shaking, I brew a pot of coffee, and bring it into the den. I pull you aside, and tell you what Paul did in the kitchen.

"Oh, I know. I told him he could, " you reply with a smile.

"What?" I ask, incredulous.

"Yes, of course. Remember, you are mine to do with as I please. You agreed, Rose, just tonight you agreed that was the case. You can't have forgotten already," you laugh and smile. You have a look I have never seen before, and you lean over and kiss me, demanding my lips open and give you access to my mouth. Your arms go around my body, and you grab my skirt. Lifting it, you expose me to Greg and Paul, still kissing me and pinning me against you from behind. You're hard. I can feel your cock pressing against my bottom as you show the men what I have.

I struggle, pushing against you, trying to move you off me. You laugh and step back.

"All yours, guys," you say to them. "All yours."

"What?" I cry loudly. "No!", but I am too late. Greg has moved to me, and is kissing me, pressing against me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I push against him, but find my wrists grabbed by both you and Paul. I cannot use my arms. I look at you. You are laughing, enjoying this. You unbuckle your belt, and take it off. You and Paul get my arms behind me, and you bind them with your belt. I am surprised and embarrassed. I am also getting very wet, which surprises me even more. I am torn, in between heat and chagrin, between proper behavior and building desire.

You take an arm, and lead me to the sofa. Taking your pants off, you sit down, and make me kneel in front of you. Your cock is right at eye level, ready, throbbing, and a sigh escapes my throat. I want to take you in my mouth - have wanted to for hours now, and you know it. You learn forward and unbutton my blouse, and expose my breasts in their silky bra, and my nipples start to rise. Protesting, I try to hide myself, knowing that my body is betraying me, that despite my embarrassment, I am getting extremely hot. Or maybe because of it. I don't know. And I don't care.

You lift me forward, leaning me against your chest. I can hear your heart thumping, and I can smell your desire.

"Take her skirt off, and see what she has," you direct someone. Paul, I think it's Paul, slips my skirt off, and exposes my ass to both pairs of eyes.

"Ah, it is a delicious ass. Just as you promised," Paul says. I try to move off of your chest, but your arms lock around me, holding me there. Ass high in the air, I cannot move. "Please," I cry. "Don't, please."

"She seems to be protesting a bit too much for my liking, " comments Greg. "Didn't you tell us she likes being spanked?"

"Why, yes, I did" you answer. "Go ahead, see if I was telling you the truth. Punishment is a great motivator," You laugh.

Smack! on one cheek, and simultaneously comes another smack on the other cheek. Two hands, both smacking my ass, stinging and titillating. Smack! Again. And then again. Under my panties, my ass is burning, hot, and sensitive now. Someone slides his fingers under my panties, and touches my pussy, sending an electric shock through me. I involuntarily shudder, a whimper escapes my lips. "Oh, she's getting really wet," Greg comments. Smack again, and now my panties are being torn from my hips. Again and again, over and over, the spanking continues.

"Stop, please. It hurts" I beg. "Please stop."

"Rose, when I let you go, you will do as I say, and as our guests want. Is that clear?" you issue your directions without hesitation.

"Yes, I will." I comply, knowing that I have no way out of this now.

"Yes what?" you demand.

"Yessir" I whisper, "Yessir."

You laugh. "I told you, guys, that she will do as I ask. You didn't believe me, did you? Well, the proof's in her pudding." Releasing my arms, unbinding my hands, you tell me to stand. I do so immediately, standing there in bra only, head down, hair covering my face. Greg grabs my shoulders, and tells me to undress him. I peel off his shirt, and undo his pants, pushing them and his undershorts around his ankles. He stands in front of me, his cock piercing the air. He is thick, long and well ribbed with veins. I look quickly at his face, and he is smiling. "You like that, don't you, Rose" says he. I blush, and don't answer. Paul grabs me by my hair and pulls me towards him. He is already naked, and only semi erect.

"Kneel and get me ready," Paul says. I look at you, sitting there on the sofa, and you have your cock in your hand, slowly stroking yourself. "Do it," you say. "I want to see you suck another man." I kneel, and, taking Paul's cock in my mouth, feel it swell and rise. I flick the slit in it's head, and bring it down as far as I can into my throat. I swirl my tongue around the shaft, sliding up and down it while I hold him deep in my mouth. He is growing, getting very big, and I can't take all of him into my mouth, but I try. I do love giving head, and I can feel how very wet I am getting. My pussy is spilling juice down the tops of my thighs, and I touch myself.

"Ah, she can suck" he announces. "Take it as far as you can." He grabs my hair, pulling me forward onto his cock. I swallow as much as I can, and he sets up a rhythm, not too fast but still demanding, insisting. I feel my bra being undone, and dropping down my arms. I shrug out of it, and then hands are on my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples, stretching them out and then releasing them. You are still on the sofa, watching, stroking yourself. You are getting off on this, little drops of pre-cum appearing on the head of your cock.

One of Greg's hands slides between my legs, and he buries two fingers into my pussy. I rock back onto them. Finally - finally some attention to my pussy, I think. He takes his hand off my tits, and slips it around to my clit. Stroking my clit, strumming my pussy, with my mouth full of cock, I moan. I feel the heat of an orgasm building, starting, and I rock against Greg's hands harder, and suck Paul's cock faster.

"Oh, don't let her cum, guys. Make her beg for it" you say from your voyeur position on the sofa. "Make her plead."

Paul removes his cock from my mouth immediately, but keeps his hands entwined in my hair, holding me captive in front of his manhood. Greg stops moving, his hands still now. I squirm, trying to get the rhythm going again, reaching for the cock in front of me with my tongue. Tugging my hair, Paul lifts me to my feet. He moves me over to the coffee table, and he lays down on it. He pulls me over to him. I shake my head no, silently protesting, and smack, I am spanked again.

"Straddle his face, Rose. Do as you're told." You stand from the sofa, reaching out to twist my nipple. Your hands on my tits are wonderful - you know just the right amount of pain to mix with my pleasure. "Do it. Now". I lift one leg and straddle Paul's face, watching you, our eyes locked together. You get in front of me, and twine one hand into my hair. You pull me down towards your cock, and rest it against my cheek. I try to take it into my mouth, but I am prevented from moving because of your hold on me.

"You want my cock in your mouth? You will suck my cock, you slut, while sitting on Paul's face" you demand.

"Yes" I murmur. "I want your cock in my mouth".

"Then lower yourself to Paul's mouth, and you can have my cock too" you instruct.

I bend my legs a little, not much, and suddenly Paul's tongue reaches for and finds my clit. He takes all of my clit into his mouth, and begins to flick it, sucking hard. I gasp and moan.

You gently slap my face with your cock, bringing me back to the job at hand. I take the second cock of the night in my mouth, and, knowing what you like, I gently run under the head with my tongue, finding that little ridge and playing my tongue on it. Paul reaches up and grabs my tits, using his fingernails, digging into my flesh and pulling on them hard. He rolls my nipples between his fingers, pleasure/pain shooting through my body. I am slightly bent at the waist, now, and Greg takes advantage of this. He slides three fingers into my pussy, stretching me, making me ready; and then one finger starts probing my asshole. I feel brief pressure, and then his finger breeches the tight ring, and is inside that hole. I moan loudly. I rock back and forth, fingers in my pussy and ass, mouth on my clit, cock in my mouth, and I start to shudder. So many things happening, so many sensations.

"Stop. She hasn't begged yet," you remind them. "She doesn't get to cum until she begs us." All motion stops, hands are withdrawn, and your cock is pulled from my mouth.

"No, please don't stop", I say, "please don't."

You rub your cock on my lips, Greg gently caresses my ass, and Paul flicks my clit with his tongue. "no, Rose. Beg for it. Asking us to "not stop" isn't going to work. We'll just keep teasing you, keep you right on the edge, until you beg for cock. Got it? So beg, and you might get what you want."

Paul and Greg laugh. "Gawd, look at her. Three men, her pussy wide open, dripping hot and ready. Just look at her." Paul remarks.

I'm lost. I ache for release, I need to have a cock buried in me, I don't care whose cock, a cock, someone's cock, hard, thrusting, pounding, stroking. I need to cum, and I need to cum hard.

"Please, fuck me. Please give me a cock, fill me, fuck me, please. Please!" I cry.

My hair is tightly held, and I am moved from over Paul's face. You lay down on the floor, and I am placed over your cock, kneeling there but not allowed to lower myself yet. I feel the head of your cock sliding up and down on my clit, and I try to get you inside me, but Paul, holding my hair, won't let me. Paul moves to my face, and Greg moves behind me.

"Slowly sit on my cock. Let it fill you completely, but don't move" you instruct. "Paul, get ready to go inside her mouth." Greg is given no instruction, but, leaning over me fom behind, he places his hands on my tits, pinching my nipples hard. I slowly lower myself onto you, and rock forward just enough to feel you on my clit. Nipples are pinched and my bottom is smacked.

"You are not to move, Rose. Not to move until I tell you. Now open your mouth, take Paul's cock in your mouth." Smack, and I obediently open my mouth. I am fighting the urge to rock, to thrust. To move, rub. I am not going to be able to fight it for long; this is a battle I won't win.

Greg's hands grasp my waist, and raise me just a little. Reaching down, I feel his hands gather my wetness and slide it up to my ass. He rests his cock in the separation of my ass, and slides it back and forth. I feel some warming lube on my ass, and I cry out. It is delicious, this torture. Delicious and ever so hot.

"Beg. Beg again to be fucked by us" you demand from underneath me.

"Please, just do it. Do me, for God's sake, don't make me wait any more. Please," I cry, and as I do, Paul slides his cock into my mouth.

You begin to move under me. I can feel Greg sliding between my asscheeks, taste Paul in my mouth, and you are buried deeply in my pussy. I moan, loudly, and start to rock on your cock, setting a motion between Paul's cock in my mouth and yours in my pussy. I can feel the building, the tension, the beginnings of orgasm, and I rock faster. Greg probes my ass with the head of his cock, and I freeze. I am not ready for an ass fucking, not like this.

"No", I mumble around Paul's cock, "no!"

"Yes," Greg replies, and shoving hard, pushes his cock into my ass. Blazing pain shoots through my body, and I cannot move. And the pain slowly changes to enormous pleasure. You thrust yourself into my pussy, matching your strokes to Greg's. Paul's cock twitches in my mouth, and he groans, loud and deep, and, with his cock dancing in my mouth, grabs my hair and pulls me tightly to his groin. "I'm cumming now", he announces, and shoots his wad, making me gag and gasp for air. "Ahhhhhhhh" he moans, pouring his seed, emptying himself into my throat. He lets go of my hair, and tells me "swallow it, don't lose a drop," as I gulp and try to do as he demands, but I spill some down my chin.

I can feel my own orgasm beginning, despite the pleasure and pain of having a cock in my ass. Paul takes his cock from my mouth, and you take one tit in your mouth. You bite my nipple, increasing your rhythm in my pussy, using your hands to rock me forward. Greg reaches around and finds my clit, and begins to rub it, rolling it under his fingers. I can feel the heat, the ache - I moan, gasping. I am cumming, pussy contracting and clenching down onto your cock. You groan and sigh, thrusting deeply into me and you splash your seed into my pussy, drenching me with your cum. I am riding the waves of my orgasm, rocking now against Greg's cock in my ass, your cock in my pussy, and I can feel myself start to build towards orgasm again. You pull out of me, and now it is only Greg's cock in me, in my ass. He pulls out, and, without missing a stroke, plunges himself into my cumfilled pussy. I arch hard, I am cumming again, and Greg slams himself into me, balls slapping, his hands gripping my hips, and plows deep into me and holds himself there. I can feel his cock twitching, and he cums, deep inside me, leaning into my backside, resting his weight on me, sandwiching me between you and he.

I lay there, semi-conscious. You kiss me deeply and gently. I am so sore, well and truly fucked. I can barely stay in my skin. Greg stands up, and I roll off you, onto the floor next to you.

"See, guys? I told you we'd have an awesome fuck with Rose" you say.

Someone hands me my blouse and my skirt, and I dress myself. The three of you move to chairs, and help yourselves to drinks.

"It is early, yet, Rose" you inform me. "The night has just begun. Go get a shower and clean yourself. Emily will be here at 10 p.m."...

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