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Redemption part 2

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Sharon just had the most intense sex she has had in years. Marks big thick cock was still throbbing and she still had cum running down her chin from Mike's even longer cock. At the same time, Joan was licking her pussy clean.

Sharon could not get her mind around the whole thing. She had a wave of guilt knowing she just cheated on her husband who was miles away. Her cunt was just expanded by a much larger cock and she knew at some point she would take Mikes cock in her soon as well. She really did not know how far she would go and what else she would do and what she now knows will be a fuck fest all weekend. Who knows how many more cocks are at this resort that Mark will make her fuck.

"I am hungry" Mark said. "Lets all go get something to eat, we rode in, fucked and never got any dinner" Mike and Joan both laughed but Sharon was still trying to process what happened. It is not like they just got done playing cards!

Mark and Sharon got dressed as Mike and Joan went back to their room to get clothes on. "have you been with them before"? Sharon asked. "Yes a bunch of times. If you have not guessed it, this is a swingers resort and it will be one big fuck fest. Usually I come alone and fuck women who's husbands like to see their wives pounded by big dick. This is the first time I brought someone with me so several men will want to fuck you. Don't worry, most have little dicks like your husband!" "I am sure you will eat pussy too and I am surprised Joan did not sit on your face since she loves getting her pussy licked!"

Mike and Joan had a bike as well so they all rode to a nearby bar that kept the grill on late. When the swingers take over the resort it is good business for the bar and the locals like to come and watch the show since you never know what may happen at the bar.

They pulled into the bar, got off the bikes and Mike noticed the brand new car sitting in the lot. "Wow, someone has some coin, that is one of those new Corvettes, the one with the blower on it, I think its a ZR1"! Joan chimed in that it maybe some rich broad who won it is a divorce and is here with her boy toy! This reminded Sharon of Jeff. He loved Corvettes and had one himself. Not a new one but fairly new and she heard him talk about the ZR1 a little bit. "Hey a guy is sitting in the car" Joan said, I want to go hit on him maybe Mr. Big Bucks will join us? :) Sharon and Mark went on in to get a table while Mike and Joan went to go flirt.

Inside it was a party. The swingers did take the place over and it was almost an orgy going on on the dance floor! They found a table away from the action, ordered a round and some burgers for the 4 of them.

Joan and Mike came in and found them. "Boy was he cute! Joan said. He thanked us for the offer but said he was waiting for someone and said they may come find us. I told him we were at the resort and we would make it worth his while if he stopped out!

After they ate a middle age guy came up to Mark and shook hands like they knew each other. "I see you brought your own pussy Mark" he said looking at Sharon and smiling. "Sharon this is John, John Sharon" They shook hands etc. "want to dance?" John asked Sharon. "sure she does said Mark". Off the two went to the dance floor.

The song was a fast song but John held Sharon tight and grabbed her ass. "Mark has told me about you and how much you would enjoy the weekend" Sharon was a little taken back but continued the pleasantries. About that time she felt a body behind her and it was Marks and she felt his hard cock pressing into her ass. "Time to switch" he said "you may get more later" he said to John :). "are you whoring me out?" Sharon asked Mark. "look" he said. "I know how bad you want my cock, and what you just did can ruin your life so if you want to keep what you have, you will pretty much do what I ask. There was 4 cameras in that room and it is all on tape. How would little dick Jeffie feel about that? How would the School Board you are on feel about that? And your parents? Here is the deal. I can have you when I want, you keep your little life intact and I don't have to worry about you moving in with me and all that. Jeff gets to support you and I get to fuck you! That is what you want anyways.

Sharon knew it. She wanted the fucking that Mark could give her but she did not want to leave Jeff or the kids. She accepted her fate and knew that she would probably have to fuck several guys this weekend.

They hooked back up with Joan and Mike and left the bar. On the way out, Joan noticed the Vette was gone. "I wonder if he will show up at the resort?

Back at the resort, Mark said "hot tub". The 3 of them took off running and Sharon followed still trying to process the whole thing. Once there they all stripped and got in. Sharon figured why not. they have already seen me naked, and took off her clothes and got in.

Small talk and a little foreplay followed. Mike sat next to Sharon and began rubbing her thigh. She could tell he was getting hot and moved her hand to his cock. It was big. Not as thick as Mark's but longer. "9 inches baby" she heard Joan say. Mike and Mark have the biggest dicks here, that is why I like being with them both.

Mike was fingering Sharon's pussy and even though she was still confused about what Mark got her into she wanted Mikes cock. Mike got on the edge of the tub and Sharon got between his legs and started sucking his cock. Mark and Joan were doing the same thing. "Do you want me to fuck you" Mike asked " Sharon hesitated and said "yes, fuck me".

Sharon thought she was going to get fucked in the tub but Mike got up, picked up Sharon and carried her to a lounge chair by the pool. Mike sat down and let Sharon get on top of him. "you can go slow if you would like, just ease on to it. Sharon straddled Mike and placed her lips on the head of his shaft. She eased lower with a moan. Her legs were getting tired but did not want the whole thing yet. It was a little easier than Marks since it was not as thick but she was worried about the length. She eased lower and lower and could feel his cock going deeper. Mike told her to turn around, he wanted to see her ass. Sharon got up and straddled him again and his cock slid in this time. She went deeper as Mike played with her asshole.. Sharon could watch Mark pound Joan doggie style while Mike fucked her. Sharon started cumming and let out a loud moan as Mikes cock made it all the way inside of her. Oh God she yelled as Mike kept lifting her up and down on his cock.

"I see you did not wait for me" a voice in the distance yelled. Sharon turned and saw John, the guy from the bar. "I came to collect Mark, Mike I hope you have not violated that ass yet" he said.

Sharon was still cumming and Mike blew his load, almost not even hearing what John was saying. Sharon collapsed on the ground, breathing heavy. She never had a dick so deep inside of her.

My turn! John said. Sharon, did you know Mark promised me your tight ass? Sharon was still comming down from her orgasm and trying to figure out what was happening.

John was in his early sixties, had a beer belly, balding and thought he was a ladies man. Sharon did not know this but John owned the resort and would let single males come only if they promised to bring a date later for John to do what he wanted with. Mark visited several times and each time it would mean the more time and farther he could go with the "date". Sharon did not realize what she was about to get into....

To be continued

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