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Me and Ann have been looking for a camera man to film us its been our fantacy for a while.She wanted to be blindfolded while being filmed.Anyway we had gone away for the weekend and booked into a hotel. I had told Ann i had bought are camera and blindfold and was going find us a camera man to record us and was she up for it she agreed .Anyway we decided go for a drink Ann dressing in her black little dress stockings and high heels. we had a couple in the hotel then decided to go into town.We found a quite pub not many in.Anyway after a few more drinks i noticed a couple of older chap looking at Ann she did look quite sexy.Anyway they must have both been in 60s anyway i decided give them a glimpse of her stockings i slowly ran my hand up Anns leg slipping her dress up a bit so her stocking tops where in view.Ann hadent realised the 2 blokes where looking so i decided to hitch it up a bit more to show some bare skin to them .they got a good view .Ann was quit tipsy now so i decided to dare her to go to the toilet and remove her bra she agreed she now s dareing her turns me on so off she went to the toilet and i went up to the bar to get some more drinks.i started talkin to the 2 older guys their names where phill and dave.They said you have a sexy wife with nice legs i think that was to say thanks for the show of legs.Anyway i could see Ann coming back from the loo and god did she look good with no bra on her tits bouncing free, i could see Phill and Dave lookin to as she walked up to the bar next to me .Anyway i pulled a stool up to the bar for you so we could sit at the bar and talk to Dave and Phill. As you sat at bar on the stool u looked so sexy legs crossed showing a bit of stocking top. Anyway Ann was going to loo so i said to phill and dave if they would like to see more off Ann and off cource they said yes .Anyway i invited them to the hotel we where stayin in for a drink told them about 11 just intime for last orders.When Ann came back we set off back to the hotel and i shook phil and Daves hand and said see u later wwith out Ann noing what goin on.we got back to the hotel and i said to Ann i was going out for a hour and wanted her dress up sexy i was going bring a camera man back with me. She agreed .i kissed her and left. i went down to the bar and was hoping dave and phill turn up. i sat at bar havin a drink and i texted Ann to say what was she going to wear.She texted back black bra and thong stockings high heels and her maids outfit. i texted back corr and when i come up i will blindfold her and i want her do as she is told and be very dirty for me and the cam man.She agreed .Anyway Phil and Dave came in and i got them a drink and sat at table with them and told them about what i wanted do and about our fantacy the camera man.They agreed not to join in and to be quite and not let on they where their .i told them i would go in and blindfold Ann first .And they would knock on door in 5 minites i finished off my drink and headed off to our room where Ann was dressed in her maids uniform god she looked so sexy .. i told her i had found a cam man and i blindfolded her i said he would be hear soon and to lay on the bed. Anyway their was a knock at the door i answered it and said come in Dave and waved Phill in to.i gave Dave the camera i told Ann dave was going film us and i told u stand up so u did i ran my hands up and down your legs so they got a good view of u in stockings i started un dress and told u i was undressin and to lay on the bed and fondle ya boobs for us and told Dave undress to and phil was too. We where all naked Phil semi hard and Dave was hard i told dave to get closer for beter pic and i said come on Ann get them boobs out and play with them so u did dave was gettin closer for better pic Phil was now strokin his cock slowly u wear playin with ya boobs as i sat on bed runnin my hand up and down your leg showin off ya stockin tops i told u 2 sit up u did and i pulled ya maids uniform off freeing your boobs and show off ya thong and stockings u where still playin with ya boobs as i lay u down on ya back .Phil was now hard and wankin Dave was hard and filming you ,i decided go down on youmoving ya thong to one sideas my tougue went inside you .you was moaning as you enjoyed my toungue u where now pullin on ya nipples as u where moaning and gettin close i told u put ya hands behind ya back our camera man can grab ya tits so u put them behind ya back and said if their is a camera man play with my boobs but dont forget record this so dave grabed one boob and phill grabbed the other i said Ann tell dave what to do you said pull my nipples i like them pulled hard well dave was pulling one and phill was pulling the other as well as wanking furiously i was going down on u and u was coming so much u let out a scream and came.As u came phil and Dave let go of ya boobs . phil was really hard and dave to i told u sit on edge of bed u did . i said me and dave where hard and wankin i said tell us what do u said come closer as dave and phil came closer to u i took the camera off dave so he could play u said come on boys play in front off me as i play with my boobs.i was gettin a great pic off u playin with ya boobs with dave and phill wankin in front off you. you sayin come on boys wank for me not knowin it was not me infront of u but phil and dave come on boys i want u cum over my boobs with that phil exploded all over your tits you rubbed it in .i gave phil the camera now and took his place. i then gave u your vibrator and told u show me and Dave how u come why we wank.You r playin with ya vibrator and me and Dave r wanking phil is recording everything and gettin hard again Dave is about to cum and shoots his load towards u i get on the bed and am wanking write over u as u play with ya vibrator.I grab ya boobs and you grab my cock slowly wanking me as u play with the vibrator i am now biting your nipples you let go of my cock and you r moaning you r coming and shudder .I then turn u over on all fours and ram my cock in you .Phil is now hard again and gives the camera to bill and is wanking again .Your tits r bouncing everytime i thrust into you you r moaning and saying yes deeper bill fuck me fuck me i grab hold the back of ya hair and tug it everytime i go in you. you r coming again but i wont stop fucking you u cum and then cum again you feel me tence but i pull out to fire my load all over your bum so dave gets it on camera.You lay on the bed with me phil is still wanking so is dave so i decide to push your legs apart and i hold your hands behind ya head.i encorage phil to grab your boobs and play with them i say she loves her nipples sucking so he starts sucking them you begin to start moaning.i tell you keep 1 hand behind your head and i guid your other hand to phils cock you start to wank it slowly as i begin to play with you .I say come on Ann make him cum so u wank him faster u r moaning as i play with you and wanking phil he is nearly coming so r u u r screaming Bill dont stop im nearly their with that i see phill squirting all over your hand you say yes yes as you come again. Well i am now hard again and phil swaps the camera with dave .Dave is hard and wanking i am now playing with ya boobs and i enter you holding your hands above your head i am fuckin you slow dave wankin phill gettin closer with cam,You r sayin yes bill fuck me well i decide move u on all fours again i move you to end of bed where dave is wanking i enter you Dave is wanking just in front of your face u say come on bill fuck me i want feel ya balls hittin my bum.i am fuckin you u r saying yes bill fuck me i wisper in ya ear suck daves cock while i fuck you i dare you tell him.You say out loud dave put ya cock in my mouth and fuck my mouth as bill fucks me Dave does not hesertate and shoves his cock in ya mouth you r gettin fucked in ya mouth and bye me spit roasted my balls r banging ya bum as i fuck you fast and hard Dave is fuckin ya mouth and he grunts and cums in ya mouth whitch sets me off and i cum at the same time as you we colapse on the bed.we rest for a while and then i lead you to the shower and r guests get dressed and leave . i join you in the shower before we lay on the bed and play u the video u r shocked to see their where 2 camera men but u ride me again while watchin the video .

Hope you enjoyed please let us no what think

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