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Quinn's Friends, Julie and Sam

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Quinn had a phone call one Monday, it was a couple of her friends before college from high school and they wanted to come visit for a weekend, she asked me "can Julie and Sam come to visit, just for the weekend next weekend?" Sure I told her, never a problem for me. Okay, yeh, she told them and gave them the address. Well the week went slow and I had a few conversation with Quinn about her friends to find out what they may want to do..Oh, just hang around I imagine she told me, nothing special. Okay then I told her, you are the entertainment director for their visit. Oh, that should not be a problem she said, I have changed a lot since High School. Oh really I asked her. Yes, stupid she said pushing me down on the couch, I was a virgin then. Oh yes, okay, well, that is a big change then. YOu bet it is she said. Anyway, Julie and Sam were two of my best friends. Okay...anyway, this led to the bedroom and we talked later about them more but never too much. I presumed that Julie was a girl and Sam a guy but was surprised Friday when they showed up at the door. Julie was definitley a girl, totally a woman with a tight tank top and jeans that barely came up over her mound, some pubic hair showed above her belt they were so low and her 38DD titties were straining the material of her tank top. Sam, was a surprise at the least. Sam was Samantha, a very small framed, petite girl, 22 yeasr old (her ID was real) and she had absolutley no titties, I mean all she had were nipples and they were barley there. Not even enough for an A cup trainer bra. She was wearing jeans low cut and a tank top also and if not for her long hair and female looks could have been mistaken for a guy. She was all female though and I huged each and let them in. Quinn ran to the door and had them both hugging and kissing their necks as if they had been away for centuries. I got out some wine and poured everyone a glass and took a couple bottles out for later, it was disappearing fast. After a little while talk turned to what Quinn had been doing and she told them some of the story. Then Sam, blunt as she apparently always was said, So Quinn, have you lost it yet? Quinn looked at her and asked, Have you lost yours? No Sam said, and Quinn smiled, Lost mine and have not been looking for it ever to come back and they all laughed. Julie had lost her virginity at the age of 14 to a couple football players it seemed after a home game in their van. She had always had a way of leaveing her mark o the teams as they played for the winning season it seemed but that was told for another time. Sam then leaned over to Quinn, I am going to loose it this weekend. Really Quinn asked her, and who is the lucky guy. I was hoping you could find me a volunteer she said looking at me. MMMmm...what do you think Dear she said to me, willing to help? If you like Hun I told her. Quinn stood up and off came her blouse her lovely titties exposed and the reaction I always had happened, instant erection. Jule stood and did as Quinn had and her lovely breasts fell out too, Okay now its your turn Sam they said, Sam stood and her blouse came off showing two very hard small nipples. She was embarrased and turned red, See what us girls have to put up with around the women with all the tits she said? Then Quinn slipped off her panties as did Julie, well, do you have a pussy they both chided her? Yes I do and she took off hers as they dropped to the floor she sat on the chair and spread her legs, revealing a very nice bald pussy with very puffie lips. That looks delicious Quinn said and dove between her legs. Oh shit, what are you doing, you gone Les on us Sam said as her legs struggled to get together. No dear she said, I just enjoy the best of both worlds. Julie was covering herself up as if to rotect against an attack by Quinn. Don't tell me you guys have never tried it after all we have been thru? No, we never have, not really anyway, we have watched each other masturbate though. Is that all Quinn said as she was pulling her nipples and sitting naked with her legs apart on the edge of the couch. I was hard as a rock and just watching what direction this was going to take. Julie sat down her arms falling from her titties a little, You like playing with girls she asked. Hell yes Quinn, you should try it, it is great to have someone that knows what really feels good taking care of you. Lets do an experiment I said, they looked at me as if realizing I was there for the first time. Like what Julie said. Well, Quinn said that a woman knows what to do for a woman better than a man. She is most likely right, so lets try it out. I will eat one of you then QUinn will eat you and lets see who does it better. They all looked at each other and it was clear that Quinn was ready to dive in. Julie was hesitant and Sam sat there protecting her pussy with her legs together. More wine was drank and finally Julie said, Okay, I am game, go ahead Steve. I was drooling over this and so on my knees in front of her I began my best pussy eating task. Slow lickes, nibbling, licking sucking, all the tricks I knew I did, eating Julie thru several orgasms. Sam and Quinn watched and even a little forplay going on with Sam massaging her pussy a little. Quinn had fingered herself thru a couple orgasms. Julie was glassie eyeed as I moved so Quinn could take her turn. She began licking Julie slowly all around her pussy never touching it once, but teasing her till she was squirming all over. Quinn took her to the egde several times and slowly let her down, making her pussy lips swell and they were pulsing from the looks of it like they were ready to burst. Quinn took her titties and moved them acorss the clit several times making Julie moan louder and then she sid, are you ready now Julie, ready to explode? Yes, oh yes, was her response over and over again. Make me cum please, please. Quinn again began licking and kissing and nibbling and then she grabbed Julie around her hips and her tongue sank into her, an orgasm causeing her body to quake all over. Oh damn she said after a while. Steve, you did good but Quinn was the best I have ever had. That's okay I said, I still enjoyed it. ASre you ready Sam Quinn was sayin now as she sat next to her, Sam's eyes not leaving her titties. YOu wanna play with them don't you and Sam quivered saying yes...Then do it baby, enjoy. She took Quinns titties in her hands and massaged them both as Quinn coached her on how to massage them and suck them..Quinn had an orgasm as her nipples were sucked hard by for that pussy Quinn said and she moved down to her tummy, licking all the way. Quinn took over a half hour eatin Sam and taking her to the edge of orgasm over and over until finally she brought her to it and pushed her over the edge. Sam was quivering all over, her pussy soaked from a great eating. She took Sam by the hand, Where are we going, well dear, you are ready for the pussy to be takne a step further I think and the bedroom is the best place for it. She led her to the bed then motioned for me to take my place as I willingly did. Sam looked at me and said, So far this has been great, finish it please, take my cherry. I will I told her. A hand was on my shaft rubbing it along Sams slit, Julie was moving it up and down as Sam quivered again...Then Quinn spread her lips so that I was guided into her love tunnel. The head went in then she tightened up. The secreat Quinn told her is to relax dear and then she kissed her slowly. Sam responded as my hips were pushed forward by Julie. Slowly they went further and my cock penetrated the virgin lands between her legs. She cried out a couple times as I slowly moved in...Julie was behind me then she pushed my hips hard causing my cock to sink into Sam hard. She cried out again and then stopped, It is all the way in me isn't it? she asked. Yes I told her, all the way...MMmm..she moaned, it feels good. Good I told her and began to move in and out slowly. I was ready to explode when we began and now was doing all I could to hold back. Please do it to me Sam was now saying, please cum in me, make me really full. I did as she asked, cumming a full load into her womanhood. She wrapped her legs around my hips and held on. I want to sit on it she said after that was done. I laid on my bak and she lowered herself slowly down with some pain she took it back in her. Now Quinn was at her side kissing her on the mouth and Julie was sucking her little nipples. She was being ravaged by her best friends as she moved up and down on my cock. After a while I unloaded again in her tight pussy, and she fell on the bed, that was great she moaned and Quinn clean off my stained cock from the bursting of the cherry. Now I want Julie Quinn said and she grabbed her as if starving and then they both were all over each other. Sam and I hugged watching them devour each other over and over again. Her small hand found my half hard cock, massaiging it to life again her mouth surrounded it. Does that feel good she asked and aftera long sucking I filled her throat and looking at Julie and Quinn we all laid on the bed and played into the night.

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