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Pittsburgh Swing Story

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Pittsburgh Swing Story (swinging, mf, ff, mmff)

(c)2004 realpittsburghswingers 11/15/04

This work may be freely distributed as long as it remains intact, complete with header. This is a work of fiction created completely inside of the author's head. With a little help from real life experiences of course. All characters excepting for my wife and myself are fictional. Our names have been changed to protect the guilty.

My wife Kathleen and I had been swinging for a number of years when we finally decided to advertise online. In the yahoo groups as well as a pay site or two.

After a few mail exchanges we started talking to a couple named Samantha and Rick. They were into a lot of the same things we were. Friendship first, slow sensual sex, fun times, good laughs and they were even social smokers/drinkers just like us. We shared the same interests as well, like rafting and biking, so we were able to talk about a lot of things both sexual and non-sexual to really build a strong comfort level.

We set up a meeting down in Pittsburgh's Southside at a little place called Dish. The food there is excellent and it's a nice comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and let the day roll right off your shoulders. When Samantha and Rick did walked in and sat down, things just really clicked for us all. Samantha had long very dark hair and a smaller frame, complete with a very tight and round ass. Rick was taller then me by a few inches at 6'2" and shaved completely bald. Kathleen took and instant liking to both of them, and I couldn't stop wondering what we would all look like in bed together.

Dinner progressed like you might expect. We didn't talk like old friends, but we did talk like we really cared about what everyone was saying and spent equal times letting everyone talk about themselves and what they liked. Rick was extremely funny and that always helps to keep things moving. Kathleen seemed to laugh at every single joke he told.

After dinner we all agreed that we had had a great time and another more sensual meeting would be welcome. We emailed them when we got home and asked them if they would like to come over on the weekend. Since wee don't have children, pesky neighbors, or pop-in friends, we are usually fine with hosting our friendly swing nights. Besides the hot tub usually helps get things moving when we are too shy to do it ourselves.

One of the biggest problems we have ever run into while swinging was how to break the ice and get things rolling. Thankfully, early on, we discovered the magic of playing games. You know, pulling out a deck of cards, perhaps playing a game of asshole or even 500. Maybe playing truth or dare after, and perhaps even buying one of those pre-packaged games at Spencer's that is designed for adult play and interaction. We even found this great game called "interSEXtion' - it's like monopoly only with far more interesting punishments than paying $34 for landing on park place. Do a web search for it - trust me.

We started our evening off with a little penny poker and then let things naturally flow into a game of Adult Charades. Things started getting interesting when I invented the rule that we must use other people in the room as props in every charade you tried to act out. Of course I would try to grab Samantha for all my actions and Rick would pick Kathleen for his. As we rolled through our words, things go more daring and we invented a few rules about taking off clothing or trading clothing if you did something wrong like speaking a clue. Towards the end Samantha was stripped down in her panties sitting on my naked lap and making references about how uncomfortable her seat was because there was something hard poking into her butt. Rick gave her a big kiss and suggested that perhaps she was just sitting on my lap wrong.

Not wanting to move things along too quickly and enjoying the sexual tension in the air, I countered with a suggestion that if she would simply blow on it perhaps the lump would go down a little. She doubted me of course, and she was right. After a few minutes of blowing, and even licking and sucking, my cock just seemed harder than ever.

Kathleen reached over to rub Rick's cock through his jeans. I don't know how he managed to keep most of his clothes through out the game play but Kathleen, (being the first naked) wasn't about to let that situation last for very long. She unbuttoned his pants, and then pulled them down. The bulge in his underwear was enormous. When she finally released his cock from the fabric I think we were both surprised by how big it was. Now it wasn't a monster, but it was longer than mine was by a good two inches and it looked thicker as well. Kathleen of course wanted to test to see if she could even fit it in her mouth. She did, but not completely.

We all agreed to strip the rest of our clothing and continue play. When I picked the word "dog" I wasn't sure what to do, but I had several naughty ideas. Finally I settled on laying Samantha down on the ground and licking her pussy with big long strokes of my tongue. Nobody got it, so I started sniffing like a dog and barking silently.

While it the others were able to guess my, Samantha's laughing did kill the mood for more oral sex at that precise moment. Sometimes you just have to go for the laugh I guess.

Kathleen was next, and while I cant remember her word, I know it must have had something to do with climbing, because she climbed Rick's tall frame and just hung on. His hands on her ass, and face on her 34D boobs was about all any of us could take. I asked everyone if they would like to adjourn to the bedroom for some more adult type of playing. Not only did everyone agree, but I've never moved from the kitchen to the bedroom as fast in my life.

Samantha and Rick were on the bed first as Kathleen and I lit some candles to give us enough light to see each other having fun, but not so much that it was unromantic. After the room was prepared we tookopposite sides of the bed, and climbed on our new partners. Rick positioned Kathleen in a sitting position on his face as I laid down between Samantha's legs and continued to lick her, only properly and without jokes this time. Kathleen leaned back and started rubbing Rick's cock with her hand, he was already hard when she grabbed for it, but I think it may have got even a little bigger as she did that. Samantha starting to moan "fuck me with your fingers, finger fuck me, please..." and I obliged her by sticking a single finger into her tight and very wet pussy. She let out a moan that made my spine tingle and as I added another finger to the fucking, she was getting even louder.

Kathleen leaned forward and to the side where she could kiss Samantha. It was odd but until this point, and knowing both ladies were bisexual, they had barely even touched except for some charade games. They definitely made up for it with just their gentle and yet passionate kisses. Rick saw them kissing and wanted to see more so he helped Kathleen climb off of his face and helped her climb up and over Samantha so that Samantha could get a taste as well.

Rick stood up on the bed so Kathleen could blow him, and blow she did. I think she almost got the whole thing in this time, but I'm not sure. He's very big, and she has a serious gag reflex. From my vantagepoint between Samantha's legs it didn't really matter too much anyway.

After a few more minutes of this 'Samantha Sandwich' I got up so that Kathleen could share in the beautiful trimmed pussy that I was just licking. Rick's cock was left high and slightly dry and by the look in his eyes I knew exactly what he was thinking. With Kathleen now 69ing his wife, her ass was in the perfect position for him to get inside her pussy. I smiled at him, tossed him a condom from the nightstand and said, "Go for it!"

I was almost out of the action but watching Rick climb behind my wife positioning himself so that he could take her while his wife licked away at her pussy was almost as good as anything else that I could have been doing at that moment. Kathleen arched her back, signaling her acceptance to all of this, and Rick slowly slid his cock inside of her. She was so wet that he just slid all the way in on the first try. When he was 1/2 way in I could hear a muffled moan coming from Kathleen as she attempted to lick pussy and signal her pleasure at the same time. When Rick was finally buried to the hilt in my wife she popped her head up and said, "Sorry Samantha, there is no way I can lick good pussy with this cock buried in me."

Samantha managed to get herself out from her husband and my wife then signaled for me to join her on the other side of the bed. I grabbed another condom, placed it on my dick and slid on to the bed with her. She was enjoying the view (from behind) of Rick's cock stretching out my wife's cunt, so in order to share the view with her while doing some fucking myself, I decided to take her with me on top of her of her as she laid there. I pulled her legs up high, and when my cock head started to enter her I was amazed at how tight she was. He husbands cock was thicker than mine and yet her pussy hugged my cock like it was a vice.

As beautiful of a view as we had, a big cock stuffing a shaved bald pussy, we soon got lost in our own passion. Samantha must have remembered my comment about sensitive nipples because she was all over, pinching and rubbing, and every now and then even nibbling them. Her head kept flopping from left to right and she was clearly the most vocal of the four of us. Kathleen had settled into a letting out rhythmic moans every time Rick would slowly bury himself inside of her.

My wife pulled away from Rick and I saw her push him on his back with a little playful shove. She looked over at us smiling one of her biggest smiles and said, "I just have to ride him. Have to!" Rick put his hands behind his head and replied, "Well, what's stopping you beautiful?"

Kathleen responded by putting one leg over him and fitting his shaft into her dripping pussy.

"Oh yeah, this is ... oh yeah Rick. RickRickRick. Yeah." Was all she seemed to be able to say. Samantha looked up at me, with passion in her eyes, and asked if I would like to be ridden as well. Almost breathless I looked back into her eyes and said, "I thought you would never ask."

When she was positioned on top of me I was imagining the scene, as it would appear to an outside observer. Two guys, with their hands behind their heads, smiling like maniacs as each other's wife rode them like pogo sticks. Of course I just couldn't keep my hands to myself for very long and began to play with Samantha's nipples. Rick followed my lead and cupped both of Kathleen's breasts and slowly began to circle her nipples with his thumbs. Samantha leaned over a few times to kiss either Kathleen or her nipples, and in minutes Kathleen was having the most intense orgasm I think she has ever had. Her eyes rolled into her head, her voice was a low toned yell and her whole body shook. When she was done she collapsed on top of Rick and rested as I took Samantha into her next orgasm.

I don't know what I like better.... multiorgasmic women for the ability to cum easy and keep fucking, or women who only cum once, but come so hard they break the bed. Either way, when women cum, it's like music to my ears.

Kathleen regained her composure and started a long slow riding grind on Rick's cock. I know how good that move feels and for some reason I almost felt sorry for Rick. He was going to cum in less than two minutes weather he wanted to or not. Samantha, was still on my cock, only now she was laying on top of me more and using her hands on my shoulders to help move her body back onto my dick. When she started to kiss my neck, I just grabbed her ass and held on for dear life. This woman knew how to fuck, and knew how to fuck well!

I heard Rick telling Kathleen he was going to cum. Kathleen told him to cum for her, and even this slight amount of dirty talk was all it took to push me, against my will, over the edge. My shaft erupted like a firehose, filling the condom and sending every nerve in my body into orbit. Samantha was up on her knees again, pushing down on my chest to help her ride up and down on my still spurting penis. When I finally regained my senses I heard Rick finishing his orgasm.

After cleaning up and having another drink we decided to go for round two. We mostly stayed with our own partners with a few hands groping here and there, but neither Rick or I felt like putting another condom on, and well, our women certainly know our own buttons. One thing of note was how at the end Samantha climbed on my face and fed me a creampie... one of my not-so-secret fantasies. We are still really good friends with Samantha and Rick and while we do not play as much as we would all like, every night with them is great. Even just hanging out at the Waterfront without any sex involved is fun. It's great to have friends you can shoot the breeze with and fuck when the breeze turns to dirty talk.

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