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Photoshoot gone good

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I was having a photo shoot at the studio one day and my wife tagged along. It was a glamour shoot and I was teaching four photographers how to shoot this type of shoot. My wife helped out with lighting and the model so everything went well.

Once the shoot was over and the model had gone we were talking about everything that we had done. A couple of questions in I was asked if I could demonstrate a couple of things I do with my wife as the model. She agreed so we started a demo shoot for them. My wife had on a sun dress and flip flops so nothing really sexy by no means. But put her in front of a camera and she becomes someone else.

A few shots later she said let me go change into something else and you can get some really good shots of me for your portfolio. She disappeared into the back for about 10 min. When she came back she had fixed her hair and put on a little see through baby doll gown with hose and heels on. The guys just about flipped out. We started shooting going over things and I noticed the guys were looking more at her then listening to me now. They were a little excited to because when I asked for one of them to come and shoot he had a little hard on which my wife noticed.

Now she seen this it only turned her up a notch. She said ok let me have one of you over here with me. They all looked at each other and one said ok what you want me to do. She had him to sit on the floor and take his shirt off. She stood right behind him and he was looking right at her shaved smooth pussy. You could tell he had a big cock by the buldg in his pants. She had him to wrap his arms around her legs for a picture.

She laughed at him a little and ask what was wrong. He said well that is just sexy as hell you dressed like that. She told him to stand up and when he did there was no doubt he had a hard on. She told the three guys not shooting to come onto the set which they just about broke there neck to do.

If I have to be dressed like this you be dressed like this. Take your clothes off if you want to. Out of the clothes they came. She said I want some pictures of me having fun. Oh did they smile then. She asked the one shooting at the time if he wanted in on this. He said I don?t think so. Why she asked. Well I am getting married in a few weeks. Well that?s an even better reason to have a little fun.

She said ok and laid down on the bed we had been using. Ok guys she said lets have some fun. I went and grabbed the video camera because I didn?t want to miss this. She had been with me in a few 3 somes but never 3 guys at once. I thought what the hell and jumped in to. The only guy out was temped so much he jumped in to.

My wife was soaking wet with all the tongues and hands all over her body. She had cocks in her hands an mouth and was wanting more. She started begging for somebody to fuck her. Her pussy was soaking wet when the first one entered her. Her head was laying off the edge of the bed with a cock shoved down her throat. One in her pussy just banging away. Both titis being sucked and fingers sticking in her ass. I had to get some KY Jell out because I figured we would need it. She has never been one to want it in the ass but for some reason I thought today would be different.

Everybody took turns fucking her. She was just so into this I couldn?t believe it. We stopped for a minute to let her catch her breath. One of the guys laid down and she crawled up on him putting her ass in perfect view. One stood at her head and stuck his cock in her mouth. The other one started playing with her ass. I handed him the KY and he lubed her up good. I knew she would make him stop but I would let her do that. He had been fingering her ass for a long time and she never said a word about it. Then he put his cock up and pushed in a little. She knew he was there but she was so excited and she pushed back on him. His cock bent a little and he grabbed her and pushed in she screamed out and then had her mouth pushed back down on a cock she was sucking.

She was now getting fucked in all three holes. I was amazed. She had never done this before. I had to have some ass from her to. The guy stopped and I mounted her again. Oh her ass was tight I was about to explode I was so excited. I had to stop. The shy guy finely came over and said what the hell I will never get this chance again. He mounted her and fucked like a rabbit.

She had a really good fucking for almost a hour and a half. Everybody was sharing and changing up with her so every body had a good chance at everything. She rolled over on her back and told them jack off on me I want cum all over me. She watched each one blow there load on her. She looked at me and said its your turn. She got my cock and started sucking it and like she had never done before. She deep throated it and took all the cum and never spilled a drop. She then just laid there. She said nobody go anywhere untill I come back I want to talk to you. She got up went into the back and got a shower. All the guys were still excited about what had just happened. They started getting there clothes on.

About 15 minuets later she came back out. I hope you guys enjoyed you photo session with me. She told them she enjoyed it to and sat around and talked for a little while. They all said thanks and were leaving. Everybody but the shy guy. What?s wrong she asked. He said I kind of feel bad about what I done. She talked to him and told him to go in the back and take a shower. Which he did. She walked back to him while he was in the shower. Are you ok she said. Yea I?m fine. He finished his shower and was drying off and she called to him to come out.

He walked out with a towel wrapped around him. She told him not to feel bad. She asked him what did he get to do with her. He said I just fucked you in the ass nothing else. Oh. So that?s all? Yea I was to scared to do anything else. She stood up and walked over to him. She pulled her dress off and was standing in front of him naked. You could see the towel move when she did that. Are you still horny? Kinda he said but scared to. She pulled his towel off and his cock popped out. She grabbed it and pulled him towered the bed. He didn?t resist at all. Here baby let me show you what a real woman can do. I just sat back and watched. When he left he didn?t feel bad anymore.

Since then he did get married to a beautiful girl. He brought her over for a photo shoot not long after words. It has become a great relation ship with them and us. His wife enjoyed the photo shoot with me and my wife. Come to find out she likes it to??

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