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Party at the Pond

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I am now married to a beautiful young Asian woman Lin for five years. She is 17 years my junior, very beautiful and great in bed. We had sex on the first date and we had sex for hours since I had not had any in over a year because of the death of my first wife.

Six months after we meet we were married in Vegas and three months after that she became pregnant with our twin boys. About two years after the twins we had another boy; I was wanting a girl since I have 5 boys? two sets of twin boys. We have a great sex life and do it as much as we can given the three boys; my two from my first wife are in college.

Lin?s best friend Ming found out that her husband can not have kids. Ming asked Lin if we could help them put and give Ming and Miles and baby. Ming told Lin what they wanted to was to swap partners we she becomes fertile. Lin asked me what I thought about doing it. I had told that my first wife and I had swapped some during our marriage and we both like it and had helped our marriage and had made our sex life better. Lin asked if I wanted to do this I told her yes but only if it was ok with her and she wanted to swap and me impregnate Lin. Lin said yes and would tell me when.

Friday night came they came over we played some board games and after the boys went to bed they asked if we would like to swap tonight. Lin and I looked at each other and nodded yes. I said yes. We went to our bedroom locked the door. I said we can not do this with cloths on let strip and we all started to remove our cloths.

I went over to Ming and Lin to Miles and Lin started to suck Miles. I told Ming lets 69 each other. Her pussy tasted so good. Her pussy became aroused very quickly and she was suck my dick expertly. Her tongue was incredible I had to concentrate on eating her pussy to keep from cumming. I started to flick her clit as fast I could Ming stopped sucking me and had an orgasm. Ming turned around and started to ride me cowgirl style and she asked me if I would fuck in the ass Miles wont do it and she has always wanted to try it. I said bend over the side of the bed and I entered her ass which was so tight. I was watching Lin being fucked dogging style and I could tell she was going to cum. She started to cum and while she was cumming Miles cummed. I did not last much longer either. We all talked a little bit and went to clean up some and I started to eat out Ming again and Miles started to eat out Lin. After Ming cam three times I was ready again I started to fuck Ming on the love seat. Ming said I am going to cum she started to cum and I blew my load. The next thing I heard was about time you two. Ming and Miles put their cloths on and Lin and I put on robes and escort them to the door. Ming said call me in the morning when your Mom picks up the boys. Lin said Mom is going to pick up the boys at nine and they will spend the night with her and Dad. I asked Lin what she thought she said it was fun and would like to do this more. She said Miles is good in bed but you eat pussy a lot better than Miles.

After the boys left Lin called Ming they talked and I heard her say will be over around one after we do our errands. We left and did the errands quick we ran in to them at the grocery store told them we are on the way home after this and they said so were they and they had their home ready for the party. Lin and I put up the stuff as quick as we could and I got the bottles of wine. We knock on their door Miles opened the door he took the wine and let?s drink some of this and get in the mood. Miles said Ming said you ate her pussy like a champ last night and Lin could suck start a train. Yes that why we like to 69 a lot. I asked did you two like what happened last night he said hell yes we got in the door and fuck another two hours. Lin and I did the same thing. You have no problem with me getting Ming pregnant. Paul hell no I want a kid and did Lin tell you we want at least two or three and you will have to make all of them. I said it would be my pleasure. Miles said where are the ladies I said right we went into the din and found the ladies with Lin eating out Ming and Ming say us and cam. They switched and Miles and I sat down and watched.

After a bit I started to remove my cloths and Miles started to do the same. Ming said lets give the boys some attention. Ming said fuck my in the ass my eyes lit up I have not been able to get that tight ass of my mind. She said sit on the couch she went and got some lube and put it on my dick and I held it as she sat on my dick and she started to ride it. We watched Miles and Lin 69 each other in the floor. I started to slap Ming?s ass and play with her clit. Ming said I going to cum and I said you cumming so easily. She said I have been thinking about sex every since last night I have not been this horny my honeymoon. I said I know what you mean and then blasted a load in her ass. I sat Ming in the chair and eat her to four orgasms. She said let go clean you up and fuck in the spare bedroom. We got into the bedroom she told me that late next week she will be fertile and we need fuck as much as we can so why do not we go camping and take each other RV. I said I could probably get my parent to take the kids Mom has been asking for them for a whole weekend. Ming asked if she could ride me cowgirl I said sure. She started ride me and said I will be checking to see when I become fertile so you can put some sperm in me when I do I told her to call and I will donate when you call me then a slapped her ass and started to play with her clit. Ming oh I forgot wait let me go get something hold that hard on I will be right back. I heard Lin scream with an orgasm I felt good know she is having fun. Ming came back with an anal vibrator. We bought this today along with some other toys. I said lets put it in and we should go doggie. She bent over I put the vibrator in and then put my dick in and thought wow this feels good Lin and I need to try this. I humped her and her pussy felt so tight and warm. I had a hard time to keep form cumming but I held off until Ming cam so I just let go and filled her up I could not believe how much I cam in her. Ming and I kissed and hugged and fell a sleep. We woke up walked in the den Lin and Miles said we just woke up to. It sounded like we both and fun. I said yes and I am hungry. Ming said let me call my sister she could bring us some Thai food. We all told Ming what we wanted and then Miles and I watched Lin and Ming eat each other. The front door opened and Miles? half sister Kim, she is half white and Thai, walked in with the food. She put the food on the counter and she grabbed my dick and said this is my tip led me to the couch and said fuck me I am so horny; my wife said go a head make it quick so your food does not get cooled. I started to lick her pussy she did not take long to cum then I started to fuck her I had a time getting in when I did said dam your tight she said you are the biggest I have ever had and this is only the 6th time I have ever fucked and the only time I have ever cum other than by me. After I cam I got and we ate our food and made plans for the camping trip. I called my parents and they said they would pick the kids up Thursday afternoon. After finishing eating Kim went back to work and asked Lin if she could come over one night and have a threesome. Lin said come over Monday night after the kids go to sleep at 8:00. Kim said that sounds good I have no classes on Tuesdays. Kim kissed me and said I have to get back to work. Miles said after Kim left why don?t you two hire Kim to be your nanny she is great with kids and wants to stop work at Moms restaurant and move out of Moms and Dads. Lin said that would be fine and honey, you and I can have sex with as much as she wants. Ming called Kim on her cell and she said yes to our offer and asked if she could move in tomorrow and Lin said fine.

After eating Ming looked at me grab me dick and said I need this I am wet and she was dripping. Ming and I went over to the couch and started to fuck. Ming said you and Kim made me so hot. I looked over to the other side of the couch and Lim and Miles were going at it doggie style and watching us. I started to hammer Ming pussy and I shoot again in her. After that I began to eat her out Ming had several orgasms and then she gave me a great blow job. The four of us sat at the table and played some games while we all regained our strength.

After a few hours Lin and I went home cleaned up and watched some TV and then went to be. We woke up to the front door bell Kim was bring her things over. Kim and went in my truck for the rest of her stuff. After we put her stuff away we ate a late lunch. We had 4 hours till the kids got home. I asked Kim if she would like to make a sex tape she said yes. I setup the camera and tripod in the master bedroom. Lin and Kim came into the room Lin asked if she had ever had sex with a woman she said no. They started to kiss and then Lin started to take Kim cloths then Kim took off Lin?s. Then they laid on the bed Lin began to eat out Kim. After a bit Kim started said oh that feels so good. Kim relaxed and started to cum Lin gave her four orgasms and told Kim do me she look confused Lin said just do what come natural. Lin told her you are doing just fine and gave her some advice but Kim took to it like a duck to water. After Lin cam twice she honey put the camera on the tri-pod and join us. Lin told Kim take his cloths off. I did not lift one finger she had my cloths off so fast I could not believe it. I started kiss Kim and playing with her ass I told her I want to fuck your ass later she said ok you should take that cherry to just fuck me now before I go crazy. I laid her down I still had some trouble getting inside her but when I did her pussy felt so good wet and warm . Lin said was underneath Kim so she could watch me fuck Kim and could play with Kim?s clit and Kim could eat her. I started humping Kim her pussy felt so good I just concentrated and fucked her for fifteen minutes before I had to blow when I did Kim said shit that hurt when you cam. Lin then started to eat my cum out of Kim. I took the camera and record them up close. After little while the were in a 69 with Kim on top I put the camera on the tri-pod and put some lude on my dick and started to insert my dick in Kim?s ass and just slide in Kim wow that feels good. It humped that ass and I cam in her. I went in the bathroom and cleaned my dick and when I got back in the room the girls were done. I laid down on the bed both girls sucked my dick back to life and Lin rode me till she cam and I turned her over on her back and fucked her till I cam. We ended to tape and clean up and we then kids got home introduced them to Kim.

Monday after dinner I went out back to the RV and was cleaning up when in walked Ming and said do you want to fuck? I said yes she let her dress fall to the floor and I had my cloths off in no time. Ming said make it quick I want to get back home before Miles get home I want him to fuck my cum filled pussy. I fucked her and shot my load in her. She put her cloths back on and I started to put mine on when Lin walked in and said Paul get dressed and go kiss the kids good night. Ming kissed both of us good bye and thanked me for the cum. I went in and kissed the kids good night and asked Kim how her studying was going she said fine. Ming came inside said I locked up the RV I went and took a shower and went to the bedroom and went to sleep early.

We all kept our hands off each other till Thursday night. After the kids got picked up Miles and I finished loaded up and connected the trailers. I invited Miles and Ming over for some sex. They were over in five minutes. After we got into the den cloths started flying. Then ladies started to eat each other out and then the door bell rang Kim said that my friend Hayley. I went to the door opened it and Hayley walked in and said your are Paul and grab my dick I said that is a very friendly handshake you have she busted up laughing as did Miles. We all went to the den and Ming, Kim and I went over to one part of the couch and started to fuck. Hayley and Lin and Miles on the other part other couch. After our first go around Hayley and Kim put on a show for all of us. The rest of watched for a while Hayley looked at me said fuck me. I mounted here doggie style here pussy was warm, wet and tight. Miles had Ming and Lin in a threesome and I had Hayley and Kim. After this go around we had a snack. While Miles and made some plans the ladies paired off and had sex with each other. Miles and I watched and when the ladies were done; Miles and Ming left. The rest of showered and Lin and went to bed. I got up to use the bathroom and get a drink. I looked in Kim?s room Hayley and Kim were going at it with a double dildo between them. Hayley noticed me watching them. She aid do you like the show I said yes they asked me join them. I let them both suck my dick after I cam I went back to bed. When Lin and I got up the girls were gone but the note said they would meet us at the pond.

The four of us left and 10:00 arrived and my pond. Miles and parked and we all set up camp and the ladies fixed lunch. After lunch we all agreed that no more clothes would be worn till we leave. We all stripped and Ming told me she wanted to ride me cowgirl style. She dragged me over to the bedroom pushed me down and mounted me and rode me like she had not had sex in years. After I cam is when I noticed we were alone. I asked where are Miles and Lin I looked outside they were doing it on the mattress outside. Ming grab my dick lead me back to the bed and started to suck my dick when it was back hard she rode my some more. After we were done we went outside and my phone rang it was Kim she told they were coming thru the gate and I told her how to get to us. They arrived and told them no clothes were allowed they had to strip now. They did and told them to where to put their stuff. Kim and Hayley came over to me and dragged to one of the mattresses we set up outside and they both started to take turn sucking my dick then each to turns riding me for 30 seconds. Ming, Lin and Miles started to do the same game. Miles cam in Lin she said I win. I did last much longer and shot in Hayley. We all took a nap and I woke up as did Hayley. We went inside she said I have not had a chance to fuck you alone yet my dick sprang to attention. I took her over to the bed and told her to lay on the bed put her legs on my shoulders and I entered her and humped her she said this feels so good and started to cum she cam three times before I did. We were kissing when Lin and Ming came inside they said we are hunger what do you want me to fix. I said how spring rolls and some noodle dish with shrimp. The ladies fixed dinner while Miles and I fished and talked he told me he had never been so horny and this week has been the most sex and fun he and Ming have every had. He said Ming is ovulating this weekend and I need to cum in as much as I can. We ate and then got out netting to keep the bugs of us. During that the ladies set up the camera some we could record our orgy. I told the ladies to put on a show for the men and Kim got out some of her toys as did Lin. When Miles and join the ladies I told them I had to cum in Ming as much as possible since Ming is ovulating. Lin said I hope Paul gets you pregnant and he could get me to since I am ovulating as well. I did not know we were going to have some more Lin said I decided I want some more and you said we could have as many as I wanted. I told sure whatever just more pussy for me to have to fuck and Lin slapped my ass and you asshole and we all laughed. Ming pushed me down and started to ride me I said man your are aggressive she said no just very horny for you. Kim sat on my face as I licked her pussy. Then the ladies traded Ming said the cum is mine Kim said no problem Paul just slap my ass to stop. Kim rode till she cam and the ladies switched and Ming rode till I shot in her. I then ate Kim till she came. I fuck Kim I said I am going to cum Ming and Kim traded spots and I soon shot in Ming some more cum. When we all finished we all went inside to watched some of the recording. We all got turn on and started at it again. I lead Kim and Ming outside and had Kim suck my dick while I ate Ming and Ming ate Kim. After the ladies cam I was kept from cum by Kim so Ming could get her cum. I had Ming put her legs on my shoulders as I fucked her she had a huge orgasm during which I shot in her. The three of us went inside found the others a sleep. So we went to sleep on the other bed. I woke up in the morning with Ming in my arms and breakfast being made. Ming mounted me and said we should have time for a quick one before breakfast is ready. Everyone else went on with what the were doing fixing the food or watching TV. I shot in Ming just as Lin said finish up the food is ready. After breakfast Miles and I went fishing till lunch time.

As went ate Ming told me your dick is mine I need it in me. Miles said this swapping has changes my wife and I love it. Hayley and Kim went to town to buy some stuff and would be back later. I told them fine but when they get back strip when they get out of the car we all laughed. I took Ming outside and started to fuck her doggie style as hard as I could. I took a vibrator and played with her clit till she cam twice. Then I pleasured myself till I shot in her. I told her I needed to rest till later and went fishing Miles joined me a little bit. We fished until five by then everyone was back and the girls were pleasuring each other. Miles and I watched a while then we fixed dinner for everyone. After we ate the ladies said we want to play a game I said as long as it involved sex it was ok with Miles and I. We spilt into team Miles, Kim and I were one vs. the rest in sex guitar hero the winning team was the first to make two members on the other team cum during a song. The team playing would have a member of other team suck, lick or kiss any part of the body except hands or head trying to mess them up. I got the game and instruments out we flip a coin the ladies team went first. I choose Hayley to work on. They started to play I spread Hayley legs and tongued her clit and she kept messing up but got control so I started to lick her tits and stuck me finger in her ass she said that feels so good. When the song was over she kissed me and said my turn to do you. She started to suck my dick like a pro I had so trouble but did ok then she licked my ass and jacked me off. When the song was it was a repeat of the first time but on the next song Haley made me cum and Kim came as well. Miles started to fuck Lin while Kim and Ming went at each other and Hayley blew me until I was hard and rode me cowgirl style like a pro. When I said I going to cum Hayley said cum in me I want it. I blew inside her. I then eat her out and Ming and Kim then started to suck my dick in turns. The ladies turn me over on my back and started to have one ride me one sit on my face and the other lick my balls. The ladies rotated around and I was on heaven it felt great. After I cam Miles and I made a snack while the ladies went after each other Miles and I watched. Kim got two double dildos out and the ladies used them and each lady cam several times by the time they stopped. We turn on the TV and put a DVD in and watched a movie when it was we watched another one. Then we were all ready for another round. Kim, Ming and I took one bed while the other went at it on the other. Kim said I want to try something see took an anal vibrator had Ming stick it in and turn it on, She laid down and said fuck me I slid in her and it felt so good I just let the vibrator work it magic in both of us while I kissed her. I pulled out of her to keep from cumming. Ming was laid down next to us pulled me over to her I slide into her and she had done the same thing I just relaxed and kissed her I pulled out and went over to Kim. When I switched back to Ming I could not hold it I started to hump Ming as hard as I could she scream as loud as she could with a hugs orgasm and I shot into her. We just kissed and held each other till we fell asleep. Just before I woke up I was dream I was fucking Ming out in a field with people around us but I did not know who. I woke up Ming was riding me she said good morning breakfast is all most ready and do you like your wake up. I said yes and shot into to her. We all ate then started to pack up to go home. Kim and Hayley left and Mile and finished getting ready and went home, Lin asked me if I had fun this weekend I said yes and I hope we made a baby as well. When the kids got home I played with for the rest of the day. After they went to bed Kim came into the bedroom wrap in a bath rode she dropped and said I am still horny are you two? We proceeded to screw each other brains out. A few weeks later Ming said she was late and Lin a few days later said she was too. Then one Friday night we went over for dinner at Mille and Ming?s and both ladies told announced they are pregnant.

We have just found out today Ming is having twins a boy and a girl and Lin is having a girl finally a girl to spool.

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