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Party Time

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I was 21 and my boyfriend was 25. My boyfriend and I had been in the lifestyle for only two years and we both had great experiences. Our favorite thing to do was live out what we?d watched in the adult videos we rented and bought. One particular movie was a gang bang. This girl took on 50 guys. The movie showed her sucking and getting fucking all 50 guys. She took loads of cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass. I could tell by the look in my boyfriend?s eyes that he would love to see me doing that with a group of guys, of course him included.

We had gotten to know several couples and singles in the area and discussed the possibility of setting up such a party. Of course all the guys were interested so we set out to put the plan in motion. The internet is a great place to become members of groups and we soon had 25 guys planning to come. The thought of being the attention of 25 guys was a big turn on for me. Word of the party began to get around quick. We got loads of emails and spent a lot of time answering and getting things organized. A lot of emails were from guys too far away and had to sort the bs?ers out.

A week before the party we had rsvp?s from 31 guys. Then a friend of my boyfriend called and asked how the arrangements were coming. My boyfriend, Matt, told him everything was looking good and had 31 guys saying they would be there but we were still hesitant that not all would show up. Matt?s friend, Allen, said he thought he could get a few of his buddies to attend. Allen said he played in a football league and they always had games on Saturdays and since the party was Saturday night he thought he might be able to bring over a few of the players. Matt thought that would be great to see me get fucked by a team of football players. I told Matt maybe it would be good if we went to the football game. Matt agreed and said I should dress real sexy and see how many guys would be interested in the party that night. I knew exactly what to wear yet still look nice in public since there would be families around.

Saturday came and the football game was scheduled for 10am which worked out great so I could come home, get changed, and get ready for the party that night. We arranged to have the party at a friend?s house who hosted swinger parties. They had a huge family room they were going to arrange for the party. They lived just outside the city and had an extra lot next door which they used as a parking lot when they had parties. They also had a long driveway where people could park. We had been to several of their parties and had 20 other couples there with plenty of room.

I am a fairly petite woman and my breasts are only a B cup but I like the way they stick out on their own without the help of a bra and have small nipples. Matt likes the way my breasts fit in the cup of his hands and how small and firm they are. I usually wear a size 6 jeans but I have some really sexy size 4 jeans that make my ass look nice and tight. Matt likes the jeans as they reveal the gap in the crotch between my thighs. I picked out a black belt and looped a bandana through the belt so it hung down to one side. I picked out a blouse which I left untucked and tied it around my waist, showing a little skin above the waist of my jeans. I left the top two buttons unbuttoned to reveal my chest. I didn?t need a bra and besides I didn?t think showing off any cleavage would be wise with families around. I decided not to do anything with my hair and just let it hang on my shoulders. We left for the game and it was unusually warm for a September morning which was good as I didn?t like cold weather.

We saw Allen before the game and he was excited to see us. After talking a few minutes Allen left to join his teammates. We saw Allen?s teammates look over in my direction and a few waved and I gave them a grin and a wave back. These guys looked so good in their uniforms. I could tell a lot of guys were either well hung or wearing the biggest cup they could find. We went and got some seats right behind Allen?s team. A few of the guys came over and said hello and asked if we were friends of Allen. I made sure to let them know we were really good friends of Allen and were going to get together with a bunch of friends that night.

At half time the game was tied 21-21 and Allen came over and told us to meet a friend of his from the other team. We followed Allen to one end zone where his friend met us. I didn?t hear much what Allen said but his friend walked over to me and asked about the party and that he knew a bunch of guys from his team who would love to join. We told Allen we?d meet him after the game and followed Allen?s friend over to the other team?s sideline. We found some seats towards one of the endzones as Allen?s friend went over to his team. We noticed several guys from this team look over our way.

After the game we met with Allen. Allen?s team lost 49-42 but he was in good spirits. He said both teams had to share the same locker room as the park only had one big locker room. We went over as Matt and Allen went in the locker room with the other players. Some of the wives and girlfriends were standing outside the locker room as I chatted with some of them. Matt came out and whispered in my ear we would wait around awhile till all the guys left and the guys who were interested in coming to the party tonight would meet back in the locker room in an hour or so. I hadn?t had much breakfast so we went to grab a sandwich and a drink and headed back to the locker room. Allen was waiting for us and led us in. I had been in a guy?s locker room before and was turned off by the sweaty smell of all the guys. This one was different as it smelled nice and clean. Inside there were about 20 guys in the locker room all of whom had just showered and gotten dressed. Allen went around and introduced me to the guys all of whom either shook my hand or gave me a big hug. The guys ranged in age from 21 to 35 and were all in great shape. The smell of these freshly showered guys putting their arms around me made me melt. I loved the feeling of my breasts against them and was sure they saw my nipples get hard and stick out. I was a little embarrassed and told Matt I would meet him outside and let the guys work out the details.

I waited for half an hour for Matt to come out and he explained a lot of the guys were going to carpool and the guys there were going to come. This meant there could be over 50 guys at the party that night, if they all showed up. We went to the car and headed home as I laid down to take a nap and got up around 6pm. The party was going to start at 9 so I had plenty of time to get ready. We decided that Matt would get there early and help get things set up. I planned on driving over later and get there at 9 as I didn?t want to spend hours sitting around waiting for the guys to show up.

Matt left around 6:30 and I began getting ready. I didn?t need to leave until 8:45 as it was only a fifteen minute drive. Just as I was to head out the door the phone rang. It was Matt. He was checking to see if everything was all right and let me know there were more guys than we expected. I asked him how many guys were there and he told me he had counted 55 there already. I almost dropped the phone. I couldn?t believe there were that many. I actually thought most of the guys would not show up and there would only be 20 at the most. Matt had to ask me if I was still there and asked me if that was too many guys. I caught my breath and told Matt that of course not, if the gal in that video could take on that many guys then I thought I could too. Hanging up the phone I felt a dampness between my legs. My pussy had gotten wet when Matt told me how many guys were there and my mind went back to those guys hugging me in the locker room.

I decided it was too late to change and I headed out the door. I made it in ten minutes as I must have been so excited I must have sped over. I drove up and noticed the vacant lot was full of cars. The driveway too was lined with cars. I made my way to the house and our friends who owned the house were waiting for me outside. We had known Molly and Lonnie for about a year and had become close friends. Lonnie let me out of the car and parked it in the lot next door. Molly told me there were now 58 guys waiting inside and all of them were hot. She wasn?t sure if I?d be able to take care of all these guys and if I needed any help servicing any of them she?d be glad to help out. I was sure she?d get her chance to suck off a lot of these guys and get them ready for me. Molly was a little taller than me and had much bigger breasts. I only stood 5?2? and weighed about 115lbs. I was wearing the same clothes as I wore to the football game only without any underwear. We waited for Lonnie and the three of us went in together. Matt was at the door waiting and led me to the family room. The guys had gathered in the room and I felt their eyes look me over. Matt led me around the room as I met with each of the guys. All the guys complimented me on how good I looked as I made sure to give each of them a hug. Molly went and put on some music on while Lonnie went over to the big screen tv and put in a movie. Matt had brought the movie where the girl was taking on 50 guys which I thought was just right for this party.

Matt came over and led me to the middle of the room. They had put a mattress on the floor and Lonnie had brought out the portable sling. Matt and I stood there kissing while Matt started unbuttoning my blouse. Allen and Lonnie came over and took off the bandana from my belt and undid my jeans. Matt slid my blouse over my shoulders and down my arms revealing my breasts and hard nipples. I felt Allen and Lonnie slowly pulling down my jeans and felt hands run over my ass. Matt started to run his tongue down my neck and put his hands on my bare breasts. I let my head fall back and felt another hand reach between my legs and rub my thighs. I noticed several guys were getting naked and made a circle around us. I told Matt I had an idea. I motioned for Molly to come over and asked if she?d like to go around the room with me and get some of these guys hard. She nodded as the guys stood against the walls in a big circle. There was just barely enough room but we got the guys standing next to each other as Molly and I started in one corner of the room and started sucking each guy off one by one. Some guys were shy but Molly and I would unzip their pants and pull out their cocks. Molly and I went around the entire room sucking each cock for a quick minute just enough to get the guys hard. I couldn?t believe the variety of cocks. There was not really a small cock in the bunch. Each guy had at least a 7? cock and I was surprised to see how many guys there who had at least a 9? cock. I had problems getting some of the cocks in my mouth as they were so thick. Molly and I had just about gone around the entire room when we reached the last 5 guys. These were friends of Allen and Matt thought it would be good to save these guys for last. Molly reached up to the first guy and unzipped his pants. She pulled down his pants and he had on a pair of bikini underwear and his cock was laying flat against him. What made my pussy wet was seeing his cock over to one side and it seemed to go around his hip. We both pulled down his underwear as his cock came out and revealed a half hard cock that had to be 10? already. Molly moved the head of his cock towards my mouth and I took as much of his cock in my mouth as possible. I looked up at him and looked over at the other 4 guys and remembered them from the locker room at the football game. This guy and the next guy were white and the last three guys were black. Matt was standing there grinning and told me this guy had a small dick compared to the next 4 guys. When Matt told me this the other 4 guys took down their pants and my eyes about popped out of my head! The other white guy?s cock looked more like John Holmes. The other three, all black, had the biggest cocks I had ever seen. After Molly and I sucked on the guy with the cock like John Holmes we moved over to the three black guys. I put both my hands around the first guy?s cock and his dick was still sticking out with both my hands around his cock. I sucked on him the best I could then Molly took her turn as I moved over to the second black guy. This guy was just as long, about 11?, and was really thick. I could barely get my mouth over the tip of his cock. I slid my tongue up and down that thick shaft and licked his balls. Molly moved over and took my place sucking his cock and she had the same trouble taking his cock in her mouth. I moved over to the last guy. His dick hung down almost his knees! His cock was literally as long as my forearm. He lifted his cock up to my mouth as I started to lick this enormous dick up and down. He lifted his cock up for me to suck his balls and noticed how far up on his stomach it reached. Molly moved over as we both licked his cock and rubbed the tip of his cock against our lips. I felt my juices dripping from my pussy and was ready for these guys to eat me.

Molly and I went over to the mattress and I got on my back as Molly moved down to my pussy and lifted my legs. A couple guys came over and held my legs up. Molly started licking my pussy and the inside of my thighs. The guys had spread my legs apart and back so far that my knees were almost touching the floor. Matt knelt down and I started sucking his cock. Lonnie then moved over next to Molly as they both began to lick my pussy. Two other guys got on the mattress and started sucking my nipples. A few other guys made their way around me and started rubbing their hands over my body. The feeling of all these hands over my body made my juices flow. I looked down to see Molly sticking her tongue in my pussy while Lonnie positioned himself underneath her to lick my ass. I couldn?t hold back as my pussy pulsated and I had one of the best orgasms I?d ever had as Molly continued to suck my wet pussy. I felt my juices run out and move down to my ass. Lonnie was licking up the juices and began to finger my asshole.

I was more than ready to have someone fuck me so I had Matt get on his back as I climbed on him and shoved his dick inside me. My pussy was so wet his dick slid all the way in as I felt his balls against my ass. Matt motioned Allen to get behind me and fuck me with him. Allen put some lube on his cock and knelt down behind me. I leaned back and whispered to Allen that I wanted him and Matt to both fuck me in my pussy. I laid back down on top of Matt and told him I wanted both their cocks inside my pussy. Before Matt could say anything I felt Allen?s cock make its way into my pussy and against Matt?s cock. The lube and my juices made it easy for Allen to slide his cock right inside of me with Matt?s cock. It took some work but eventually they both got in a rhythm of fucking me. One guy stood in front of me as I took his cock in my mouth. I felt more hands rubbing my back and tits. I told them I wanted them to cum inside of me and then wanted to finish sucking them both off. It didn?t take long as Allen started fucking me harder and unloaded his cum inside of me first. Matt shot his load right after Allen as I made sure both of their cocks stayed inside of me the entire time. I moved off Matt and turned around to finish sucking both their cocks. The taste of their cum and my juices tasted so sweet. As I was on my knees sucking their cocks, Molly got behind me and started licking my pussy again. I felt her tongue inside of me and licking out all the cum dripping out of my cunt. Matt stood up and Lonnie took his place. I climbed on top of Lonnie and shoved his cock deep into my pussy. Molly then went over and started sucking off two guys. By now the guys had arranged themselves into a line and were ready to take their turn fucking me.

While I was on top of Lonnie one of the guys put some lube on his cock and prepared to fuck me in the ass. I had only been fucked in the ass a few times but loved it. I never had a cock in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time. I felt the tip of the guy?s cock rub against my asshole as it slowly pushed its way in. Lonnie stopped fucking me to allow the guy to get his cock in my ass. I felt the pressure build up and finally felt his lubed cock make its way in me. It felt so good as I cried out, ?FUCK ME, SHOVE IT IN MY ASS!!? The guy did just that as he shoved his cock all the way in and started fucking me hard and fast. Lonnie resumed fucking me and soon both were unloading inside of me. I felt the cock come out of my ass and shoot some more cum over my ass cheeks. I climbed off Lonnie and another guy quickly took his place. I climbed on his cock and another guy knelt behind me and shoved his cock right into my ass. The fucking was incredible as my pussy and ass were filling up with more cum.

Molly was still knelt beside the mattress sucking on each of the guys getting them ready to fuck me. One by one each of the guys took their turn at either fucking my pussy or ass. Most of the time I had one guy in my pussy and a guy in my ass at the same time. After one would cum another guy would take his place. I got up one time and wanted two of the guys to fuck my ass at the same time. Two guys came over and I had both of them lie down on their backs, overlapped their legs, and positioned them to have their cocks together so I could get on top in order to get both cocks in my ass at the same time. Molly helped me put more lube on their cocks as I felt more and more cum dripping out of my ass and pussy. I hadn?t kept track of how many guys had fucked me but did notice there was still a long line of guys. I climbed on top as Molly helped position their cocks and guide them into my ass. I felt my ass being stretched out as Molly guided their cocks in. Soon I had both cocks in my ass and was moving my hips in rhythm with the music. I glanced over to the television and could see the girl in the movie being double penetrated by two guys. You could see the puddle of cum on the mattress she was on as cum was flowing out of her.

After being double fucked in my ass I decided to get in the swing as my legs were beginning to feel weak. Matt helped lift me into the swing, get my legs spread, and strapped my feet in the stirrups. I was able to relax in the swing as the next guy quickly started to fuck me. This guy took turns fucking me in my pussy then sliding his cock in my ass then back in my pussy. He built up a rhythm of shoving it in my pussy and my ass and back and forth. He finally pulled out and shot a load of cum on my pussy. I had shaved and had my pussy nice and smooth as his white cum glistened on my bare skin. Another guy took his place and started fucking me and within a minute he was shooting his load right where the guy previously had shot his load. Each guy then took his turn and either fucked me in my pussy, ass, or both. Some guys would shoot their load inside my pussy or ass while other guys would shoot their load all over me. A few guys even shot so much cum that it shot up and landed on my tits and sometimes up to my neck. Some of the guys who already fucked me walked over, jerked themselves off, and shot another load of cum over my tits.

I could feel the come dripping off me and out of my pussy and ass and landing on the floor. I didn?t care as I loved the feeling of all these guys fucking me and getting covered with their cum. Before I realized it Matt came over and told me there were only five guys that hadn?t fucked me. My mind raced back to the five guys that had huge cocks. I whispered to Matt that I didn?t care where the rest of the guys wanted to cum on me but I wanted each of them fuck me in my ass. At the time I had forgotten about the last black guy and I would not remember until too late. Matt told the last guys what I wanted and the first guy quickly started fucking my pussy. I felt his cock fill my pussy so that cum was spewing out. I could hear my wet cunt being fucked. He soon stopped and moved his cock to my ass. He put on some lube and slowly put his cock inside my ass. It felt like I was being torn apart as I tried to relax to accommodate his massive tool. He finally was able to work it all the way in and only after a couple of thrusts I felt him unload deep inside my ass. He took his cock out and the other hung white guy came over and shoved his dick right into my ass. It felt like his dick would come out my mouth as he shoved his dick all they way in. He was moving the sling so I was swinging back and forth as his dick would make its way almost all the way out of my ass before being shoved all the way back in. It didn?t take long before he took his dick out of me and add his load to my already cum covered pussy.

I saw the first black guy move over between my legs as I told him to fuck my pussy hard and deep. He had to kneel down some and move the head of his cock to my pussy which was gaping open. He shoved his cock all the way in as I squealed and felt his balls against me. He began to fuck me in short strokes and then fuck me with deeper strokes. He reached down and put a finger into my ass as he kept pounding away. I felt myself opening up to accommodate his massive cock. Other guys were coming over, jacking off, and shooting more load of cum on me. My body from my neck down to my thighs were entirely covered with cum and more being added to it. I felt the cock being slowly pulled out of my pussy and slowly put into my ass. I felt my hole open up as he slid his cock inside of me. I looked down and saw he didn?t quite have his entire cock in my ass as it felt as if his cock couldn?t go any further. I felt more and more pressure being applied inside of me as I grimaced. I could feel the tip of his cock trying to go deeper inside of me. Everything seemed to go silent as I felt something inside of me give and he buried his cock all the way in my ass. He kept it there as I felt my ass fully relax and seem to want his cock to go even deeper. It was as if my ass was now sucking his cock inside of me. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and slowly started shoving it back in. This time my ass to seem to keep sucking his cock inside of me and he started fucking me hard and deep. I felt my ass widen to allow his cock to swell up inside of me. I felt a burst of cum inside of me and he pulled his cock out while still shooting loads of cum all over. He put is cock on top of me as I felt his balls against my pussy. His cock stretched well past my bellybutton as he continued to shoot his cum between my tits. He then took his cock and shoved it into my pussy, pushing more cum into me.

Matt came over and I started sucking his cock. Matt whispered I had two more to go and asked if I was enjoying myself. I nodded, keeping his cock inside my mouth. The second black guy with the really thick dick rubbed his cock against my pussy and ass while using the cum to lube his cock. I wanted my pussy fucked hard and deep. I felt him get the head of his cock inside my pussy and start fucking me but only with about half his cock. He would take his cock out and lube it with more cum. As he took it out I could feel a gush of air enter my pussy. I knew they had worked my hole so wide open that it would stay open now. He then started fucking my pussy deeper and deeper till I felt his balls slapping against me. I begged him to shove it in my ass. He added some lube to his cock and slowly slid his cock into my ass. I felt my ass stretch and then start sucking his cock into me just like the guy before. After only a few thrusts I felt his cock swell and felt my ass being filled. He took his cock out and I felt a huge load of cum fall out of my ass and felt a gust of air go into my asshole. Guys were still coming over and adding more loads of cum all over my body. Guys were shooting so hard that some of their cum would shoot up onto my face. All the time the last guy was fucking me all I could manage to moan out was I wanted it harder and deeper and to just shove it inside of me. The last guy took his place and without thinking I told him to shove it as deep and hard as he could into me and not stop. I heard Matt tell me to take his cock hard and deep and I realized who the last guy was. I looked down and saw the guy with what had to be a 16? cock as he took his cock in both hands and put it to my pussy. I was about to tell him to wait and take it easy but it was too late. With my mouth open, just about to tell him, he shoved his entire cock into me. I saw his massive tool disappear inside me and in a split second I felt my entire uterus shake as his cock split me open. My head jerked back as I arched my back. I closed my eyes and felt his cock deep inside. I let out a gasp as he took it out and shoved it all the way in again. He kept doing this over and over, going faster and faster. My entire body began to shake and I couldn?t feel my legs. All I could let out were moans and screams of ?YES!? I finally heard Matt tell the guy to shove his massive cock into my ass. I felt his cock come out of my stretched pussy as my pussy filled up with air as it was stretched out so much. I felt the tip of his cock touch my ass as he shoved it all the way in my asshole. I let out the loudest scream I ever let out. My back arched back further as he held his massive cock all the way in me. More guys were shooting their loads all over me and even on my face while they watched me get impaled by this guy?s massive tool. I felt my ass suddenly relax as he slowly pulled out. I felt the tip of his cock still in me as he started shoving his cock deep inside. My ass once again felt like it was sucking his cock into me. He then started fucking me with deep long strokes. My entire body seemed to go limp as I felt was his cock sliding in and out. He began to moan as he pulled his dick out and put it on top of me. He shot load after load, each one striking me under my chin. I felt more guys shooting their loads all over me at the same time.

I laid there in the swing letting guys shoot more and more cum all over my body. My body was still shaking after all the pounding I took. I finally was able to open my eyes and saw Matt and Lonnie standing next to me, both with huge smiles on their faces. I looked up and gave them a big smile back. I felt the cum all over my body beginning to dry. I could barely move my arms but felt my hair and discovered it was thick with cum. I had to peel my lips apart as they were covered with cum and asked Matt if he enjoyed it as much as I did. He said he thought there was no way I was going to be able to take on those last 5 guys. Matt said those guys had the biggest cocks he had ever seen as Lonnie nodded in agreement. It felt so good having all this cum from all these guys covering my body. Molly came over and said the last guy had just left and asked if I wanted to take a shower. I told her no as I wanted to keep this feeling of being covered by all this cum on me. The guys lifted me out of the sling and carried me over to a recliner. I couldn?t even put my legs together as they had been spread apart for so long and my pussy was still quivering from being fucked for so long and hard. I could still feel cum oozing out of my ass and pussy. After putting me in the recliner Matt said he had a couple more surprises for me. I told him it better not be any more guys because there was no way I would be able to handle getting fucked right now. Matt said no, it was nothing like that. I looked at the clock and saw it was 2am. We had started just after 9 so that meant almost 5 hours of nothing but sex. Time seemed to have just flown by. Matt went over to the television while Lonnie brought over his laptop. Lonnie told me to take a look at the pictures he had taken. I looked at the laptop and saw a picture of me with Molly sucking a guy?s cock. Lonnie then went through showing me pictures he had taken of me and Molly sucking guys off. He had continued to take pictures of guys fucking me on the mattress. Lonnie must have taken more than a hundred pictures with his digital camera. I could hardly believe my eyes as the pictures Lonnie took were incredible. Lonnie then put in another disc, since all the pictures couldn?t fit on one disc, and showed me a pictures of the last 5 guys that fucked me. Lonnie told me Molly had gone around before I got there and saw how well hung these guys were and had them get together for a picture and she was the one that planned for these guys to be the last ones we would suck off and also be the last ones to fuck me. I looked at Molly and tried to give her a sneer that ended up turning into a big grin. Molly laughed and told Lonnie to show me the last set of pictures he took. It dawned on me that after Lonnie had taken his turn fucking me I didn?t see him the rest of the time. It was then I figured Lonnie had picked up his camera again after fucking me and continued taking pictures. The last set of pictures were incredible. Lonnie was almost an expert when it came to taking pictures. He had taken some really good shots of the last five guys fucking me, especially the last guy that fucked me. Lonnie had a really nice picture of the guy?s cock just before going into me. In the next picture you could see the guy had his entire cock implanted inside my pussy and even another with the guy?s cock all the way in my ass. The sound from the television caught my attention as Matt was blocking my view. I asked Matt what he was watching. Matt moved and on the screen I saw it was me getting double penetrated by two guys while on the mattress. ?Matt, you didn?t!? Matt stood there with a big grin and asked me what I thought. At first I was mad, but only for a second. I felt embarrassed with the four of us watching a video of what just happened. Molly said it wasn?t the best quality because the guys kept getting in front of the camera, but later the guys got better at letting whoever was taping to have a clear view. The four of us sat there watching the video of me getting fucked by all the guys. I sat there and felt my pussy getting wet again. Matt came over and said he wanted to add one last load inside me. I didn?t need to move as my legs were still over the arms of the recliner and was still numb from all the fucking I received. Matt pulled down his pants as Molly came over and began sucking on his cock. Matt knelt down and moved closer to me and slid his cock inside my pussy. Lonnie came over to one side, joined by Molly, and I watched Molly begin to suck Lonnie?s cock. Matt?s cock felt so good inside me. Matt told me how much he loved fucking me with all that cum still inside lubing his cock. I could tell Molly had Lonnie about ready to cum as Lonnie moved closer to me and shot his load over my tits. Molly reached over and licked the remaining cum from Lonnie?s cock. Matt then began to moan loudly as he shot his load inside me.

I was tire and worn out as I fell asleep there in the recliner. When I woke up my entire body ached. I turned my head to see what time it was. It was 11am as I looked around and saw I was alone. I figured they had gone to bed and decided it best to just let me sleep in the recliner. I looked down and saw what remained of the dry cum covering my body. I heard a noise down the hall and looked over and saw Molly come into the room. She came over and sat on the arm of the recliner. She smiled and asked if I had fun. I told her it was incredible. I never imagined being fucked like that. She said she wanted to try to set something up for her. I told her when she did that I?d be glad to help her out. She smiled and helped me stand up. I could hardly bend my legs as she helped me down the hall to the shower. She turned on the shower and grabbed a bar of soap and a clean towel. She got undressed and got in the shower with me. I had to brace myself against the wall of the shower as she adjusted the showerhead. The water felt good over my body as Molly rubbed the soap over my cum covered body. Her soft hands felt so good rubbing soap all over me. I closed my eyes as her naked body rubbed against mine. I stood facing the shower with my hands against the wall while she stood behind me and reached around to rub the soap over my breasts. She lathered up her hands and worked her way down to my pussy. She moved her hand back and knelt down rubbing the inside of my thighs. I felt her tongue lick my ass as she worked her way down washing my legs. I could still feel the cum oozing out of my pussy and ass as my pussy began to get wet inside. Molly and I loved to take showers together. She was so gentle and her hands so soft. She finished washing me off and turned me around to run water over my hair to wash the dried cum out. I reached up to move my hair out of my face as Molly began licking my nipples. She worked her way up, licking my neck, then reaching for the shampoo to wash my hair. As she washed my hair I grabbed the soap and began to lather her up with soap. We stood there facing each other as our breasts rubbed against each other. She had much larger nipples and stood out much further than mine. I let the water rinse the shampoo out of my hair as we wrapped our arms around each other and our tongues met in a deep kiss with our breasts pressed together. I reached down and rubbed her ass and I moved my lips down her neck running my tongue down her neck. I heard her take a deep breath as I ran my tongue around her nipples. The bathroom became full of steam from the shower as we continued to bathe each other. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. We got down right there in the bathroom in a 69 position and licked each others pussy until we both came. We jumped back into the shower and washed each other, dried off, then headed to the back bedroom. We climbed under the sheets and laid there kissing and holding each other. We fell asleep with our legs wrapped together under the sheets for the rest of the day.

I will have to write later about Molly?s party.

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