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Party Night in Suburbia (Oral, Group)

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We'd met Jack and Audrey through some mutual friends. They were well-to-do and had a large house in one of the more affluent suburbs. They would host parties about every other month among a fairly large group of couples. Everyone was fun and had great attitudes, so the get-togethers were always a treat. The group was large and diverse enough that you could experience pretty much whatever you wanted and there was an agreement among everyone not to play outside the group. This provided for a safe, relaxed and disease free environment.

We'd gotten an email invitation to one of the parties, and fortunately we were free that evening. The invitation said that they had something special in mind, but left it at that. Jack and Audrey were great hosts with wonderful imaginations. Among the past events were costume parties, "key parties" (where the men put their car keys into a hat and the women go home with whomever's keys they draw) and numerous group sessions, where we'd all get naked and get into a pile.

Anne and I arrived at the appointed time and walked in to find about ten couples present. Some of them we knew, but the group was large enough that there were always a few we didn't recognize. "Hey, Tony and Anne", Audrey said with a wave as she spotted us. "Jack's behind the bar, as usual", she continued, "Get yourselves something to drink".

Anne and I made our way around, catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. The couples ranged from their late twenties to early fifties, with Anne and I being at the top end of the range. We are both in good shape and can easily pass for ten years younger than we are. Anne looked particularly stunning this evening. Her long, shapely legs were encased in black, thigh-high nylons and she wore a tight fitting black cocktail dress. She wasn't wearing a bra, and didn't need one. The top of her dress nicely framed her lovely, firm 38D breasts.

I spotted some new people across the room, and the woman caught my eye. She was tall and exotic looking with olive skin, long straight, jet black hair and almost asian looking features. I took Anne by the hand and we started to make our way across the room when we were interrupted by Jack tapping on a glass.

"Ok folks, I guess you're all curious as to what's in store. Tonight's event, if you're all up for it, is going to be a gloryhole party". Jack had blocked off the door between the living room and recreation room with a large sheet of paneling. In it, waist high, was a hole about four inches across.

He continued, "What we'll do is have the guys on one side and ladies on the other. Everyone will pull a number out of a hat to determine the order. The guys will slide a cock through and the ladies can do what they'd like with it, suck it, fuck it, or whatever".

Anne looked over at me with wide eyed amazement. Having my cock sucked through a gloryhole is a favorite fantasy of mine. In fact, several years ago as a birthday present, Anne arranged to have one of her girlfriends meet us at a local adult bookstore. Anne kissed and sucked my nipples while fondling my balls as I got a fantastic blow job through the hole. To this day, I still have no idea of which of her friends sucked me off. While we'd talked about it often, Anne still hadn't had her chance to be on the service end of a hole, but that was about to change.

I kissed Anne firmly on the lips and then patted her on her lovely ass as the men and women made their way into separate rooms.

Anne's Story:

Audrey made her way around the room with a bowl full of numbered slips of paper. I reached in and pulled one out, opening it to see the number four. I knew I'd have a little time to watch the action before it was my turn. There was an air of sexual tension that charged the room, and some of the women began to pair off and make out. Most of the women knew I wasn't much into the woman-on-woman action. Sure, there had been times when I'd be on all fours in the middle of one of the group sessions and turned to find a woman licking my pussy. While I didn't mind, it wasn't something that I actively sought out.

Cindy, one of the regulars that I'd known for quite a while, sat down next to me on the couch and reached into her purse. She pulled out a pocket rocket and spread her legs, switching it on and slowly dragging the buzzing wand over her clit. "Don't mind me Anne", she said, "I'm up third and I want to get myself ready".

I lost track of the action, but my attention was refocused as I saw Cindy standing with her back to the wall, bucking on a lovely hard cock. I had been trying to catch a glimpse of the cocks to see if I could spot Tony's, but I was pretty sure this wasn't him. Both she and her partner groaned in unison as they came, and as she stepped away from the hole, she cupped her hand over her mound and giggled. "Damn that felt good", she said winking as she walked past me.

"Number four, who's number four?" our mistress of ceremonies asked, trying to keep the action going.

My heart started to pound as I made my way over to the doorway. Before I could say anything, a cock slipped through the hole. Even though we'd played with many of these couples in groups of varying sizes, this was one I didn't recognize. His cock was a little on the short side, but thick and while he was a bit plumped up, he was far from being fully erect. He may have been nervous, or distracted by some of the goings-on on the other side. I heard someone chuckle, "Yeah buddy, give it to her" as he shifted position and pressed himself forward until his balls and cock protruded through the hole.

I tried to guess who it was, but didn't have much information to go by. Based on what I could tell about his build from what little I could see (he had a bit of a belly) I narrowed it down to a few, but really couldn't be sure. I lowered myself to my knees and slid the straps of my dress down past my shoulders, letting it bunch up around my waist and freeing my breasts. If he came unexpectedly I didn't want him to stain my dress.

I wet my lips as I held his cock between the tips of my fingers and lightly tugged. It was still very pliable and his balls contracted as I pursed my lips and kissed the head before slipping it into my mouth. I sucked him hard, easily pulling his cock inside to the hilt. I worked his cock deftly, sucking and twirling my tongue around the head. He seemed to particularly like it when I took him in deep and extended my tongue to tickle his wrinkled sack with the tip. I could feel his cock begin to stiffen, slowly at first and then more quickly. He seemed to get harder and thicker with each stroke.

I love the feel of a man's cock hardening in my mouth, responding to me. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Knowing that I was turning him on was turning me on, and my clit began to swell and throb. A tingling feeling started in my pussy, gradually making it's way up and throughout my entire body. I ran my hands across my breasts, pinching each nipple as I bobbed my head along his shaft. His cock didn't get much longer, but was wide and stiff and it filled my mouth nicely.

I held his cock with one hand, smoothing the skin on his balls with my thumb while sucking him with long, deep strokes. The other hand fell onto my thigh, and I unconsciously pulled up the bottom of my dress, sliding the my thong aside and massaging my aching clit. I love looking into my partner's eyes when I give head, and try to gauge my pace based on his reaction. Judging by the moans, he must have been enjoying what I was doing, and I was sure when I tasted his precome ooze from his cock. I pulled my head back and dabbed the tip of my tongue on the end of his cock, drawing out a string of the clear, salty fluid.

I leaned in again and took him deep into my mouth. My pussy was on fire, and was badly in need of some attention. I was debating whether I should stand and ease his cock inside me when I heard him began to groan. "Oh yeah, don't stop, don't stop", he pleaded as his cock twitched. Any thought of fucking him was removed as his balls tightened and he began to come. He didn't spurt, but it was more of a continuous flow, like someone was squeezing a tube of paste into my mouth. I continued to suck and his cock fell from my mouth as he pulled back. Some of his come dribbled down my chin and I scooped it back with my fingers and swallowed.

I stood, feeling slightly light-headed and walked over to the back of the room. I leaned into the corner and put my foot up on a stool as I watched the next woman make her way to the hole. A long, low moan escaped my lips as I massaged my breast with one hand while rolling my clit between the fingers of the other. It wasn't long before I brought myself to a deep and badly needed climax.

Tony's story:

I was hoping that I'd draw one of the low numbers so I wouldn't have to hold out too long. Jack moved around the room with a hat full of numbers and I reached inside, pulling out number six. "Oh well", I thought to myself and took a seat in toward the back of the room to await my turn.

It room had the air of a frat party, with the guys laughing and joking as each of the guys stepped up to take his turn. It was very unusual to have to wait at one of these events, since once the action got going, there were always plenty of willing females anxious to play. I was trying to keep track of what number was up so I would be ready when it was my turn. I couldn't help wondering what number Anne had drawn, and which of these guys would have the pleasure of being serviced by her. A long-time friend Jerry was up fifth, and I discreetly began to massage my cock through my pants as I anticipated my turn. He came a little more quickly than I expected, which was a good thing since I wanted to be hard, but not too far along. I wanted to enjoy my partner's attention to the fullest.

As I stepped up to the wall, I saw four thin, neatly manicured fingers slip through and grasp the edge of the hole. A set of luscious, ruby red lips appeared and she pursed them, then running the tip of her tongue across the upper one. My partner was teasing me, beckoning me to come closer but I didn't need any encouragement. I'd been ready to go for quite some time. She moved back as I slid down my pants and briefs, taking my rock hard cock in my hand and giving it a few strokes before guiding it through the hole.

My cock was twitching and swaying in mid-air, but for only a moment. I felt her cool soft fingers run along the shaft and then grip it, pulling on it gently. "Mmmm.. this is a a nice one", she purred as she nipped at the head with her lips. A low moan escaped from her throat as she engulfed it in one quick, fluid motion.

I had no idea of who she was, but whoever it was really knew how to suck a cock. She'd take me in deep, lingering for a moment before slowly sliding her head back. Just the right amount of saliva coated my cock as she bobbed back and forth, twisting her head as she got to the tip. It couldn't have felt better if I'd been jerking it myself. It was like she could read my mind. She moaned as her mouth danced along my shaft and I couldn't believe it was simply from her enjoying my cock. She must have been fingering herself, or maybe one of the other women was doing it for her. My mind raced as I imagined what could be happening on the other side and it added to my pleasure.

She let my cock slip from her mouth with a loud pop. She once again gripped it and pumped it with her hand as I felt her moving around. There was a chill as the air moved past my slick, wet cock that was quickly replaced by a delicious warmth. She'd turned around and was pressing the head of my cock between her luscious pussy lips.

We moaned in unison as the tip of my cock pierced her, and she eased back, taking it in slowly. "Oh yeah, fuck me... fuck me", she whimpered as she rocked back and forth. I pushed myself hard against the wall so I could get inside her as deeply as possible. Her pussy made a squishing sound as she dragged herself along my shaft, and I could feel her juices oozing out. I leaned back a bit to try and get a look at what I was enjoying. I gazed down and saw my cock encased by a beautiful set of swollen, puffy pussy lips. Her tight, puckered backdoor winked at me each time she pushed herself back onto me.

Her pussy juice was thick and milky white and my cock was coated with it. I ran my thumb along the top of my shaft and pressed it against her ass, tracing a circle around the rim. She moaned loudly and I took this as a signal to go further. I pressed the tip of my thumb firmly against her and slid it inside.

"Oh god, fuck yeah", she cried as she bucked on my cock and thumb. I could feel her fingernails grazing my balls as she played with her clit while riding my cock. "Oh yeah, he's fucking me so good... whoever he belongs to is one lucky lady", she hissed. She started to buck faster, groaning each time my cock pressed into her. My balls started to tighten and I did my best to hold out, but I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I felt her velvet walls begin to contract around my cock and she cried out as her legs shook. She came loudly, coating my balls with her hot, white come.

She fell off of me and quickly turned around, wrapping her fingers around my throbbing cock and taking it into her mouth. Her breath was quick, and I could feel hot puffs from her nostrils as she jerked my cock and sucked hard on the head. My legs started to tremble as my balls contracted and the first shots of my come began to pulse through the shaft. I grunted loudly and she moaned with each spurt of my come that filled her mouth. She pulled her head back and swallowed before taking the head back into her mouth and milking out the last drops with her fingers.

I leaned up against the wall and caught my breath as I felt her kiss the head of my cock before moving away.

The action continued, fast and furious, and once the last of the pairs had finished, Jack signaled that it was time for all of us to join the women. I spotted Anne and she had that "I've been a naughty girl" look on her face. I asked her if she enjoyed herself and she said "Uh, huh.. and you?". I smiled at her and then turned to face Jack as he again began to speak.

"Audrey and I thought it might be fun if we all found out who we'd been partnered with. The guys and ladies should face opposite walls and line up in order, and on the count of three, turn around". There was a bit of shifting around, and soon we were all in our positions.

"Ok folks... on the count of three, we'll have the 'big reveal'... One, two, three". I turned around quickly, and much to my delight, found myself standing across from the raven haired beauty I'd spotted earlier in the evening. She look at me with her dark, almond shaped eyes and introduced herself. "I'm Rebecca", she said softly. "I'm Tony", I replied, "and it's a pleasure to meet you... finally". She laughed and then after a brief moment of silence, said, "that was so hot". We exchanged a few more pleasantries and I then interjected, "I'm curious, are you asian?". "No, my mom is a full blooded Cherokee and my dad is hispanic".

Rebecca took my hand in hers, brushing her thumb across my knuckles and lifting it to kiss the tips of my fingers. "You know, as nice as your cock was, I'll have to admit I really enjoyed the thumb action". She then leaned into me and with her chin brushing my shoulder, whispered "I really love it in the ass". I knew right then that I'd have to exchange numbers with her and that we'd have to explore that area in more detail at a later time.

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