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Party In Colorado

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Jerry and I were separated and I wasn’t much into the dating or bar thing, especially at my age of forty-five; besides I still hoped that Jerry and I could work things out. I was devastated when I learned that Jerry was frequenting the bars and sleeping around.

My friend Regina suggested that I come visit her in Colorado. I arrived on Wednesday evening and Regina and I stopped for dinner and a glass of wine before heading to her place. Regina told me her husband, Jim was out of town until Friday evening and we had the rest of the week and the house to ourselves.

Their house was on a very large piece of land and very private, the home was gorgeous! The stunning view from the large back deck, which stretched the length of the home, was breathtaking. Regina poured some red wine and suggested we take a dip in the hot tub. I got up to go change into my bathing suit when Regina told me there was no need for swim suits, that no one was going to see us. The water felt great, not too hot, but just the right temperature. The view of the valley and the other mountain range was spectacular. I could certainly get use to this lifestyle.

It wasn’t long before the topic of my separation came up. The combination of the wine, my situation and emotions got the best of me and I burst into tears. Regina hugged me and told me I just needed to forget about all my troubles and enjoy the vacation. Regina got out of the hot tub and said she had just the thing to help me relax. She came back outside with a massage table. Regina was a licensed massage therapist, but hadn’t practice it full time in years. She set the table up on the deck, told me to dry off and that she was going to give me a massage.

It was a warm evening, with a cool breeze and just right. Regina instructed me to get on the table. Covering me with a towel she began massaging my temple and neck, it felt great. With the mixture of wine and the massage, I began to relax rather quickly. After a few moments of her massaging my shoulders, she step to the side of me, lifted my arm and began massaging my fingers, hand and arms, it was fabulous. Her hands then went back to my shoulders. Moving the towel down to my belly she massaged her way down to the side of my breast. Feeling her hands so close to my breast made me flinch. Regina told me to relax and assured me it was all part of the massage and I would enjoy it. I hadn’t had sex in almost a year and her touch was having an arousal effect on me. It was all I could do not to let out a sigh as Regina’s fingers massaged my breast and slid ever so gently over my nipples. I could hold back my outward display of excitement, but there was no hiding the fact that my nipples grew hard and stiff at her touch. I found myself enjoying her touch and I could feel the sensation between my legs as she continued to massage my breast. I was also disappointed when she stopped and went to the foot of the table and began massaging my feet. But my disappointment was short lived as Regina lifted my, placed it on her shoulder and ran her oil covered hand up and down my calves and thighs. The higher she went up my thigh the more stimulated I became. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I was embarrassed. I didn’t want Regina to notice my excitement.

Regina’s hands moved up and down my thighs getting closer and closer to my pussy. Pushing my leg forward in a bent position, Regina’s hand was within inches of my pussy and I knew she could feel my wetness on my thighs. After massing my other leg she had me roll over on my stomach and massaged my back. My mind began to spin out of control as she removed the towel, which covered me ass, and her hands gripped my ass and began massaging each cheek hard and deep. I lost control and let out a moan. Regina asked me if she was hurting me and I assured her it felt good; damn good! Her hands went down to my thighs and began massaging the inside. Instinctively my legs opened, allowing her more access. The feel of her wonderful hands rubbing my body was unbearable. The further up my inner thigh she went the wider my legs opened for her. My body began to tremble as her fingers touched my wet lips. Her hands didn’t withdraw, but rather gave my inner thigh a deep massage. I again let out a small groan of pleasure as her fingers rubbed over my wet pussy lips. I began to tremble even more when Regina hands cupped my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, while squeezing them. Her finger slid down my ass and to the edge of my pussy. My thighs were now covered with my wetness and I knew she felt.

Massaging my as cheeks with one hand and sliding her finger down the edge of my pussy was driving me wild. Her finger circled my pussy and gently massaged my clit. Pouring oil between the cheeks of my ass, she spread it all over my ass and pussy. Her finger teased my pussy and ass and I couldn’t take it anymore. My hand reached down and massaged her ass. She asked me if I was enjoying the massage and my voice quivered with excitement as I told her she was making me feel wonderful. I bit on my lower lip as I felt her finger slip inside me. Slowly she worker her finger in and out of me, fucking me with such smoothness. Withdrawing her hand from me, she slid one hand under my body and reentered my pussy. Once again she pulled her finger out of me. That is when I felt something cool attempting to penetrate my pussy. Regina told me I was doing great and that she was going to take care of me and make me feel good. I felt her breast on my back and her tongue moving all over my ass. Slowly she worked a vibrator along the outer edges of my pussy and eventually to the edges of my pussy opening. Parting my lips she slid the vibrator in my pussy, while at the same time licking my ass. I quickly yelled out that I was cumming, while Regina kept her pace and told me to let it go. I screamed as she fucked me to multiple orgasms. As she continued to fuck me with the vibrator, she slowly inserted a finger in my ass and was now fucking my ass and pussy. It brought back memories of when Jerry use to beg me to let him fuck my ass. I was in tears with emotion and satisfaction, but wondered what Regina was expecting in return. I had never even kissed a woman before, yet alone make love to one.

Must to my surprise Regina suggested I shower off and get ready for bed. I asked her what I could do to repay her and she said the pleasure was all mine and I’ll let you know when I want to cash in that favor.

That Friday night we met up with a few friends of Jim and Regina at a Pub. Not being much of a beer drinker I had one before switching over to Amaretto on the rocks. The plan was to have a few drinks and return to the house to meet some of their other friends.

Regina told me that a real good friend of Jim’s, Dan was asking about me. I had her point him out and much to my surprise he was a good looking guy, but looked much younger. Regina informed me Dan was in his late twenties, which was a bit young for me; at least that is what I thought. Dan eventually came over, introduced himself, made small talk and bought me a drink. He seemed mature and knew how to carry on a conversation. I had to admit that I found him appealing.

Back at the house we met up with a few more friends and partied on the back deck. While some played board games, others just stood around chatting and drinking. It was about midnight and most people had gone home, with the exception of one couple and Dan. Jim suggested we take advantage of the hot tub. Regina’s friend Mary and her husband, Tom didn’t have swim suites, so Regina commented that we were all adults and all had been skinny dipping, so we should all go naked. Feeling uncomfortable, but not wanting to be a prude, I went along with it. I hurried and got undressed and in the tub before the others. Mary and Regina were the first to get in the tub. I couldn’t help but notice Mary’s large, yet firm breast. I couldn’t help but notice and admire Mary’s large firm breast. Her long protruding nipples were surrender by half dollar size areola. Although a big bone woman, she wasn’t overweight or fat and looked as if she exercised regularly. Regina’s breasts were also firm, but smaller.

Mary and Regina both commented that they couldn’t wait to see Dan nude. As Dan came on to the deck, my hand reached down and squeezed Mary’s leg and my mouth practically dropped open as I watched this beautiful hunk of a man walk towards us and the biggest cock I had ever seen hung between his legs. Mary dropped her head to my shoulder and whispered that she love to wrap her lips around that beauty. The three of us giggled like little high school girls. My heart skipped a beat as Dan climbed to the top of the hot tub and standing within inches of my face, he handed me a amoretto on the rocks. To the point now of feeling no pain or inhibitions, the six of us chatted and joked around. Jim asked how I could stand drinking amoretto and commented that as far as he was concerned it was only good for pouring on a woman’s tits and licking off. I replied I never had the pleasure, so I wouldn’t know. Without hesitation Dan said, “Well hell, now’s a good time as any” and took my glass and poured some on my tits. His head quickly lowered to my nipple and before I could react he had my nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking the amaretto from it. At first I laughed, but as he continued to suck my nipple I began to moan. My eyes shut as I felt another set of lips on my other nipple. Opening my eyes slightly, I watched as Mary licked and bit at my erect nipple. Was this really happening or was I dreaming? All I knew is I was horny as ever and didn’t want them to stop.

I felt someone take my hand and place it on Dan’s now semi hard cock. I took it in my hand and massaged its underside. His massive cock felt heavy in my hand. My hands were too small to even circle half of his thick cock. My sensitive nipples were responding well to the sucking and biting being administered. So much so that I blurted out that I wanted to suck Dan’s cock. My eyes open to see Dan standing on the seat of the hot tub with his giant cock dangling down over my face. Still stroking his cock, I sat up in my sea and began licking his shaft. Mary and Regina urged me on and told me to taste his cum. My hands ran all over his legs, ass and pulled at his large balls as I leaned forward and allowed his thick cock head to part my lips. His cock was now standing at complete attention. It had been some years since I had seen a cock so hard and stiff. Withdrawing his cock from my mouth, he took my hand and led me to a coffee table covered with a thick cushion. Placing me on the table, he positioned himself between my legs and Regina guided his enormous cock to my pussy while Mary held my shoulders up and told me to watch as Dan’s powerful looking cock penetrated my pussy. The sight of this huge cock parting my pussy lips and entering my cunt was euphoric and I came. Watching his cock stretch and push my pussy walls and lips to their max was overwhelming. Dan had a good rhythm going and Mary lowered my head and shoulders. My entire body shook as Dan worked my pussy over and Mary and Regina sucked on my tits. My hands were soon placed on the two other available cocks and I stroked them as Dan sent shockwaves throughout my body. With each orgasm, Mary and Regina sucked, licked and bit on my nipples.

Jim told everyone to stop and told everyone to come inside. We walked to a large bedroom where Tom walked up to me and kissed me. Regina was behind me and whispered in my ear, “Are you ready to return the favor”. She didn’t have to explain, I knew what was expected. As Mary and Regina assumed a sixty-nine position and began licking and sucking one another, Mary motioned for me to help with the licking of Regina’s pussy. With Mary holding Regina’s leg up and over her head I had full access to part of her pussy and all of her ass. Finding it a bit difficult to share Regina’s pussy with Mary, I decided to concentrate on Regina’s ass. It wasn’t long before my tongue was rimming her ass and she was going over the top with orgasms. It was now Mary’s turn. Positioned with her head off the bed, Tom and Jim attacked her tits, while Dan positioned himself at her head and filled her eager mouth. Regina and I ate at Mary’s pussy and sent her into an erotic state where she seem to stay for some time.

As Regina pulled away and left me to attend to Mary’s cunt, she licked and sucked Tom’s cock. Tom wasn’t as long as Dan, but his girth was pretty close to Dan’s. Mary stated she couldn’t take anymore, but that Dan was ready for more action. With Jim lying on the bed, Mary told me to lie next to him and suck his cock. While I sucked on Jim’s cock, Regina parted my legs and lubricated it with oil. I knew this could only mean one thing and I waited in extreme anticipation of what was about to take place. I had confided in Regina numerous times about my passion for god hard anal sex. Regina prepared my ass with oil and some gentle fingering before Dan crawled on the bed and lifted my on to all fours. Pulling my ass back I felt his stiff hard cock up against my ass. Dan’s hands played rough with my ass, pulling my ass cheeks far apart while pushing it immense cock harder against my opening. I moaned and groan from both pleasure and pain as he began to enter me. Regina poured more lubricant onto Dan’s cock as it slipped deeper and deeper inside me. With his massive cock head inside me, Dan rocked back and forth, sending his cock deep inside my ass. With Jim’s cock fucking away at my mouth and Dan’s lovely cock now starting to rock in and out of my ass with a more powerful thrust I let out a moan and told the world I was cumming. My body was quivering with orgasms as Jim’s cock filled my mouth, sending a huge load of cum down my throat. As Dan fucked away at my ass, Tom assumed Jim’s spot in my mouth. Having been prepared by Regina, it wasn’t long before Tom also filled my mouth with warm spunk. Now I could give all my attention to Dan and his monster cock in my ass. I picked up his rhythm and we fell into a hard forceful tempo. With Mary now under me and eating my pussy and tonguing my clit I once again screamed with orgasm after orgasm as Dan’s cock was now fucking my ass with full force. My ass was full, but I knew from Regina’s urging of Dan to give me all of it, that he had more to give. I was being stretch like never before, but the pleasure of his cock penetrating me deeper and deeper was overpowering. I was delirious in a total state of erotica and yelled for Dan to give me all he had, to fuck me harder and faster. Gripping my hips, Dan pushed and pulled me on and off his cock. I screamed wildly as Dan fucked me fast and furious, his big balls slamming against my clit with each stroke. No one had ever fucked me like this and I loved every inch of his cock. Dan had worn my ass out and I couldn’t take anymore, I was spent. Dan pulled out of me and I knew I had to take care of him. I removed the rubber from his cock and dove wildly on to his still stiff cock. As I sucked Dan, Tom entered me doggie style and pumped my pussy. The feeling of a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy was incredible. My mouth sucked up and down Dan’s beautiful cock as my hands jerked him off. Dan placed his hand on my head and held it there, telling me he was about to cum and wanted me to suck him dry. His balls were as tight as could be and his legs stiffened while his back ached up. I prepared myself for his cum and when I felt the warm juice hit the back of my throat I just kept sucking as fast as I could, although there was more cum than I could take I continued to suck him until her begged me to stop. Mary and Regina quickly licked and kissed the remaining cum from his cock and my cheeks and lips.

The night ended with Mary being serviced by all three guys. While Tom fucked her, Regina sucked Dan’s cock and I sucked Jim’s cock. After Tom filled Mary’s pussy with his juices, it was Jim’s turn to do the same. I was once again turned on as I watched Dan’s long thick cock slide in and out of Mary’s cunt and see the expression on her face and she released her orgasms. I loved seeing Dan’s fat cock drive deep inside Mary and withdrawing it its tip, pulling her pussy lips apart with each thrust. Dan knew how to move his cock to hit numerous areas of a woman’s pussy, making it feel all the better.

Dan spent the night with me and I awoke to him between my legs and licking my pussy. He licked me to orgasm and then told me he wanted to tap my ass one more time. Although sore from the pounding he gave me the night before, I couldn’t refuse him. I sucked him to full erection, slipped his magnum condom on his cock and raised my ass in the air. Dan lubricated my ass and his cock, pulled me to the edge of the bed, raised my legs on his shoulders and began his entry. With his cock head inside me, my legs up on his shoulders, Dan leaned forward forcing my legs further apart and leaving him with full access to my ass. His attack on my ass was much more forceful than the previous night and he showed me no mercy. My as was his and he was bent on taking it and using it as he desired. His strokes were so powerful, they took my breath away. Even with the forcefulness I was still wanting more and encouraging him to fuck me harder. After a while he told me he wanted to fuck my pussy. He removed the condom, told me to get on al fours and fucked me doggie style. This lovely man with his beautiful, powerful cock was deep in my pussy and exploring areas never before explored. His cock sent my body shaking and trembling. I love the feelings he was sending throughout my body and my emotions flowed. I cried and my tears covered my face as I pleaded with him not to stop. I begged him to fuck me with all he had. His cock slammed in and out of me and I was lost in a sea of orgasms. I had experienced multiple orgasms when he told me he wanted me to suck him. How could I refuse him? He got up and sat on a chair and motioned me to get on my knees in front of him. He told me he wanted to watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth. Holding my hair back I lowered my mouth to his cock and took it in. Licking and kissing the entire length of his 12” shaft, I licked his balls before moving back up to his head. My tongue circled and teased his cock head, playing with his precum. I wrapped both my hands around the base of his thick cock, lowered my mouth and engulfed his cock. I realized there was no way I could take his entire cock, but I was determined to take as much of it as I could. I licked and sucked his cock and my hands played with his balls. Holding the base of his cock, I tighten my lips around his cock and my mouth began a steady up and down motion. His moans told me he liked hat I was doing. His hand cupped my head and he encouraged me not to stop. Over and over he would say how fantastic I was, how loved how I sucked his cock. I believe I sent him to new heights when I looked up at him and told him how much I loved sucking his cock and how I needed for him to cum in my mouth. I heard, “Oh yes, oh yes baby” and he grunted loud. The back of my throat opened in preparation of the load it was about to receive. I sucked up and down on his cock like a woman possessed. I was eager for his cum and sucked with such force that his cum exploded from his cock. I sucked and sucked and continued to suck even when I begged me to stop. I was determined to give him the blow job he would never forget.

To this day I can still picture in my mind Dan standing there with his thick cock hanging half way down his leg. A beautifully cut cock with a huge purple head daggling there as if it were calling out for attention. I plan on visiting Regina and her friends again very soon.

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