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Overnight Trip Part 3

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We all entered to room, Julie and Amy kicked off their shoes and made their way to the kingsize bed. Linda turned on some music and I went to get some ice from the machine down the hall. When I returned, I poured us all a stiff drink and Linda watched as I sat inbetween julie and Amy on the bed. Both the ladies began to stroke my thigh, working their way to my hardening cock. I kissed each lady as I unbuttoned shirt. I could see Linda, sipping her drink and taking in the sight of these two lovely ladies and I on the bed slowly engaging in foreplay. As the ladies removed my shirt, Amy took one of my nipples in her mouth and softly licked and sucked it to erection. This brought a chill to my skin. Julie on the other hand had undid my belt and pants and had her right hand down inside working on my cock. She struggled to take it out, so I kicked off my shoes and wiggled my pants down over my hips and ass. Now, with my pants down to my knees and my boxers shorts the only thing between Julie and my cock, I lay down on the bed kissing Amy while Julie worked my hard 8" cock inside my boxers. Amy kissed me deep with her tongue and then licked her way down my neck toward my chest and nibbles. Julies would stroke my cock while licking my stomach and tonguing my belly button. At one point, I looked over at Linda and she winked at me with delight. I could see she was rubbing her pussy through her panties which by now had to be soaked with her juices.

After a while, I sat up on the edge of the bed and both sexy ladies stood in front of me and slowly started to strip to to music on the radio. No one said a word. As they stripped, I removed my socks and boxers and laid back down on the bed and slowly stroked my cock while Julie and Amy danced in their panties and bras. Once again I looked over to Linda and motioned to her to come over to me and we kissed deep and passionatly. She whispered to me to enjoy. As she went back to pour herself another drink sheunzipped her dress and let it fall to the flour. My cock began to twitch and throbe. Then Julie took it in her soft hand and began a slow long stroke action. Amy joined Linda at the bar and I could see them talking, while they enjoyed a drink together. Julie worked my cock like a pro while kissing my skin lightly up to my chest. I could feel her nails softly and gently caress my thighs up and down my legs. Our eyes met and she whispered, how she wanted to fuck me the moment she saw me on the beach. Then she climbed on top of me and straddled my cock as she kissed me deep, our tongues playfully explored each other. I reached up and undid her bra. Her tits fell out of it onto my chest. She sat up, and I took each one into my hands and sqeezed them working my fingers around her nipples give each a soft pinch. This brought them to an instant erection. She moaned with delight and whispered in my ear, YEEESSSSSS!!! Then she kissed me again harder and deeper and began a slow grinding of her pussy on my cock. I could feel her first climax through her panties. She gasped and held her breath and moaned sloftly. I cupped her ass with my hands and pulled her to me harder. Julie's moans grew louder. I could hear Linda and Amy commenting on how good we looked together. It was like two sports commentators doing a football game. Linda would tell Amy how good my cock felt inside her pussy during our love making sessions. I slipped one hand inside the back of Julies panties and softly toyed with her pussy then her asshole witch drove her over the edge to her second climax. She bit my lower lip as she came. She looked me in the eyes and told me to eat her pussy, this time it was no whisper. Linda and Amy both giggled. I rolled Julie over onto her back and stood over her as she sqeezed both tits and smiled with anticipation. As I walked around the end of the bed, I glanced at Linda and Amy and took Amy's drink from her hand and downed it in one glup. Giving the glass back to Amy, I kissed both ladies and turn my attention back to Julie. Our eyes met again and she smiled a sexy smile. As I approahed her I took both her legs and put them together and raised her legs while I slowly removed her wet panties. I brought them to my nose to take in her scent and dropped them to the floor. As I did this Julie lowered her legs and opened them slowly. Rubbing her clit with two fingers and pinching one nipple make her moan again. I slowly stroked my cock with one hand and stroked her inner thigh with the other. Placing myself in between her legs admiring her sexiness for a few moments.

I laid on top of her, caressing her face and kissing her deep. My cock resting on her shaven wet pussy, I could have easily slid into her love hole without resistence. Rasing on all fours, I admired her body from above her. her nipples erect and ready, her breathing maginified. I lowered my mouth to her breath, she arched her back and moaned with delight. She wrapped her arms around my head and pressed my face into her tits. I nibbles and sucked her nipples bringing her to another climax. Julies groans grew louder. I took her hand from around my head and placed them over her head and slowly licked and kissed my way down her chest and belly, stopping at her naval to tongue it deeply. I could smell her juices and the scent was erotic. Then I slowly took one hand and started to caress her inner legs working my way up to her waiting pussy. Kissing her above her pussy, I inserted first one then two fingers inside her wet hole. I could feel her climax again. This time her juices covered my fingers and hand. She begged to not to stop. I took her ercet throbbing clit into my mouth and licked and sucked hard. Julies tried to resist but she came again. Oh my God was all she could say. I could her Amy moan with anticipation. I looked over at her and she had already taken off her panties and bra. Standing there naked and playing with her pussy as Linda watched.

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