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Overnight Trip Part 2

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Linda and I arrived at the casino after dinner and met up with Julie and Amy around 8 pm. Both ladies looked so sexy in their short tight dresses. A waitress brought us all drinks and we made small talk. I couldn't take my eyes off these three lovely ladies. My cock began to grow in my pants. Linda asked where their husbands were, Amy replied, that they were playing poker in a tournement and that they would be gone for hours. We all took to playing blackjack. After a few more drinks and sexy talk, my stack of chips grew to over $500 dollars. Julie and Amy teased me by asking if my cock was as large as my stack. Linda told them that the size was more than she could handle. Both ladies smiled with a evel grin. Julie and Amy sat to my right and Linda to my left. I noticed Amy whisper something to Julie, then felt Julie's hand on my thigh. She slowly and softly rubbed my pants leg for a few moments. I could tell she was working her way up to my crotch. I turned to Linda put my arm around her and gave her a soft passionate kiss then placed her hand on my other thigh. The dealer had this "shit eating grin on his face" as to say you lucky basterd. Now, with my wife and Julie stroking my legs, my cock grew hard in my pants which made it hard to consentrate on my cards. I lost several hands. Amy came up behind me and began to message my neck. As she messaged my upper arms, I could feel her tits rubbing my upper back. She smelled so good. I busted again! Now my stack was down to half of what it was. I turned and kissed Linda again, then Julie reached my cock. She gave it a good sqeeze, bringing me to near climax. I softly moaned in Linda mouth, she gave me a deep kiss sharing her tougue for a few moments. Breaking our kiss, I push in my remaining stack of chips and the dealer delt me another hand. While the three sexy ladies preformed their magic, I hit a Blackjack and from that moment on my luck had changed for the better.

Another hour passed by, we all had a couple more drinks. Linda and Julie took good care of my cock under the table and Amy whispered sexy talk in my ear. We decided to take the party elsewhere. Before we left the casino, Linda and Julie had to go to the restroom, leaving Amy and I alone at a slot machine to kill the time. Amy stood close to me as I put in money and she tried her luck at the machine. As she played, I kissed her neck softly and could feel her knees buckle, her nipples grew hard and erect. I whispered in her ear, how sexy she looked and how bad I wanted to fuck her. She giggled softly and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I took her ass in my hand and gave it a firm sqeeze. A moment later, Linda and Julie walked up and we left for the door. I gave the valet my parking ticket, in a few minutes my car arrived and all the ladies got in and we drove away.

As we drove, the music on the radio really got the ladies going. I suggested we stop and pick up some liquor for the hotel room. They all agreed. After a quick stop at a liquor store, we arrived at our hotel and made our way up to the room. On the ride up on the elevator, Linda and I shared deep sexy kisses. Julie and Amy waited there turns, good thing we had a upper level room so the ride up was long. The ladies took turns fondling my cock though my pants. A spot of precum soon appeared through my pants. Linda made a comment to the ladies not to worry, that I could last a long time. Julie and Amy looked me in the eyes and giggled their approval. After what felt like an hour we felt the elevator stop at our floor and the doors opened. We all stepped out and walked a short distance down the hall to our room. All the ladies laughed and sang, arm in arm as I walked behind. As I walked around them to unlock the door, Amy grabbed me and gave me another deep, tongue filled kiss. As she did I worked the lock and pushed the door open.

To be continued

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