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Out of Town Fun

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This happened a few years ago. I had an out-of-town business trip and my wife Stacy was able to join me. We decided to stay over Friday night and drive back the next day. Since we liked to play when out of town we had looked into local swing clubs. Unfortunately, there were none in this town. Stacy did find some information that indicated swingers sometimes hung out at a local bar. We decided to give it a try and were pleased to find out the bar was only a few miles from our hotel. We weren?t sure how to spot fellow swingers, but thought at the least we could have some beers and hang out.

Since we were going to a ?vanilla? club, Stacy did not dress as slutty as she might for a swinger?s club, but my cock sprang to life none the less when she emerged from the bathroom. Stacy was 41 at the time and in amazing shape, especially when you consider we have two kids. She was wearing some spiky high heels and a mini denim skirt that showed off her legs. She also had on a halter top she likes to wear in the summer. I knew she liked to wear it without a bra because when she bent over just right she could flash guys her fantastic 34 D?s (which she loves doing). Her short blonde hair and make-up made her into a guaranteed head turner.

When we got to the bar it was already crowded. The club had a DJ and small dance floor in one corner. It also had a large sitting area off of the dance floor and a bar in the back. Around much of the club were smaller rooms. Each room had a pool table, with high top tables and stools. There were five rooms and each of them were occupied with groups of people playing pool.

We made our way to the bar and got lucky when a couple of stools came open. We ordered beers and I asked the bartender about the pool tables (I enjoy playing pool and thought it might be fun if we could not find any couples). He indicated that people pay by the hour for the rooms and they filled up quickly. He offered to put us on the waiting list, but indicated we probably would not get one before they closed at 1 AM.

We were half way through our beers when a woman pressed between Stacy and the person next to her and ordered two pitchers of beer. It was obvious she was a regular by the way she greeted the bartender and some of the people around the bar. She then turned and smiled at Stacy, ?Hi, I?m Anna. You must be new here.? Stacy laughed, ?Actually, yes we are just visiting from out-of-town. I?m Stacy and this is my husband Mike.? I shook Anna?s hand and got a better view. Up close I could tell she was probably in her mid to late 40?s, but from a distance her well put together body would pass for 20 years younger. She had sexy red hair and a smile that lit up the room. She was wearing a white dress that was as short as Stacy?s and fairly low cut. She appeared to have a nice set of C cup breasts and when she caught the light as she turned, I could clearly see she was wearing no bra.

?Do you know everyone here?? Stacy asked Anna.

?Not really, but it sometimes feels that way.? Anna said. ?Do you two play pool??

?Mike is pretty good. I play, but am not very good.? Stacy replied.

?My husband and I are playing with another couple. We don?t take it too serious, but you are welcome to join us if you like.?

I looked at Stacy and she nodded. ?Sure,? we both said.

When we got to the room Anna introduced us to everyone. Her husband?s name was Al. He looked to be in his late 40?s or early 50?s with graying hair. He was over 6 feet and seemed to be in good shape. The other couple was Carl and Candy. Carl appeared to be in his early 40?s, around 5?10? and his build seemed to indicate a lot of time in the weight room. I tried not to stare when Anna introduced Candy. She was in her early to mid 30?s, with long blonde hair. She was a little bit heavy, but in all the right places. She had on an outfit similar to Stacy?s with high heels, a short skirt and a top that buttoned down the front. However, she made Stacy look flat-chested with what appeared to be at least 38 EE?s. Her breasts were obviously natural and not implants which made them sexier to me. Her bra was working hard as it pushed up her breasts and exposed a fantastic amount of cleavage. No matter what else the evening held I would enjoy watching Candy bend over the table as she played pool.

Anna had brought two fresh pitchers of beer and everyone re-filled. Al suggested we play pair up with boy-girl partners and play with the winning pair staying on the table as we rotated in. Everyone agreed and he said the only rule was your wife could not be your partner. He said it was to save on fights. Everyone laughed and agreed. He paired us off with me getting Candy, Carl being paired with Anna and Al taking Stacy.

Candy and I agreed to sit out the first game and the others began. She and I sat at one of the tables as we watched the others play. The game began slowly as the women struggled to make any shots. At one point Anna was bent over lining up a shot in front of our table. Candy took her cue and rubbed it up between Anna?s legs, even going up her dress. Anna laughed and pulled her skirt up slightly revealing a white thong.

The next time Stacy went to make a shot Al asked her if she would mind some pointers. She agreed and he bent over behind her to guide her cue. I watched as he was pressed against my wife and could see she did not shy away as his crotch touched her ass. I knew she was loving it. I noticed that not just Carl but even Anna had moved across the pool table from Stacy and was watching as she bent low enough to give them a view down her top.

The game continued with Carl giving similar guidance to Anna. At one point he stood up after a shot and his pants showed an obvious bulge. Candy beckoned him over and she grabbed his crotch announcing she had found a new pool cue to use. Everyone laughed.

Al and Stacy finally won the game and Candy and I got up to play them. I decided I was not going to pass up an opportunity to get close to Candy, so I offered to help her with her shots. She agreed and I looked at Stacy to gauge her reaction. She just smiled and I knew she was enjoying the fun.

As I leaned over Candy and helped her guide her cue, I felt her ass move into me and wiggle slightly. I knew she was enjoying teasing me (who was I to complain?). As my hands held her hands in place on her cue I felt her breasts press against them. I could tell her nipples were hard and barely contained by the bra. The rest of the game everyone continued to rub and grind on their partners as the beer continued to flow. At this point I didn?t think the other two couples were swingers, but just enjoyed teasing and playing. Heck, at least Stacy and I would be nice and worked up when we went back to our hotel.

Al and Stacy won the second game as well, so Candy and I once again took a seat. This time she chose a stool on my side of the table and pulled it close to me. As we talked and watched I noticed she would put her hand on my thigh when she was making a point. Each time she would remove it, but the next time it would come back a little higher up my leg. She was also pressing her tits against my arm, what seemed to be more than necessary. I could tell she had noticed the bulge in my pants.

By this time the beer seemed to be loosening everyone up. Anna and Carl fell behind in the game quickly and Anna said, ?Partner, we need to distract them.? With that she went to the opposite side of the table as Al lined up his shot. She pulled up her dress and pressed her panties against the table. Al obviously flustered missed his shot badly. ?See,? she said to Carl, ?my strategy is working.? For the rest of the game every time Al would shoot, Anna would flash her panties. She even did it to Stacy once and smiled when she missed worse than normal.

The game finally ended with Anna?s strategy resulting in a win for her team. At that point we took a break as the women went to the rest room and Carl headed for another round of pitchers. Al and I made small talk until Carl returned. The three of us waited and waited for the women to return. We were joking about sending a rescue party when they finally returned. All three were laughing and seemed to be best buddies. I went to Candy to discuss the next game when my eyes nearly popped out. She had obviously removed her bra in the bathroom and now her top was barely containing her huge breasts. I could clearly see her large nipples poking out from her shirt.

I looked over at Stacy and she was grinning, obviously enjoying the look on my face. Anna was also smiling as she approached. ?Your wife tells me you are well hung,? she declared as she grabbed me through my pants. ?Mmmmm, you are. Candy come here and feel this.? Candy moved closer to me and her hand replaced Anna?s, ?I could have told you that Anna. I have been feeling it on my ass all night.?

At that point I knew the evening had taken a turn for the better. The pool games continued with Al and Stacy sitting out. After several rounds of everyone missing their shots Anna bent over to line up her try. Carl got behind her. But, this time instead of helping her with her cue, he unzipped his pants, pulled out a massive hard on, pushed Anna?s panties aside and pushed into her. ?Maybe this will help your shot,? Carl said as he pushed inside Anna and held in place. Anna dropped her cue and moaned while I instinctively looked toward the door. But, no one was looking into our room and the other couples did not seem to fear being caught. Anna finally picked her cue back up and shot with her eyes closed. The ball banked wildly but somehow ended up pushing one of their balls in the side pocket. ?See, I am a great pool teacher.? Carl joked and everyone laughed.

By this time the pool games were all but forgotten. I looked over as Al was kissing Stacy and moving a hand up her top. Anna and Carl were in the far corner. Carl had moved his hand under her skirt and into her panties. He was fingering her while she braced against the wall and moaned quietly. Candy leaned over and pressed her tits against my chest as she whispered ?Your wife?s pussy tasted so sweet, I know you will too.? She smiled as I my eyes opened wide in question. ?Didn?t you wonder what took us so long in the bathroom? Once we found out you two were swingers, we were all over her. Anna only got to suck her nipples, but I am sure she will get a taste before the evening is done.?

At that point Al broke free from his embrace with Stacy and asked if we wanted to go to their house where we could have more privacy. Everyone quickly agreed and he suggested we ride with our pool partners so every car would have someone who knew the way.

We made our way to the parking lot. I helped Candy into our car and as soon as I sat in the driver?s seat she was unzipping me and pulling my cock out. ?Don?t forget, you have to direct me to the house.?

?I know. That?s why you are only getting a hand job.? She said as she stroked me. She pointed to Al?s car and I fell in behind him. I could see Stacy?s head move into his lap and knew he would enjoy the ride, assuming she did not make him crash.

Luckily Al and Anna did not live far from the club. I was amazed as we pulled into the drive-way of a huge house. Everyone piled out and I followed the group as we made our way to the back of the house. Anna told the women to follow her as Al told the guys to follow him. Al welcomed us into a large room that had a large couch, two king size mattresses on the floor and a big screen TV on one wall. Next to one of the mattresses was a Sybian machine. It was obvious Anna and Al were set up to host swinger get togethers. Al moved near the TV and before long a dirty movie was loudly playing. It took me a minute to figure out the people in the movie were not actors, but a group of swingers including Al and Anna. It was nicely lit and the cameraman moved around to get nice angles.

?This tape actually contains scenes from several parties we have held. I think you may see our man Carl here in a bit.? I watched as Anna was sucking one man while another took her from behind. ?We better get ready for the women. Anna does not like to wait once she is ready.? Al began shedding clothes.

We were all three nude by the time the women returned, all three were wearing sexy lingerie. I did not recognize what Stacy was wearing and concluded that Anna must have shared her collection since they were around the same size. I guessed that Candy had brought her red teddy with her. Her massive tits and wide ass looked great in the lingerie. She moved over next to me and we began to kiss passionately. She quickly moved down and pulled me into her mouth. I looked over and noticed not just Al, but Anna and Carl were all three working on Stacy. Anna was licking her pussy while Stacy moved back and for the between the two men taking each into her mouth.

Once I was rock hard Candy moved up and climbed on my lap. She was so wet I easily pushed deep inside her as she moaned loudly. I was very content as she pumped up and down on me as I licked and sucked her huge breasts and nipples. Her moans quickly moved to screams as she quivered in climax. I am not sure I have ever had a woman cum so quickly. ?Mmm. I have been wanting that all night.? She said. She moved more slowly on top of me as I saw Al moving into position to mount my wife. Carl had Anna spread next to Stacy and was entering her as well. I watched as both women got pumped while leaning over and kissing each other. It was very sensual.

After cumming the first time all over Candy?s tits, Anna worked to get me hard again so I could pump her from behind. After I cumming the second time, the men took a break while the women gave the Sybian a try. Stacy had never tried one before and I could tell by her screams it would be on her wish list soon. We spent the next two hours with every combination of men and women and women and women. When everyone was finally spent we said our good-byes and made our way back to the hotel. Pool had officially become my favorite sport.

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