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Our second swing experience

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Merrian and I talked about our first swing experience with our friends Joyce and Bob.

We would do them again soon. Joyce had called Merrian and thanked her for the evening.

Merrian told her we would like to also find another couple.

A week later Joyce called and said that she new a couple who were interested. Merrian asked who are they? Joyce said it is my cousin Debbie and her husband Chris. Merrian said wow. You told her what we did? Joyce said yes we are very close and have no secrets. Merrian asked Joyce what do you think we should do? She is much younger than me and I am surprised she is interested, as she has only been married for a year.

Will you and Bob be with us? Joyce paused and asked what do you think? Bob wants to be there. I thought for a moment and asked how far is this going to go? Joyce said well I am not sure. I asked are you ok with Bob having sex with your cousin? Joyce said it is my cousin who wants to do him and laughed. I said oh. Wild cousin. She said yes like her cousin lol. I than, asked Joyce, if she really wanted to do this? Joyce said well I guess so, if she is going to get into swinging it might as well be with you. She is real interested in what you and I did and I want to be with you again.

Debbie was a beautiful young girl of 20. Chris was 24 and a hunk. He was over 6 feet and good looking. Bob with our ok had invited a co-worker and his wife to join us as well. They were May and David. It would be their first time. Jim and I were the hosts of course.

The high light of the evening would be the 4 ladies together. Two with experience two for their first time. But first the guys. We broke up into couples. Merrian and Chris, Bob and Debbie, David and Joyce and finally May and Jim. Everyone knew what he or she were there to do. Fuck someone new. It was a swing party. We would use our three bedrooms and the living room.

I broke the ice and took May by the hand and said see you all later and headed for a bedroom. As we walked down the hall May said I am very nervous. I said well in an hour or so you will not be nervous anymore and she laughed and relaxed a little as I had just told I was going to fuck her. May was a lovely 23 year old with nice boobs and a terrific butt. I was hard by the time we got into the bedroom. I left the door open so all could hear.

May and I faced each other. Her faced was flushed red and her breathing had increased. I said to her turned on right? She said oh yes that David had told her to have fun and do whatever I wanted her to do. I asked her if she was going to be a bad girl for me. She said yes I like being bad for a man. I asked do you talk dirty? She said yes I could really get in to it sometimes. I said take your clothes off, I want to fuck you. She said I want to fuck you too.

I could hear sounds coming from the other rooms. I heard Bob say oh yes suck that thing and knew that Debbie was sucking his cock. From another room came slapping sounds and Joyce was moaning as David gave it to her. May undressed for me. She was beautiful naked. I took my clothes off and she looked down at my hard cock and moved over to me dropped to her knees and I felt her hot mouth on my cock. She looked up at me as she sucked and I could see the lust in her eyes. She said, I could cum in her mouth if I wanted and I said maybe after I fuck you, turn around. She turned around and still on her knees raised her butt in the air waiting for me to fuck her. I leaned down and licked her pussy and butt and she shuttered and said oh yes lick me and as I licked her she shuttered and grunted and climaxed on my face. As she was cumming I pushed my cock into her pussy and went deep. She kept cumming as I fucked her hard. moaning and gasping for air.

I said cum and she swung around and took me in her mouth and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat, pulling out still squirting all over her face and boobs. We collapsed on the floor panting. May looked at me and said you were right. Not nervous anymore and smiled and added you were very good. I really got off hard and long with you. You can fuck me anytime. I said well you were a very bad girl.

I peaked out the door and could hear Merrian in the living room with Chris. I peaked around the corner and she was on her back with her legs wrapped around Chris as he fucked her. I heard her say cum for me Chris and he grunted, pulled out and Merrian grabbed his cock and jerked him off. He squirted all over her pussy, tummy, boobs and some on her face. He came a lot. She was covered with his cum. She pulled him up to her face and sucked him until he went limp.

I heard Debbie say loudly oh yes Bob fuck me, fuck me. Bob grunted and the slapping sounds increased and he grunted again and than it got quiet,

Joyce and David came out of the bedroom hand in hand. She had that I just got fucked look with a smile on her flushed face.

We all sat in the living room together. Break time

David approached looking a little anxious and asked how did May do? I said great, she did everything you told her to do. She was a very bad girl, and I watched Merrian being very bad for you. He said yes she was a lot of fun.

I still wanted to do Debbie later. We all went out to the pool to recover. Next would be anyone with anyone as they chose as the after noon went by. Some went swimming, some had drinks and others took naps. You could pair off with anyone willing.

I took short nap and when I woke up noticed that Merrian and Joyce had disappeared and knew what they were doing. Chris was sleeping on one of the lounges and Debbie was in the pool and I joined her. I moved over to Debbie and she knew my intentions and smiled and asked what do you want? And laughed. I said you know it is required that you fuck the host. She said oh ok if it is required. I said right here in the pool now ok?

I moved over to her slipped my hard cock out of my suit. Pushed her suit aside and slipped into her in a second and went deep. Her legs came up and went around me and she gasped oh you are so hard and big. I said you are so tight. Tight and 20. We were below the edge of the pool so no one could see what we were doing but could guess.

Debbie said you feel so good as I slowly fucked her. I love having sex under water.

After a while I whispered in the house ok? I pulled out and we headed for the house to finish.

As we headed for the bathroom we heard sounds coming from one of the rooms and peaked in. Merrian and Joyce were into each other. In a 69 with tongues and fingers.

Debbie watched them. I said that will be you later. She said I know with a nervous smile.

I asked are you ready for girl to girl? She said I am curious and David wants me to do it for him. I said I want to do you right now and pulled her into a room.

We were both in towels and they fell to the floor and we finished what we had started in the pool. I turned her around and pushed on her back and she bent over at the waist. Her pussy was exposed and I bent down and licked her. She shuttered at the touch of my tongue. I stood up and slipped my cock into her pussy and went deep into her, grabbing her love handles pulling her tight against me. Full penetration. She grunted and said oh so big you fill me up. I fucked this sweet you girl hard and she was gasping and grunting as I fucked her. She was so tight; a pussy not used over a long time.

I fucked her as long as I could and she climaxed twice with me and I grunted and slammed into her and erupted in her pussy, filling her up until it was running out of her pussy and down her leg. She fell to the floor and looked up to me and said that was the best I have ever had. I said might be a good idea we keep that to ourselves. She said yes.

I said you were one of the best I ever had and I hope we get to do it again before you leave. She said oh I will make sure we do and laughed. I feel like a very bad girl.

Dinner time.

Dinner was good and we all sat around relaxing. We all needed some recovery time, especially us men. Ladies night was about to start.

Debbie and May had never done anything with another woman, but were curious and had known it would be part of the party before they had agreed to attend.

The plan was for Merrian and Joyce to introduce Debbie and May to sex with another woman. They were both excited about doing these two young girls for their first time.

The four ladies sat in a circle looking at each other. They started with kisses all around.

The lights were low and the room felt warm. There was sexual tension filling the room. May was selected to be first. Three on one. Merrian gave May a long kiss and you could see her tongue moving inside her mouth. May said oh. Her face became flushed and she was obviously enjoying the attention.

Joyce moved behind her and reached around her and as Merrian continued kissing her played with her boobs through her top. May leaned back against Joyce with her eyes closed surrendering to the moment. Debbie motioned for Debbie to join in and Debbie moved and sat in front of May watching Joyce playing with her boobs. Merrian moved behind Debbie and kissed her on the back of her neck and reached around her and took a boob in each hand. Debbie turned her head and Merrian gave her a long kiss on the lips.

Merrian whispered to Debbie to help Joyce and Debbie reached out and her and Joyce played with May together. Debbie was touching another woman sexually for her first time. Joyce whispered to May and she did the same. Joyce whispered again to May and she leaned forward and kissed Debbie for the first time as she played with her boobs at the same time. Both the ladies were flushed and were turned on by what they were doing.

They got into the kissing and feeling each other up in earnest.


Joyce unbuttoned May and her boobs fell out into the open and now Debbie was playing with naked boobs. May gasped a little at her touch and unbuttoned her top and the two girls were now kissing and playing with each others naked boobs.

Joyce and Merrian removed their tops and they were now naked to the waist. They than removed their tops and pressed themselves against their backs.

Four ladies naked to the waist, pressed together with May and Debbie now in a embrace with their boobs pressed to each other and Joyce and Merrian kissing them at the same time. All were hot by now and into each other. I thought what a scene four women all-naked to the waist, all pressed against each other, all kissing passionately. I was hard watching this scene unfold. All us guys were.

Merrian reached around Debbie and slipped her hand under her skirt. Joyce watching did the same to May. Debbie jerked as Merrian slipped a finger into her pussy and gasped and said oh that feels so good. You could see her skirt moving as Merrian fingered her and hear the sound of a wet pussy. May gasped and shuttered as Joyce did the same to her.

Joyce whispered something to May and she reached out and her and Merrian were both now fingering Debbie. Debbie was ready and joined Joyce fingering May and continued kissing her. Merrian and Joyce both moved back a little and May and Debbie continued fingering each other faster and faster. Debbie was the first to cum and shuttered and thrusting forward climaxed with May joining her in her with her own and the two ladies got each other off, falling back against Joyce and Merrian.

Merrian was ready and hot and pushed Debbie onto her back, pushed her skirt up, lowered her head and went down on Debbie licking her pussy. Debbie gasped spreading wide for Merrian. Debbie lost any doubts she may have had and gave into Merrian completely.

Joyce had May on her back doing the same to her. So May and Debbie were being licked by another woman for their first time. They laid back and just enjoyed the experience.

Next Joyce and Merrian looked over at each other and nodded and switched places. New wet pussy for each. May was so turned on by now, completely lost in the sensations and Joyce pulled a way and motioned for May to join Merrian and May moved over close to Debbie knowing what was next. Merrian rose up her face all wet and motioned for May to join her and May hesitated for a moment and lowered her head and licked her first pussy. Debbie spread wide inviting her in.

Joyce and Merrian moved back to let the girls play on their own. Debbie was soon down on May and they switched back and forth and finally got into a 69. First May grunted and panting climaxed followed by Debbie climaxing a few minutes later. They parted with their faces flushed and wet from each other. Over an hour had passed.

May said wow I enjoyed that and Debbie said me too.

We all agreed to spend the night together and the next day.

Merrian and I had a chance to talk. She said wild night and I said a great night. Finally she asked how I felt about her fucking other men. I asked are you ok with doing it? If you are ok than I am ok. She said yes I am ok. I asked how about me fucking other women. She well if I am so can you. We made love during the night and we new we were ok.

The next day we all had breakfast together and it was agreed that the day would be casual and that anyone could do anything with anyone willing or nothing. I knew Merrian really wanted Debbie and I did too. So we planned a threesome if she was willing.

A couple of the guys wanted to watch football, strange guys considering the environment.

Merrian and Joyce went shopping for lunch and were gone for an hour. May and Debbie had become interpretable since their sexual experience. Walking around hand in hand kissing each other frequently and disappeared for a time. I just relaxed by the pool.

May and Debbie re-appeared both looking flushed and turned on and got in the pool to cool off.

Chris joined them in the pool. He leaned back and it became obvious that the two girls were giving him a hand job under the water. Than May climbed on and Debbie was kissing her as she fucked Chris and than the ladies switched places and Debbie was fucking him kissing May.

Merrian and Joyce returned and stood next to me watching the threesome happening.

Merrian said looks like fun. May was riding Chris hard and yelled oh yes fuck me and grunted and climaxed on his cock. Chris grunted pulled out and Debbie grabbed his cock and he squirted and Debbie swallowed it all kissing May after he was finished. What a wild scene.

Lunch time Time for our threesome. I told Merrian to get Debbie. They joined me and we went back to the bedroom. Merrian was excited about doing Debbie. They moved together and started with kisses. Debbie was still new with only one other experience. I was about to have Debbie for the second time. Merrian and Debbie made eye contact and you could see the lust on their faces as they moved toward each other.

Debbie said I really enjoyed my first girl-girl experience and have been looking forward to being with you. Merrian said I am wet just thinking about doing you. They moved together. I stepped back to watch, already hard thinking about being inside Debbie and that tight pussy again.

Merrian undressed Debbie and then herself. They moved to the floor kissing than fingering each other. Hot for each other, Merrian mande the first move and was down on Debbie. Debbie gasped as Merrian licked her. Her face was all flushed and her eyes wide open as she watched Merrian licking and sucking on her pussy. She shuttered and moaned and climaxed for her first time.

The two ladies swung around and moved into a 69. They became both lost in their passion for each other. Licking and sucking on each other with complete abandonment.

Debbie was on top with her butt facing me and I got naked and moved in.

I looked down at Merrian licking her pussy and she looked up at my cock poised to slip into Debbie and smiled up at me. I fucked Debbie with my wife watching from below.

I would pull out and she would lick Debbie and I would fuck her some more. This went on and on and on.

Debbie grunted and climaxed for her second time and Merrian looked up at me and as she climaxed with her. Her face was all wet from Debbie and she had a look of pure lust on her face watching me fucking Debbie hard and fast. I was so hard and was ready to cum and Merrian could tell and reached up and pulled my cock out of Debbie and sucked me hard and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat as she sucked and licked me clean.

It was my best fantasy came true. We all lied together kissing and coming down from our mutual high.

Our second swing experience was comleted.

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