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Our first swinging encounter

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This is an excerpt from my work-in-progress novel, about the swinging adventures of my wife and I. This will be a sequel to my first novel, "Desiring: Sensual Guy"

available from Barnes and Noble, both being the true sexual adventures of Jerry and Susie.

My wife Susie and I had been swinging for a grand total of two months now, with three encounters behind us, none of them very satisfactory. We were both thinking that perhaps we weren't cut out for the lifestyle. Our prior experiences were either very mechanical, wham-bam sex with no flirting and intimate buildup, or were entangled with emotional issues, jealousy or one partner participating not because they wanted to, but because their mate desired it. We were

hopeful that our trip to an on-premise swing club would give us the opportunity for our first fun and satisfying swinging experience.

When we arrived at the club around 8pm, the parking lot already had quite a few cars there, giving us a spark of hope that it would be a good night. We had made

reservations for the party, and for a room at the club to spend the night, bringing along two bags of clothing, lingerie for the lingerie contest, hair dryer, etc. We

were wondering what it would like to spend the night inside the club, whether there would be lots of action throughout the night after everyone else had left, and

what it would be like there the next morning.

We spotted Judy, one of the sexy waitresses of the club, and chatted with her before we chose a table and sat down. We liked Judy, we both found her to be flirty, spunky, and sexy, so we asked her which table she was waitressing and sat at hers. She gave us each a menu, and after taking the order of a couple sitting next to us, she sat down on my lap with a pad of paper and pencil, to take my order! Hiking up her dress so her bare bottom (just the thin strap of her thong

running between her ass cheeks) was rubbing my crotch (and cock), she rotated and gyrated her butt in my lap, making me quickly erect and murmuring under my

breath. My Aliced went blank, unable to think about what I wanted to order, so she said she would go place the other couples order and would then return to take ours...

When Judy returned to take our order, she once again hiked up her dress and sat on my lap. This time she really started doing the lap dance thing, and her motion

was sliding her butt up and down the length of my cock, really giving me a good stroking, and my Aliced was mush, I couldn't concentrate on giving her my order...

Eventually I did, but it was a struggle. I was rubbing my hands up and down her bare thighs and butt while giving her my verbal order (and my non-verbal wishes at

the same time). Next it was Susie?s turn. Judy let us know very quickly during a previous visit that she was bi-sexual and she liked both Susie and I (maybe Susie

more?). She also sat in Susie?s lap to take her order, but instead of facing away like she did with me, she straddled Susie facing her and began her sensual grinding

at the same time fondling Susie's breasts and kissing her. So interesting that everywhere we've gone (to strip clubs and such), the bi women always instinctively

sense Susie's bi-curiousity and sensuality, and they always seek her out for play. I find it very erotic and I always enjoy watching a woman looking at Susie with

passion in her eyes and soft sensuality in her touch. Susie must really ooooze those bi-sexual pheromones that other women pick up on. So anyway, Judy is sitting there on Susie?s lap really getting into it and I'm really enjoying it, imagining what it would be like for Judy to join us for a 3-some in bed.

After taking our order, our dinner arrived shortly and it was delicious, the crab cakes and steak were especially good. They were having a lingerie contest that night, scheduled for 10:30, so at 10:15 we went back to one of the bedrooms to change. Susie put on a sexy sheer nightie and I wore a teeny tiny thong with red hearts, covered by a pair of shiny red boxers Susie bought me in an adult lingerie store, that are velcroed together (made for male strippers).

When the contest started, I was the only male to get on the dance floor, and Susie was one of three women, initially. We stood there for quite a few Aliceutes while

the announcer was trying to coerce additional men and women to join, telling me it looked like I would win without any competition in the male category. A few more women joined over the next couple of Aliceutes, while I continued to be the only male, until finally, another guy joined me on the dance floor as a second male

entrant. Each of us were given a Aliceute to strut and dance about for the audience. I pulled my vecroed boxers off to reveal my little thong and danced around, showing my butt to the audience, then they asked the audience to clap and cheer for each contestant to see who was the winner. It was obviously a

popularity contest, as the other guy had many friends in the audience, while this was only our second trip to the club and we didn't know anyone there.

They held the men?s competition first, and when the other guy won, we left the dance floor so they could then judge the women. One of the staff came up to me at my table and gave me a $10 off coupon as a consolation prize. Susie was the first in line and did her gyration and put on a good show for the crowd,

followed by the other 4 women. Then the audience clapped and cheered for each contestant, which got down to a tie between the 4th and 5th contestants, so they had a final competition between those two before awarding the 5th woman with the first prize.

After the contest, one of the other female contestants walked by our table and told me that she liked me better than the other guy and voted for me. She was beside

Susie in the contest and chatted with her while they were waiting for the women?s judging to begin. Dancing began after the contest, so Susie and I, still dressed in

our lingerie, got hotter and hornier as we danced tightly against each other on the dance floor. I became erect and Susie kept rubbing my butt and riding my leg as we danced song after song. Soon, neither of us could take it any longer, so we headed off to one of the playrooms, Susie leading the way and pulling me along behind her, not that I resisted even a tad bit. I was hard and ready. The thong just wasn't quite big enough either. My hard and thick eight inches was peeking out the top of my thong as we made our way through the crowd. We went into one of the rooms, Susie went to the bathroom, then came back, left the door open for others to watch us, and we were hot and heavy into lovemaking immediately! After a bit, a couple came by to watch us, it was a black man and white woman, who stood there for the duration as we changed positions several times. I got Susie to squirt (she is a real gusher when I hit the right spot!) and we heard the couple whispering to each other during that time. Finally, when we "seemed" to be done, they left. I actually had just slowed down for a short break, and our lovemaking continued for a while longer as another couple came by to watch a while. Later when we left the room, and

passed an open playroom with two large beds, both of the couples who had been watching us were on the bed perforAliceg oral sex side-by-side. We stood there watching them, and afterwards, they told us that we were the catalyst, after watching us, they were so horny, both couples had to have each other, and that then turned into a swap between the two couples, so we initiated their fun!

We showered, dressed (lingerie) and went back to the dance floor (and for drinks, we were very THIRSTY). We danced and danced, with ourselves, and chatted

with a few other couples, just introductory chit-chat that didn't go any further. We retired for the night, and the room was warm so we slept with just a sheet over

us. When we awoke in the morning, about 8:30am, I was horny and we made love and I exploded in a big squirting orgasm before we got up and went to get some

breakfast. Susie dressed in just her robe and I wore my boxers. We had breakfast (Muffins and coffee), then decided we needed to get in the hot tub to relax and

soothe our muscles before showering and packing up to leave. The hot tub was not running in the morning, and there were no others there, but the water was still

warm, so we decided to get in anyway. We were in there about 10 or 15 Aliceutes alone when a woman came into the hot tub room, asked us about the water (we

told her it was not on, but was still warm), and she decided to undress and get in. We were chatting with her a bit when her partner (she was white, he was black)

came into the hot tub room, undressed, and joined her.

Susie and I were sitting on one end of the hot tub, they were half-way down one side, and Susie was stroking my cock under the water, driving me so crazy, the soft

pink head of my cock was on fire with intense feelings. While she was calmly carrying on a conversation with the other couple, I was on the verge of cumAliceg.

They introduced themselves as John and Alice. Susie started to ask about him about hair on his body, whether he had hair on his arms and legs, as she heard that

some black men don't, and he was explaining about him having hair mostly just in his pubic area, which he shaved anyway. She also asked him about his size,

whether he had to get larger than normal condoms, raising me up and pulling my cock out of the water to show them and ask whether the "xtra-large" that he had

might fit me too. Susie decided to go over to check him out closer in person, and also asked the woman while she was there (and I was trying to gain control and

calm down from my near-explosion) whether she could touch her breasts. She did, massaging them and then kissing her nipples, and turned to me to say "get over

here". I was practically immobilized calming down from my near-orgasm, but finally was able to stand up and wade over to where Susie, John, and Alice were

together touching each other. When I joined in, Susie was facing Alice, fondling her breasts, John was on Susie?s left, and I was on Susie?s right. Susie?s left hand

was stroking John while her right hand was fondling Alice's breasts. Alice was also fondling Susie with her right hand, and began to stroke my cock under the water

with her left hand. I had my hands free, so I began to massage Alice's breast with my right hand and slid two fingers of my left hand up inside Susie? pussy, stroking

in and out.

It wasn't long before Susie moved over in front of John and began to suck his cock, submerged except for her head above water, while he was sitting on the edge of

the tub. Alice came over and started to suck my cock, while I sat on the edge of the tub as well, following their lead. I watched Susie, seeing John's big thick black cock sliding in and out of her mouth, getting me nice and hard inside Alice's mouth at that point. After quite a while, John told Susie he wanted to taste her,

and moved her back to lay on a platform in the middle of the hot tub, with a couple inches of water flowing over the top of the platform, so her body was partially

submerged. He began eating her pussy about the time my cock started to go limp, so I asked Alice whether I could taste her also, and she joined Susie on the

platform, with me eating her while John ate Susie. John was sticking out his tongue and grabbing Susie's hips with his hands and shaking her with a vibration rhythm

as he licked her, and Susie was moaning and groaning in pleasure!

After a bit of this, with both Susie and Alice sliding around on the water covered platform, trying not to fall off the edge and into the water, John went over to the

edge of the tub where he had a little pouch, took out a condom and put it on, before returning to Susie on the platform. He stood up on the ledge of the platform

and entered her missionary style while I continued eating Alice. I mentioned that I didn't have any condoms with me, so Alice offered one of Johns "extra large"

ones to me. I put the condom on and stood on the ledge beside John and began stroking Alice with long slow strokes. After a time of this, with Susie and Alice

having trouble staying on the slippery platform, John decided to move Susie and him to the edge of the hot tub for continuing. I followed his lead and Alice and I

moved to the edge of the tub beside Susie and John. But, by this time, my erection was waning and with the hard tub surfaces and inability to become comfortable

there, I suggested I had to go find a bed! Everybody quickly agreed and we all got out of the tub and headed down the hall to the public play room with two large

mattresses on the floor. I was the first one there, waiting for the others to join me, trying to regain my erection. Susie came next and started to play with me and

suck me to help me regain my erection. Alice was the next to arrive, so she joined Susie and I. With me laying on my back, I asked Alice to get on top, knowing

that I can usually get my erection back quickly in that position. After a few strokes though, my cock popped out, so Susie turned around and sat on my face

allowing me to eat her while Alice started stroking my cock to get my erection back. It worked! Only too well, as I soon exploded again, the second time that

morning, almost achieving my fantasy of having Susie on my face and another "bi" woman riding my cock while they faced and fondled each other.

By this time, John had joined us on the bed, and he and Susie began engaging in intercourse again while Alice and I laid together, caressing and stroking each other,

watching them. I was a bit upset that I had come AGAIN when I was struggling to keep my erection, and I was still horny but my cock needed some down time to

recuperate. I laid there with Alice, chit-chatting, and trying to get aroused again, when I noticed another white body on the bed on the other side of John and Susie,

mostly hidden from my view behind John. At first, I wasn't certain whether it was a man or a woman, though I noticed the hands that were fondling Susie?s breasts

appeared to be small ones of a woman. At some point in time while I didn't notice, a woman had stripped and joined in on the bed. It turned out to be Donna, who

had been in the lingerie contest and chatted with Susie the night before, and who had come by afterwards to tell me she had voted for me in the contest. It quickly

became a threesome with John, Susie, and Donna, while Alice and I were relaxing and watching. Alice then saw an opportunity to become involved with Donna

and Susie when John took a break (apparently to change condoms). Susie was licking Donna?s pussy and probing her with her fingers while Alice was sitting on

Donna?s face. Susie beckoned me to come over and relieve her as her fingers became fatigued, encouraging me to put my finger inside Donna, at the same time that

John returned and began licking Donna?s clit. How wild, four of us all giving Donna personalized attention at the same time! John gave her a few licks, then I took

over eating her and fingering her.

John returned a bit later with a bottle of lube, just as I was done, and he moved in between Donna?s legs, lubing his cock and preparing for insertion. I moved over

to the side of Donna as Susie started to ask John about his bottle of lube which was some cherry scented stuff. She helped John stroke the lube onto his cock, then

reached over to wipe the remainder onto my cock and proceeded to get on top of me while I lay there on my back. I was hard again at this point and was able to

get the comfort and connection back with Susie that I had sought earlier when we first moved onto the play area mattresses. I needed that connection at several

points during this play scenario to get me back into the swing of it all, both mentally and physically. We discussed this later, the need to balance maintaining our

contact during swinging but not to the point of driving others away from us thinking we aren't secure and open enough for the swinging lifestyle. During my rabbit

stroking with Susie on top, I had another orgasm, how many was that so far? I had lost count.

Sometime around here I noticed a fully clothed man watching us all on the mattress and it became apparent (Alice seemed to pick up on it first) that it was Donna's

husband. He was just watching the whole scenario and we learned later that he was having a bit of problem somewhere with his functionality. I felt a few times that

he might be having some bad feelings about this whole scene, but Susie pointed out that he was always smiling and seeming to enjoy it all even though he wasn't

directly participating.

John then flipped over onto his back and had Donna get on top of him, but he slipped out of her and lost his erection a bit, and his condom slipped off. He called

out ?wait, stop, this is important!?. Susie went over and began caressing his legs inside his thighs which he later told us was the key that helped him focus and return

his erection. When John and Donna finished, Alice, Donna and Susie got together as a 3-some fondling and caressing each other. I made the comment at the time,

that it was the most sensual and erotic vision, women caressing each other, that you just don't see with a man. Susie had to move because of her leg being pinned a

bit, so Donna laid back with Susie and Alice on either side of her. John returned and engaged in missionary style with Donna. I was watching and trying to get my

erection to come back "one more time". Susie looked at me and I commented that "I need a condom" as I started to get nice and hard. She saw the look of lust in

my eyes and went to our bedroom to get me a condom "quickly, while I still got it". I was stroking myself, was nice and hard and aroused looking at Donna laying

there after John had finished again with her. I put the condom onto my cock and felt this desire to be inside Donna. Alice was just getting ready to move in between

her legs with her mouth, when I gently persuaded her to let me in there instead. I said "do you mind?", she said ?go right ahead.? So I entered Donna missionary

and stroked her a while, holding her ankles up and apart, with long easy strokes.

After a while of this position, I rolled over and laid beside Donna and entered her again while laying on my side, with her still on her back. Susie had now reversed

her body laying on top of Donna, with her pussy over Donnas face and Susie's face over Donna's pussy, watching me stroking in and out "close up". Donna was

eating Susie for a while, but then tired and John returned with "another" condom and entered Susie from behind while she was still laying on top of Donna, straddling

her shoulders. My only point of view was of John stroking in and out of Susie while I was stroking in and out of Donna. Then Susie started to caress my butt and

probe for my butt hole, making my cock rock hard and I felt my orgasmic climb again, I started my rabbit-quick pumping pace and Donna started making noise as

she felt my throbbing and build-up taking place, until I finally exploded and gushed and moaned and groaned quite loudly! John disengaged from Susie, Susie

moved from on top of Donna, and I pulled my cock out, all of us collapsing on the bed!

By this time, we were all exhausted and satiated, resting for a bit before heading off to shower, get dressed, and pack up to leave. We all thanked each other and

chatted a bit, exchanging email addresses and hugging each other. We went to our room to dress and I went down to the bar to in the dining area to pick up

ourbooze to take home. The bartender gave me our liquor and said "I hope you had a good time.... Well, I know you did, I heard you having a good time.".

I asked "where did you hear that". And he replied "I heard that all the way down here at the BAR just a short while ago!".

Okay, the postscript is, after we got home, for the rest of the day, and night, and next day, up to the point where I am typing this very entry into the computer right

now, Susie and I have been after each other like rabbits in heat and I have cum and cum and cum until I'm dehydrated and Susie is dehydrated and we have been

replenishing our fluids, drinking constantly always thirsty! WOW, this was what we had always imagined swinging to be like!

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