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Our Sexual Re-awakening

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I must first warn you that this story is a long one! Everything in the beginning of this story is absolutely true. Then, I wrote a fantasy story that I hope that my lover and I might experience some day. The names have been changed because we’re just not open to sharing our lust with the rest of the world, at least yet! Read on if you dare…

We had talked about it for quite a long time. During hot sweaty slippery sex, I would give Cheri a naughty fantasy by whispering about sharing her with somebody while we fucked. The fantasy was something that we both seemed to enjoy. I’ve never been a jealous type, and the thought of watching her suck a man’s penis while I entered her wet pussy from behind was very exciting. At my age of 55, a little ‘spice’ was nice to kick start my ‘libido’ and, well, Cheri is sometimes more than I can handle alone. She is sexually open to almost anything as long as there is only pleasure, and no pain involved. She is 40, and I’ve heard that a woman reaches her peak at about that age. Well, she certainly indicated that that was true.

So, after long discussions concerning the risks and excitement of such an encounter, we began to explore the internet attempting to find information concerning taking extra partners. Surprisingly, it was difficult to find forums or chat sites that answered our curiosities about events such as this. I know that there are some ‘risks’ involved, but extra-curricular activities outside the home is probably something that almost everybody has either thought or dreamed about at some time in their lives, whether they admit it or not. It’s just that the thought of something like that is just too kinky for I estimate maybe three fourths of the population. But, that other one fourth are people who want to explore and experience all of life’s experiences while they can.

I think that I am generally a non-conformist. However, I think that I’m pretty straight in most ways. Back when I was younger, I never had the opportunity to share a partner with anyone else, although the thought of it had occurred to me many times. I guess that I either never had the courage to bring it up, or thought that I would be viewed as a weirdo or something.

When I was really young, before my teens actually, I had explored sex with some of the neighborhood kids, both boys and girls. I suppose that almost everybody does. It never went too far, although, I would have carried it further if the others had wanted to. It seemed that we knew that we were doing stuff that our parents would certainly NOT approve of. But, we weren’t actually ‘doing it’, but, we were just exploring and looking at each other, checking each other out. I enjoyed this immensely. One of the older more knowledgeable experienced kids, Rich, was trying to ride one of the girls, Robin, up onto his lap, but, she was obviously getting a little bit scared so he backed off. But, I remember that visual to this day and still find it a turn on for me.

I discovered that the boys were of course more into trying stuff, but any girls that we were lucky enough to entice into sex play were a lot more apprehensive. One really hot summer day I managed to get a neighborhood girl to take a bath with me, to cool off. After enticing her a bit, we got to a point where we stripped and eventually got around to touching each other between the legs in the tub. It was very erotic to me. I don’t know how she felt about it, or whether she even remembers it anymore. I’d bet that she does remember the incident, though. She was pretty young, and unfortunately, the little brat eventually told another family member about what we had done. One day I will never forget, I was thoroughly embarrassed to have to admit what we had done in front of her parents as punishment. But, they seemed to understand our exploration and made it easier on me. I know, now, that they didn’t want the experience to be too traumatic to me. I am eternally grateful to them for that.

It was pretty embarrassing, but, still, I didn’t learn my lesson. I was into sex, and I wasn’t going to give up that easily. But, I had discovered from that encounter with a girl in my bath tub on that hot erotic day, that although self stimulation felt exciting, if somebody else touched me the sensation in my groin increased ten fold or more! I mean, it went from my penis literally all the way down to the souls of my feet! I even found out later, that if I rubbed my feet on gravel, that I would get a totally erotic sensation in my cock, even when I wasn’t erect! That felt sooo very good, that I would sometimes shuffle my bare feet on smooth gravel to get that awesome feeling, knowing that nobody knew what I was really doing. Or did they? Hmmm, don’t know if I was as discreet as I thought.

So, although I preferred girls, it seemed that since boys were more willing to play along, and some of us boys explored our feelings together. They weren’t tattletales like that girl had been!

I don’t know how many of you remember your first orgasm. I can honestly say that I felt it for the first time when a close buddy of mine showed me how to masturbate. I had erections when I was only 6 or 7 years old and although I didn’t shoot any semen, I definitely experienced lots of orgasms. I was addicted to cumming at a really early age. When I started shooting semen, I was oh, 11 or 12 years old, or so. Sex self stimulation suddenly got a bit messy. But, I wasn’t about to stop!

I didn’t want to seem ‘gay’ to my friends, and I’m sure that they didn’t either. But, while we weren’t thinking of ourselves as homosexual, we enjoyed homosexual sex with those of us who were open to it. A couple of friends even seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. It began with mutual touching and fondling to orgasm, and I was jacked off, and also jerked a couple of guys to completion as well. Felt pretty good, too, I admit now. I found out that I enjoyed making another human feel good. And, I loved others making ME feel good, too.

I fondly remember two other boys, both named Rick. I lost touch with both of them over the years, and wonder whether they were gay, bisexual, or became strictly hetero. The first Rick had spent the night at my place one time, and during the night our conversation turned towards sexual topics. It got pretty interesting. Eventually he turned towards massage and was very careful to tell me that he would stop if I found it uncomfortable. I was pretty sure that I knew what he was up to. He was smooth, careful to move along slowly, and I guess that I wanted to see how far this might go. After some prolonged touching in innocent places, he moved towards my legs and ass, and slowly but surely moved down between my legs. Well, it was pretty damned exciting feeling him lightly touch my cock, which he found to be rather stiff. When he eventually knew that I didn’t mind this touching of my penis, he stroked it some more, all the while watching for a reaction that might say ‘enough’ but, I was OK with this. So, we continued, and eventually I turned over to let him get a better handle on me. He stroked me, almost expertly, even though we were so young. He knew what he was doing, and before too long, put my stiffy into his mouth and brought me to a good hard cum. I wasn’t in love with Rick, but, I certainly felt close to him, then. I decided to give him some pleasure too, and we ended up playing together most of the night. We explored oral, and it felt kind of strange, but, I admit erotic and pleasurable to suck him off and be sucked, too. So my first encounter with oral sex was with a guy, not a girl. As much as I would have loved to have a girl in my bed, I just went with what was available. Rick, you and I shared a time that I will never forget, as long as I live. It was hot, horny, naughty, and all the things good sex should be. Later that night, we both even rolled over to on our stomachs and allowed each other to slide our stiff hard cocks between our ass cheeks. We never penetrated each other’s ass, but, the sensation was incredible, just the same! I could only fantasize my cock in a girl’s pussy while doing him, but, sliding my stiff cock around Rick’s ass didn’t really feel that much different. It was erotic, and I came while doing that. He did too. We shared intimacy, usually reserved for lovers of opposite sexes. We didn’t fall in love with each other, but we surely enjoyed ourselves that night. If we were still in contact with each other, I’d have him share a sexual experience with my woman in an instant. He was caring and gentle. He’s just the type that we’d be looking for in a swinging experience today.

OK, hope that you homophobic types didn’t feel grossed out and stop reading. This is the absolutely the first time that I have admitted that I experienced this sexual encounter so long ago. Thinking back about it now, I would never have passed it up, even if I could take that moment back. It was really nice looking back at it. Telling you about it now really feels good to me. I’ve kept it hidden for too long.

Cheri has been interested in hearing about my past, and while I hinted about this aspect of my childhood, I never gave her the details until THIS very story! So, since I told all about Rick, well then, I’ve got another one to confess to. Read on, if you don’t mind hearing about this. I promise that I’ll get back to my girl experiences and fantasies later on.

So, I also had another friend, also named Rick. He was one of my closest friends from age 12 to 21 because we lived so close to each other. It didn’t take too long to discover that we were both horny guys. We often shared our desires for girls. He was a year or two younger than I was.

We had built a ‘fort’ under our house and it wasn’t long before we used it for private ‘stuff’. He had discovered a treasure of naked magazines, literally hundreds of ‘em that had been thrown away by somebody we didn’t know. Naturally, we sneaked those into our ‘fort’ and wallpapered the walls with naked girl pictures that we enjoyed looking at. Now, this was a long time ago, and in the early days pubic hair was just not shown in Playboy and other magazines. They were pretty tame by today’s standards. But, along with those magazines we discovered ‘Nudist’ magazines amongst the others. WOW! There were all kinds of naked people to view. Men with penises, and women’s pubic hair and pussies to view! PAYDIRT! We couldn’t believe the treasure that we had found. The pictures were really non-sexual, with people just standing around, playing volleyball, and the like. I mean it was standard ‘naturist’ stuff. But, when we saw ‘everything’ it was pretty exciting to a couple of horny young teens. We couldn’t wait to strip and stroke ourselves in front of each other while thumbing through the pages of those magazines. Eventually, we turned to stroking each other off while fantasizing about doing those women we were looking at. It also turned into full on sex with each other, but we both knew that we’d rather do it with women. So we shared sexuality with each other for some time. We sucked each other off and enjoyed watching each other cum while stroking each other to completion. I never tasted his sperm, though, and neither did he taste mine. But, we also enjoyed pushing our cocks between our ass cheeks until we came. Felt pretty good, and, of course, we kept that private from anyone else. It was once again a very nice sharing experience. It felt odd feeling his cream between my legs, and I wondered how he felt about mine. He never seemed to mind. Although I eventually lost contact with him, I heard later that he married, and was enjoying a hetero lifestyle later on. Perhaps he remained bisexual. I just don’t know. But, other than those two guys, I never had another same sex experience again. I was ready for experiencing sex with women, now. And later, I found it to be just as nice as I had dreamed and fantasized.

Well, I guess that those ‘group’ encounters back in the early 60’s kind of stuck with me through the years. I still remember those times fondly, and wonder how many other people had a similar experience in their lives. I’ll bet that there were more than would like to admit. But, I wonder how many enjoyed the experience, or, how many found it repulsive, dirty, or too scary? But, once again…..I digress……

Let us move back to the present time. I have a wonderful life partner, female, and she’s totally hot! We are totally in love, and she knows that I have had this interest about multiple partner sex. We’ve recently opened up our passions and discovered that the subject doesn’t turn either of us off! She is apprehensive but, not totally against trying something like sharing with other people. At first she was surprised that I mentioned that sharing her with somebody really was exciting to me. I told her that I didn’t feel jealousy towards watching her doing naughty sexual things with another man or woman, and actually got turned on by the fantasy of all of that!

So, we began exploring the world wide web for awhile, and, about the only thing that we found was a website called ‘Adult Friend Finder’ which looked like it catered to curious people like us. We finally started to fill out a small questionnaire and see what would happen. Soon, we did get a couple of hits. I think that the website says that ‘Somebody winked at you’. Wanting to ask questions of somebody who actually was experiencing encounters of this nature, we contacted him ‘discreetly’ and filled him in on our curiosity. He actually wrote back, twice, but, there was something odd in the first correspondence that seemed a bit odd. First of all, he didn’t seem interested in friendship, but, was just into the ‘sex’ thing. He was actually married, but, living apart from his spouse, who apparently had agreements with him to be able to have sex outside of the marriage because they lived so far apart from each other.

His second correspondence was friendlier sounding, but, we haven’t answered it yet. I came down with a flu / cold thing that put me down for awhile. Then, holidays came up and we were pre-occupied with family and friends visiting. Naturally, we wanted to keep our sexual curiosities from those family folks. First of all, it wasn’t any of their business, and the family has a way of jumping on a subject and gossiping it to death. I’m sure that they would have a field day with this one!

Later on we found ‘Swingerlifestyle’ and the Swingerboard on line, which both of us have been spending hours and hours on. Exciting and informative stuff found there and many of our questions are now answered regarding this subject. We’ve still got more questions though…..

OK, now one of the other ‘winks’ that we received was from an older couple, by about three years, who indicated that they liked to ‘watch and be watched’…….Hmmmm…..That sounded kind of exciting to me, because that was one of the fantasies that I sometimes whispered into Cheri’s ear as we were in a passionate embrace. One of the things I always wanted to make sure of, was that Cheri was completely satisfied with the situation, and was treated respectfully, and cherished for her sexuality. I didn’t want some guy to come in and ‘use’ us, and especially her! I wanted it to be something that she would look forward to again and again. I wanted her to be blissfully happy!

Well, we haven’t contacted that couple, but, awhile ago I was lying down in our bedroom, resting from yet another bout with that flu/cold which had hit me a second time. I just happened to be in a somewhat dream state and that ‘wink’ from the couple ran across my mind. I began to run a ‘perfect encounter’ fantasy scenario where everything went perfectly and we ended up having really hot sex, with no regrets or feelings of ‘Why did we do THAT?’ Here’s how that fantasy went….

We contacted the couple who had winked at us on the website. It seemed that we were a lot alike. We’re pretty normal people, with regular jobs, etc. After friendly correspondence that seemed to show that they’re caring nice people, we decided to take the next step and meet them. I won’t go into descriptions of us or them. I’ll just leave that to your naughty little minds to conjure up. That’s what is great about fantasy stories. Just imagine your favorite scene…..

Now, where does a first meeting occur? In case it didn’t go right, I didn’t want unknown people to know our home’s location yet. So, we agreed to meet for cocktails in another town, just to see how they were and let them see what kind of warm caring people that we are.

Nervously, we sat in the cocktail lounge and after awhile were greeted by a very normal looking couple. I’ll just call them ‘Lois and Clark’…..don’t ask me why. I don’t know their real names. It hasn’t got anything to do with Superman……They were not Barbie and Ken dolls. They were normal average people, which I personally prefer, anyway.

So, we chatted, got to know each other some, and drank cocktails which broke some of the tension. They were, indeed, a lot like us. We had both had children, now grown and out of the house. I was relieved to find that they seemed to like our personalities, too. Cheri is of course, very sociable and easy to talk to. I could see that Clark was kind of checking Cheri out and knew that eventually he would like to see her naked. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if we shared a sexual encounter together. I must admit that I find the scent of sex arousing, and couldn’t help wondering what two couples sex scent mingling might be like. I was totally aroused by the thought….Am I being disgusting by saying that?

Well, it was Clark and Lois who broke the ice, and eventually invited us to their place. It was nearby, and, they said that they had more liquor at home, and, a hot tub. The outside temperature in this northwest area of Oregon was cool, almost chilly. It sounded really nice, and a nice way to relax and see how things went. They assured us that there would be no pressure if we got ‘cold feet’ or decided this wasn’t going well for us. Naturally, this is what we wanted to hear. They were relaxed and calm and we found out later that they had done this before. They were excited by the prospect of sharing sex with ‘novices’.

OK, so, we drove to their place, a modest home in a slightly rural area. It was secluded, private, and comfortable. We had a couple more cocktails and talked some more about anticipation, scruples, and such, and Lois mentioned that she knew exactly how we felt because they always had the same questions in their minds, too.

So, as the cocktails did their work, and we loosened up about our conversations toward sex, it was Cheri who mentioned in passing that she was ‘commando’ tonight. I didn’t even know that she was panty less and she did one better by mentioning that she had clipped her hair back ‘down there’ because she knew that I liked it that way. Yes, I sure do…..I mean, if women shave their legs, and underarms, what’s the harm in trimming back the bush, too? It’s extremely erotic to me, and makes her look even more ‘naked’ when I can see her pussy mound and clit like that. Hot! I love licking her between her legs when she’s slick and slippery with her bush trimmed back. In the past, I decided to try it, too, and clipped my hair back and shaved myself to smoothness. I think that it adds to an erotic feeling when she takes me into her mouth. Mmmm. But, unshaved is really nice, too. And I know that shaving isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Stubble reappears quickly, and skin down there is sensitive and can actually leave a woman chafed and irritated. So, it’s something I certainly don’t insist on. And, a woman’s bush can be exciting, too.

OK, so Cheri was obviously feeling comfortable with the surroundings and taking a step in the right direction. I guess that I could say that I saw a ‘green light’. The conversation was getting arousing. Cheri topped it off by lifting her skirt and showed off to our hosts for a second. I was shocked by Cheri suddenly doing that. It must have been the booze, I thought, ‘cuz I hadn’t ever seen her so open before. Lois and Clark both seemed pleasantly surprised by her sudden display. So, Lois, said that she had done the same thing, and flashed her charms to us, too. Just a quick flash of course, but, what can I say? It’s pretty arousing to be flashed by a member of the opposite sex. Then, of course, the attention turned to us guys. I knew it was coming, but, it was like a competition suddenly. It was like, I showed you mine, now, you show me yours. This was an old game that I loved to play as a kid. Yeah, I admit that I was nervous, though. It had been a long time since I had played this game, and I guess that now, I have a rejection complex, but, I thought that I should be open about it, so I mentioned that my equipment was, shall I say, normal, and not like the stuff you see in movies.

Clark had done this kind of thing before, so before I knew it, he stripped down to the buff, and proved that he was now aroused because he had a nice one sticking out at a right angle from his groin. I took a deep breath and said to myself, it’s now or never. Off came my clothes, and let me tell you, I was relieved to hear them make me feel comfortable by approving of my body, as it was. Fortunately, I didn’t have a problem with an erection. My cock had responded proudly to the anticipation of seeing naked people before me. Remember, this was the first male erection I had seen in person, except for X rated videos, other than my own, in decades!

Clark said that the water in the hot tub was nice and hot, and that we should hop in. So, one by one, we entered their hot tub, after watching the women strip down to their wonderful nakedness. Personally I love looking at ‘real’ naked bodies, rather than porn star types with perfect ‘everything’…..It’s much more erotic to see a real body revealed, and voyeur that I admit that I am, I admit that I was soaking up the whole thing. I loved to watch Lois and Clark admiring Cheri, both for her mind and body, and knew that he would love to touch, and be touched by her expert hands. The chilly night air caused her nipples to become hard. It’s exciting to look at Cheri’s tits. When she gets excited sexually, she gets goosebumps all over, especially down her legs, and her nipples stand out showing that she’s turned on, almost like a guys erection.

Bubble jets were turned on, and we settled into the tub, reclining together and just enjoying the moment. All was going well, now, and I was totally relaxed with the situation at hand. I looked at Cheri and she had a look of quiet relaxation in her half closed eyes. She lay back into the bubbles and I moved towards her and kissed her neck (I know that she loves that) and she turned towards me and kissed my mouth exploring it with her tongue. I brought my hand towards her breast and caressed it tweaking her nipple lightly as I did so, which brought an erotic moan from her lips. I became aware that of course, we certainly were not alone in that tub, and glanced towards our hosts to see that they had been watching us, and had become aroused at our tender display of affection, and responded in kind. It started out pretty innocent like. But, soon, Lois rolled towards Clark and her butt came into view as she began to straddle her husband, who had moved his stiff cock between her now spread legs and searched for her entrance to ecstasy. He slid the head of his cock back and forth, up and down Lois’s slit and in a few seconds with passionate groans from both of them, she slipped him slowly into her body. Wow! That was quick. She pulled him out, then she helped him find the right spot and slid down once more on his manhood to his groan of passion. She smiled and admitted that Clark didn’t like to wait too long for penetration. This was an awesome sight for Cheri and myself. We had watched sex on TV before, but, the sight of actually watching somebody fucking in front of us was ten times more exciting, and I moved my hands down to explore Cheri’s slit and clit and tickle her naughtily with my fingers, exploring her sex, and making sure that our hosts could watch, which they did, as Clark and Lois turned towards us and slid their hot wet bodies back and forth while watching me kissing Cheri and playing with her spread pussy for all to see. This was heavenly, a fantasy come true, and I wanted it to last. I know that I personally love to feel my cock slide into a wet excited slippery pussy, then pull out all the way, to re-penetrate over and over a few times. That feeling is absolutely heavenly.

Our display had an effect on our hosts, and now they started to really fuck each other, now, in front of us causing water to ebb and flow in the tub with an erotic pulse. Soon, Lois started to tell us that she was ‘gonna cum, gonna cum, oh, God, I’m gonna cum, baby, Ohh, watch us cum, Cal and Cheri, ‘cuz it turns us on to be watched while we come….Oh, God, I’m so turned on, I want to fuck all night!! JESUS! Fuck me hard, now, Ohhh, fuck! Oh, God, I just love it when somebody watches us fucking….”

Well, I love dirty talk, and Lois calling out our names while she was cumming was very arousing. Naturally I wanted to fuck Cheri, too, so I lay back and pulled her on top of me, trying to give our friends a similar display to the erotic show we were watching. Cheri got into the exhibition thing, too, and spread her legs wide apart to show her sexy ass taking my cock into her pussy. God, I love the first penetration of her hot slippery wet love tunnel! It was really erotic for me to be fucking in front of this couple while they watched us, and Clark reached his first cum of the night, squirting his thick ropey love juice into Lois while they groaned in sexual bliss.

I wanted this to last, but, it was all so erotic that I felt it boiling up from the bottom of my feet, and before long, I was shooting my load into Cheri’s body, while she expertly milked my cock with her pussy. I stayed inside her as long as I could, but, sadly, my cock kind of wilted away for awhile. It was the best cum I had had in a long long time, though.

Both women were ready for a lot more, though, even though the guys had to catch a breather. We both admitted that we wished that we had more staying power. I knew that I would recover, though, and we got out of the hot tub, and toweled ourselves off. Soon, we were invited to their bedroom which was modestly decorated to show it as a place of pleasure and rest. They lit candles and burned incense to add more spice to the evening. It felt comfortable, with a huge bed, the spread pulled back inviting us to play on it. The girls moved to lie down, and Clark and I just watched for a few minutes to see two naked women stretch and lie next each other. Soon, Lois began to touch Cheri, lightly at first, to make sure that Cheri approved. It was obvious that Lois was bi and Cheri was bi-curious, so, another fantasy was about to be realized. Clark and I sat back in a couple of easy chairs and watched the women begin to explore each other’s bodies in front of us. Cheri always told me that she’d love to taste a woman’s pussy, so, she quickly moved to Lois’s honey spot, and spread her legs lewdly apart for the guys display, and then, after stroking her fingers around Lois spread sex, she put her face into that recently fucked slit and began to make love to her. This was quite a sight, for both Clark and myself, and sub-consciously, we began to stroke ourselves while watching the women. Soon, Lois wanted to taste Cheri, too, so they moved to the 69 position well knowing that, they should display as much as they could to the ogling men getting hard dicks again. Pretty soon, Cheri moved on top of Lois, and started to fuck her face, something I knew well, and loved to feel. Cheri really gets going from this, and I love to feel her almost smother me with her hot cunt pounding into my tongue and lips, until she admitted that she was starting to cum, too, from fucking Lois’s mouth. It was unbelievable watching how much she shot off from this. Obviously, this encounter with another woman was a going very well. Lois gurgled something about needing a cock in her, so Clark took the cue and moved towards her spread legs. He looked at me for approval, and slipped his cock into Lois while he ran his hands up and down Cheri’s body, and grabbed her tits and played with her nipples. The sudden feeling of another man’s hands on her body was too much, and Cheri came again, gasping, and cussing about how fucking awesome it was to feel both a man and woman fucking her at the same time.

As Lois began feeling her next vocal orgasm coming on, she fucked Clark hard until he released his next load and they both collapsed feeling obviously spent and wonderful. Cheri finally also collapsed onto the bed and beckoned me to take her from behind, which is one of my favorite positions. She brought her ass up lewdly and spread her ass cheeks apart, and let me slide my re-awakened stiffy into her from behind. Lois and Clark really enjoyed watching, and the scent of hot sweaty sex filled the room nastily. Before long, Lois moved between Cheri and I felt Lois’s hands while she massaged my nut sack while I pounded into Cheri. Then she moved on to Cheri’s clit to tickle it. This was proving very exciting and Clark moved around to Cheri’s face and asked her politely if she would suck his cock. Cheri, always the pleaser, took his stiff cock and slipped it into her mouth. The sight and feeling was amazingly nasty. I watched Cheri suck his penis. This had an amazing effect on me, and I guess with Cheri, too. Both of us didn’t take long to reach another mind blowing cum. As we grunted and groaned and shot another load of cum, Clark once again also announced that he was ready to cum, and this time and Cheri stopped sucking, grabbed his cock and stroked it until he spurted about four times. I loved watching Cheri get him off that way. I lay down on top of Cheri while we regained our strength for a few minutes. Lois enjoyed watching Clark shoot off in Cheri’s hands.

“Are you having fun, honey?” Cheri asked, and I could only nod affirmation that this was incredible, and that I hoped she was enjoying it too. I could tell that she was, though, because of the way she had cum, especially while Lois was playing with her clit while I fucked her.

I admitted that I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. Apparently I wasn’t alone. Thank God, I thought, they have a limit too. But, they didn’t want the night to end, just yet, either. They asked us to relax awhile and just have another drink and regain some strength. We took time to clean up the evidence of our sex, too.

So, after a half an hour or so those insatiable girls were ready for one more round. Lois was really into Cheri and her little pussy, so it wasn’t long before she started licking up and down Cheri’s hot slick slit again. We had all cleaned up a bit, during our break so it was fresh, now, at least for the minute. Cheri stretched and let Lois do her magic and loved showing off her lewdly spread legs for us to watch. As Lois knelt down to lick Cheri’s pussy, she also showed off her ass and pussy which was a double turn on for the guys. Lois bounced her ass and pussy around and humped an imaginary cock in hot fucking motions. As Cheri came again and again, she suddenly had more energy and said there was something else that she always wanted to try, and that was a sex sandwich with two men. Lois’s had done this before,and told Cheri how fulfilling it was. It turned her on to watch her man slip his cock into another chick, she said. So, I took the bottom position and Cheri slipped onto my cock after straddling me and rubbing my cock back and forth across her hot slit. Once again, Heaven! She then spread herself wide apart. Lois said that this was an erotic opportunity that every woman should try some time. Lois grabbed a condom from a bed table nearby. She rolled it onto Clark’s stiff dick. She also said that she had something to make the experience easier. She pulled out some of that new ‘warming KY personal jelly’ and squirted it into her hands. Then, grabbing her husbands cock, she stroked him coating his cock with the jelly while whispering how she wanted to watch it slide into Cheri’s ass to fuck her good. Naturally, Clark responded from the nasty talk from his wife, and moved carefully to Cheri’s outspread ass. As I slipped into her front hole, Clark groaned as he slowly and carefully slipped his slippery dick between her ass cheeks. He slipped it back and forth so his wife could watch, and it lubricated Cheri’s sphincter until he could start to penetrate her butt. I could feel his hard cock slowly slip into Cheri and knew that she was being royally fucked, now. I always wondered what a woman must feel like to be fucked by two guys at once, both hard and excited by the thought of having sex with her like that. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and we rode like that for some time, not hurrying, but just enjoying what I knew had to be the finale for the evening. As we fucked in and out of Cheri, our cocks rubbing inside of her was, well, pretty erotic. This was altogether a different feeling than I had ever experienced, and well, pretty fun. I could watch the lustful look of Clark’s face, obviously in ecstacy, Cheri’s erotic look of fulfillment, and then I turned to watch Lois seated next to us, first squeezing Cheri’s tits and pussy, and then putting her husband’s hands on Cheri’s slit rubbing it and playing with her. While Clark squeezed his last load into Cheri, Lois sat and lewdly gave us a show of her spread pussy while she fingered herself, then let me tickle her with my fingers into her final explosion. That became my cue, too, and as I pushed into Cheri one last time I grunted and shot my last load. There wasn’t much cream from me at this point, but, the orgasm was one I’d never forget. Lois turned towards Clark and groaned, “Watching you fuck her ass is getting me off, baby. Shit, I’m going to come from watching you fuck her, you nasty man.” That was it for Clark, and he started shooting into Cheri calling out “Oohh ohh, ohh, over and over. I’m going to shoot my cum in her ass baby! Watch me, lover, oh, it feels so naughty having you watch us!” Then, Cheri hit her last cum of the night, and it seemed the most intense! She loved the feeling of two cocks in her. It felt nasty, naughty, and wonderful…..

It was all I could do to get up off the bed. I was spent, Cheri was spent, and we looked like rag dolls, all four of us. It had been even more than we could have imagined.

They invited us back to have another round some time in the near future. I nodded my head and said that this had been an awesome night. As we dressed and headed for the door, they told us that we could spend the night next time, if we wanted to. Seemed like a good idea, because I really didn’t want to have to drive all the way home after this. I walked, rubbery legged, to our car ride home, but, just before we left, Lois kissed Cheri and thanked her for such a great evening. Clark kissed Sherry full on the mouth and thanked her for everything she had done to get him off. They mentioned that they loved camping, and wondered if we did, too, and we thought that maybe this would add some interesting twists to camping trips in the future.…..Hmmm, fucking outdoors, and in our tent trailer.

But, that’s another story…..for another time…..

Hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it…..Cheri, you nasty little thing, you…..God, I love you more every day!

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