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Our Second Evening at a Swing Club

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Our first time at an on-premises swing club in New York City was so much fun and so stimulating that we talked about it almost all the time. We both agreed that the swinging life style was very exciting and we wanted to continue. We felt that our agreement to just do soft swinging, no penetration, was a good idea and agreed to continue that way for a while. About two weeks later we had another business trip to New York City. This one we set up for a Friday so we could also stay over, visit the swing club that evening, and return home on Saturday.

Friday night we went to a movie, had a bite to eat, and arrived at swing club about 11 PM. This time we did not need any orientation and so we undressed, grabbed our towels, and took a look at the various rooms. We decided to get a spot near the far corner of the big group room, and we settled down on our towels and watched what was going on.

On the other side of the room by the door there was a couple fucking. The guy, a tall, well muscled black guy, was really slamming it to his gal. She must have really enjoyed it because she was moaning and shouting his name. This went on and on for over a half hour. It was like living in a good hard porn movie.

While we were watching and listening to them, a Caucasian couple came in and lay down in the area next to us. He was about 5' 10", early 40's, medium build with white, balding hair. She was shorter, a little heavier, brunette, with a knit top on. Both were fairly nice looking. They started playing with each other and glancing over at us as we laid on our backs, playing with each other.

After a while, the guy moved his hand over and started rubbing Tina's leg. We turned to them and said hello. Then the gal introduced both of them, Judy and Bill. She said that Bill was an intern, worked humongous hours, and she brought him here so he could unwind. Apparently they were basically friends with privileges rather than in a relationship. Tina asked Judy why she wore the knit top. Judy told us that she had undergone dual mastectomiesy as a result of breast cancer. We were stunned. Judy said to not mind, as she had been OK for over five years and she was living her life every day.

Tina and I looked at each other and she whispered to me that I ought to try to make Judy really feel good. Than, as we talked Judy asked if I would like for her to come over and lay down beside me. I said yes and Tina whispered to me as Judy walked around, "See how many times you can make her cum." I asked her if she was going to relieve the doctor?s stress and she told that she had to "do her duty." I playfully pinched her and turned to face Judy, who was now lying beside me.

I saw out of the corner of my eye that Bill had moved closer to Tina, started kissing her breasts and rubbing around her pussy. Judy and I started kissing and quickly moved into deep French kissing. I worked around to her ears, neck, and shoulders, kissing, sucking, caressing, and generally used lots of foreplay to get Judy warmed up. She was really into it, kissing back, caressing, rubbing my dick, and pulling me tight against her. I slowly worked my way down her body, skipping her breast area and moving down to her legs. I started slowly up her legs, caressing and kissing them on the inside of her thighs. I stayed away from any direct contact with her pussy, nibbling and nipping her pubic mound and the upper part of her inner thighs. By this time Judy was red hot, breathing hard, and juice was running down from her pussy. She was begging me to "go for it." Finally, I took a long, slow lick of her pussy from her ass to her pubic mound. She grabbed my head and held it onto her pussy, and then she came, jerking her hips, moaning, and saying, "Oh God, Oh God," over and over.

I let her cool off for a minute or so and then I started working on her inner thighs, pubic mound, and finally homed in on her pussy again. She started to warm up again and after I kissed and sucked on her pussy for about five minutes, she came again. We repeated this process about six or seven more times, until she said that she was just too exhausted to go on. She pulled me up beside her, hugged me, kissed me, and told me that she had never cum so many times before. We lay there and turned to watch Tina and Bill.

By that time I noticed that Bill and Tina were really wrapped up in each other, kissing heavy, and he had his fingers in her pussy warming her up. She later told me that after they had played earlier, she had started giving Bill a hand job. He had gotten hard but apparently had not cum. Several times he got up and went to the bathroom, apparently to pee and put on a new condom. Each time she would use her hand to get him hard again. Now we watched him move over between Tina's outstretched legs and start to lick and kiss her thighs. Soon, Tina was laying on her back moaning, groaning, twisting her head from side, and moving her hips up and down in tune with Bill's tongue on her pussy and clit. Then, as we watched, Bill got on his knees and moved up between Tina's legs with his hard, condom covered dick in his hand. A shiver went through my body as I realize that he wanted to fuck her and she was not stopping him as we had agreed before we came to the swing club that night. Then, Tina looked over at me and raised her eyebrows, asking me if it was OK to go ahead. For a few microseconds I was torn, as it is a big step to go from watching someone playing with your girlfriend to sliding his dick in her. So, here I was beside her and another guy was getting ready to fuck her.

But, I love her and want her to enjoy herself to the fullest, and so I nodded to her. With that she tugged on Bill's shoulders and he slid his dick into her wet pussy in one smooth motion. He lay down close to her body and hunched hips driving his dick into her again and again. She pulled her legs up and clutched his shoulders, hunching her hips up to meet his strokes. After about ten strokes, Bill strained, grunted, and exclaimed, "I'm cumming," driving his dick hard into her pussy. He lay on top of her for a minute or so, regaining his breathing. Then he pulled out, exclaiming, "You were so tight that I could not stop cumming right away." Tina smiled and looked up at him and said, "You were so big in me."

Bill got up and went to the bathroom, changed his condom, and came back while Tina, Judy, and I talked and caressed each other. When Bill got back, he was stroking his dick to get it hard again. Judy and I were kissing Tina' breasts, neck, and face. Bill went down on Tina again, sucking on her pussy and clit. After a little bit, Bill got up on his knees again and moved in again between Tina's legs. This time Tina reached down, grabbed his hard, condom covered dick, and guided it into her pussy. Bill stayed on his knees for a while, plunging his dick into her pussy while Judy and I watched it slide in and out. Then, Bill lowered his body again over Tina's, Tina raised her legs and wrapped them around his backside, and he started to really hammer her pussy while she humped her hips up to meet his thrusts. This time he lasted about fifteen minutes before he grunted, stiffened, and came again. He rolled off of her and we laid there caressing each other and chatting while he recovered. He thanked her for such a good time and said, "You are such a Princess," and we all said our goodbyes.

Tina and I went to the bathroom, showered, and had some food in the buffet line. After we had relaxed a bit, we returned to the large group room and lay down in an open area along the far wall. After we had been there for a short while, a single guy who had been watching us in the buffet line laid down beside us. He then reached over and started caressing Tina's breasts. She looked down and saw that he had his hard dick in his hand, caressing it. She motioned for him to move up so she could reach his dick. He got up on his knees beside her and she started stroking his dick. He was tall and he had a long, skinny dick. I was on the other side of her, lying beside her, nibbling on her breasts and feeling her pussy. She has a good grip and motion and soon the guy was moaning. Suddenly he came, spurting about six long ropes of thin cum over her shoulder and hair. He thanked her and as he moved away, another guy, a little shorter and stockier, moved in to take his place.

This guy had been watching and his dick was already hard. She reached out and started stroking the new guy's dick. This one was shorter, but so big she could hardly get her hand around it. Soon, he also came, spurting thick globs of cum onto the towel beside her shoulder. As he finished, another guy took his place and she stroked him until he came. When we looked up there were two more guys in line waiting for her hot, very effective hands. She took care of each of them in turn. The last guy unfortunately, came so hard that some of it got on her hair.

We then got up and showered, as she wanted to wash off any of the cum that got onto her, especially her hair. When we returned and lay back down there was a new couple lying next to us. She was a very good looking, fairly thin, about 35 year old Black lady. He was Caucasian, older, not so thin, and had white hair. She, Olivia, and Tina reached out and started stroking each other's breasts. Then Tina moved around so she was parallel to and about 4 feet from the wall. Olivia moved on top of her and they started kissing and caressing each other. Soon, Olivia twisted around and went down on Tina, playing with and then sucking her pussy. Tina, underneath, reached up and played with Olivia's pussy. During this time, another couple moved over and joined us. The lady started caressing Olivia's butt and Tina's breast while her guy moved to the opposite side and was caressing Tina's other breast and Olivia's breasts. Tina had kept me hard by stroking my dick. She indicated that Olivia may want some action so I rolled on a condom, got onto my knees and moved behind Olivia. I leaned in and licked Olivia?s pussy for a bit, realizing quickly that it was dripping wet with her juices. As I moved up to her, Tina guided my dick into Olivia?s very warm, wet pussy. I held Olivia?s hips as I pounded her pussy doggie style for as long as I could last before I came. It seemed liked only seconds, but Tina, lying underneath Oliva watching my dick slide in and out of Olivia's pussy, said that I lasted about 10 minutes before I filled the condom with my cum. By that time Olivia was slamming her butt back against me, and there was no way I could keep from cumming.

I went into the bathroom, cleaned up, and returned. For a while I watched all the action, moving in from time to time to suck on either Tina's or Olivia's breasts. Then Olivia's guy pulled her hips off to one side away from on top of Tina's face and shoved his hard dick in Olivia's pussy, doggy style. Now the woman from the other couple was on her knees, and she moved so her crotch was over Tina's face, about eight inches away. Tina reached up and started playing with her pussy. In the meantime, Olivia, as she was being doggy fucked by her guy, started sucking the dick of the guy beside her. This guy had a large, long dick, and Olivia could barely get her mouth on it. She really worked on the head for a long time but she could not get the guy to cum. In the meantime, her guy (fucking her doggy style) came and pulled out. Tina had gotten tired of having the other gal?s pussy over her face so she wiggled out from under Olivia.

This sort of broke up the action. We all pulled back and chatted for a moment, said our thanks and goodbyes, and left.

As we drove back to the hotel, we realized that we had really gotten head over heels into swinging this evening, including our first hard swap, her first serial hand jobs, her first time watching my dick slide into another woman's pussy right over her head, and our first six way. But, it gave us the subject of conversation that continues today, such as the fact that she needs to learn to say, "Next," after she finishes giving a guy a hand job, and that sometimes, "We have to do our duty.".

After we got into our room we showered together. As we soaped each other up, Tina asked me what I thought of the evening at the swing club. Then she looked down, grabbed my rock hard cock and said, ?I think I know the answer already!? We rinsed off she led me by my hard cock to the bed where, almost as soon as I got into her, I came. She laughed when I told her that she was, ?such a Princess!? Then she stroked me until I got hard again. This time I took it slow and we made love for almost an hour. What a way to end a fantastic evening!

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