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Our New Spa Room

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About 2 years ago my wife and I decided to add a large 8 person hot tub / whirlpool type spa to our home. We contracted to have the 18 X 20 foot spa room built as an addition to our home and it included a sauna and shower area along with the spa tub. Once the basic framing was completed, the contractor had the spa delivered and placed in the room early due to its size and told us that a crew would return later to finish the spa installation once the rest of the room was completed.

One day as the room neared completion, the spa supplier called and said that his crew would be there the next day to finish the work on the spa. The next morning the crew of three college aged men showed up as I was leaving for work and my wife showed them to the spa room and they got to work on it. It was a hot summer day in Atlanta and the AC hadn't been installed in the spa room yet and soon Barb noticed that all 3 of the installers had tossed their T-shirts aside, trying to keep cool in the work area. She guessed them to be about 21 or 22 and that all had hard sexy bodies and that she was having a hard time not watching them as they worked. Trying to help, she opened both doors from the spa room into the rest of the house and set up a large box fan to push some of the cooler air into the work area. She also told them if they needed anything, to just come into the house and find her.

About an hour later Barb was taking a shower in our bathroom attached to our bedroom, when she heard one of the young men ask if there was anything he could do for her as he pressed his hands against the shower curtain pushing it up against her breasts as she stood there in the shower. She wasn't sure what to do, as we do party with other couples from time to time. But this was different. She was alone , naked , standing in our shower with a strangers hands cupping her breasts through a mostly transparent shower curtain. Then before she could think about it , she heard a click and the lights in the shower went out and then the curtain started sliding aside. As she stood there in the dark with the warm shower splashing over her, one of the young spa workers climbed into the shower with her and placed her hands on his swelling cock. Later she told me that she was scared but that the worker's cock grew to almost 9" as she was griping it and that she couldn't resist the urge to suck on it. Soon she had all 9" down her throat and then gave his balls a massive squeeze causing him to blast a huge load of cum down her throat.

As she eased her grip on his balls and finished sucking the last of his cum as it oozed out of the head of his cock, he grabbed her hand and lead her out of the shower and into our bedroom and pushed her onto her back in the middle of our king size bed. Then he hollered " hay guys she likes to suck cock" and with that the two other spa workers walked into the room. They were already naked and immediately climbed onto the bed. As the the guy from the shower held her down one of the others started eating her pussy as the other guy shoved his cock into her mouth. Later she admitted that she was cumming so much that she didn't care what was going on.

After about ten minutes her pussy was on fire as climax after climax swept over her. Then she felt her legs being spread apart and the guy who had been licking her clit now was shoving his cock into her. She said that it swelled massively once inside her and later discovered that it was all of 10" long and very thick, She went crazy as that huge cock pounded her dripping pussy. Grabbing the cock in her mouth, she sucked it all in as she massaged his balls and he shot his load all over her face. Seeing that the guy in her pussy exploded and filled her with stream after stream of his hot cum.

Then the guy from the shower said " I think she's ready" and with that the tree of them rolled her onto her belly. While he was climbing into position behind her one of the other guys found the bottle of lube that we kept in the night stand next to our bed. He poured allover her butt and she could feel him rubbing it into her ass and then rubbing it on the guy's cock. My wife said that she tried to protest but with in seconds she felt the first of three cocks enter her ass . Since we often include anal play together, her ass had no trouble in accepting his hard cock as he slid it into her. Her moans of pleasure gave her away and he pounded her ass smacking her ass with his balls with every stroke. The first guy lasted about 3 minutes and then filled her ass with his cum. As he pulled out, number two shoved his 10" cock right back in pushing tons of cum out in the process. Barb was out of control and she was cumming one right after another, giving his massive cock a huge grip each time she came. Soon she got him and he blasted her ass full of cum for the second time. When the third guy got behind her, cum was freely flowing out of her ass and his cock slipped easily inside her. In 8 or 10 mighty lunges, he slammed her ass as fast as he could and then reached under her and grabbed her tits and squeezed them as hard as he could as he drove his 8" cock and part of his ball sack into her ass and blasted his load inside her as she hollered in pain and pleasure at the same time.

Then they lead her back to our shower and turned the warm water on and pulled the shower curtain closed behind her. As she stood there in the shower with the warm water splashing over her, she wondered if it was all a dream. But as the tingling in her body continued and the cum continued to run out of her pussy and ass, she knew it was real, but what now? She finished up her shower and dressed and walked out to the spa room where the three guys were finishing up the spa installation. As she entered the room, one of the guys winked and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She said that they had done a great job of installing the spa and wondered if the three of them would be interested in coming back some evening and joining her and me for some fun together. They all smiled and said "no problem! " and so after she told me all about the great time she had helping with the spa installation we invited them over two days later to share the same experiences she had that day with both of us, but that's part two of our spa room installation.

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