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Our New Apartment Neighbors

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Terri and I moved out of a house into an apartment when I got a job with a company and we had to move. She had loved the house but the market was too high to buy one and there were none to rent that we could afford so we found a nice apartment community that seemed to offer what we needed. It was in a woodie setting with lots of trees and scenery. Almost as soon as we got settled our neighbors converged on us, particularlt tow couples. One that were in their mid 20s Janna and Frank, both very nice looking, he was stocky but not fat and she was a slender little thing that almost had titties if they got cold and her nipples got hard. It was obvious from the start that Frank was facinated with Terri's 44EE set. The other couple, Faye and Tony were in their 30s and very laid back. Tony was athletic and Faye was a exercise instructor at a local club. She was firm all over and had a nice build but again, almost no tits. Maybe a 34a but that would be saying a lot. Terri had taken to wearing what are called sun dresses. That is they have a kind of halter top attached to the waist and the skirt bottom that she never wore below her knees. With her very firm and lovely tits she had everyone, both men and women looking at her most of the time. She and I really enjoyed the view she offered. Terri had naturally dark brown hair so her nipples were also very dark as was her pussy hair. Even though she shaved totally clean she wore jet black string panties all the time (if she wore them at all) and her sun dresses were always a light yellow of pastel color, in a word, transparent. She never wore bra in these dreses so her dark nipples always were visible as was the dark triangle the black panties presented. We went to Disney World once and three women actually asked her if she had implants. She told them no and offered to show them. One suggested they go to the ladies room and so they all did, a half hour later they all came out convinced that Terri's breasts were all the real thing. She had begun exercising to strengthen the muscles supporting her breasts and the result was that they were always "out there" as she said. We always said that they did look as if they were implants but she was proud that they were all her. Anyway, we had these two sets of neighbors and they were always over to our place as if they had no place to live. When they came over they never knew when to leave. Well, Faye always said, "Just act like we aren't even here." Well, after a month of this we were getting a little frustrated and decided the next time she said that that we would do just that. Since they had interrpupted our love making several times we decided to make sure that they would not again. It happened one evening that we had been out all day and Terri was wearing her favorite outfit, the sun dress, light yellow and transparent. We had been out at the mall and several guys had followed us making Terri hot as ever. WE got home and were just going to get to bed when Faye came to the door followed by the other three of the party. They all came in sat down and Faye had brought wine and began serving everyone when she said, "Don't mind us, just act like we aren't even her." Terri said, "Are you sure?" "Yes, of course," Faye said. Well, Terri came over and sat on my lap and we began kissing. Our guests all got quiet and were watching us waiting for us to come up for air but that never happened. Terri got on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants and began sucking me nice and slow. I untied the tie behind her neck and the top of her outfit slowly fell so that she was naked from the waist up and her titties were really beautiful and her niples rock hard. She took her time as I carressed her face and then began massaging my cock with her titties. Soon she was licking the head as it emerged from between her titties and finally was swallowing a nice load of cum that I made sure hit her face some as she licked her lips. Well, Frank, although stocky has been noticed by Terri in his swimming truncks to be really well endowed and Tony was not hurting in the cock department either. Terri finished mee off and sat back on her knees and looked around, "Oh, are you all still here." The air was tense but then she stood and her dress fell off to the floor. "I just had to have something to suck on she said, and afterall, you did say, don't mind you, act like you weren't here." Faye said, "Well, yeh, I guess I did." It was obvious that Frank and Tony were aroused as they all sat on the couch sipping wine. I took a sip of mine and so did Terri. She was standing totally naked except for her very small string panties which she took off and then she looked at Frank. It seems someone is a little aroude she said as she moved in front of him. Faye looked at Terri and moved her hands to her titties, My god, they are real she said. Terri dropped to her knees in front of Frank and began unzipping him, pulling out a huge treasure she moaned, "And is this real?" Janna looked and said, moving her legs together, "Oh it is real alright." The cock had grown as Terri massaged it and then slowly took it into her mouth, and it began to disappear. Janna gasped and was watching and said, There is no way it is all going in, I can't even get it all in my pussy." Slowly Terri worked it in until her lips touched his pubic hair and balls and the whole cock was buried in her mouth. Her was moaning, Oh that great, oh yeh." Janna sat there not believing her eyes. Then Terri began going up and down each time swallowing it all the way down her throat. Tony watched and Faye had his cock in her hands massaging till it too was swollen. Now Terri has a nice trim pussy but when she is hot it swells up and gets thick, the lips swlooen and full and her clit is the size of a little finger almost, her juices run till there is a puddle under her. She had been working Frank for a while when Janna that was sitting next to her husband saw Terri squirt a wonderful orgasm on the rug under her. She leaned over and Terri took her legs as she sucked Frank and spread them apart, finding her panties she moved them aside and stopped sucking to say, "My are we wet dear?" Janna said that she had never been so wet watching her husband get sucked like Terri was sucking him. Well, soon the cum filled her mouth and Janna had three fingers in her pussy from Terri. That was round one.

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