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Our Great Friends and Neighbors Part II

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Our Great Friends and Neighbors Part II My First Night with Jeff Since the first part of this recount of how we started swinging with our neighbors got so long, I broke it up into a couple of sections this is section two The first part is Our Great Friends and Neighbors.

I was just a little blown away by the way Jim my husband just ran off with Cindy to our house. After all we have been happily married for eight years, I thought, as they disappeared giggling into the kitchen door. I could understand why though. Cindy was absolutely drop dead gorgeous and Jim had been fantasizing about her and this night for several years, and it was probably my idea that set this night in motion.

I was also running across the lawn to Cindy?s house for the greatest sexual adventure of my life with Jeff her husband was right behind me. We no sooner got inside when he grabbed me from behind; pulled me tightly to him, his strong arms encircled my hot wet body. We were both shivering and not from cold. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed tight agenst my ass. I felt like a teenager in love. It was sensuous, exciting, and very naughty yet, I knew I loved Jim; it was a strange mixed up feeling. Could I fall in love with two people at the same time? The thought passed as Jeff spun me around and kissed me deeply, tenderly, and passionately. My legs were turning to rubber and as always my nipples were rock hard, and my juices were making my thighs slick, my body knew what it liked and betrayed my steaming emotions. God the thrill of the moment was overwhelming! His hands roamed freely over my body, as he turned me to him slowly, the whole time his eyes were devouring every inch of me. He pulled me so close I could fell my nipples pressing into his strong muscular chest, as he kissed me so passionately. I just had to get closer. I reached up placed my arms on his strong neck and raised up and placing my leg around his waist, my other leg followed His strong hands supported my round butt and lifted me so his thick cock was freed from being trapped between us. I could feel it pulsating agenst my swollen open lips he gently lowered me onto his massive cock. I felt the thick head stretch and slip inside my dripping sex. He pinned me agenst the wall and he was penetrating me with that monster cock to the very center of my being, it was like something out of a movie. I wanted him to finish me right then, and yet I wanted to have that long drawn out kind of sex that leaves you exhausted, the kind that you can?t forget. ?Jeff, Jeff, I said in his ear as I held him as close as a women and man can be, I want you to make love to me. I want you to penetrate me to my very depths and make me cum as you pour your load of sperm into my most sacred places. I want you to take your time a long time.?

He leaned back and lifted me from his cock and let me down. Grasped my face with his hands and whispered you are so beautiful in so many ways. Lets go to the basement den it?s more isolated from the rest of the house and we can scream and no one will hear a thing. Cindy and I have our toys down there because she is a screamer much like you. We no sooner got to the den when Jeff grabbed me and threw me onto the round sofa in the middle of the room where he probably made love to Cindy a thousand times before, but tonight it was me, just me; he jumped on along side me. We fell into a tight embrace arms intertwined legs wrapped around each other; the warm feeling was incredible. We were one. We started kissing those long wet kisses our tongues intertwined, he was kissing every inch of my face and neck, my body flushed and my breathing was rapid, then my breasts sending shivers through my body, first one breast than the other. He was sucking as much breast into his hot mouth as he could and flicking the nipples with his tongue my areolas were puffy, and extremely sensitive, the one he wasn?t sucking he was squeezing and rubbing the nipple I was going insane. I was shamelessly excited.

His other hand had found its way down my naked torso and was deep between my thighs in my soaking wet slippery pussy. He was massaging my clit with his thumb and three fingers were buried deep in my sopping wet love tunnel his little finger was now worming its way up my ass. Jim never did this to me! Fuck, I was stuffed, and I was leaving a wet trail on the cover of the soft cushions under my ass; it was slick, it was my pussy was overflowing! My pussy just never seemed to run out of gooo. I could fell the effect of his mouth on my breast the flicking and rhythmic sucking was driving me wild. My pussy was tingling and thrusting agenst his hand, it felt marvelous; my whole body was edging to orgasm, not just my pussy, but my whole body. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming. I was babbling and yelling. Not making any sense suck my breast, fuck my pussy, Make! Me! Cum!, oh god please. I could feel my whole body suddenly go over the edge. Waves of passion spread out from my breast and cunt at the same instant, my legs were spread wide and his hand was franticly fucking me. I was rolling from side to side my stomach was pulling me into a ball the more he sucked the more I came, my nipples became unbelievably sensitive, then just when I thought I was coming down he grabbed my knees and forced them wide apart I was yelling Nooo, Noooooo!, and meaning yes, yes, yes. In an instant his head was between my theighs and I was cumming uncontrollably wave after wave shuck my body. He reached up and he kept pinching my ultra sensitive breasts, my body was on fire, all the while he was sucking my clit and sucking up mouthfuls of my juices. I just couldn?t stop! I couldn?t breath. I never experienced anything like it, ever!

I can?t remember how but he rolled me over. Despite my resistance he was behind me I was saying no I?m exhausted, yet, I was now spreading my legs and lifting my ass exposing my dripping pussy the flow from my pussy was all over my thighs and ass. He took a moment to position himself behind me, and do something to his cock; I was absorbed in my orgasms so I didn?t notice what. Then I felt the thick head of his cock enter me and my muscles give way he was gliding into me deeper than ever befor when I felt something stretch my pussy even further and rub my clit fuck what was that, the felling was electrifying I let out a gasp, what ever he was doing was taking my breath away. I felt him bottom out his heavy massive balls hitting my clit. My pussy stretched around his cock and what ever it was. I was in orgasm heaven. God he was deep. He started to withdraw and I felt the same sensation as my pussy was dragged with his cock. Then I felt it stretch my opening again and drag over my clit. Christ it had bumps on it; I had never experienced anything quite like this. The increased friction was more than I could take. Oowh, oowh, oowh, was all I could manage to say with each ass pounding thrust. I buried my head into the cushions and raised and tilted my ass to get him deeper. I started to feel my pussy tingle and I knew I was going to cum any second, but I was desperately trying to hold out till he poured his seed into me. Then bam his hips hit my ass forcing the breath from my lungs, woow, ?fuck me harder? I screamed ?Fuck! Me! Now! Harder Damn It!? Bam, bam, bam, shit, I couldn?t hold out muccccch looooonger. My pussy was starting to tremble and that rubbing was sending me over the edge. He drove into me like he was possessed I was thrusting back onto him with all my might and he was driving in as far an possible he grabbed my shoulder with one hand and wrapped his other arm around my waist and gave a massive pull, I was not going to get away I couldn?t his cock was buried to his balls, and was pulsating deep inside of me moving everything, my womb, cervix then the most powerful wooooosh like nothing I have ever felt before The cum pouring in was hitting the walls like a fire hose on full stream. It sent me over the edge my whole body was in orgasm I was violently pushing back onto his throbbing member; my pussy clamped down on his massive cock in spasm, and my cervix was pushing up into the pools of cum my entire pussy was pulsating. Woosh and woosh again I reached down under us and grabbed his massive balls I could feel them contracting as he sent a huge load of sperm into my now possibly fertile body I contracted my pussy muscles around his cock I didn?t want a single drop to go to waste I wanted all his sperm locked inside my young body. He collapsed onto my back driving me forward under his weight I was totally engulfed by his body and I loved it. As we laid there and caught our breath I was desperately clinching my pussy to hold him and his sperm inside of me.

We eventually drifted off to sleep but before we did I herd him whisper ?I love you? ?I know? then I was gone. I woke about 3:30 His cock had slid from my grasp and the cover under me was soaked, ?what a huge wet spot?. We had time enough for a slow sensuous fuck, and I was not going to let the opportunity slip away. I turned around and gently began to lick the juices from the soft monster before me. We tasted so good. I closely examined him as I went. He was huge even when soft I could see how petit Cindy would have a problem with this. The cock sleeve was still in place no wonder he felt so different when he penetrated me this time. How in the world did Cindy handle that?

The gentle licking was having its desired effect on Jeff he was beginning to grow even though he was sleeping. My body was shivering, my pussy was again getting the urge to be fucked even though the cum and my juices were still wet on my thighs and ass. He grabbed me around the waist and started pulling me to him. I thought oh no, he wouldn?t, want to taste me now. He pulled me to his lips; I felt his tongue licking my clean shaven mons slick with all the mixture of our love making. He softly said ?we sure taste good? and with that I couldn?t resist and I parted my legs and rolled on top of him swallowing as much of his cock as possible, and he started sucking all the juices from my freshly fucked pussy. It was soooo sexy and felt sooooo good. It didn?t take long before he was at full strength and we were both bucking our hips wanting more. I defiantly wanted more. When I thought he couldn?t stand my sucking any longer, and I was on the verge of going off, I pulled away and quickly switched direction pushing him onto his back I raised up and grabbed his rod and rubbed it over my slick clit and slowly sank down so that I could feel him entering me, and watch the expression on his face. My cunt was sucking him in as I sank lower over the sleeve which stretched me to the fullest my breath was literally forced out of me as it rubbed my clit. I wanted it to be a slow love making session so that I could savor every moment. I gently began to rock back and forth so my clit would rub him and I would get maximum pleasure, and he would get the visual of me riding him but not enough friction to get him off. He loved it. He was squeezing my breasts and trying to move my hips so that he could thrust into me. I was driving him crazy and loving it. He just kept telling me how lovely and beautiful my body was and how he couldn?t get enough of me. Things I hadn?t heard in quite some time. I was eating it up, it made me feel so much like a women. Finally I just couldn?t stand it any longer so I rose up several inches to let him thrust into me. We were both very close and with little effort his massive cock began that familiar dance down deep inside of me. I began to cum exactly when that first woosh of sperm coursed up into me. I could feel the warmth of it as it splashed agenst my vaginal walls. My pelvis ground down onto him and my muscles strained to contain the rivulets of cum running down between us. His hands nearly crushed my breasts. I was trembling uncontrollably. Finally I collapsed onto his muscular chest his mouth gently and tenderly giving me light kisses while holding me to him, we were drained once again.

It felt so natural. I thought, if I keep this up I?ll be pregnant, but at that moment that could have been what I wanted. He fell asleep and I gently unsaddled myself from his softening monster, fresh cum dripped from my pussy. I didn?t bother to clean up. I don?t know why, but that was the way I wanted Jim to see me, freshly fucked and totally spent, maybe it was to let him know that this encounter was real on both parts. I had no clothing, so I walked up stairs leaving a trail and out across the lawn. When I got to the house Cindy was coming down the stairs from our game room that was secluded from the rest of the house. I guess for the same reason Jeff and I went to their den. We hugged and kissed like never before, more like lovers. Both our bodies were covered in each others husbands cum and sweat. The scent was intoxicating. She said Jim was asleep up stairs and I told her where to find Jeff. I went up stairs and found Jim on the comforter on the large sofa I just snuggled up against him, he had the sweet smell of Cindy all over him and the comforter was wet with sex, and I was covered in the scent of Jeff. He wrapped his loving arms around me, and said ?I love you so much? and with that we both fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, me with Jeff still running down my thighs and Jim coated with Cindy, till it was time to get up to get our beautiful children ready for church school.

Cindy came at eight to pick the kids up, and looked absolutely radiant, as always. You would have never suspected she had a late night. I had wondered all morning how it would go, the morning after and all. I knew I had absolutely no regrets, but I wondered about Cindy; we greeted each other, with the same neighborly chit chat as always and asked how we were in a veiled way in front of the kids. Both she and I said how great we felt and parted with an extra warm hug, and then she whispered in my ear ?I love you? I squeezed her tighter and said ?I love you too.? In that brief hug all the anxiety melted away.

The start of the day was just normal, tons of house work to catch up on, a mountain of laundry, lunch to make for our kids, and a house to clean, all you mothers know the routine. After the kids left the first order was to pick up after last night. The clothing was still in a pile by the hot tub, when I picked them up I thought how symbolic it was of how our lives were now intertwined. The covers in the play room were still wet and I couldn?t resist the opportunity to smell them. I could make out the sweet smell of Cindy, and familiar musky scent of Jim By the look of the covers I knew they had a night to remember. The covers and the thought of what they must have done made my pussy flow.

Jeff was outside when I went to pick the kids up; he waved and said ?hi how are you doing?? I felt my hart skip a beat on seeing him, and then my chest was pounding. I just had to talk to him! I walked; half ran across the yard and pulled up short of jumping into his strong arms. I replied ?I?m doing just fa fiiiine. I, I, I?m just fine.? My voice was obviously quivering; I was to excited to think clearly. He reached out and took my fore arms. My heaving breasts were almost touching his bare chest. ?I was worried you would have morning regret. I certainly don?t regret making love to you. You are so gorgeous. I can?t stop thinking about how wonderful last night was.? That did it for me. I looked around and saw the open garage door and said, ?Come on.? I walked as fast as I could towards it. The moment he cleared the door I pressed the auto close button and be for the door touched the ground. We were wrapped in a full embrace. His arms crushing me to him, and his tongue was invading my mouth. I could feel his rock hard cock pulsating agenst me. ?As you can see I don?t regret last night either, but he kids, the kids need a ride home.? ?I?ll get the kids? with that he spun me around and pulled me to him, then stepped back and pealed my shorts and panties to the floor in one swift motion. I stepped out of them and kicked them away and in a moment his were on top of mine. He ran his hands under my top and cupped my breasts; his naked throbbing cock was rubbing my wet slit. I heard myself moan, Oh god help me, but the only help I really wanted was the fucking I was about to get from Jeff. I placed my out stretched arms on the wall for support. I knew my pussy was soaked. I just wanted his hard cock, I spread my legs wide and bent down and lowered my head I could see his hard swollen cock pressing into my slick pussy. There was no foreplay just sex. I just wanted good hard sex. God I was shameless, I thought, as he drove his hips forward driving his hard cock into me in one swift motion, ?yessssss, Fuck me.? ?Christ, your ass is so beautiful.? Drops were forming on my clit and my juices were again starting down each quivering thigh. He started with slow long thrusts each one a little faster than the last, each one driving the breath from my lungs. I was crying eeoo, eeoo, with each hard thrust. I could feel my insides vibrating as he picked up the pace, he was now bent over my back the strokes were short and rapped. My stomach muscles were tightening, my pussy was overflowing and quivering, I was yelling Oh fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, fill my fucking pussy, damn it. I can?t hold, was as far as I got I felt his cock head swelling, oh ya baby, here it comes, and with that he wrapped his arms around my waist and gave one last penetrating thrust. I was caught between him and the wall my whole body felt the jar of the force. Then wooooooooosh I was screaming yessssss, that it, that what I want, give me all your cum. His expert fingers found my clit and the intense pleasure nearly sent me to the floor. My orgasm left me shacking, my legs were rubber. I was completely spent in less than 10 minutes.

We rested for just a moment then he withdrew his still softening member, cum was now pouring from my gaping pussy and onto the floor I clinched my muscles still bent over and trembling. He handed me a towel from somewhere, helped me to stand, Slipped on his shorts, shirt, and kissed me so tenderly, ?you are so beautiful, I love ya babe.? Then left to get the kids. I grabbed my clothes, and ran up to Cindy?s shower to clean up. I leaned back agenst the shower wall, Cindy?s husbands cum running down my thighs and only his sperm deep in my fertile womb for the past three days trying to catch my breath.

I showered and returned to my kitchen to make lunch for all the kids and Jeff, PBJ for everyone including Jeff. We all put our swimsuits on and enjoyed the pool, and except for the occasional sexual glance or brush of a hand everything was uneventful. It was one of those blazing hot days. All the local children started to show up with moms. So any possibility of any sex play was out. Cindy and Jim showed up about 3:00 said they just couldn?t wait to get home. Ya, wait till they see this crowd. Most all the husbands began to arrive at 4:30 so the only logical thing to do was party with all our good friends. It was late till everyone went home. Leaving us tired and wore out not from the party, but from last night. We exchanged very warm hugs and we all retired for the night.

Thursday was a busy day for all concerned; much to my dismay Jeff had an emergency at his contracting firm that morning and had to leave early. Cindy told me he?d be back about 3:00, then added there is always tomorrow. Ya, damn it I?m horny now, was my immediate thought. It was turning into another hot as an oven day, so as usual the neighborhood pool was open and everybody showed up and I do mean everyone. By 5:00 the placed was packed and I just knew there was no chance of getting my horns trimmed, or getting horned for that matter. It was 1:00 AM before the last neighbors left. Just like yesterday Cindy and I hugged and said, ?There better be a better tomorrow.?

It was Friday morning all ready and Jim went off to work and Cindy showed up for the kids, like always, and had bad news for me. ?Jeff had to go in again?. My hart just sank. She chased the kids out to the car, so we could have a brief moment to ourselves, ?If I don?t get some cock today I?m going to die. I feel like a kid in the candy store without any money?. ?It?s been just as long for me; my mind is constantly thinking about that fucking Jim gave me on Wednesday.? No matter what happens we are going to get some lovin tonight! Well it was another hot as hell day, and yep the whole neighborhood was at the pool, until about 5:00 when the thunderstorms rolled in, thank God for a small miracle. Everyone scattered the four of us ran inside to our house to warm up and get some dry clothing on. The children took over their bathroom and our kids shared dry clothing with Cindy and Jeff?s kids. Come on up to our shower and rinse off the kids will take care of themselves for a few minutes and with that the four of us ran upstairs to our master bedroom. Cindy took the lead and said Ladies first and with that stripped her Speedo in one smooth motion grabbed my hand and said come on. So I stripped and followed her. The men just watched with wide eyes and enjoyed the view. We adjusted the multiple shower heads and started to shampoo and rinse the pool smell from our bodies Then Cindy handed me the shower jell and said would mind getting my back. I was a bit taken aback I have never washed another women?s back before Yet alone be this close in a shower my hart was strangely racing and I could feel a stir of desire Oh my, I couldn?t be attracted I thought. While I was washing her back and admiring her firm backside, she asked if I had stuck to my promise to discontinue my birth control this month. She and I had made a pact this past winter that we wanted to get pregnant together and have our next child at about the same time. We thought it would be great to go through pregnancy together. ?Ya, and you?? ?Just like we pledged, Joanne.? ?Cindy, you know we could have a problem if you and I go much further with this; we are so close in our cycle and all.? ?I don?t see a problem you enjoy sex with Jeff, you think he is very fit, and I bet when you were making love you were begging to be filled with his hot cum, and I know you are more than just a little attracted to him.? ?It?s the same for me and Jim and next week when I?m most fertile I plan to make love to him every day? So what do you say? ?You and Jeff would make a beautiful child.? ?Your right, he is hard to resist and if I wasn?t married to Jim well what can I say.? We finished our shower and came out naked. I walked up to Jeff in front of Jim and gave him a big hug and the sexiest kiss I could give with lots of tongue and wet lips. He had an instant hardon sticking between my legs. Then I did the same to Jim. Cindy did the same to Jim, and Jeff, we dressed in shorts and tees then we said meet us on the covered patio at Cindy?s for a grill out. You should have heard the begging going on for more.

The grill out was just he thing to pass the time till the children went to sleep. We gave our kids permission to sleep over with Cindy?s and Jeff?s kids so we wouldn?t have to leave later in the night. I volunteered to get the ice cream for desert form our house, and started to leave when Cindy told Jeff to give me a hand, since Jim was helping Cindy pick up. Jeff was all to egger to help guess he though he might get a little action to pass the time. We entered the kitchen and Jeff grabbed me from behind and pulled me close. His strong arms were wrapped around my waist holding me tight agenst him. My hart started racing, shivers ran up and down my body, and I was getting wet. He was pushing me forward to the kitchen table and I instinctively reached out for support pushing back into that massive hard cock. My body wanted to be fucked now but my mind wanted later. I had to end it now or I was literally fucked. My shorts were now at my knees. I pushed back just enough so I could spin around. He sat me on the table grabbed my shorts and off they went. Shit I was naked my legs were spread wide; I was leaning back on the table, and a stud with a huge dripping cock was between my legs getting ready to fuck my lights out. I reached down and grabbed him and rubbed his precum on my wet pussy. ?Jeff we can?t, not now, later tonight. I want you to put all your sperm in me latter tonight. I want it right here deep in my pussy,? and saying that I stuck a finger deep inside, making it slick with my juices. ?You just need to wait to get this,? and with that I plunged my finger into his waiting mouth. Muuum, you taste sooo good, ?I?ll be ready again by11:00.? ?No Jeff I want to feel the full force of you spilling into my pussy, it?s important, please.? With that I slid off the table kissed him tenderly and got dressed.

We got the ice cream, went back like nothing happened, Jim looked at me and smiled the kids were no were in sight. I wondered what they had been doing while we were gone. The hours passed dreadfully slow, the sexual tension was unbearable; I was so excited I had to put tissue in my short to keep from leaking down my thigh or getting my shorts wet. Cindy told me she had to go upstairs at one point and put on fresh panties. The children finally settled down about 10:30, Jeff got some coolers out and we all downed a few in the next half hour. About 11:00 Cindy checked on the kids and announced, ?They are finally all asleep, thank heaven.? ?I?m tired of waiting lets get to the den.? In a flash the guys jumped up, and started for the den like we had been doing this for years, but it was our first real swinging experience. It just seemed so natural! Or so I thought after arriving down stairs, we seemed to all get stage fright.

How to break the ice was a definite problem. On the way down the stairs I looked at Jim with a questioning look. He reached back squeezed my hand and said ?just enjoy it, we have both come this far?, ?but I am the one who might get pregnant with Jeff?s child if we go any further. I just need some reassurance.? I pulled Jim aside at the bottom of the stairs and said ?are you sure, you know I could get, you know, pregnant.? Jim gave me a hug and said ?I love you, Jeff is good looking, and I know you do like him a lot a whole lot, just go for it just enjoy. Cindy is defiantly taking the same chance as you. I could be making her pregnant too!? WOW! Jeff set out some more wine coolers from the bar Cindy turned the lights dim and put on some music. She started dancing very sinuously hips swaying, arms above her head hair flowing naturally. She was so sexy and exciting even to me. I couldn?t keep my eyes off her. Her rhythm was so hypnotic. She motioned for me to join her I just couldn?t resist. I soon fell into the sinuous movements; the music just took over our bodies, and the sexual tension was building, I could fell my juices beginning to flow and my shorts were not covering up much. The musky smell of my sex and Cindy?s began to fill the room. As if to challenge me she stood facing me, and began to strip her top from her naked breasts her nipples were standing straight out, and very firm as she uncovered them stretching her arms above her head and eventually throwing her top to Jim. Slowly snaking her arms down her body and cupping her orbs, offering them to him. I can?t let her out dance me like that in front of the men. So in no time my top was sliding over my head and I was dancing inches from Jeff. The effect was obvious both men had raging boners in their shorts. Both Cindy and I were now very much into the action, my mind was just spinning with pleasure and lust. I never felt so much like a women. It was as if this is the way it was meant to be. I was squeezing my breasts, white secretions were gathering on the nipples. Cindy reached out and touched them, lowered her head and licked them clean. I was intoxicated with lust.

The men couldn?t contain themselves, they slid off the stools and both stripped their shorts and started dancing with us, cocks swaying. I was hypnotized; I couldn?t stop staring at Jeff?s cock. The juices of my pussy were now on my thighs and my pants were soaked. I looked at Cindy she was sliding her hand over her wet panties and into her slit. I knew exactly what she was up to and I stated doing the same. We both looked at one another than she took her soaking wet fingers, much to my surprise and offered them to me, not Jim. I?ve never tasted another woman. Then without another thought I sucked them up, she was utterly intoxicating. I then did the same with my fingers. She never hesitated in a flash she was sucking them and mimicking to the men like it was a cock. Moments latter we were wiggling and dancing out of our wet panties. I picked them up and waved them in front of Jeff?s face. He took them in his mouth and sucked the juices right out of them then, tossed them over his shoulder and licked his lips, then kissed me, wooo. We were on the brink of being out of control I was now rubbing all over Jeff his thighs were cover with my juice where we ground our bodies together. At one point the men had me sandwiched between them, Jim?s body was pressed agenst my back and his hard cock was rubbing my ass, Jeff was pressed tight to my breast and his cock was pressed tight agenst my lower tummy. I didn?t know which way to go. All four of us in fact were rubbing holding kissing, grinding. It was unbelievable how natural and raw it all felt. I was all over Jeff ?I just couldn?t get close enough. He was now rubbing my pussy with his hand as we danced, I was shivering and before long I could feel my thighs getting slippery as my juices ran. My legs were involuntarily spreading and his fingers found their mark. I could barely stand, he was rubbing my clit, Stop or ill cum I whispered in his ear, soooo, faster and faster his fingers worked my love button, I was leaning on him for support. I knew I was starting to cum my stomach muscles were winding up, oh ohhhhhh aaaahhaaaaaaaaaa, I was gone. He wrapped his arm around my waist and guided me to the round sofa. I was screaming. Oh fuck, I laid down my legs had collapsed. Then I felt them being forced apart and a head was between my wet thighs I knew it was Cindy the touch was tender and the tongue knew just what to do. I spread my legs wide and grabbed my knees and just hung on. I was going to cum again I was screaming yes, yes god yes make me cum eat my wet pussy and she didn?t disappoint me. I started to cum again the men were sucking and rubbing my tits ah aaah oooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I was cumming again and when I did she shoved two fingers up deep inside and rubbed my G-spot hard as she could; I was twisting and rolling from side to side. I guess women know just what buttons to push and when. I never thought Cindy or me to be bi, but that all changed that night. Jeff was lying next to me now kissing my body all over, face breasts nipples neck. Cindy and Jim had moved over and were now wrapped up in a 69 position, and by the sounds were really enjoying each other I could see my husband slurping up Cindy?s juices, and she had his cock deep down her throat. I wasn?t jealous just amazed and sexually stimulated by the sights and sounds. It was totally erotic.

My body was now fully recovered from that last mind blowing orgasm, and the flick of Jeff?s tongue over my sensitive nipples was driving me just crazy. I had to have more so I pushed on his shoulders to force him lower. He resisted and slowly I mean very slowly left a trail of hot wet kisses down my body. His hands roamed freely up and down my flanks, I loved it and was purring my pleasure. He was moving over my mons my hips were rising rhythmically and his hands were squeezing my breasts. I couldn?t stand it, ?just lick my fucking pussy.? I raised my legs back over my body and grabbed my calves I was fully exposed and he was driving me crazy. His lips were every where on my swollen pussy except my clit. My body was sweating all over; I was on fire with lust. His lips and wet tongue eventually found my clit, my whole body jolted, but he held me there and denied me the ultimate pleasure. He climbed up between my leg, and I was thinking yes he?s going to fuck me. Kissing my body as we got lips to lips, his cock at my entrance, ?I?m going to fuck you like you have never ever been fucked before. You do want me to pour my cum deep inside your wet pussy don?t you? ?Yessssssss? Then slide this over my cock oh, my god it was a studded cock collar. I bent over and kissed his huge dripping member and hurriedly placed the ring. Now ?fuck me, damn you? With that he rose off my body and pulled something black from under the sofa. Stood up and latched it to the ceiling. Oh my god, it?s a swing or something. I was so fucking hot, I just wanted to fuck, this just made me hotter. Jim and Cindy were too far into fucking each others brains out to care what was going on. He was balls deep in Cindy with her legs back over her head, that with each thrust she just screamed more obscenities; I thought, Jesus Christ, my husband is going to pour his sperm into my best friend and make her pregnant right before my eyes. ?Jeff what the fuck are you doing, just fuck, me and fuck me now!!? With that he rolled me over picked me up by my waist and placed me over the sling. My ass was in the air my head almost at my ankles. I got the idea what he wanted right away. I spread my legs wide and braced with my hands Jeff was positioned right behind me. He started kissing my exposed ass I never felt so vulnerable or naked in my life. I was shivering so hard with excitement I couldn?t hold still. He was driving me to the brink of orgasm with out fucking me. I just knew I was going to explode. Cindy was screaming at the top of her lungs, with each thrust my husband gave her, she just got louder I could tell they were close. The strokes were short, rapid and deep; Cindy was pulling Jim into her with all her strength. Jim, cried out fuck here it cums, I?m going to flood your hot pussy nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He slammed home and Cindy cried out yes, yesssssssss I can feel your cum flooding me, oh god yes, fill me. It was too much for me, Jim was licking my ass hole and I started to cum like never before. He stood up placed his hard cock at my pussy?s swollen wet dripping lips and in one swift motion drove to the deepest part of me, oooh!! That cock collar felt great as it stretched my already filled pussy. I just started screaming fuck me fuck me harder, damn it, do it, cum inside fill my pussy. I was cumming the whole time wave after wave I couldn?t stop. That cock ring was rubbing everything. Jeff?s cock just grew larger with each thrust and with each thrust my pussy just kept getting wetter. Juices were running down both thighs. He was as deep as anyone or anything had ever been in me before. My cervix was rubbing his cock with each thrust waiting for the load of sperm to flood into my pussy and race into my womb. Wammm, his hips drove into my ass and his steel hands held me there I was completely helpless to escape. I could feel the warm cum spewing into my fertile body woosh, woosh, woosh, my whole body shuck with the force and pleasure of it all. As his orgasm subsided, he just held me there for several minutes, till his cock began to soften. That?s when I realized why he had me positioned this way. Hardly a drop spilled from my pussy. If ever there was a position that ensured the maximum amount of cum would stay in a women?s pussy this was it.

I just knew he was impregnating me in front of Jim. He finally slid from me, and lifted me by my waist as he unlatched the sling, we both collapsed to the cushions cum flowing from my pussy. We were both exhausted and just laid there and cuddled and kissed, touch expressed how we both were feeling. Cindy and Jim were still locked in each others arms not far away. I heard Cindy tell Jim ?just stay inside me I love the feel of your cock and I love your cum deep inside of me. It?s everywhere, Jim, even deep in my womb.? ?God you are so beautiful, Cindy, you mean you want me to make you pregnant?? ?Yes, I know, wouldn?t it be wonderful.? Ahhh, ahhh, yes, I love you Cindy. That did it! If he didn?t care, I certainly wasn?t going to hold back either. Jeff,?you know I wouldn?t let you make love to me unless I had feelings for you. Your sperm is deep within me, and I?m probably fertile? I just wanted to let you know it?s great to be loved and I love you.? ?I love you too.? He wrapped his arms around me his hands were right over my uterus and gently pulled me to him. Oh my god, I thought what are we getting into? We all drifted off to sleep for an hour or so, exhausted from all the excitement and sex. I woke to Jeff kissing my breasts and in no time my body was coming alive. This can?t be possible, but I knew from the cum still wet between my thighs that it was. I was getting wetter by the second and naughtier, I moved around so Jim was looking at my wet pussy I wanted him to see the huge load leaking from what use to be his. I raised up and looked into Jim?s eyes and bore down I could feel the liquid ooos down my crack and I could only imagine what Jim was watching, another man?s load leaking from his wife. Much to my surprise he said, ?That is so sexy and you look absolutely beautiful, enjoy.? Jeff and I made love two more times that night and each time his load was incredible. The finish was the blow job of Jeff?s life, I had him going for almost an hour begging me to finish him and each time he got close I just backed off and squeezed till he came back down. In the end I was laying on my back my hands frantically rubbing my clit while Jeff plunged his thick cock to the back of my throat Jeff and Cindy were mesmerized by the sexy spectacle and they urged us on in the end. Jeff was screaming take my cock, take my whole cock, take my fuuuuuuuuuuukcing cummmmm! And I did, at least the first huge blast, I swallowed, I reached up grabbed his balls pulled my head away and yell on me cover me, and woosh right across my lips, woosh onto my tits, then back into my mouth woosh one last time I rubbed his cock head with my tongue till he was finished and screaming aaaaaaaaaaaah yesss. ?Ah, ah, holly shit, that was great.? I rubbed his cum all over my body, then grabbed Jim and pressed him to my chest and kissed him with cum still in my mouth, he ate it up and went crazy rubbing his body agent my freshly cum covered tits. Wow, I noticed the light coming in the basement window where did the night go, the sun was coming up. I rolled of the cushions and stood up, the cum poured out of my pussy and down my legs I gave Jeff a big wet kiss and hug and ran up the stairs with Jim right behind my thighs were slick as we raced across the lawn and up into our bedroom. We hit the bed running he was all over me in a flash. I could smell Cindy?s sex all over his body and I?m sure I was covered with Jeff?s scent. We started to lick, and kiss each other all over. Jim told me he loved me over and over that morning, and we made love, it was absolutely great, just like always, but I wondered if it was literally too little to late. Continued with Our Great Friends and Neighbors Part III The Vacation

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