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Our Friends……….and our Lovers….

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For those that are frequent blog readers, you?ve seen a lot of sexy adventures about our friends, Ross and Rachel. Before I get to our sexy evening last night, I must tell you that it has been the best thing ever having true friends in this swinging lifestyle. Jason and I have been so busy working, being parents and just life in general that we really didn?t take to the time to make ?true? friends that swing. Don?t get me wrong, we?ve met a lot of great people and slept with a few of them. But the friendships always seemed to fade. Not with these two. They are our friends and our lovers and it?s fucking awesome!

Now?.on to last night! Actually I need to back up to last Sunday. Ross was a bit bored around the house and I have to admit I was too. So just on a whim I asked him if he wanted to go to an adult toy store with me. Ok duh, what guy doesn?t want to do that? I was in the market for a new toy and knew it would be sexy fun to bring him along. Clearing it with our respective spouses, I picked Ross up and went toy shopping. Oh the choices!! After serious consideration and a lot of cute snickers, I chose a double ended dildo that had graduated bumps that were smaller on the ends and bigger in the middle. This was super flexible and looked fun! Sold! A while later we were back at their house, Rachel took one look at the toy and couldn?t wait to try it. Unfortunately kids were up and I had to get home. ?Some other time? I said with a wink.

It turns out the ?some other time? was last night. After a great dinner, few drinks and some serious flirting the sexual tension was at its peak. Rachel was looking delicious and I just had to taste her. Rachel and I have a tenderness that only women can have. As I was sitting over her on the couch and looked into those sexy eyes, I couldn?t help but drink in every detail of her touch and taste. We were gently kissing each other, touching each other and making each other crazy with desire. I?d pull back her long hair, kiss on her neck and then gently bite on the tender spot right below her ear. She?d sharply inhale and grab hold of me, keeping me in place and yet long for more. I could tell this sexual creature needed more. Peeling off her shirt, I had her luscious tits in my hands and mouth. Arching her back for more, I removed her jeans and kissed my way to her shaven pussy. With gentle flicks of my tongue and feather touches, I started to explore my favorite pussy. Her sexy scent and sweet juice filled my senses. I couldn?t wait to make her cum. I buried two fingers in her soaking wet pussy, found her engorged clit and worked my magic. In what seemed like seconds, Rachel was bucking wildly, holding my head and screaming aloud. Fuck, I love it when she cums on my face!

After coming down, Rachel got this sexy ?it?s your turn? look in her eyes. Turns out that Ross had grabbed a blanket and pillow and set up a play area right there on the living room carpet! Excellent! Rachel pushed me down to the blanket and latched on to one of my tits. Moaning with the spark that ran through my entire body, Rachel sensed that I needed her to touch me more and taste me soon. Lying back, Rachel ran her hands all over my body and sexily made her way to my already dripping pussy. Damn this girl makes me so wet! Gently lapping at my pussy, Rachel was teasing me with this naughty girl glint in her eye. Then suddenly she licked aggressively with her full tongue. I arched my back as the electric shock ran through my body. Asking Ross to get the glass dildo, I couldn?t wait to cum on Rachel?s face. As Rachel was working her magic on me, Ross got undressed and kneeled over my face. With his luscious dick in my mouth and Rachel?s mouth on my pussy, I was pushed over the edge. Bucking wildly and holding on to anything I could grab, the wave of total loss of control came over my body. It took a while for me to come down from this high and now I couldn?t wait for some cock!

Ross, being turned on by the show, buried his large stiff cock deep in my soaking, still twitching pussy. I just loved to be fucked right after I cum from oral sex. The muscles are still tight, the pussy is still twitching and everything is more sensitive. Ross pounded away at my pussy like he might never get another chance. Looking over at Jason and Rachel, I could see that Rachel was riding Jason like a wild cowgirl. The whole scene was very sexy and a huge turn on. Ross flipped me over on all fours, grabbed a handful of my hair and buried his ever stiffening cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. This bit of domination made me even more wet, if that was possible. After a few minutes of this, I rolled unto my side with my knees close to my chest. Ross got on his knees and buried his cock. Damn, I love this position! It rubs me in all the right spots. And apparently it rubs Ross the right way too. He came with explosive force and the painful grimace I love to see on a mans face when he cums. Glancing over, I see that Jason has Rachel on the couch and bent over the arm of it fucking her from behind. I smile, knowing that Jason loves to cum in this position and that?s exactly what he started doing. Jason also got this painful grimace! Damn this is fun!

The night was far from over. When the guys stepped out for a smoke, it was my turn to pounce on Rachel and introduce my new toy. After some proper lubrication and getting into position, I buried the double ended dildo into both of us. It was very sexy to be pussy to pussy with this lovely creature. The guys walked in on us and immediately got hard and naked! Rachel and I enjoyed my new toy for a few minutes but both agreed that while fun, it wasn?t the best. Mmmmmm?more toy shopping in my future.

Jason and Rachel snuggled under a blanket on the living room floor while Ross dragged me off to the bedroom with a smile on his face. Once on the soft king size bed, Ross buried his cock in me again and was fucking me nice and hard. Feeling the building orgasm begin, I helped it out by vigorously fingering my clit. In short order, I was riding that orgasm wave as it swept over me. Clenching my pussy muscles tighter and tighter, I pushed Ross out of me! Calming down, he dove right back in, sending me into more spasms. Damn he is good!

Glancing over, I see that Rachel is watching us from the door. Soon enough all four of us are on the bed. As you can well imagine, the fucking and sucking continued, so I will leave the rest to your sexy imagination. Exhausted, with cum dripping from my now sore pussy, we drove home with smiles on our faces. We just love having friends like this and agreed that the lifestyle is much more enjoyable with ?true? friends to share it with.

Ross and Rachel, you guys are the best. The best of friends and the best of lovers. All I can say to you is Love Ya?..mean it!

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