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Our First Private Swing Parties

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When we first started swinging, it was with a local couple we had found by answering an ad on a free internet swinger site. We got together with them about twice a month for several months, and then they invited us to go with them to a swinging pool party at the home of friends of theirs. We had never been to a swing party before, so we were quite nervous, but my wife Paula gets really turned on about sex anywhere near water ? in the hot tub, swimming pool, lake, etc., so I knew it would be an interesting party.

The party started with a lunch time cookout around the pool. There were only about 6 couples, and within an hour everybody was totally naked in the pool, or at most had a towel around their shoulders as they sat poolside, with plenty showing as the towels fell open in front.

As expected, Paula started getting into it in the pool. She started feeling up several of the guys, and then had them sit on the edge of the pool while she sucked them, going back & forth and keeping one in her mouth and one in each hand.

She ended up fucking just one guy that day. She and Steve picked up their towels and walked into the house and partied there. Seeing that, I asked Steve?s wife if she?d like to go inside, and we found an unoccupied bedroom and fucked ourselves silly!

Later that evening, after dark, it was just us, our hosts, and Steve & Linda. Paula and Steve were the only ones in the pool, and they were standing close together and chatting, obviously feeling each other at the same time. It was really dark, but the hosts had light torches at intervals around the pool, so it was light enough to see. Paula & Steve began fucking again right there in the pool. Paula wrapped her legs around Steve?s waist as he thrust into her, their thrusting motions making ripples in the water that reflected the moonlight.

Steve?s wife, Linda, and our hostess, Carol, were sitting with me poolside just watching the action. Our host, Pat, had gone inside and fallen asleep. I asked Linda and Carol if they?d like to go inside and have a threesome, and they were happy to accept my invitation! The three of us went inside and Linda & Carol took turns sucking and licking my cock and balls while I kissed the one not sucking me and played with her tits. Then Linda said to Carol, ?I?ve already enjoyed this cock today, would you like to ride this?? Carol quickly straddled me and began sliding up & down on my cock while Linda played with her tits & ass.

That was pretty exciting for our first swinging party, but our next trip into swinging parties was even more exciting!

Our friends Ann & Mike had planned a big Halloween costume swing party at their house, and 16 couples and 2 single men attended! Paula, a very pretty sexy brunette with very firm 37C breasts, decided to wear a French Maid costume that really showcased her beautiful breasts, hiding nothing much but her nipples, and showed plenty of ass cheeks in the back. I wore a Court Jester costume, complete with red tights through which my cock was visible if my tunic was lifted slightly.

I was really nervous about such a large party, especially since the only couple we knew well was Ann & Mike, and I had just once been with Carol, our hostess at the pool party. Ann had made up dance cards for each of the men, with the names of all the women other than the man?s own partner. She announced that everyone had to dance one dance with each person on their dance card before the playing could begin.

Well, I was naïve and inexperienced, so I believed her! LOL Anyway, I was dancing with Marie, a hot brunette in a black witch costume, complete with pointy hat, when she announced to me ?You are my homework assignment tonight.? I didn?t know what she meant, so she explained that our host, knowing that I was nervous about attending such a large party with people we didn?t know, had called her and asked her to ?take care of the shy guy!?

I was amused, but like an idiot I told her that I had 3 more women on my dance card that I had to dance with before we could play. As I did that, I noticed that Paula had disappeared. It turns out that she didn?t wait for the dance cards to be filled, and she and Marie's husband Dale were already upstairs fucking!

When I finished dancing with the last woman on my dance card, I immediately went and found the lovely ?witch? and said ?Let?s go!? She grabbed my hand and practically ran upstairs with me in tow. We found an unoccupied bedroom, went inside, and immediately began kissing and feeling each other. I was still very nervous, as this was my first big party and I had only just met Marie, but Marie quickly got naked, dropped to her knees, pulled down my tights, and began giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life!

After a couple of minutes of this, I pulled her up and started kissing and sucking on her larger than average tits. After I had spent about a minute on her 2nd tit, she said ?Well, that makes 2 out of 3 spots!?

I took the hint and placed her on the bed and dove into her juicy pussy, giving her a good licking and tonguing until she came several times. She then pulled me up on top of her, took my cock in her hand, and inserted it into her hot steamy pussy. I was still so shocked and disbelieving that this was all really happening that it seemed like a dream. I don?t know how long it continued, but we finally decided we should get dressed and make the room available for someone else.

We opened the door to leave, and there stood Paula outside the door with some guy named Rick whom I had never seen before, waiting to be next!

Paula told me later that they went inside and she knelt down and gave Rick a good sucking, then she lay naked on the bed with her head hanging over the edge so he could stand there with his cock in her mouth, help himself to her lovely tits, and lean forward to lick & suck her pussy. They then proceeded to have a hot sexy fuck.

All this time I was downstairs in the kitchen helping myself to refreshments and hoping to recuperate enough that I could get another erection that evening. I noticed that Paula wasn?t around. It turns out that after cleaning herself up in the upstairs bathroom, instead of getting dressed again she went into the ?group room,? and joined the couples on the bed.

While I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen wearing my costume again, but without the tights, apparently my cock was on display when I sat down. Sue, a dark-haired woman with a fabulous figure suddenly came over to me, lifted my tunic, and sprayed whipped cream from a can all over my cock & balls. Everyone in the kitchen laughed hysterically. As she started to walk away, I protested ?Hey! You made this mess, you clean it up!?

Sue immediately turned around, kneeled in front of me, and started licking all the whipped cream off my cock & balls. I pushed down the tube top she was wearing and played with her lovely breasts while she did this. She then proceeded to suck me off and swallow my load right there in front of the crowd in the kitchen. She then licked her lips, got up, and walked off while getting applause from the audience!

By this time I knew I was through for the evening, and it was getting late. Our hostess Ann was sitting with several couples in the living room, so I went out and joined them, knowing that the rest of the night was just going to be socializing ? at least for me.

Paula, however, apparently had other plans. She suddenly appeared in the living room, wearing only a see-through pullover top & thong that she had changed into. With her were our host Mike and another man named Bill, each wearing only boxer shorts. Each of the men had a hand up Paula's shirt cupping a breast, and Paula had her hands in their boxers holding an erect cock in each hand. She announced to all of us in the living room ?Well, I?m ready for #4 and #5!? The three of them then went upstairs and had a blast. I would love to have watched that, as I had never seem Paula do 2 guys at once, but I was too new to swing parties and too shy to invite myself along as a voyeur.

We stopped on the way home that evening and bought a dozen Dunkin Donuts. Paula always gets a craving for cream-filled donuts after a swing party when she?s been really well fucked. On the way home in the car she filled me in on all the details of her evening that I had not seen, and I told her about being Marie's homework assignment and about my getting whipped creamed and cleaned up in the kitchen in front of everyone. By the time we got home, we were both hot & horny again. We gulped down a donut apiece, ran upstairs, stripped naked, and she had her 6th cock of the night!!!!

Since then, we have been addicted to swing parties, both large and small, although very rarely did we ever have an evening as exciting as that Halloween Party when we were so new to swing parties and full of both excitement and anxiety.

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