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Our First Night Swinging

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You and some of your girlfriends go out for a girls night out on a Friday night, before you leave you ask me to turn up the spa so it will be ready when you get home. You all have a good evening of dancing at several clubs, at the last club you meet with one of the girl?s husbands and one of their friends. As everyone else has gone home the four of you stay continuing to have a good time dancing. Around 1:00 a.m. you call me at home and tell me what fun you are having and you want me to join you all because it is not safe for you to drive and you want me there.

You tease me with comments on how I would like it; you have been dancing with both guys and flirting the friend. You tease me that he is a good kisser, when I ask how to you know that, you say we made out on the dance floor a couple of times. You also say your girl friends husband has also kissed you when you two danced close a couple of times, but the friend is a real hottie. You want me to come join you all, and get the spa ready so we can all get in when we get home.

I arrive at the club and find you and you give me a big kiss and slide you tongue into my mouth as we kiss, then whisper in my ear that you have tongue kiss both of them and the friend has been feeling you up all night. You lick my ear and say he even had his hand down the back of your jeans a couple of times and you felt his cock through his pants just before I got there. You ask me if it is ok, I tell you yes, I love that you are telling me and I told you to have fun and that is exactly what I wanted you to do. You kiss me again and ask if I took something and I laugh and say yes.

We all dance a couple of dances and return to the table and you sit on my lap and we all talk then you and the friend go out on the dance floor and you return and sit on my lap and we talk while your girl friend and the guy go dance. When they return you take him out to the dance floor, I watch as you grind your ass into his crotch as you dance and hold his hands around your waist when you two return you sit on his lap and kiss him. We then go out onto the floor and you do the same thing to me, but I run my hands up and cup your breasts and kiss your nick. As we walk back to the table you say would you like to watch him to that, I say yes, and you whisper in my ear that he already has. Your girl friend and her husband meet us and we all return to the dance floor but this time I dance with her and we do the same bump and grind as I watch you dance with her husband, when we return to the table you girls whisper something to each other and then take the friend out to the dance floor and both of you dance with him very suggestively and at one point he runs his hands up onto her breasts.

At the table her husband says it is nice I am cool with their play, as they do this all the time with his friend. When you return from the dance floor you sit on his lap again and kiss him, at this point you girls announce it is time to go to our house and get into the spa. He is a little nervous about coming over since he does not really know us (me) and is unsure, but your girl friend and her husband assure him it is ok as do we, we all head out, leaving their cars behind.

We get to the house and open some beers and you girls make margaritas and we then had out to the deck and spa, we all strip and get into spa nude. You sit on my lap on one side and they sit on the other and he sits next to us facing them. We all talk a little, and you whisper to me am I ok with this, I again assure you I am having a great time. We kiss and I start caressing you, your girlfriend and her husband are kissing and he is caressing her breasts and nipples. Our kissing has progressed to making out, with me caressing your breasts and pussy.

I comment to you that you are not being a good hostess, I remind you we have a guest, who you have teased and flirted with all night and now he sits alone. You ask, what should I do, teasingly, and I tell you ?go sit on his lap, and play with him a little, it is only fair, and we do not want our guest feeling left out?. You look at me and ask if I am kidding and I tell you no, you tongue kiss me, and ask if I am really ok with that and I tell you yes, please do, I will feel uncomfortable if you don?t. You are a little nervous and ask again if it is ok and I tell you go, have some fun with him, I told you to go.

You go over and sit on his lap and kiss him, I can see your tongue go into his mouth and his into yours. Your girl friend asks what is going on, and you tell her you are just being a good hostess. You kiss him and then start making out with him, after a little time you take his hand and put it onto your breast and he relaxes and starts playing with your breast and nipples. I am watching as he lowers his head and you lift your breast to his mouth and he starts sucking your nipples, you look over and mouth is it ok, and I nod yes, you arch your back and enjoy what he is doing. What I cannot see is you are grinding your pussy onto his cock, I watch as he pleasures you and you pleasure him.

You leave him and come to me, sitting facing me, rubbing your pussy on my cock as we kiss and I grip your ass, you ask after the kiss if I am ok with what just happened and I ask can?t you feel my answer. I tell you yes it was a real turn on and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did; you kiss me and whisper into my ear I enjoyed it more. As I caress your back I can feel you are really turned on, you ask me if I enjoyed watching you and he make out and I tell you I enjoyed all of it. You start playing with my cock and say I guess you really enjoyed it didn?t you. I ask you if he enjoyed your play and you say he is very hard, and we laugh, you slide me into you and start riding up and down on me.

Your girlfriend now crosses the spa and climbs on the friend and they start making out, he is more relaxed and starts playing with her tits and nipples right away. We watch and you whisper that is very hot, as their kiss ends, you ask, what?s up, and she states I am just being a good hostess also, we invited him out tonight. You are riding up on me and ask if I think he would like you doing to him what you are doing to me, and I tell you why don?t you find out. You look at your girlfriend and say he is occupied right now but I will soon. Your girlfriend leans over and so do you and she whispers something to you, and then turns and kisses you. She returns to her husband and sits facing us and we can see as he enters her, his hands are on her tits playing with her nipples. She arches her back and slowly rides him. You slide off me and sit on his lap this time facing him, I can tell from your movement that you are rubbing your pussy on his cock, you two are making out and he has his hands on your ass. You arch you back again and he starts sucking your nipples, I can see you are riding up and down as he sucks your nipples. You lift his head to your mouth and I can see you are tongue kissing him as you slide down onto his lap you hold the kiss for a long time, then you slide off his lap and come to me and give me a tongue kiss that is the most passionate I can remember. I whisper into your ear as I enter you again did he enter you, and you bite my ear lobe and say yes, oh yes. I have my hands on your ass and pull you in so my cock fills you; at this point he raises up of the spa and sits on the side drinking a beer watching both couples fuck in front of him. I comment that he is really turned on, and you say so am I and I tell you that makes five of us.

I tell you I want to watch you suck him, your response is ?you do, you are so greedy?; I tell you yes, I want it all. You slide back towards him and as he starts to reenter the spa you stop him, open his legs and lick and bite his inner thighs and caress him. You run your hands over his body not toughing his cock as you lick your way closer, then you lick his cock from his balls to the tip and back holding him so you can control him. You lick around his cock and balls; he takes your head in his hands and plays with your hair as you drive him nuts with your tongue. You stop and look and me and lick him, then pull his cock to your mouth and suck him in, you take as much of his cock into your mouth as you can then let it out and lick him again you do this several times driving him nuts and he starts to thrust into your mouth.

I slide behind you and take your hips and slide my cock into you from behind I begin to pump you as he is thrusting into your mouth. You stop sucking him and turn and kiss me giving me a big tongue kiss, you return to sucking him and I reenter you slowly pumping you from behind when I feel you climax. You stop sucking him and after a second turn and kiss me, after a few seconds of holding you, you turn and start sucking him again and I enter you again and continue to slowly pump your pussy, you climax again this time very hard and louse hold of his cock you are so enthralled. You turn and kiss me again, and whisper this is so fibulas. You tell me this is hot but let?s take it to the bed room. You turn to him and lick him from him balls up his cock and then across his belly and kiss him standing in front of him. We say we are heading to bed, and your girlfriend and her husband say that is a good idea and we all head in.

Once in the bedroom we both kiss you and bit your neck and suck your nipples, and play with your pussy. We all lay on the bed and I am sucking your nipples as he licks his way down you to your pussy, he takes his time and licks and sucks your lips, and opens you to lick your clit. You thrust up to meet his tongue and we trade tongue kisses, as he licks and thrusts his tongue into you. You look at me and say I never thought being with two men at once could be so much fun, your third climax hits you and you tense and release several times. You sit up and pull him up rolling him onto his back and then tell me to hold his cock for you, I hold him up, and you rub your pussy over the head of his cock and then lower yourself down onto him. I sit beside you and play with your tits and kiss you as you ride up and down on his cock, he is holding your hips and grinding himself into you. You have one hand down playing with your clit and you two continue until he cums, then you cum and roll off him laying between us.

We kiss and I start licking my way down you licking your nipples and then your belly, I each you thighs and then start licking your pussy, I suck your lips slowly tasting his and your juices mixed together, you take my head in your hands and guide my tongue to your clit. You hold my head and mouth to your pussy, when I look up you are kissing him, you pull me up on you and raise your legs up guiding me into you as we kiss I slowly enter you and feel is cum in you and how open you are to me. You tell me to fill you I want all of you in me, and I do. The feel is like the nights when you would come home from Route 66 after parting, so open and warm and wet, I slowly thrust into you and we make love gently as first. You look over at him and kiss him as I fuck you, I can feel his cum flowing out of you and down onto my balls, I very the thrusts shallow and deep slow and fast, you kiss me and then say you want to lay on your side and I reenter you. You reach for him and pull his soft cock to your mouth and start sucking him. It is so hot to watch you playing with his balls as you suck him and I am fucking you, we keep the pattern up until he is hard again. I quicken my pace as you open your mouth totally to him and take him all the way into your mouth. Your pussy is so wet and inviting I am holding off my climax it feels so good. I feel my balls tense and cum in you with one deep thrust. As I roll off, you roll to me and give me a big tongue kiss and lick my face, you ask can you taste him on my mouth. You then roll to him and guide him on top of you and he enters you and you tell him to pound your pussy and he does as I watch he fucks you until he cums again and we all crash for the night.

In the morning your girlfriends husband comes to the door after I return from feeling the dogs to find the two of you playing in the bed. He says he has to be somewhere and can I take him to the car, I say no problem and notice he has gotten hard looking at your nude body laying on the bed. I get dressed and we leave on the way we talk and he says he is glad we had fun last night and I tell him I was our first time doing that. He says that they have a regular threesome and he is glad we could enjoy it.

When we return everyone is dressed except you, you are just wearing a tee shirt with nothing under it, you are in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. As they leave you give each of the guy s kiss, and both of them caress your ass as you kiss, your girlfriend and you kiss and trade tongues for a long kiss. She then turns to me and gives me a kiss running her tongue around my lips as it goes on. As they walk out you say I loved last night lets do it again soon. AS we close he door you take my hand and lead me to the bed room and strip off the tee shirt and lay back. You say eat me baby, s I go down on you, you tell me the three of you had sex while I was gone, and he came in you again. I lick and suck you opening your pussy and sucking each lip and then running my tongue down and into, I can taste his cum and your juices as then flow out of you. I stand and strip and enter you, I slowly fuck you and cum deep in you we both crash. When we awake, you snuggle up to me.

As we kiss, you ask me why didn?t we do this before. I reply I have no idea, you say well we are doing it again next Friday, as our daughter has a sleep over. I laugh and kiss you.

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