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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Our First House Party".


Our First House Party

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Our First House Party

Greg and I met Gene and Donna thru a website called AFF. All of us were new to this whole swinging thing, but we both wanted to try it as I had this urge to be with a woman and Greg wanted desperately to see me with both a man and a woman and Donna and Gene seemed to want to watch each other with another couple, so naturally this seemed the logical route. The four of us met at a local club that catered to the frisky sort of clientele and we danced and partied the night away, getting hornier by the hour. We ended up at our hotel, and I was thinking that tonight was going to be the night? finally I would get my first taste of pussy and to watch Greg fucking another woman right in front of my eyes. Well it didn?t work out, as it seemed that it would and I ended up with Greg?s cum in my mouth instead of Donna?s pussy juice. Time went by and Gene and I chatted online but nothing ever happened until one day?Greg came home from work and said lets have a house party! I didn?t even know what a house party was until he explained it to me. It seems that a house party is when several couples get together at someone?s house and parties the night away, drinking and having sex with each other and no one has a problem with it. OK that sounds great but how do we proceed from here? Well? I?m not sure. How about inviting people from work? That was definitely out of the question for me as there was absolutely no one at my work that I would even consider having sex with and none that I would want Greg with either. What about someone from your work I queried? Well there is a new guy that I think you might be interested in he mused. What about inviting Gene and Donna? Done he said and I could tell he still wanted to get inside Donna even though he hadn?t mentioned her lately, and I could still feel Gene?s hardon on my thigh from dancing with him that night not so long ago. We got busy with the arrangements and the party was on.

We have a nice house on the lake that is rather secluded, the perfect place for a night of frolicking naked with no interruptions. The hot tub was full, drinks and snacks were ready when the doorbell rang. It was John and Peg from Greg?s work and I was thoroughly impressed by both of them and started thinking that this might turn out to be a good night after all. They were in there thirties and she was large breasted and shapely, he was tall and muscular with long blonde hair. John handed me a bottle of wine to be chilled and when I took it, he held on to it for a moment looking me in the eyes, giving me a ?I want to see you naked look?, which went straight to my pussy. I glanced at Peg and she was looking at my tits and slowly brought her gaze up to meet mine and smiled, and I swear I felt some juice drip down my leg. She was wearing a see thru halter and short shorts and her nipples were poking through the thin material and all I could think about was sucking them. My nipples were straining to get free from my bra and I wished that I hadn?t even put one on, but it was too late now and I thought that I should change when the doorbell rang again. It was Donna and Gene and I could tell that she came to party. She was wearing a thin see through wrap with heels and when she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, I could smell rum on her breath. Greg was right there accepting his kiss as Gene gave me a big hug and an open mouth kiss, complete with probing tongue. Damn I was getting horny. Gene had a sack full of goodies and we took it to the kitchen as Greg took Donna out to meet the other guests.

As soon as the kitchen door closed, Gene grabbed me and kissed me hard as his hands started exploring my body. When he found my bra he stopped and looked up and asked if I were going out. I felt way over dressed by now and decided that I should get more comfortable and asked him if he wanted to give me a hand. He readily accepted and followed my up stairs like a puppy. On the way up the stairs, I glanced out the window to the deck and saw that John and Peg were getting ready to get into the hot tub while Donna and Greg were looking out at the lake. Peg had already shed her top and her tits were exquisite. I couldn?t wait to get my lips on her nipples and run my hands over her soft skin. John had just stepped out of his shorts and the sight of his cock took my breath away. It was huge, long and thick, much bigger than I am used to and I found myself wishing that I could have that to play with for as long as I wanted. Obviously I had spent too much time daydreaming as Gene was nudging me from behind which brought me back to reality and I headed on up the stairs with a strange man behind me heading towards my bedroom, which felt completely natural. Naughty thoughts started running through my mind of what I would do when we got into the room that I had had many orgasms in. We went in and I pushed him towards the bed and had him sit and watch me with the door open. I opened the closet and started rummaging thru my play clothes bent over giving him a view of my ass, which was covered by a short skirt. I never wear panties and I could feel the skirt rising up and I knew that he was getting a view only Greg gets and it made my pussy so wet that I could feel it actually start to run down my thighs. I had a see thru top and a pair of high heels about to straighten up and turn around when I felt his hot breath on my ass and I froze in place. His nose was finding its place against my asshole as his tongue reached out and gently touched my pussy lips and traced its way up and down me. My body shuddered as his tongue entered me gently and then it was gone and I could hear him moan, as he tasted my juice for the first time. I turned around to face him and he was sitting on the floor at my feet. Our eyes locked as I pulled my top off and threw it on the floor beside him. I reached behind my back, found the clasp of my bra and unhooked it and let the straps fall. My breasts are large and the bra stayed in place as I let him squirm, knowing how bad he wanted to see my bare tits. My nipples were growing and pushing the material away and I lifted my arms slightly and the unnecessary apparatus hit the floor at his feet. His cock jumped at the same time, almost like the sound scared it. His eyes were glazed over almost as if he were hypnotized and I felt completely in control of this man I barely knew, in my bedroom, and all I could think about was sitting on his hard dick and fucking him until he filled me full of his hot load. I decided to wait and torture him for a while. I pinched my hard nipples and unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it and straddled him, giving him a view that only one other man has ever seen. He laid down flat on his back as I walked up his body and stood directly over his face and slowly squatted down until my pussy was just inches above his mouth. My lips opened and I could feel my juice slipping to the edge and just as I peered down at myself, a string of clear liquid left me and landed in his open mouth and directly on his tongue. We were connected with my nectar and the sound of him sucking me in was intoxicating me and I knew that I had to get away now or we were going to be fucking our brains out right here on the floor in front of my open closet. I stood up and picked up the long tank top I had picked out and went out the door and down the stairs, leaving him lying on the floor of my bedroom.

I stopped by the kitchen to grab some drinks and snacks to take out on the deck and saw that someone had already beaten me to it. I fixed myself a stiff one and hit the door to find the four of them sitting in the hot tub, clothes scattered all over the deck. Music was playing, a soft slow jazz Greg was sitting on the edge on one side and John was on the other facing each other. Greg was leaning back, resting on his hands, his head back and I could hear him moaning as I approached. When I reached the tub, Donna and Peg were both sucking his cock and alternately kissing and licking each other?s lips. John seemed happy to be watching the show. I climbed up and slipped into the hot water, feeling my muscles relax instantly. I kissed Greg as he slipped my tank top off and dropped it to the floor. Hands were massaging my thighs as we kissed and soft fingers were finding those tender spots of mine that aren?t used to touches such as these. Greg?s tongue was teasing mine as a tongue was teasing my pussy and I felt a hint of whisker against my thighs as John was drinking the juice that I had been teasing Gene with just moments before. His mouth was locked on me now and his tongue was taking me to orgasm land when I felt the soft dick skin of Gene against my cheek. I turned my head to find the head and hungrily gobbled it down tasting his pre-cum and it was so sweet, just as I had my first orgasm of the evening, filling John?s mouth with my cum. My body shook and I heard soft laughter as the group was enjoying my moment with me. I was ready for fucking now and I wanted as much as I could get for as long as I could get it. I think I told them this because John jerked me into the water and spun me around to take me from behind as I took as much of Gene in my mouth as I could get.

OK I love sucking cock and I love to swallow hot man juice. I love getting fucked doggy style and being filled full of steaming sperm. I was in heaven. Two hard cocks giving it to me just like I like it. It couldn?t get any better than this, OK it can, because right then I heard Greg bellowing out that he was CUMMING and Donna and Peg were taking his load both at the same time (one of his fantasies). He has always wanted two women at the same time and I have always wanted two men at the same time. Well evidently Greg cumming was having an affect on my two studs as I could taste and feel that they were getting close too, as Gene stiffened in my open mouth and he grabbed the back of my head and let go stream after stream of hot jis down my throat and I was swallowing as fast as I could to not loose any. He was still holding my hair as John slammed in me as deep as he could and I could feel his hot sperm flooding my pussy as he gripped my hips and his hard cock was pulsing and throbbing in me as my orgasm tore thru me. I came so hard I would have collapsed if my two studs weren?t holding me up.

Now both of the lovely ladies surrounded me and we all melted together in the center of the tub, our breasts all touching, floating in the hot water. We started touching nipples together and that was such an erotic thing, we first let the water float our nipples to each others, then lifting up out of the water holding each other with more intensity, our arms around each others backs. Then we were hugging tightly, all three of us in a triangle, two of us kissing each other?s mouths while the other was sucking our nipples, our hands exploring the others completely. The intensity level kept increasing and we were grinding our pelvises against each other, rubbing our hard clits against thighs wanting to cum and make each other cum. I looked around and the boys had left the tub and were having drinks, watching the show. Someone had laid towels for us on the edge of the tub and I nudged them to the edge and out of the tub. We dried each other off, taking our time, putting on a show for the men, who were showing their approval with hard cocks, but staying back and letting us enjoy each other. They followed us into the house, keeping their distance but not missing a thing. We hit the king size bed in a three way daisy chain, our mouths locked on each others pussies and drank each other to orgasm. I came so wonderfully I cried. It was like nothing else I had ever experienced. We got out the toys and played for the guys, and I had more and stronger orgasms than I have ever had in my life that night. We fucked those men until they couldn?t come anymore. We all ended up sleeping together, waking up several times during the night from someone fucking again, then back to sleep. A Wonderful First House Party!!!

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