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Our First Foursome (Another adventure with Steve)

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If you’ve read our story about Our First Threesome, then you’re familiar with how I was able to fulfill my fantasy of watching my wife fuck another man when my best friend, Steve, seduced her and we had a thrilling threesome. We had several threesomes with Steve after that and we always had a great time. It was a very satisfactory arrangement: I got to watch my wife fuck another guy, Pam got to fuck two guys at the same time (and she got to experience Steve’s big dick) and Steve got to have no strings attached sex with my hot wife and enjoy her excellent blow jobs. I wasn’t really looking to expand things but it just so happened that I got to know a woman at work named Dana and we started getting flirtatious. I didn’t think much of it at first, but the longer the flirtation went on, the more I started to think of a FMF three way with Dana and Pam. Things took an extra step with Dana when we went out to lunch once and, when we got back in the car we just sort of started making out. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t something I’d thought about doing. It was just very spontaneous and very mutual. In fact, I couldn’t tell you which one of us made the first move. The next thing I knew, were kissing heavily and my left hand was on her very large right breast. Just to describe Dana, she was pretty much the opposite of my wife Pam. Where Pam was tall, blonde and willowy, Dana was shorter, brunette and very curvy. I loved her big tits and big ass and her deep brown eyes. We broke our kiss and just kind of looked at each other for an awkward minute. Then she asked in a have joking voice “Want to go back to my place and fool around?” I was stunned, then she gave a little laugh and said, “Well, somebody had to say something”. Dana knew that I was married and said that she wasn’t looking for anything serious but was up for some no strings attached fun if I was. I told her straight up that I had to ask my wife if it was okay. That took her by surprise and I explained that my wife had a fuck buddy that fucked her once or twice a month. That really took her by surprise. I thought that may have freaked her out at first then she said “Holy shit that’s hot”. I thought so, too and talking about it gave me a hard on which Dana noticed. Before I knew it, we were making out again and Dana said that I should talk to Pam about a hall pass but in the mean time she felt badly about sending me back to work in my present state. So I drove to the top level of the parking garage, parked in the corner and Dana gave me a fantastic blow job. We then drove back to work like nothing happened. I spent the rest of the work day in a distracted fog and thought about going to Dana’s office but thought better of it for fear that we’d wind up fucking on her desk and getting fired. I got home and rather guiltily told Pam about what happened with Dana. I knew that with Pam it would have been the fact that I hadn’t talked to her about it ahead of time, not so much that I’d gotten a blow job from someone. I mean, after all, she’d been fucking my best friend a couple of times a month for several months. She couldn’t get enough of him or him of her. She wasn’t too pissed and was, in fact, happy that I’d only gotten a blow job and had not fucked Dana. She knew Dana a little bit from work functions and parties at the boss’s house and said that it figured that I wanted fuck her. “You’re such a boob man and Dana’s got a big set” she said – and she wasn’t wrong. Needless to say, I was worked up and talking about things got her worked up as well and we wound up fucking. She kept asking me if Dana gave good head and if I’d enjoy fucking the both of them. At some point, I said that it would be hot to have a foursome with Dana and Steve. That way we’d all have something to watch while we fucked in various combinations. Pam looked at me and asked if Dana would be okay with fucking a complete stranger as part of a four way. I said that she might since she was just looking for casual sex and that I could ask her. Either way, Pam gave me the green light to fuck Dana so long as I told her about it and/or we could do it as a couple. (She’d fucked Steve alone a couple of times, so we’d already opened that door.) The next day Dana and I went to lunch again and I told her about the conversation with Pam and my idea of a foursome. That idea really appealed to her wild side and we wound up back at her apartment having a quick, steamy fuck. We were all over each other and I loved her big tits and holding on to her big ass when I fucked her from behind. Afterwards, she asked when we could set up the four way and I told her that I’d let her know. It was two weeks before Steve could come over so we set up the four way at our house for that evening. Pam and Dana and I set up a FMF threesome for the Saturday before but I got sick (damn it!) and it didn’t happen. On the Saturday of the foursome, Pam and I spent quite a lot of time getting the house ready. There was food and booze to buy, porn to rent and a playroom to arrange. We moved everything in the playroom to the walls or the guest bedroom and moved the mattresses off of both beds into the playroom. We set up some candles, appropriate music and an ice chest with wine, beer and water into the “fun room” as we started to call it. Our queen sized bed may have been big enough for three but didn’t figure to accommodate four. Steve arrived early and it was telling that he and Pam greeted each other with intimate familiarity. Instead of the heated anticipation of the first time, this time they shared a familiar kiss with his hands on her wonderfully round ass. “I’m looking forward to tonight!” he said and Pam agreed as she grabbed his ass in return. Dana was a little late but well worth the wait. She showed up with her hair styled (she’d obviously had it done that day) and her makeup perfect. She was wearing a long coat and took it off when she got into the house to reveal a short black dress that was low cut to show off her big tits. Her high heels also propped up her big round ass that I couldn’t wait to get a hold of. Pam greeted Dana with a hug saying “I hear you’ve been getting friendly with my husband” then giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “We’re going to have fun with these two tonight. Believe me, having them together is amazing.” Steve, Dana and I got drinks and sat down in the living room and started to chat. Dana and I were on the couch and Steve was in a chair opposite from us. I was trying to think of a way to suggest that we watch some porn to break the ice when Pam walked in, straddled Steve’s legs, sat in his lap facing him and started making out with him like a love starved teenager. Okay: ice broken. Dana and I followed suit and I don’t know if it was because she was horny, really comfortable or just wanted to put on a show for Steve but she was sucking my dick in a flash. (I later asked her why she went straight for my cock and she just said “I like to suck cock”. Okay, fair enough.) Steve saw Dana giving me head and decided that Pam needed to see the show (she was sitting in his lap facing away from us) so he had her stand up, then turn the chair around so his back was to us when he sat back down. He then had Pam sit back down in his lap and started kissing and biting her neck. I watched Pam’s face as she saw another woman going down on me for the first time. If Pam were to get upset over another woman and I, this would be the moment. She just looked even more turned on as she watched Dana suck my cock and continued to grind her pussy against Steve’s hard on while he kissed her neck and played with her tits. So, no worries on that front! It was very apparent that we needed to move upstairs to the fun room so I made that suggestion and everyone agreed. Steve and Dana were ahead of Pam and me and I grabbed Pam on the stairs and massaged her tits from behind then unclasped her bra. She said that she wanted Steve to do that and I reminded her that the plan was for all of us to play together, not just her with Steve and me with Dana. She agreed but wanted Steve to undress her and reminded me that I would love it, too. She had a point so I re-hooked her bra and we continued up the stairs. We got to the room and found Steve and Dana just checking it out and waiting for us. Knowing Steve, I was half way surprised that he didn’t have his cock down Dana’s throat. Pam just walked right into Steve’s arms and continued kissing him. She then asked him to undress her. He gladly began to fulfill her request. Pam wasn’t wearing anything super sexy, just a pair of shorts that showed off the curves of her ass and a sleeveless top. Steve started by removing that top, then her bra and spent some time playing with and licking her nipples. He then unbuttoned her shorts and drew them down her legs, kneeling in front of her as he did so. Pam stepped out of her shorts and then grabbed Steve’s head and pulled his face into her crotch. It was a place with which he was quite familiar as he’d gone down on her several times. But, as he liked to remark to me, he loved my wife’s pussy. Pam looked at me with a devilish smile as Steve kissed her thighs and her pussy through her panties. He then peeled them off and she stood there completely nude while Steve gently stroked her clit. All this while, Dana was watching them while stroking my cock. I’d told her how much I enjoyed watching Pam with another man and she leaned in and remarked how hot it was to watch them and observed that I obviously liked it as well. Steve stood up and Pam undressed him. She was on her knees in front him when she got to his underwear and immediately began to suck his dick when his hard on popped out. I never get tired of watching my wife suck cock but I didn’t want to neglect Dana and so far most of our interaction had been her servicing me. I turned to Dana and started kissing her and massaging her very large breasts. I laid her down on a mattress and began to lightly stroke and kiss her from head to toe, undressing her as I went. We’d fucked once before but it was a frenzied quickie and I hadn’t had time to really explore her. I spent a lot of time on her pussy when I got back up to that spot and tried to take things slowly to get her good and hot. Things escalated when she grabbed the back of my head and told me to lick her pussy and make her cum. I did just that and it didn’t take long for Dana to reach orgasm, shuddering deliciously on my face. Following that orgasm, she pulled my face to hers and deeply kissed me. I couldn’t believe how horny she was and she told me “I love the taste of my own pussy. I can’t wait to taste it on your cock.” Holy shit was that hot! I love sexually confident and uninhibited women. Others use the word “slut” as an insult, I use it as a compliment. There’s nothing sexier than a slutty woman who knows what she wants. I started to position myself to fuck Dana missionary style but she rolled over on her side, facing Steve and Pam, and told me to fuck her from behind so we could watch them. That sounded good so I did just that and discovered just how hot it was to watch Pam while I was fucking another woman. It was the best of both worlds. Steve was pounding her hard in the missionary position. Her legs were locked around his back and Pam started moaning “Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me!” I’d only ever heard her say that to me – even though she’d fucked Steve several times by now – and it got me so turned on that I had to pull out of Dana to keep from cumming prematurely. I watched Pam come to a shattering orgasm and then Steve pulled out of her, his dick shiny with her cum. Steve looked over at Dana and me and asked if we’d like to switch partners. Dana said that she was enjoying my cock (I’d reinserted myself) at the moment but invited Steve over for a blow job. Steve had his cock in her mouth in no time. Keep in mind that Dana had only met Steve a half hour or so before and was now sucking his hard cock. Now that’s hot, slutty behavior! I pulled out of Dana and did something that I’d always wanted to do: pull directly out of one woman’s pussy and slide into another one. I slid my cock into Pam and felt that warm, wonderful feeling of my wife’s pussy after she’d been fucked by another man. That “just fucked” feeling is the best. Pam and I enjoyed a slow fuck at first and then built to an explosive orgasm for both of us. She told me how it was to watch Steve and Dana while we fucked and understood why I liked to watch Steve and her so much. I looked over and Steve and Dana were standing now and making out while his hard on was pressing against her. I walked over there and began to stroke her back and cupped her ass in my hands. I then leaned into her and started kissing her neck. Her other hand came around behind her to start stroking my cock, trying to get it hard again. Steve and I continued to work on her – four hands and two tongues all over her body – and she tilted her head up and said “Pam, now I know why you like fucking the two of them so much!” “Yeah” Pam said, “They make a good team.” As Steve and I worked on Dana, Pam came over and told me to lie down on my back. I did and she then sat on my face, facing my cock. This was something she’d never done before and I assumed that she was going to lean forward in a 69. Instead, she called Dana over to sit on my cock. This was definitely something new to us: Dana rocking back and forth on my cock while Pam sat on my face. I was happily licking Pam’s snatch and enjoying Dana’s pussy when I heard the girls start giggling followed by slurping and moaning. Not wanting to be left out, Steve had walked over and stuck his fat cock between their faces and they were taking turns licking and sucking it. From all of the slurping and giggling, I heard Pam say “Isn’t his cock great? I love it.” Dana agreed and said that she was looking forward to feeling it in her pussy. She then said “I like your husband’s cock too. Thanks for letting me play with it.” I heard them laugh some more and continue with the sucking sounds and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t see what was going on. Later Steve told me that Pam had grabbed one of Dana’s tits to help steady herself as I ate her out. Pam is 100% straight and, as much as I’d like to see her with another woman, that will never happen and the one time she grabs another woman’s boob, I missed it! Oh well, I did have two women grinding away on me so I guess I can’t complain. Looking back, I can’t remember if Steve came then but I do remember the girls rolling off of me and Pam saying that they should double up on my cock so I could experience it. Guys, if you’ve never had two women go down on you, I highly recommend it. Pam offered Dana my cock and then started licking my balls while Dana engulfed my cock in her mouth. They went at it like that for a while and then switched around – both licking me, one licking my balls, the other sucking me, etc. I just wish that they would have made out while they were there but you can’t have everything. Steve being Steve decided that was an opportune time to fuck Pam doggy style. I was fine with that because I learned in our first encounter with him that Pam gives her best blow jobs while she’s getting fucked. Her passion and intensity go up a notch when she has a dick in her. Steve was going back and forth between Dana and Pam. He had Dana close to cuming and pulled out of her and plunged into Pam when Dana cussed him for pulling out when she was so close to an orgasm. I told Dana not to worry, got around behind her and starting fucking her. Steve and I were side by side: him fucking my wife while I fucked Dana. Dana came first and Pam finished soon after with Steve dropping a load in her pussy with his orgasm. We were all pretty exhausted after that and I lay back on one of the mattresses. I dozed off for a while and when I woke up I saw that Dana was asleep and that Pam and Steve were gone. I went looking for them and found them in the master bathroom taking a bath together. They were in the tub facing each other and I heard Steve saying “I’d never done anything like this before the first time the three of us got together.” Pam replied “Me either. I would never have even thought of it if Brian hadn’t gotten me thinking about it and you hadn’t done what you did” (she was referring to when Steve seduced her at a party at my suggestion). Steve said “Well I’m glad we did it” Pam: “Me too, it’s been fun.” Steve: “It has. You are one hot woman and I really like fucking you.” Pam: “Mmm, I like fucking you, too. And I really like fucking you and Brian together.” At that, she leaned in to kissing him and they started making out. Steve started playing with her soapy tits and I could see her had stroking his cock under the water. I could see where this was headed and thought about joining them but decided to go back to Dana instead. I roused Dana by nuzzling and licking her large, wonderful nipples. She woke up smiling and asked “Is it that time again?” I said that it was and went back to her boobs. I loved her big tits and really wanted to spend some time with them. After a while, I laid on my side and started licking her clit. We were laying in a sideways 69 so she started sucking my cock. We were having fun when Pam and Steve walked in. They were both naked and he was hard. He came over to us and asked if he could cut in. Dana rolled over on her back, spread her legs and asked Steve to fuck her. I played with her tits for a while but got distracted when Pam started sucking my cock. I paired up with Pam and slid my cock into her. I asked if she enjoyed her bath with Steve. “Oh you saw that, did you?” she smiled. I told her that I saw a little bit of it and decided to come back in here. “You should have stuck around. You could have seen Steve drying me off and then me get on my knees and sucking his cock.” She always did know how to get me to another level… After Pam and I came, we both fell asleep (we’d been drinking between bouts and between that and the sex we were drowsy.) I woke up to find Pam, naked, beside me. I thought about waking her with my tongue but decided to find Steve and Dana. He seemed to make a habit of luring the girls elsewhere when I drifted off, the horny fucker. I found them downstairs fucking on the coach. He told me that he took her on the back porch and fucked her out there for a bit but they came inside. (I still wonder if any neighbors saw them.) He said that they’d been fucking for a while but he was getting fucked out. I asked Dana if she needed to cum again and she said yes. I said “You’re quite the slut aren’t you? Fucking some guy you just met. Fucking him outside. Fucking a married man. That’s really slutty.” She smiled and said “That’s right and you love it so come over here and fuck my slutty pussy.” Well, I could hardly refuse that invitation and since Steve was fucked out, I took over for him and slid into Dana’s wet pussy. Steve asked where Pam was and I told him. “I thought you were fucked out?” He said, “I am, I’m just going to cuddle up with her and go to sleep. Maybe I’ll get to fuck her in the morning.” With that he went upstairs and I continued to fuck Dana. She came after a while and asked me how close I was. I wasn’t sure since I’d already cum three times. Dana being a considerate partner sucked and jerked me off until I came one last time. I remember looking at her and telling her what an awesome fuck buddy she was. She just smiled, kissed my dick and said “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself.” That was the end of the night. I invited Dana to stay over saying that we could all go out for breakfast in the morning since Steve’s girlfriend was out of town but she didn’t want to stay. She assured me that all was well, she wasn’t freaked out or uncomfortable but that she just wanted to spend the night in her own bed. She even offered bring me home and let Pam and Steve enjoy each other in the morning but I passed on that. Dana was true to her word. She was perfectly fine the next Monday at work and she and I got together several more times. Mostly at her apartment but once in the back of my car and once in a spare room in the boss’s house and a big party. She was an awesome fuck buddy and I still miss our encounters. We fucked until she started dating her eventual husband. It was odd every time I saw them together and all I could think about was what a hot fuck his wife was and how much fun it was watching her fuck a guy she’d just met and fucking her while she sucked Steve’s cock. I wonder if she was as freaky with her husband as she was with us? I hope so for his sake. Steve did try to fuck Pam in the morning but had to settle for a blow job instead. Pam made it clear that she was way too sore to fuck for a while but I don’t think that either of us minded “settling” for a blow job.

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