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Our First Couples Weekend at the Cabin

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Tom, my husband and I were invited along with two other couples to Karen and Bob?s cabin in the remote woods near the national forest south east of us. A three day, two night get-a-way for us adults was to be experienced without any kids, phones, computers or the noise of the city. The drive was just under two hours and back in the woods so far that we met at a roadside pub on the highway and then drove caravan style down several windy dirt roads to fine the place. We wondered how they found this place and why did they pick a spot so far back in the woods away from civilization. But then we know that some people like to have their privacy and this would surely qualify for fulfilling that desire.

Once there we found a beautiful log cabin with a nice yard and plenty of shade all around. Just down the hill and to the left front side of the cabin was a good sized pond. We could hear frogs and birds and critters all around. On the front porch with our bags in hand we could take in the rolling wooded area in all directions and feel the serenity. Karen introduced us all around to Ken and Mary and Ron and Carol. Ken and Mary were from well east of us and Ron and Carol were from the northern part of the state.

Inside was another surprise; hardwood floors, tongue in groove walls, large area rugs and real live furniture. The kitchen was fully equipped and the appliances even looked newer than ours at home. Some country pictures and appointments decorated the walls but other than that we might of well be in one of our homes back home. All but the master bedroom were up stairs so we were assigned a room to stow our gear to get the rest of the tour.

Karen lead the ladies on the tour and they each helped fill in extra tidbits since they had both been there before. The boys headed for the out building (big garage) to see the quad runners and boy toys and marvel over the tractor and stuff.

Mary asked me, ?So this is your first trip to the cabin?? I replied with a yes only to hear Carol add ?We like it when we party with a newbie couple?. I thought is strange that they all three giggled. So I asked ?Okay what?s the secret?? Karen explained that the group other than Tom and I were swingers. I gulped saying ?You mean? only to be interrupted by Carol saying ?We swap partners for sex?. The girls all giggled some more. Karen added ?You don?t have to take part if you don?t want to, we all understand. No one here is pushy about it?. They went on each adding something like ?You don?t know what fun is till you?ve done it.? ?If you want to try it we can show you the ropes?. ?Does Tom get jealous when you are around other men?? Then Karen said with a serious tone ?Bob and I found it to be the hottest thing we have ever done to liven up our lives together and make us closer then ever.? The other girls chimed in with the same sentiments, The tour reached the back porch and an attached gazebo complete with huge hot tub. Carol referred to it as the spot where thy like to make ?fuck soup?. All that is needed for a good batch is naked couples.

The thought of being with another man had crossed my mind but I was unprepared for this weekend and Tom and I hadn?t discussed it as an option. We gathered around the sitting area on the back porch and Karen went inside only to return with a tray of margaritas and chilled glasses. We all toasted the weekend. I noticed as I looked around the table each of the ladies winked at me when our eyes met. I started to feel like the fly being surrounded by spiders. The men returned each with a beer in hand. Tom was all excited about the boy toys in the garage and the extra fridge in there stocked with several brands of suds.

I excused myself and took Tom?s hand to lead him inside for a chat. Once alone I asked if he knew that the group was a bunch of swingers. He said that the guys mentioned it to him for the first time in the garage, but that we didn?t need to swap if we didn?t want to. ?What are we going to do?? I asked. ?We are out in the middle of the woods with a bunch of wife swappers?. Tom told me to calm down and asked what I thought about gong along with them. ?You mean, us get naked and have sex with them?? I asked. ?That?s it, get naked and have sex with them?. I thought for a moment then added ?and you?d be okay with me doing it with someone else?? Tom then dropped a bomb on me with ?I have often thought of seeing you fuck another man as a fantasy? ?So for your vote you?d like to go along with it a swap me for another woman for the night.? I said.

We reminded each other of not being virgins when we met, that we both knew people that did it and seemed happy together and the group was attractive enough that we could pick any of the players and get into the mood. We also agreed on no hard feelings afterward. Soooooo, I blurted out ?What the fuck, let?s party!? We had a long hug and kiss before returning to the back porch. On the porch we found Karen kissing Ron. Bob had his hand on Mary?s bottom. Ken was leaning back on the railing with Carol backed up to him, his arm around her and she was sucking his fingers. ?You guys got started without us?!?? I asked. Bob said ?We were just warming up for you guys to join the fun?. ?I need on more drink then?, I added as I grabbed the pitcher and refilled my glass.

Ron and Ken came over to me, one on each side to snuggle up close and each give me a kiss. Karen and Carol both did likewise with my Tom. Bob and Mary started giving each other some attention. ?Gauntlet!? Karen shouted. Everyone lined up with the men on one side and girls on the other facing them. A big wet kiss and a pair of stray hands with the man facing me then we each moved one step to the left and repeated it till I had kissed each of the men and they had all had their hands on my body. Tom seemed to like the party a lot more now too. After the complete round of ?Gauntlet? we scatted and started to fix something to eat. The grill was lit, the girls prepped inside and the guys helped set the table on the porch.

The girls were all atwitter with excitement and questions of how I was accepting my introduction into swinging. I assured them that Tom and I would both be fine with it so they started telling me about each of the other men and what they liked. Now as I think back it was probably so I?d tell them what Tom was like and what his preferences were. The food was about ready and the meat was coming off the grill so we all sat outside to eat.

Nothing was out of the ordinary while we ate but the sexual anticipation could be cut with a knife. Sexy winks and motions were exchanged across the table. Mary took an ear of corn in her mouth to simulate a BJ and soon we each gave a demonstration in kind. It was all in sexy fun and it lightened up the sexual tension for we girls but heightened the men?s anticipation. When I took my turn on my ear of corn Mary commented ?I?d like to see you do that with Ron?. It must have been an inside joke because all chimed in to agree with her. Then Carol said we could all think her for bringing the biggest cock to the party, but Karen immediately mentioned that Tom?s size had yet to be seen.

They recommended that we get into the hot tub after eating as we were clearing the table and putting things away. Karen stopped me in the kitchen when we had a brief moment alone to get a serious word in with me in private. ?Remember, you don?t have to go along with everything anyone wants if you are not comfortable with it, just say no and no means no?. I took the advise and assured her that I was woman enough for the challenge but I added that I was excited about what was to come. She smiled with understanding and her excitement for me as she gave me a kiss on the mouth and cupped my breast. I didn?t resist but was surprised. Since I allowed the kiss her tongue came into my mouth as I felt her other hand lightly rub my bottom. Carol entered the kitchen and joined us to direct my attention to her kiss and our tongues played. Hands were felt all over my body from the two women, I was enjoying the moment. Mary came in telling us to save some of that for the boys and to announce that the men were getting into the hot tub.

Once finished in the kitchen we arrived at waters edge to the delight and encouragement of the men we were to playfully disrobe for their entertainment. We all gave our best stripper acts as we got naked. Karen wanted to play wet gauntlet to get things started. Mary said she didn?t care what all we did as long as she got to suck Ron?s cock. ?Me too?, Karen added. Carol said ?You will all get your chance to suck my husband?s cock, I promise? I was still looking for my first sighting of his manhood but the boys were all sitting in the water and I could not see what Ron was packing. The wet gauntlet began with each woman and her own husband. The ladies were in the middle and the men were seated so we girls moved from man to man to get our kisses and exchange some sexy touches and teasing. Lots of moans were heard as pleasures were exchanged. We seemed to spend more time with this gauntlet then before but I didn?t mind kissing my husband as we encouraged one another to have fun.

Next man for me was Bob, our host, who pulled me in tight to straddle him and squeeze my tummy against his hard-on. We kissed and felt around on each other?s bodies in true foreplay style. I slid my hand down between us to stroke his manhood and his kissing become more intense. Next man in line for me to be with was the Ken doll, the most handsome of the men and most tanned. It was not hard at all to slide into his arms and kiss. His style was soft and attentive. He was on a mission to please me and I was letting him have anything he wanted. Our exchange was hot stuff and his fingers teased my vagina getting my juices flowing but good. It felt as if Ken knew just what I liked and was more attentive to my pleasure then his own?which mad me even hotter for his sex.

Last man for me was Ron, the cock, that all were talking about so far. His kiss was like an animal about to ravage me into having sex. I was pulled to straddle him as he sat in the hot tub only to find out his secret. His penis was huge and his hands were all over me. I pulled away from his kiss to take his cock into both of my hands. This was the largest penis I?d ever seen on a white man. I stroked it with both hands and his mouth found one of my nipples then the other. Karen announced that we should work our way back around the tub with two minute blow jobs. The men got out to sit on the edge of the tub with legs spread and feet in the water. Since Ron and his large member right in front of me I began sucking him and there was plenty of cock to stroke that didn?t fit in my mouth. I could see Karen to my right sucking my Tom and Carol to my left sucking Ken.

Two minutes into the oral attention phase, I moved back to Ken to find no tan lines and a clean shaven cock and balls. I not only sucked him but remembered how he had treated me so gently and gave him my nicest softest teasing blow job as I looked up to see him watching me please him. Next stop on the blow job gauntlet was Bob. His penis was hard and ready for me so I jumped right into giving him a mouth fucking. Pumping my mouth onto him and stroking the base of his unit and teasing his balls. He certainly liked what I was doing and moaned under my attention. I slowed down some and glanced over to catch a glimpse of Carol sucking my Tom and on the other side Karen doing like wise with Ken.

Karen commanded us to reverse direction once again for anything goes gauntlet. Bob and the rest of the men slid back down into the water. I was immediately pulled closer to straddle him and this time his penis went right into me. MMMM it felt good but that was the idea and my kissing him just became natural as I worked my hips to take him in deeper. His mouth was on one nipple then the other as I looked over to see Carol in the same configuration with my Tom as she smiled back at me. We exchanged winks and turned back to give our attention to the man inside each of us. Next stop was Ken. He took me by the waist to place me on the edge of the hot tub and trailed kisses from my mouth to my nipples across my tummy and my legs were spread wider for him to slowly kiss and lick between my legs. With both thumbs placed strategically he spread me open to make way for his talented tongue to find my clit. I was moaning and didn?t mind who knew it. I tried to catch my breath and glace around the tub only to find all the women on the edge getting head from the men in the water. Tom was down on Mary across from Ken and I. I thought about how good Tom was at eating pussy and Mary?s face was confirming the fact that my man had a hot talented tongue.

Next stop on the sex gauntlet was Ron, the rod. Back in the water the men were seated. Ron turned me around to back up to him and sit on his lap, like a sitting doggie style fuck. I had to move slowly at first to see how much of him would be comfortably pushed into me. Surprisingly I was wet enough and willing enough to take it all. I looked around the tub to find the other couples in an array of sexual positions and acts.

Tom was fucking Karen?s brains out as she had her elbows on the edge of the tub and Tom took her from behind. Bob had Mary sitting on the edge of the tub with her one leg over his shoulder pumping himself into her much to her delight. Carol had Ken sitting on the edge and she was on his lap, her legs wrapped tightly around him while pumping her hips to fuck him.

Tom and Bob both finished with groaning manly noises. Carol let go with her orgasm atop Ken and he soon followed with his orgasm to join her. Ron kept pushing in and out of me with his short strokes and full length inside me. He pulled out to have me turn toward him and reenter me face to face. He lifted us to spin around and seat me on the edge of the tub. All eyes were on us as he made long slow stroked in and out of me. The girls were making most of the comments as I heard encouragements from the peanut gallery. I hung onto him and let him take me. His pumping became faster and deeper than I think I?d ever had before. I was feeling my bodily signs working up to peeking my pleasure as I looked to Tom smiling back at me I mouthed ?I love you? and he did likewise in return. I let go with my orgasm and was told later that I got rather vocal during the event. I do remember that Ron pushed full in and held himself deep into me when his sperm squirted into me. He stayed in me for some time and slowly stroked his way back out of me. We all returned to our spouses to snuggle and enjoy the water.

All questions were directed to Tom and me about how we felt how we were dealing with swinging and the conversation turned to each couple relating what swinging meant to them and what they enjoyed about it. They all related how it spiced up their own bedrooms after getting into the lifestyle. I was a soft sell job on us and at the same time it was a welcoming for us as the new guys in the club. Once out of the tub we took turns in the shower and got into our pajamas to sit around the fire pit under blankets to tell jokes and sing a few songs as Ron and Ken played guitars for us. Next morning Tom and I had one of our all time best sexual experiences together to start the day.

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