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Our Experience At a Resort

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We went to the Desire Resort in Cancun last week for a little get-away. It?s the third time we?ve been and we go for three or four days, usually with not much planning. It?s a great mini-vacation for us; three hours travel time and we?re in the sun. The first day we relax at the pool, watching all the people. We figure half the people come there just like us without knowing anybody and the other half are in groups.

The groups make it hard for outsiders in that they are pretty involved with each other. The couples that have arrived alone usually eat alone. In our case that?s fine because we enjoy each other?s company a lot, but I know my husband Jack is curious about joining another couple but we rarely have a clue about breaking the ice.

The Jacuzzi on the roof opens in the early afternoon and its usually packed with people by five and then it empties out over dinner but fills up again by 11.

We?ve been married for seven years and we?re both career lawyers with two children so our times for intense sex are much treasured. We both care about each other?s fantasies, but we don?t really talk about them, but whenever we come to Desire, Jack always talks to me about having sex with others and I always get incredibly wet. Then we come and come back to earth ? lol, because the fact is we really love each other and the perfect sex would be where the other parties disappear after orgasm. The fantasy is great but I just can't believe we'd actually do anyhting aobut it.

Anyway on the second day we?d spent three hours in the sun, had lunch, a nap and then went to the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is really funny; its only three feet or so deep, so when everyone gets in they get on their knees to get the water up to their necks. Since the tile is mosaic after a couple of days it can give you some interesting bruises on the knees. Anyway there were only six couples in the Jacuzzi when we arrived. Two of the women were sitting in the chairs talking to each other. One of them had a huge pair of implants ? nice implants but still pretty obvious.

I caught Jack staring and pulled him to me, whispering, ?That?s a set of tits you could lose yourself in.?

He grinned at me and said. ?I?ll bet they?re jealous of these beautiful real titties.?

I do have pretty big ones ? they sag a little but the nipples are on the upslope like cartoon titties. I arched my back so they came out of the water.

?Maybe their husbands would like them.?

He laughed and scooted over to the bar to get us a couple of punches. I lay back and watched the two husbands who were looking out over the ocean. One of them turned his head and caught me staring. He was actually pretty good looking, and just to have a little fun I did the back arching thing and caught him staring at my chest. As if in payback he stood and walked over to the bar. He had a really thick cock. His friend watched me watching and stood to follow him. He had a really long cock. I saw Jack wading back towards me. He?d been watching my eyes, which were watching the cocks. I saw that he was half hard.

He sat down on the ledge beside me and I took my drink, briefly wrapping my hand around his cock, which was now quite hard. He leaned in close and whispered, ?I saw you looking. It turned me on. What did you think??

I looked over at the two wives. I could see that they were talking about us. ?Those two women are making me nervous.?

The husbands came back with drinks and sat against the opposite wall. ?Where are you guys from? the good looking one asked.

We started one of those get-to-know-you conversations. A couple of times I set my drink on the rim behind me and that meant I had to lift one shoulder and breast to their view whenever I turned. Both of them seemed to like that. After about ten minutes of chat their wives joined us. It was the first conversation we?d had with couples at the resort. As we were chatting I kept rubbing against Jack?s cock. It was funny but the minute the women joined us he went soft, though I thought they were nice and both seemed sexy to me. The conversation ran down a little and I went to get two more drinks for us, standing up and walking to the bar, knowing they?d be staring at my ass. I could feel their eyes on me and realized I was pretty wet. Excited actually.

When I got back both the women said they were going to get ready for dinner. The guys said they?d have one more drink to give them a head start in the dressing department. I was rapidly downing my second drink and was starting to feel a little buzz. Dan, the handsome one asked what I was drinking and then asked if I?d tried the local tequila. A few seconds later and he had plastic cups with very generous chilled shots. He was standing when he brought them back and we all stood. I noticed, and I?m sure they did too that Jack was nearly hard and as I watched both Dan and Bill became bigger. They watched me when I put my hand around Jack's cock and gave it a squeeze and everyone got hard. I felt almost girlish and said, "That's quite a compliment."

When we sat back in the water Dan said, ?So have you guys been in the lifestyle long??

I giggled, ?No, in fact we just come here to get naked and vacation.? I paused and the tequila made me say, ?But we?ve talked about doing more.?

?We haven?t done much either, but we came down here six months ago and met each other and then kept in touch.?

I reached over and touched Jack. He was still hard as a rock and he grinned at me. The tequila had undone me and I floated away on my back, knowing that the Dan and Bill would be able to see my shaved pussy lips. When I dog paddled back towards them Jack was laughing at some comment. I moved back towards the ledge, deliberately brushing by Dan. He was still hard as a rock too. I took another sip of my drink. You can imagine the fantasies racing through my mind, but of course I knew that in a few minutes we?d be heading to our room to get ready for dinner.

I said, ? I guess we should be going, huh??

Jack stood up, his cock hard in front of me. I knew how good it would taste and I leaned forward and put him all the way into my mouth, taking my time removing him and then circling his cock head with my tongue. When I looked up there were two other cocks pointing at me; one really thick shorter cock and one longer one. I looked up at Jack.

He pushed my head towards Dan. It was almost like a dream. I opened my mouth and felt that big rubbery glans push my lips and then he was filling me. I reached over to Bill and wrapped my hand around him. I felt Jack behind me and then felt his hand moving down my back over my asshole and into my pussy. Of course I was completely wet.

Jack was holding me up in the swirling water so I could use both hands. One was on Bill?s cock and the other was now holding Dan?s nutsack. It was really heavy, and I scratched and pulled at it, but then I felt him tighten up and I knew I was going to get a load. Part of my mind was shouting ?We?re really doing it. This is so nasty.?

I wondered what the etiquette about cumming with strangers was and then I had an-aids-fear moment and lowered my mouth to the water, feeling his cum pouring out the sides of my mouth. I spat out the rest and then moved over to Bill. Different cock, thinner and longer and his balls weren?t as heavy either. Jack was finger fucking me hard and then I felt Dan?s fingers on my clit and I started cumming. Bill didn?t last very long, probably because of the way my mouth was working as I came, and he managed to blow right down my throat.

I rinsed my mouth and stood. ?Thank you gentlemen, but I think I?ll dress now.?

I was almost dizzy thinking about what I?d just done and I was out of the pool and drying off with a towel before I remembered that Jack hadn?t cum. He was still drying himself when I grabbed his robe and motioned him over to one of the beds on the Jacuzzi level. I lay back and said, ?Fuck me.?

He didn?t waste any time. I put my legs up in the air and then felt hands holding my feet up. Dan and Bill were there and their cocks were hard again. I didn?t expect Jack to last very long and I certainly didn?t expect to cum again, but Bill had dropped to my side and was doing a great job of sucking my nipples. I looked up to see two other couples watching us from the bar and had a moment?s embarrassment but then one of the women grinned at me and I started cumming again. Jack unloaded in me, but when Bill moved to take his place he said, ?Not without a condom.?

It took them a couple of minutes to find them and by then Jack and I had talked ourselves down, so we politely said it?d have to be next time. We went back to the room and Jack ate me to orgasm one more time. He couldn?t stop telling me of my expression when that fat cock stretched my lips. As he came he groaned that he wanted to see it fill my pussy.

I think he'll get to.

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