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Our Adventure

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Tonight was to be an adventure. My wife Lynn and my friend George would be getting together and his wife Joyce and I. They had been friends of mine for many years. The plan was for Blow-Jobs all round. Lynn was very nervous as she had only known George a few months, I had known him several years and she had only had sex with me and her ex-husband. Joyce and I left to go upstairs and as we got to the stairs I said I want to watch for a while and we sat on the dimly lighted star well. Lynn would not know I was watching. George had a PJ on and Lynn a night gown. He walked up to her and kissed her and pulled her gown off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She was naked. Then he pulled his PJ down and sprung free. George has a 9 inch cock and Lynn knew it from her talks on line with Joyce. She looked down and her face flushed as she knew it would be in her mouth soon. Lynn loved giving head it was one of her favorite things to do with a man. She was very good and was looking forward to doing George. Beyond that it was left up to each of us as to how far to go.

She and George had also chatted on line and every time they finished her face was flushed and she was turned on for me. In their chats he wanted her to talk to him about what their time together would be like. Although she was willing she was also unfamiliar with talking that way so he had to coach her into telling him what she was going to do. Finally she was able to say to him she was going to go down on him. He told her he was going to lick her pussy and use his 6 inch middle finger on her. All she could say was ok. She told me later she liked how he talked to her.

I watched Lynn moved up to him and he pulled her in close stroking her butt and she gasped at his touch. His cock was pressed against her leg and she reached down and stroked him. He said oh your hands are so soft. I got hard watching them and felt a hand slip onside my PJ and Joyce said wild huh, as she stroked me. That was the first time I had been touched by her and it was incredible.

George moved over to a chair and sat down with his cock standing straight up and pulled Lynn onto his knees. She had one leg on one side and one on the other with his cock in between. They made eye contact as she stroked him moving her hands up and down and down to his balls and up to the head and I could see the lust on her face as she said very nice. She gave him her hand job special. She was rapidly jerking up and down and cuping his balls in her other hand. He leaned back as she used her hand to fuck him. He was going to finger fuck her now as she hand fucked him. He moved his hand up her thigh and she spread for him and he slipped the finger into her pussy and said go for a ride honey. Lynn went for a ride bouncing up and down on his finger.

She started to jerk and moan and fell forward and he grabbed her butt and using if for leverage rammed his finger in and out faster and faster she yelled out oh yes shaking all over give it up to him. As she got off he raised his hand and gave her butt a sharp slap. She completely lost it and fell to the floor in front of him. He took her head between his hands and looking in her eyes said suck me and she opened her mouth and he pulled her head down onto his cock and into her open mouth. George was moaning and stood up still holding her head and mouth fucked Lynn. I heard he choke a couple of times when he went to deep. She pulled back and licked up and down his shaft and I heard her say, love this, going back down.

Lynn really worked him over and finally his legs started to shake and he went rigid and thrusting in and out of her mouth grunted and exploded. She grabbed his butt and held him in her mouth as he squirted. He pulled out moaning too much and continued squirting all over her face and down on her boobs falling to his knees next to her. I grabbed Joyce and pulled her upstairs for mine.

When we were alone she said I am so hot and dropped to her knees in front of me pulled my PJ down and pulled me into her mouth. I am a little smaller then George, but never had any complaints. After a while she pulled back and looked up at me. Her face was flushed and I pulled her up and kissed her. She held onto me tight as I played with her butt. I had wanted to see her naked for years and whispered I want to see you naked. She stepped back and pulled her gown off her shoulders and slowly lowered it to the floor. She was beautiful with full sized boobs and her nipples were hard. I said beautiful.

Joyce and I had chatted online and agreed that we would probably go all the way tonight as George had told her she could if she wanted. Over the years of their marriage they both had extra experiences a couple of times. Lynn was uncertain how far she wanted to go with George, after watching them I figured she would give it up to him. I moved over to Joyce and we stood kissing for a time. I said yes? She flushed and said yes and I turned her around and she bent over and I slipped my cock into her and went deep went for a ride. The sound of our skin slapping against each other filled the room and I was sure George and Lynn could hear us downstairs as the door was open. I listened and could hear Lynn moaning oh yes and knew she was giving it up to George. Joyce closed the door. The swap was for the night so we all would have plenty of time.

She stood in front of me and asked what do you like. I said I love watching a woman getting herself off. It is one of my favorite things. Joyce said George is the same and walked over to their dresser and pulled out a large dildo with two ends. She said I am going to be a very bad girl for you tonight. I will deserve to be spanked. I like being spanked. I thought wow I had never done that. She added George would with Lynn if she wants to. I said oh.

Joyce lay on the bed and made eye contact with me as she slipped the dildo into her pussy. She pushed it in deep and suddenly jerked and said I love it when I reached the end of my tunnel. Then she fucked herself maintaining eye contact with me the whole time. I watched the dildo going in and out faster and faster as she gave it to herself. I lay down next to her and sucked and tweaked her nipples as she fucked herself. Joyce jerked against the dildo and groaned I am going to cum for you Jim and lost it shuttering all over and grunting several times got off and fell back panting. She whisper that was good.

One more time and turned over and raised her butt in the air moving the dildo in and out more. She looked back at me and moaned I am such a bad girl spank me Jim. I raised my hand and slapped her butt. She groaned harder and I slapped a little harder and she moaned oh yes and fucked herself harder. Her butt was red and I was worried I had hurt her, but she said more, harder. I raised my had and really slapped her butt hard and that did it she yelled out oh yes fuck and pulled the dildo out and fell on the bed and shook all over and then became very quiet with her eyes closed. Finally she opened her eyes and said I went away for a while; I Cum really hard that way. I was very hard. She pulled me on top of her and I went in. We stayed that way for a long time. Finally she wrapped her legs around me and whispered cum for me Jim and I pushed hard into her and she pulled my head down kissing me passionately as I exploded deep in her grunting every time I squirted. She grabbed me tight and gave it up to me. I felt her pussy quivering as she got off with me. I stayed inside her and we lay together kissing for a time.

After a while I said I want to watch Lynn so naked we slipped down the dark stairs and looked into the living room. Lynn was sitting on top of George going for a ride. I watched my wife fucking George. I could see her face. She was very flushed and holding eye contact with George. I heard her whisper oh yes give me that big cock and knew she was really hot, as it is the only time she talks that way. She went rigid and sitting on his cock and groaned I am going to cum for you George and George raised his hand up and sharply slapped her butt and crying out oh yes, shaking gave it up to him falling forward kissing him. Still inside her he flipped her over and he went for his ride. Her legs were in the air as she had opened wide for him. Joyce and I sat and watched them fuck. I got hard again. She pulled me back upstairs and whispered let me help you with that and we fucked again. Afterwards we both fell asleep. We had a morning fuck before going back downstairs. It was a night to remember.

The next day we talked about what we had done and agreed it had been fun and that we were ok with each other. I asked her if she would do it again and her answer was I think so as long as we agree. I asked would someone different be ok and she said yes that might be fun. She added I am surprised at what we are doing, but I find it very exciting, is that ok? I said yes for me too. The next week Joyce called Lynn and they talked. Lynn told me that George and she were planning a swing party and there would be several couples and invited us. So we agreed to go.

The party plan was to mingle and make connections and find a place in the house to do your thing. We arrived late and the party had already started. George met us at the door and gave Lynn a warm kiss and whispered in her ear. I asked what was that about and she smiled and said he wants to find me later and I told him yes. I said oh you really like him and she said yes I had fun with him. We went upstairs looking for Joyce and found her. She was on her knees in front of this lovely young girl with her head between her legs. We watched Joyce licking and sucking on her. A young guy got behind her and slipped his cock into her and went for a ride.

Lynn whispered to me I would never guest she does that. I said me either. Joyce raised her head up and said to the girl give it to me Sue and went back down. Sue was watching Joyce eating her and her face was very flushed. Sue lifted her butt up off the bed and Joyce slipped her hands under her and pulled her in tight. The girl started to jerk against her mouth and moaning oh yes and Joyce held on to her as she got off. The girl was jerking and shaking as Joyce continued licking her as she came. The guy behind her watching his wife getting off pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back falling next to his wife kissing her. Joyce rose up and climbed off the bed with her face all wet and looked over and seen us watching her. She joined us.

She said only my second time and her first. She is only 20 and she will do me later with George behind her. She turned to Lynn and said if you are ever interested I would love to be with you. The girl joined us and kissed Joyce and said thanks. That was wonderful, and I will see you later. Joyce introduced us around and Lynn knew one of the couples from church. They were both surprised to see each other at an orgy. The girls chatted for a moment and Lynn whispered to me they want to swap with us but in different rooms. The woman was quite pretty and very shapely and I smiled at her and said sure. They were Sam and Sam. It would be their first time doing this and both were nervous. When Sam and I were alone we sat down to talk. She told me that both her and her husband had been virgins when they got married 10 years ago and her only other kind of experience was she had allowed a couple of guys she dated to feel her up and it got her very excited. I told her it was only our second time.

After a few minutes I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear I want to fuck you. She gasped and said no one had ever said that to me. I made eye contact with her and asked may I? She looked back at me and said with a surprised look on her face and in a hushed voice said I am really going to do this wow. She nodded her head a yes and I made my move. When I slipped my cock into her she was very wet and moaned you feel good and you fill me up. When I had undressed her she flushed and said I was only the second man to see her naked. She had big boobs and her nipples got hard in my hands as I felt her up. When I undressed I was very hard and I am well endowed and she got a nervous look on her face and I smiled down at her and said I will take you slow and it will fit in very nicely. It will be ok.

Once she opened up to me she gave her all and we fucked for a long time. She got off three times and the last time was me riding her doggie and she was grunting and moaning oh yes give it to me. I exploded deep in her and we fell together on the bed and I stayed in her until I went soft. I kissed her a few times and asked her if she was ok. She smiled and said oh yes, but I have changed as I really enjoyed being with you. I will want to do this again. I told George and he nailed her later in the evening. He told me she was so tight. He added they had talked and she was curious about other women.

I noticed Joyce and Lynn talking and a few minutes later they disappeared. I needed a little recovery time and went out to the patio and had a drink. There was a lot going on all over the house. No matter where you looked people were getting it on with someone new. There was a couple on the patio shaking hands and I heard her say nice to meet you. She was very attractive with a great figure. He certainly was checking her out. They talked for a while and moved over to a blanket on the lawn. I moved closer and asked if they minded if I watched and she said no that was ok, I think I will like it. I am Dawn and I said I am Jim.

She flushed a little when the guy reached out and unbuttoned her top and reached inside and felt her up. Her face changed and her eyes got wide open as he slid his hand up her leg and under her skirt. She unzipped his pants and slipped her hand inside. They sat there playing with each other and I was getting hard again. She laid back and opened her legs and he pushed her skirt up higher and pulled his cock out and moved between her legs. They fucked fully dressed on the lawn. She looked over at me with lust in her eyes as he gave it to her. I was sitting rubbing my cock through my pants. She smiled at me and motioned me over and I slid over to her.

She pulled me down and whispered I want to suck you I love the taste of cum. I unzipped my pants and she went down on me. as he fucked her she sucked me. He was watching her do me and said yes go baby go. I was close to getting off and she pulled back and said give it to me guy I want to taste you. She grabbed my butt and pulled me in deep and I lost it jerking in her mouth an exploded and she swallowed. The guy was grunting and she gave it up to him and he pulled out squirting all over her pussy and thighs. We all collapsed panting. Finally she smiled and said Jim I would like you to meet my husband Don and we all laughed. It was our fantasy as he wanted to see me do it with a stranger. I said you were very good. I sensed I was finished for the night and went looking for Lynn to tell her.

I found her in a room with Joyce and George and Sue the girl Joyce had done earlier. Sue was down on Joyce and George was giving it to her from behind. Lynn was watching. I stayed out of sight and watching. Lynn was naked and rubbing her pussy obviously turned on by what she was seeing. Sue was moaning as she licked and sucked Joyce and George fucking her. Joyce said something to Lynn that I could not hear. Lynn a a startled look on her face hesitating, but seemed to make a decision and moved up to Joyce and Joyce pulled her up to her head and Lynn straddled her and Joyce pulled her down on her mouth. It was a scene out of a XXX video.

George watched his wife and said out loud yea baby eat that pussy. Joyce grabbed her butt in both hands and pulled her down tight against her mouth. Lynn moaned oh yes good as Joyce worked her over. George was slamming into Sue and roared good, good and pulled out squirting and pulled Lynn forward and she opened her mouth and he filled it up. Joyce held on to Lynn as she started to shake as she gave it up to Joyce flooding her mouth and crying out falling away on the bed and went into a fetal position and got very quiet. Joyce shuttered and moaning got off for Sue. The scene was over and Lynn opened her eyes and said I went away for a while. I walked into the room at that moment.

We left a little while later and on the way home I asked if she liked what Joyce did to her and she said yes very much. I said a wild night she said yes my wildest ever. She added I did three guys and Joyce. I am worn out and laughed. I got off so many times I lost count.

The next week I asked her if she was really interested in other women and she flushed and said yes at least one more time as I want to do what Joyce did to me and see what it is like. I tasted that girl that George was doing when I finished him off and it was ok. I told her about the Sam and asked her if I should call them and she said yes. I talked to Sam and told him what the call was about and would his Sam be interested. He said he would call me back. A couple of hours later he called back and said his Samwas very nervous, but wanted to meet Lynn and talk, I told Lynn.

The two girls were sitting across from each other in our living room having talked and agreed to explore each other. They moved together and had their first kiss. Sam was very flushed and gasped at her touch and pulled back saying your lips are so soft. The kissing continued with longer and longer kisses and then tongues in each others mouth sucking. Lynn reached out and squeezed her boobs and Sam looked down watching her hands rubbing her boobs and moaned saying oh that feels nice. Lynn whispered I want to see you naked and they undressed each other. They were both hot. Lynn made the first move and slid her hand down and between her legs. Sam spread her legs open and Lynn fingered her and Sam then did the same to Lynn. They were pressed together fingering and kissing passionately. Finally Lynn pulled back and said I want to taste you lie back and Sam stretched out in front of her spreading open.

Lynn knew what she and Sam wanted and moved between her legs and lowered her head and licked her first woman. Sam raised her knees up and watched Lynn licking her. Her face was flushed and her eyes wide open. Sam began to jerk against her mouth moaning oh yes ,good. Sam reached down and held her head in place and made fucking motions lifting her butt off the bed. Lynn looked up her face all wet and whispered you taste so good and went back down, now slipping two fingers in as she sucked and licked her. Lynn moved the fingers in and out faster and faster while sucking on her clit. Sam lost it and crying out oh yes fuck me and gave it up to Lynn her legs shaking uncontrollability. Sam fell back panting; her eyes closed getting very quiet as she went into her world of climaxing. Lynn moved back watching Sam getting off and moaned I am so hot do me Sam and spread her legs open lying on the floor. Sam moved and buried her head between her legs.

Sam had her first taste and had no hesitation as she worked Lynn over and Lynn was watching her lick her and had that pure lustful look on her face and whispered finger me I am going to cum. Sam finger fucked her and Lynn began to jerk against her fingers. Lynn moaned and said come here Sam and swung around and Lynn went back in. As soon as she started to lick Sam she shuttered and gasping for air jerking against her mouth grunted and got off for Sam. The girls stayed in the 69 for a time faces wet and breathing fast softly licking each other more until they began to calm down.

I pulled Sam up and hurried her into one of our bedrooms and fucked her hard. I heard sounds from the living room and knew Sam was doing Lynn by the sound of skin slapping against skin and Lynn moaning oh yes Sam give it to me. It was thrilling fucking another mans wife while he listened and I listened to him fucking mine. Sam whispered I love doing you give it to me I want to cum for you. We fucked for a long time and when she gave it up to me I could feel her pussy quivering and the bed got very wet. Finally I heard Sam say to Lynn oh yes suck that thing and grunting sounds and then it got quiet.

Later they went home and we agreed to get together again soon.

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