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Once only, I hope not

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It was dusk. We were sitting in our tent camper, enjoying a pre-dinner drink. The air was comfortably warm and our camper windows were open (the canvas walls would not have blocked the outside sounds anyway). We were in a campsite where each site was elevated and open to the adjacent site. Our site was mid-way up the hill and we only had one neighbor in this area of the campground, which is a well known nudist resort.

I heard a female moaning - ?oohs, ahs, and ohs?. I went outside to check it out. Two camp sites below us was a domed four person tent which faced in our direction and only the screen door was providing privacy. I could see the lady in a sitting position faced towards me and her long hair was waving about. She was clearly moving up and down in lovemaking. She continued to express herself - ?oohs, ahs, and ohs?.

I thought back to several earlier experiences which I had seen as missed opportunities. At Hedonism in Jamaica, one woman on a lounger at the nude beach asked me if I was a voyeur as she parted her legs. Damn, I did not ask her to test me further. At a dinner in a private home at a Florida resort, a nude couple engaged in very open and explicit foreplay in the seat facing me. Later, I did have dessert, enjoyed by licking it from this lady?s body and with a brief taste of shaved pussy. My wife and I did not stay later for the ?party?. In fact, my wife said that I had badly overstepped my boundary, but my punishment was a great lay in our room.

I recalled various articles and testimonials which say that couples openly having sex are encouraging voyeurs to enjoy. I decided that this was another opportunity. I willingly became a voyeur and moved one campsite closer to their tent. The lady did not change her action and she continued to enjoy her lover - ?oohs, ahs, and ohs?. She continued to face me. She was rocking her head as well as her body. Her breasts were swaying with each sexual bounce.

My wife of many years, Mia, looked out of the camper and then turned away. She also had heard the lady earlier. By preference, Mia keeps a low profile and she assumes that it is the preference of others as well. ?Don?t stare? is a phrase that I have heard more than once. Surprisingly, she is turned on by clothing optional resorts as she enjoys others casually checking her out. She often dresses sexy (even slutty) for dinner and evening dances, while wearing see through outfits. She is a slim, attractive woman and she is still the same size as when I married her. While she is regularly interested in sex, social nudity insures her horniness once back in our private quarters.

Of course, I found this couple to be very erotic. I reached into my shorts and felt my cock. It was responding. Mia again looked out and I motioned for her to come out, but again she turned away. The couple in the tent continued their lovemaking as the lady continued to look towards me. I moved down to the lover?s campsite, standing and staring at them in front of their tent door. I pulled on my cock openly outside of my shorts. I could see that both of the lovers were naked. By now she was leaning backwards and rocking her hips. He was running his hands up her sides and massaging her breasts. I could see her neatly trimmed pussy. The lady?s ?oohs, ahs, and ohs? seemed more intense. Maybe it was because she was getting more aroused, maybe it was because I was a blatant voyeur, maybe it was because I was turning on.

Mia looked out again and I repeated my come hither finger requesting her to join me. I was thrilled when she came out. She cautiously and slowly moved to join me in front of the couple?s tent door. At this point, Mia was also a voyeur and staring at this wonderful couple. We could clearly see the lady and her figure was quite attractive. Her face was pretty and her hair was shoulder length. We could only see her lover?s thighs and balls. He obviously was in good shape. I put my arm around my wife?s shoulders and enjoyed my love for her. I knew that she would not have come to this point on her own, instead she would have looked the other way. While she finds porn erotic, this was live and new for us. She was sharing something with me that was a stretch for her. The couple continued their lovemaking.

I looked Mia in the eye and gave her a kiss on the lips. I reached down into her jersey and put a hand on her tit. I was a surprised that she did not resist this foreplay. I even thought that she liked being a little wicked. Clearly the firmness of her nipple said so.

About this time, the lady calmly spoke up to acknowledge our presence. As I recall, the comment was ?Oh, I didn?t know we had company.? However her other reactions did not show surprise or shock. I had been observing them for many minutes and my wife was also watching them. The lady was relaxed and I think I saw a smile. I responded with ?you seem to enjoying yourselves. Your lovemaking is beautiful. I hope you like being watched?. The lady smiled wickedly and she said that it was fine with her. Her male friend asked if we wanted to join them in the tent. Mia tensed up and shook her head no. I responded, ?we are not ready for that but watching is good for now?.

After sharing a smile over her shoulder with her lover, the lady leaned forward and put her hands on her partner?s thighs and the couple again moved in symphony with each other. However she was now quiet and she was definitely slowly moving herself up and down on her partner?s woody. I definitely saw her bite her lower lip as her intensity increased. Maybe she was enjoying playing to her audience. She was looking directly at us.

I put Mia?s hand onto my cock which she started to stroke. That felt real good, getting my woody fully hard. Someplace along the way, I took off Mia?s shirt and tweaked her nipples. I moved my hand into Malinda?s shorts and started to rub her pussy lips. I knew that Mia liked that and her pussy was moist. We continued to watch the couple and stroke ourselves, as I progressed in this foreplay and I stroked the inside of her pussy lips. She stepped wider, opening her legs and very quietly sounded a ?uuum?.. She continued to hold and massage my cock. I really was enjoying that too.

After awhile I asked Mia ?lets go inside?. When she said OK, I couldn?t believe it. I really felt her love and I felt so much in love. This step was one that I thought would always be a fantasy, never to become reality. I knew that Mia was stretching farther than she thought comfortable. I asked the couple if the offer to join them was still open and the lady looked over her shoulder at her lover. She said ?sure?. For the first time since I had started to watch them, the lady got off the man?s lap. He opened the screen door for us.

At this point, things got a little comical. The tent was filled with two inflatable mattresses. The mattresses were not fully inflated and entering the tent, we fell into our new friends. I was careful not reach inappropriately, but the skin to skin contact was erotic. Getting each couple onto their own mattress took some arranging. We continued to fall against the each other until we got the proper balance, each on our own mattress. Along the way we introduced ourselves. Both couples shared that this was a new experience and neither had done anything like this before. I sensed that all of us were excitedly anticipating our next steps.

Then each couple started to focus on their partners. Mia and I parted with our bottoms and moved together. We kissed. Our tongue to tongue kiss was passionate and intense. I rubbed her tits and both nipples responded. I kissed my way down to her pussy. It tasted so sweet and hot as she pressed her pussy against my tongue. She really was getting into our lovemaking. The couple next to us was again having sex (missionary position) and her leg was rubbing on my back. Mia did not have my undivided attention. My turned on wife was feeling real good but, to delay her orgasm, I stopped licking and crawled up her body. Our new friend?s tits were a tempting diversion and her smile acknowledged my stares. I turned to my wife and her inviting look as I put my cock in her face and she started to suck it. I had a full boner and I moaned with every stroke. I did see the other woman watching us, and she said ?Mia, how does it feel?. Mia only said ?uuum? without taking her mouth from my cock. I was looking into our lady friend?s eyes which were focused at my blowjob. I rocked my hips while I fucked my wife?s mouth. It was extremely erotic to look at another woman watching my wife giving me head. I didn?t want to cum too soon, so after a little time, I pulled back. I started to mount Malinda, but I slipped off the mattress, falling into our friends. The lady and I shared a relaxed laugh. Instead, I laid next to Mia, in the gap between mattresses with my back against the other lady?s hip. Her lover was eating her pussy and she was rocking her pelvis. Just the skin to skin contact was so sexy.

As we lay there, I started to rub Mia?s clit with my finger. She responded and continued towards her climax. I wanted her to go all the way with this swing opportunity. She was never more beautiful than during her orgasm. I looked at her eyes as she went off and was so in love with her. I know that her G-spot really responds as she goes into her climax. Of course, I reached her button and she did her own version of ?oohs, ahs, and ohs?. After she calmed down, Mia moved down to my cock and started sucking again. It felt so good even though it was only semi-hard. The excitement was taking its toll. Mia really wanted to please me and used both her mouth and hand to pleasure me and get my woody back. Each moment was better and when I came, I felt consumed with my orgasm. As I was cumming, it was my turn for ?oohs, ahs, and ohs?. Shortly, I looked to my right and into the eyes of the lady. She smiled. When Mia looked around holding her hand up full of cum, the other woman said to just use the sheet to wipe her hand. Knowing that we had been watched is still an erotic thrill.

While we were enjoying our sex, the other couple was quite active. Each time either couple changed positions, we bumped into each other. As I recall, they started in the missionary position, along the way she gave him a blow job, she masturbated, and he went down on her. I do admit to looking more than casually when they were in the missionary position and when she was masturbating. While she was being orally pleasured, my back was touching her hip. The feel of her rocking hips drew me into their lovemaking and competed with my focus on my wife.

Several times, I noticed that they were watching our progress as well. I liked that, but I was surprised each time that I was more interested in us than them. I was thrilled that my wife was fully participating. After a cool down period from my orgasm, I knew that Mia was ready to leave. We said good byes, rummaged through the air mattresses and sheets for our clothes, and crawled, naked, out of their tent. They said the next night would be in our camper and continued their lovemaking, at least the sounds from their tent indicated so. They left the next day, to Mia?s relief.

We have talked about this experience. Mia acknowledges that it was a special and erotic experience in our lives but it will probably be a once only event. I hope not.

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