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Once upon a time in th e woods

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My ex wife and I did some pretty kinky things. One summer we spent most of the summer fucking in public and with other people watching. There is a secluded location near here that bi and gay men hang out and meet each other as well as get intimate. Some couples go there as well. The evening was a warm summer evening. My ex dressed in only my shirt, a short sleeve button up blue Arrow brand.

She left the lower three buttons undone allowing me a good look at her hairy bush. We decided to go to this secluded spot and play around. We had a mini van with captain chairs in the front and room between the seats. She leaned her seat back on the way slowly playing with her pussy on the way, making it wet and hot. I could see the small beads on her hair around her swollen lips as she rubbed her pussy for me.

We pulled onto the dirt road and carefully made our way around the ruts and dips. We drove past a group of people watching two people. One man was on his knees slowly sucking a cock, as the person leaned against his truck. We slowed and watched, as we passed by. My ex groaned softly as she rubbed harder looking at the two men. We drove just a little farther past the crowd and parked facing back the direction of the group we had passed.

She climbed across the van as she unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way revealing her breasts, her nipples hard and erect. Her breath coming in short gasps as she worked to pull my shorts down and release my hard cock. She pulled my cock the rest of the way out of my shorts, stopping to lick the precum from the tip as she looked me in the eyes. She bent and began to swallow my dick, her shirt riding up her back exposing her ass. I started to run my hand over her ass dipping my finger into her wet pussy. Each time I would slip a finger into her wet cunt she would suck more of my cock into her mouth moaning and gyrating her ass on my finger. I watched my dick disappear into her mouth feeling her pussy contract around my finger.

I looked up from watching her to see a group of men gathering around the van. Some were stroking their cocks. One guy came to the passenger side and watched through the open window as Rose moved her ass and sucked my cock. He asked if he could lick her cunt. I motioned for him to go ahead, open the door, and have a taste. He wasted no time in opening the door and leaning in to taste the sweet pussy that I continued to play with. He reached up under her and began to finger her nipple as he started licking and sucking her cunt. She buried her head in my lap taking all of my cock into her mouth and throat as he tweaked her nipples and ate her out. She began to breath harder, slurping, and sucking harder on my cock. She jammed her wet pussy back on his face as she came, screaming, and bucking. She pulled away from my cock and turned to look at who had made her cum. She leaned back on me and spread her pussy with one hand as she pulled his head between her legs.

She reached around behind my head and pulled me down to kiss her while her pussy was being eaten out by the stranger. She whispered that she needed a good fucking, and that she wanted me in her pussy. She gasped and kissed me deeply as she came again coating the guys’ face. She pushed him away as she climbed across the seats to mount me. She pulled the shirt all the way off and then slowly sat down on my hard cock. She watched the guys stroking their cocks telling them how good my cock felt sliding into her hot pussy. Rose reached out the open window and began to stroke one of the cocks that were close to the door. She slowly stroked the cock in rhythm with her sliding up and down on my cock. I watched as she told the guy she loved to see a cock shoot and she wanted him to shoot all over the side of the car. She stopped riding my cock with it buried deep in her pussy.

Holding very still she stroked the cock telling me how hot she was with a cock in her pussy and jacking another one off. She pulled the cock over closer and lightly kissed the head while she stroked faster and faster. The guy could not hold off any longer and shot a big gob of cum on the door. I felt her pussy contract around my dick as he pumped jiz down the side of the door. As soon as he finished shooting the guys all rushed up offering her another dick to jack off and suck. Rose started to jack another dick while another guy pushed closer to the door jacking his cock towards her face. She turned her head slightly and licked the tip of his dick as he continued to jack his dick.

She started to move her hips back and forth on my cock as she watched and jacked and sucked the cocks as she leaned out of the window. As the cock she was licking on started to cum, he shot cum on her face and chin. She moaned as she jacked the other cock harder leaning towards that cock so that he could shoot on her face. She started telling him to shoot on her face grinding her pussy harder down on my cock. When the second guy shot his load hitting her on her face she moaned and leaned forward. She then started to move up and down on my cock rocking her hips back forth as she rode up and down on my cock.

All the guys watched her cum soaked face, as she turned to me ignoring the other cocks that were now at the side of the van. She took her fingers and scooped what cum that was still left on her face and hadn’t dropped down on her exposed breasts. She then started rubbing the cum into her nipples as she groaned and came all over my dick. I couldn’t take any more at this point and shot my load deep in her pussy. We rested for only a moment while we recovered. She then looked at all of the cocks still waiting. She smiled at me and told me watch this. She picked one of the cocks out of the crowd and motioned him to come around the van to the passenger side. She slowly got off of my shrinking cock and got on her knees facing me. She stuck ass up in the air and directed the guy on the passenger side to eat her cream pie. She open my door and reach for another cock as she began to slowly lick my cum and her juices off of my cock.


She stroked the cock standing at the driver’s door while the other guy on the passenger side started to eat her out. She stroked the cock looking at the guy while she swallowed my cock. The guy on the passenger side started to finger her pussy. She bucked back on his fingers as he ate her well-fucked pussy and finger fucked her. She stroked the guy at the driver’s side in the same rhythm as the guy fingered her and began going up and down on my cock at the same time. I noticed another man was standing behind the pussy licker. He was reaching around him stroking his cock. Suddenly the pussy licker moaned as the person behind him entered his ass.

I sat watching all of this with my wife at the center, my cock buried deep in her throat. I came again sooner than I planned at watching all of the action. My wife came hard and pulled her mouth off of my cock and surprised me when she leaned over and sucked the guy she hand been stroking. When he came she pulled away just in time for some of his cum to land on my cock. It was hot and sexy in a strange kind of way. She licked him clean and then knelt down and cleaned his spent cum off of my cock.

The guys on the passenger side came the second guy filling the pussy licker’s ass full of cum and then the pussy licker shot his load on the back of rose’s legs. We all regained some composure and thanks the guys before we drove off. On the way home Rose leaned her seat back and played with her pussy, letting the used cum dry. She did not bother to cover herself and I was hard by the time we got home. We pulled into the garage and shut the door so she did not have to put clothes back on to go in the house. Once in the house I took her to a nice bubble bath and washed her from head to toe before I took her to bed where we made love slowly. We had many good times. We have since divorced, my new girl is excited about trying the lifestyle. We are looking for females at the present check our profile out.

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