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On-The-Make Divorcees

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Tommy and Jack sized-up Candy and I the instant that we showed up at the opening convention cocktail party. It was an informal afternoon get-together for early arriving out-of-towners, who wanted to kick-start their four-day extravaganza by hooking-up dates to get them through the grind.

Before I ever made contact with either one of the lady-killer, I caught both Tommy and Jack elbowing each other when they saw Candy and I step out onto the sun-splashed veranda that overlooked the resort hotel pool garden, and without wasting a second, they chased us down.

Candy and I had both shed a few pounds, and we were showing a lot more skin than we used to. Candy was wearing a casual mini-dress that kept no secrets about her new boob-job knobs and her firm cupcake ass, and I wore the customary spandex outfit of an on-the-make divorcee. My tight top showed off my big-tit tittie-nipples, and my naughty short-shorts accidentally-on-purpose revealed the sexy camel-toe of my cunt, as well as the crack of my muffin ass.

Also, my nude tummie allowed me to display my diamonique belly-button jewelry.

Both Candy and I were in high-heels, and way too overdressed. Candy worked overtime putting-up her dirty blonde locks, while I made my seductive make-up match my raven-black short and sexy hair-do. Of course, that was the idea. Conventioneers were almost all out-of-towners. The so-called hundred-mile rule that handsome husbands went by to cheat on the wives back home played right into our hands, and as freshly-minted on-the-make divorcees, Candy and I had daring-do plans for fucking ourselves into oblivion throughout the entire conventioneering weekend.

“Well, well. Don’t you two hussies look all hot-to-trot,” Tommy complimented.

“Hi-ya, boys,” I purred.

“Hi-ya, Wendy,” Jack said to me. “Hi-ya, Candy.”

As they gave us the once-over with their dog-hornie eyes, Candy and I got cocktails from the bartender and played it cool. For years, Tommy and Jack had been trying to seduce us into bed during previous conventions. It was very flattering of them, especially back when Candy and I sported the standard chubbie curves of half-wit working housewives.

“So, what’s with the sexed-up makeovers, ladies?” Tommy asked.

“Why not? We dumped our take-us-for-granted husbands,” Candy flirted. “We’ve decided to live a little. You know, before time runs out.”

Both Tommy and Jack smiled their approval, and while Candy finger-combed her long brunette locks, I took out a cigarette, which Tommy lighted for me.

“So, you cheesecakes are kicking off your cougar years by making up for all the time lost playing house,” Jack wise-assed.

“Are you guys still married?” I flirted.

“Does it matter? We’re a hundred miles from home,” he leveled.

For club golf pros, Tommy and Jack were not at all conceited, and for country club managers, Candy and I could appreciate their humility and honesty. Besides, both of the handsome athletes had great physiques for men in their early forties.

“So, baby-cakes, ya think we can pick-up where we left off, last year?” Tommy asked me.

Candy and I melted our eyes together. Last year, when my marriage was going down the toilet as I turned forty, I’d pretended to be drunk and let Tommy finger-fuck me. When the usual guilt got to me, though, I had cut him off before he got his boner dick out of his pants. I had told Candy the whole story, and she’d admitted to me that she’d cheated with some no-name dude when I wasn’t looking. It was the closest that I had ever come to being adulterous, but it all helped Candy and I decide that our being on-the-make divorcees was in our cards.

We were both turning forty. We were just hitting our so-called cougar years. If we were going to play catch-up at partying and fucking, it was our time to do it, and we took the plunge, together. We knocked off the chubbie curves. We stepped out in sexed-up threads, and as Candy and I read each other’s mind, we both took the arms of our golfers.

“Sure, we’re up for a party,” Candy told Tommy.


After freshening our drinks at the bar, Tommy and Jack escorted us up to their hotel suite room. It was on the fifteenth floor, overlooking the lake, and as we all stood at the picture window, the last of the colorful sunset seemed to foretell the fireworks to come.

On the way into the big suite, I had already noticed that the maid had turned down the big hotel beds in the adjoining bedrooms for lovemaking. Then, as moonlite spilled into the big hotel suite, Tommy broke open the mini-bar, while Jack set the mood with dim lighting and music.

Candy and I looked at each other as we settled into separate sofas, on opposite sides of the low and narrow cocktail table. It was pretty obvious to both of us that Tommy and Jack were experienced partiers. Of course, we had a pretty good idea that they definitely expected to get into our panties. After all, as freshly-minted on-the-make divorcees, Candy and I had waited for the convention to debut our talents for our cougar lifestyle, and Tommy and Jack were the men we had in mind as we had fantasized of this nite.

“Come and get the shooters, girls,” Jack said.

Tommy turned the dance music up, and as we stood at the mini-bar, we all clinked glasses before we threw back two lemon-drop vodka shooters apiece, and the instant that we put our glasses down, the four of us started to dance around the big hotel suite.

The booze hit Candy first, and just like that, she hiked up her minidress and gave Tommy a very lustful lap dance. Her tiny panties were half visible, and as she allowed Tommy to slide them down, that got our party started. She hit on Tommy with a steamie tongue kiss, and as he lifted off her mini-dress, Candy raised her arms to make it easy for him.

Candy had been dying to show-off her big boob-job knockers to more than just the numb-skulls back home. So, when Tommy stripped off her dress, Candy stepped out of her panties. Her neatly shaven brunette pussyhairs were visible to Jack and I for a split-second before Candy turned into Tommy’s arms and rubbed his face in her big boob-job tits, while Jack and I watched him cheap-feel her cupcake ass.

Jack gave me a look that meant it was my turn, now, and as I removed my halter top without blinking an eye, Jack took a good long look-see at my naturally stacked rack. He licked his lips, and I firmly pressed my big melons against his shirt.

“Wow, baby-doll! You’ve got some nice pair of home-growns!” Jack complimented.

As he felt-up my big knobs, he pinched my oversized tittie-nipples, beautifully, and he hit on me with a very romantic tongue-kiss. I couldn’t help but feel him hump his boner cock against my pussy. On cue, I creamed my panties. Then, as I heard Candy unzip Tommy’s trousers, I knew I had to play catch-up.

Candy and I had partied together since the beginning of time, but tonite was our debut as on-the-make divorcees. Just as we had fantasized, tonite was our coming-out party as hot-to-trot cougars, and when the booze finally hit me, I made up for lost time.

From the moment that I stepped back from Jack’s arms, I began to slide my short-shorts down from my hour-glass hips. It wasn’t my style to be a total cock-tease, so I slipped my panties down with my short-shorts. I could see my man’s mouth watering for his first peek at my pussy, and as I showed him the first hint of my almost totally bald twat, Jack casually unhitched his pants and removed his shirt.

In the dim light of our hotel suite, his lightly-haired chest and lean physique put a serious twinkle in my eye, and as I stepped out of my short-shorts and panties, I eased back into the hotel suite sofa and spread my slim legs.

I was totally nude to my high-heels, jewelry and make-up, and as Jack wrestled out of his pants, he came at me with his hard-on dick capturing all of my attention, and I invitingly raised my splayed legs high and wide into the air.

My sweet cunt was all hot and creamie, and with the booze intoxicating my nympho desires, I was in the mood for whatever passion my lover needed. With my girl-friend forever, Candy, giving Tommy an intense blow-job no more than a few feet from my painted toenails, I saw him watching me spread for his buddy. From the feel of his lustful gaze, I knew Tommy had the hots for me, and as Jack went down on me, the feel of my lover tongue-tasting my delicious twat launched me into ecstasy.

“Oh! Oh, lover! Tongue-fuck my cunt!” I screamed.

Thanks to the booze, I had no social inhibition about another man watching me being eaten-out by his pal, and as Tommy and I made eyes at each other, I held my slim legs spread wide and high while I ran my fingers through Jack’s dark hair. For Tommy’s benefit, I flirtatiously squeezed my big rack together with my arms, and I licked my lipsticked lips for him, and I blew him a kiss on the sly that my lover knew nothing about.

Although it was the first time in my life that I had ever experienced the taboo pleasure of swing lovemaking, the forbidden feeling of two-timing the man licking my cunt appealed to the naughty girl in me. Right there, that told me that I was more than cut-out for the risque lifestyle of an on-the-make divorcee and a hot-to-trot cougar, and as I watched Tommy position my girl-friend forever, Candy, on the arm of the other hotel suite sofa, the promise of orgasm got me all hot and bothered.

Jack was eating my cunt and tongue-fucking my creamie fox-hole, beautifully, but as I watched Tommy take Candy’s spread legs onto his forearms and dick-fuck his boner cock in and out of her saucie pink quim, my own personal porno show ignited my cum, and my trigger clit stung.

“Oh! Oh, lover! I’m cumming! I’m cumming hard!” I screamed.

While I watched Tommy watch me climax, he watched me watch him cock-fuck my girl-friend forever, and as my tits, ass and snatch churned and burned with passion, sweat boiled on my nude figure. It was, as the saying went, a very steamie scene, and as Jack climbed up from between my legs, he took me off to one of the adjoining bedrooms.

I was disappointed to leave Tommy porking Candy, but I wasn’t disappointed for long. In the semi-privacy of our hotel bedroom, Jack didn’t waste a second turning the temperature up. As he positioned me on all-fours, he spread my knees wide across the foot of the bed, and as I arched out my splayed muffin ass, the crisp smack of Jack spanking my nude ass-cheeks three or four times disciplined me beautifully.

How the man knew I enjoyed a little fanny-spank got my trigger clit burning for cock, and as I felt the crown-knob of his hard-on dick glide perfectly between my creamie and hairless cuntlips, I thrust my hips backwards.

“Oh! Fucker!” I screamed.

“Ah, baby-doll!” Jack gushed.

As we began to fuck in a firm rhythm, Jack reached around and squeezed my big soft tits, and I didn’t miss watching Tommy dick-fuck my girl-friend forever quite so much. Jack knew how to turn me on and keep my wildfire hot, and as I reached down between my spread legs, I squeezed his loaded balls as hard as I dared.

“Oh! You foxy cunt!” Jack grunted. “That a girl! Give me the business!”

Both Jack and I liked our fucking with a little extra business, so to speak, and as he pinched my tittie-nipples and squeezed my big knockers, I clenched his loaded nuts in my fist. In no uncertain terms, Jack was a man after my own heart, and as I felt my sweet pussy-cream drool from my twat and onto my fingers, Jack cock-fucked my saucie cunt with his full length.

In no time flat, and with no trial and error, Jack and I got our steamie fucking down pat from the get-go. I liked to take my man’s boner dick from behind, and I liked the idea of his eyes boring into my exposed cute asshole, and I knew Jack liked what I liked. As he porked my fuck-hole, his constant moans of pleasure told me everything, and as he dick-fucked me harder and faster, I pumped my hips and ass to keep up with him.


When I was in the middle of cutting loose the wild squeals and screams of the deep cunt orgasm that Jack screwed me to, I opened my eyes to see Tommy and candy joining me on the big hotel suite bed.

“You go, girl,” Candy teased.

As I gave my girl-friend forever a very sex-drenched and boozie wink, Candy hit on me with a darling lezzie-love kiss, and before I realized that we were breaking the confidentiality of our girl-girl affair, we were locked in a deep and passionate tongue kiss. Of course, it was too late to take any of it back, and as I opened my eyes, Tommy was looking at me with raw desire written all over his handsome face.

As any mature woman knew, men were turned on by bisexual lezzie lovers only because it seemed to confirm to them that women were just as immoral and lustful as they were. In any event, it was no big deal, and as Tommy slid into position and spread his legs, my girl-friend forever guided his big boner cock into my mouth.

For the first time in my life, I was doing two stiff cocks at once, and as I felt my tag-team virginity fly right out the window, I treated Tommy’s hard-on dick to an oh-so-sexy blow-job. For what it was worth, I seemed to have a natural talent for fucking and sucking two lovers, and thanks to the booze in my blood, I felt all woman performing my magic.

Then, as Jack and Tommy traded positions on me, I watched Candy lower her delicious cunt onto Jack’s skillful tongue. While I sucked on his boner cock, Jack ate-out Candy’s sexy cunt, and while I sucked on Jack’s hard-on dick, I finally got to feel the sensation of Tommy’s long fuck-stick pork my pussy to the keyhole of my womb.

“Ah, baby-doll! We are so gonna party, this weekend,” Tommy gasped. “I’ve been jerking-off for a year thinking about getting my dick up your cunt.”

With Jack’s fuck-shaft in my mouth, I couldn’t tell Tommy that I’d been whacking-off fantasizing of him fucking me. Nevertheless, as I writhed my hips, ass and twat with affection and lust, my body language told Tommy that I had every wish for he and I to become an item.

When he pinched my trigger clit with an oh-so-secret touch, Tommy told me that we had a date to cheat on our orgy playmates. In the lifestyle of being an on-the-make divorcee and a hot-to-trot cougar, two-timing our orgy playmates hot-wired all of my nympho desires, and it let me know that romance was still alive in my soul.

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