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Old friends New tricks

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We have been in the lifestyle for several years now. We have some great friends from my younger days that we love to hangout with when My wife and i go back to my old home town. We had allways though our friends we "vanilla" and had never let them in on our little secret. But in a trip back this weekend we found out different. We were at a party and as usually happens the women get together and drink and laugh and have a great time. the rest of the guys get together and talk about sports and other trival thinkgs that have no real value other than to pass the time between sips of beer.

This lasted around two hours or so before my wife gave me the signal to come over and talk to her. She whispered in my ear that one of the other wives was going on and on about how good looking I was and how my wife must never be able to keep her hands off of me. My wife just said at first she agreeed with her and laughed it off because most of the other wives at the party I had gone to school with and she knew at one time or another I had either been with them or been around them sexually. Then my wife says that the same woman lets call her Jill said that her husband thought my wife wife was a knockout. So my wife asks me is there any chance that these people might be swingers. It took me as a surprise because in that group of people I was unprepared for that statement. So I asked her if I should flirt with Jill a little bit and try and find out. She said she was going to suggest the same thing and she was going to talk to Wes and see if she could get him to give up some information.

I went and grabbed another drink and made my way over to Jill. Now you have to understand we have known these people for years and this has nevr entered my mind. i would allways in the past grab Jills ass and brush up agianst her tits acting like it was all in just good fun, but walking up to her with the though of possiblly swinging with them I felt a little uneasy. So when I got to Jill I just said HI. She turned around and said whats wrong did i gain too much weight for you to want grope me anymore? I just laughed and said sorry reached over pulled down her bikini top and licked her right nipple. I said OK is that better? She turned red because some of the other wives were right there but she replied back " Yes asshole much better, that's more like it.' After a little bit of small talk and a few more shots she was getting very close to me at one point she actually rolled her palm across my grion. She said she needed to go to the restroom and walked away. I took this oppurtunity to look out and see what my wife was doing and sure enough there she was with Wes in the courner of the pool encloser in a deep conversation.

I decided to head jill off at the pass and walked toward the bathroom. As luck would have it she was walking out as I got there. I grabbed her by the hand and drug her back into the bathroom she didn't put up a fight and followed me in there. She said well isn't this romantic, what are you going to do next walk me out to the back seat of your car? I said that might not be a good idea because my wife might be out there with her husband soon. From the bathroom we looked out and saw the two of them talking and just then Wes reached up and pulled my wife's top down and was feeling on her tits. Which by the way are 36DD and REAL.... expensive. I said look the wife and I have been swinging for around 7 years if you and Wes are up to it we have disscussed that you guys would be great to do that with.

That conversation led me to Jill saying how long would it take for us to leave so no one suspects anything because they had spoke earlier and wanted this to happen before the party started and didn't know how to bring it up to us. I said well lets go back out and we will just say we all have to go because I am leaving early in the morning to go back home and you don't feel good. I walked out to the pool where my wife was and said I wanted to go she looked at me a little confused untill I reached over and gave we out room key. She just smiled and said you know I think we should go.

After the great escape from the party we all met at the hotel room. We were there first the wife and i got naked and by the time they got there we were very ready. As jill walked in I grabbed her by the arm and started kissing her as my wife walked right up to wes unzipped his shorts and blew him right there. More to come later!

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