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Oh God Yes!!!

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Oh God Yes!!!

Another work of fiction brought to you by: Sweet Angel

Standing there with the water cascading over her ample breast and trickling down through navel before sliding off and then dividing and trailing down both her smooth white thighs, her mind kept playing through the talk leading up to today?s planned encounter. She could still hear the whole conversation and remember the moment she had first entertained the idea of what she was about to do.

?Baby, you know how you keep asking me if I have come up with any new fantasies yet, well I have. I was wondering if I could have a 3some with two black guys while you watch and take pics and then join in?? She had known before she even asked that Roy would say yes, but she still asked him anyway.

Truthfully she had never even thought about it until Roy had mentioned he was going to write one of his hot and steamy short stories about it. Ever since then, when ever he would ask her about any new fantasies she would tell him no, while in the back of her mind she began to picture herself enjoying to beautifully hard, big black cocks while Roy watched. She knew he loved watching her and she had to admit that it turned her on.

?My Love, if that?s what you want, then by all means that?s what I will try and set up for you.? Roy told her as he pulled her in close and kissed her. ?In fact, if you want you can do an all black gang bang or anything else you want, as long as I?m there and get to watch at least.? He finished with a laugh.

?I know, but I had to ask anyway, you know that. Besides, you get off on me asking for swinging stuff anyway.? She teased as she held him tightly.

That had been barely a month ago, not two days before he had told her that Mike had finally gotten moved. Every other fantasy she had confessed to Roy had taken much longer to make happen and had given her plenty of time to adjust to the idea. But this time was different. Roy had told Mike about her fantasy the next day and had asked him if he knew someone he could recommend. Mike had told him he would check and get back to him. Having heard such things before, she had put it out of her mind completely until 3 days ago.

Roy had come home and asked her if she still wanted two black guys and she flushed red as she said yes. He knew she still got a little embarrassed when he caught her off guard like that and he thought it was so cute.

?Well, I just met with Mike and his friend Derek. I know you?re going to like him when you meet him Tuesday. Speaking of which, we are meeting Mike and his friend Derek Tuesday at the Holiday Inn. Oh and I got us the suite with the hot tub too.? He told her, grinning ear to ear.

?Babes, you shouldn?t have gotten a room until I?ve met him, much less the suite at that place.? She had told him.

?Oh not to worry, first I didn?t have to pay for the room. Turns out I did some work for the manager and he comp?d the room for us. And as far as for you having not met the guy yet, well like I said, I met him today and I think you?re gonna like him. He?s a lot like Mike, only taller.? Roy said confidently.

Now here it was Tuesday morning and she?s just finishing shaving. She knew how much Roy loved her pussy shaved and it seemed that most other men did too. As she toweled her self off she looked in the mirror. She smiled as she thought to herself of how lucky she felt to have Roy as her husband. She had waited all her life for a man who would love her as he does. What made it even better was that Roy felt exactly the same way about her. Slipping on her robe she headed for the bed room.

Her clothes were already laid out on the bed so she wouldn?t need much time to finish getting ready. Roy had suggested something sexy and slightly revealing to tease all three men. Being only too happy to oblige, and loving the way men pursued her when she dressed that way, she had picked out her Pink leather outfit they had gotten her at the club. With it she needed no bra and had already been reminded that panties were forbidden. Along with this she wore her black thigh high nylons and black 3 inch heels. Not very high heels, but much easier to walk in.

Standing in front of her dresser looking in the mirror, she decided to put on some make-up. She knew that Roy preferred her with out it, but she was still a woman and still enjoyed getting all done up to meet people. She would just tell him what she always did, that she was starting to break out and didn?t want others to see it. She knew Roy knew that that wasn?t the reason, but he would just nod and grin at her with that evil little grin of his.

Having finished putting on her make-up, she stepped back from the mirror to try to get a better look at herself. She still wasn?t happy with her weight, but she never was anyway. She still wanted to lose 5 more pounds, but Roy would always ask her where. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the flash of the camera. Turning to look at him over her shoulder, she smiled and flashed her eyes at him.

?Ready when you are.? She told him as she twirled in place to show him everything.

?Are you sure? You know you can still back out, same as always.? He asked with his eye brows raised.

?Now have I ever backed out before?? she asked.

?Nope, but there?s always a first time.? Roy said.

?Well don?t worry, I don?t want to back out. I?m actually looking forward to it. Even getting kind of excited about meeting someone you picked out for me.? She confessed.

As they climbed into the Jimmy, she leaned over and kissed Roy on the cheek and told him, ?Thank you baby. You?re the best.?

?You?re welcome my love, anything for you. And no, you?re the best; I?m just the lucky bastard who has you!? Roy proclaimed beaming with love.

?I want you to cum in my mouth before you pick up a camera though. That way I get at least one shake today.? She told him as she batted her eyes at him.

?No problem babes. I have this feeling you?re going to get all the shakes you want today.? He said hinting he had some information he hadn?t shared with her.

?Why?s that?? she asked.

?Well, Mike told Derek how much you enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum and Derek smiled and told us that he would be more then happy to cum in your mouth. Said he had even done so 4 times in the same play session once.? Roy filled her in.

?Damn, four times?? she repeated in near disbelief.

?Well he said the last two he had been fucking her and she asked for it in her mouth instead.? Roy told her.

She sat there and smiled as the thought of getting that much protein. She loved to suck cock almost as much as she loved to get fucked and it sure sounded like she was going to get plenty. She shifted in her seat as she felt her self begin to get wet thinking about it. She hoped that Roy hadn?t noticed.

?Mmm my baby must be getting excited.? Roy said smiling sheepishly.

?Yes I am damn it, drive faster.? She joked.

?No need to, we?re already here.? He told her as he turned into the hotel parking lot. She had been so lost in their conversation and thoughts of getting all the cock she could handle and hadn?t even noticed how far they had come already.

Roy parked the car out of the way and they walked into the bar and restaurant lobby. They both told the other they had to use the restroom and would meet right back here. Her mind reeled the entire time they were apart and she just couldn?t stop smiling. She was a little nervous, but she always got that way before she met someone new. What if he didn?t like her? What if he didn?t show up? She knew it would bother Roy more then her, but she still hated it when things didn?t work out. Besides, there is only one first time with someone and it turned her on so much when it was the first time they met them.

Roy was waiting for her in the lobby as she exited the bathroom. Slipping her arm in his they headed down the hall to the bar where they were to meet Mike and Derek. Walking in the bar, she tried to scan the room to find Mike. She had been with him more times then any man other then Roy since they had gotten in the lifestyle. At first she didn?t see him and she began to get that feeling in the pit of her stomach. Then in the far corner, at a table setting off out of the way she saw him sitting there with another bald black man.

That must be Derek she thought to herself as she looked him up and down. Her eyes had started at his head and traveled all the way down, stopping briefly on his crotch, then back up to his face. She noticed then that he too was staring her up and down and smiling like he definitely liked what he saw. As they walked up to the table to join them, that feeling in her stomach turned to moist excitement between her legs at the possibility of having this man who seemed to want her badly.

?Hey hey yall.? Roy said, ?Derek, this is my wife Tina. Babes, this is Mikes friend Derek.?

She started to reach out her hand to shake Derek?s, but he leaned over and slipped his arm around her waist and gave her a hug. Soon as he pulled her close to him, she could feel his cock was already hard and was pressing against her stomach, telling her that he most definitely liked what he saw and wanted it bad.

After hugging Mike she took a seat on the back side of the table. Roy sat on one side and Derek on the other. Mike had offered to buy them a drink and she asked for a snow cone and Roy for a pepsi.

While Mike was gone getting drinks, Derek began to talk with her, telling her about himself. He was a 32 yr old auto worker who had only been in the lifestyle for a cpl of years and hadn?t had much playing experience so far. They talked back and forth as Mike returned with the drinks. Derek was a well spoken man with a nice build. Not really huge or anything, but not out of shape either.

They all sat there talking for nearly 45 minutes when she looked at Roy and said, ?I need to use the restroom.?

Roy smiled back at her as he moved so she could get up. They had already talked about it and he knew that her saying that was a sign that she wanted to play with him and that she was ready for him to ask while she was away. For a moment she entertained the possibility that Derek might actually say no. Then she smiled recalling how hard his cock had felt pressing against her stomach. He had to be at least as thick as Mike though she suspected not quite as long.

Returning to the table she saw everyone smiling like they all shared some special little secret. Judging from their smiles and the look in Roy?s eyes she guessed that Derek?s answer had been yes.

?Would you like a shot before we go up?? Roy asked as she stepped up to the table.

Being suddenly in the mood to really get Roy going, and feeling like being the party time slut she hadn?t been in a long time, she smiled at Roy and the other two and said, ?Nope, this girl is more then ready to go up and go down. You boys think you can handle me?? she joked playfully.

?Oh I think we got ya covered.? Roy smiled as he stood up.

With out another word they all headed for the door. For an instant she thought about how it looked with her leaving with all three men at the same time. The thought of the other men in the bar wishing they were going to got her even more excited.

As they got into the elevator and closed the door, she decided it was time to really get Roy going. ?So I hear you can cum a lot Derek. Do you think the three of you can break my record?? she asked as she slipped her hands to his crotch.

Slipping his hand around her waist, Derek pulled her closer and looked her in the eyes. ?I can cum as many times as you want. In fact, I?ll bet you that you will be done before us.?

?Oh yeah? I doubt it.? She said playfully while she stroked his cock through his jeans. She could feel a hand moving up between her legs and she spread them slightly to give easier access.

?Then lets bet on it.? Derek said as he reached for her breast and began to knead them firmly as she began to grind her pussy onto who?s ever fingers where there.

?What do you want to bet?? she asked as she felt another hand begin rubbing up and down her ass.

?If you win, we will do what ever you want, be your sex slaves.? Derek replied.

?And if I lose?? she asked as she grew more and more wet.

?Well, I?ve already talked this over with Roy and it?s ok with him if it?s ok with you. So if you lose, you have to promise to at least think about letting me fuck you in the ass.? He said as he slid his hand down to her now soaked pussy.

?What?!?? She turned to Roy to see his face. ?Is that really ok with you? You know our rule is we safe that for each other.? She went on as she felt Derek?s zipper come down and her hand found it?s way inside.

?I know the rule, but I told you before that you can do what ever you want. Besides, like I said, I would kind of like to be the one in front at least once so I can see your face as you?re being filled in all your holes.? Roy said looking down at her as he continued to move his hand around up her skirt.

She looked at Roy for a moment more then looked down and noticed that it was Mike?s hand playing with her ass. She turned back to Derek and said ?Ok I promise I?ll think about it. Nothing more.?

?Good enough then, it?s a bet.? Derek said as the elevator chimed to warn that the doors were about to open.

Smiling as if he had just been given a million dollars, Roy stepped from the elevator and lead them down the hall to their room. It was a spacious suite with a hot tub standing in one corner. She noticed that there were two coolers and a couple of duffle bags already in the room and she wondered just when it was that they had planned to tell her that everything had already been set up. The hot tub was even pre heated and ready. Had Roy actually told someone at the hotel what they were going to be doing?

She heard the door closed and turned to see Roy already taking off his shirt. Derek and Mike apparently took this as a sign and removed theirs too. She could see that Derek had a little more stomach then it had looked like down stairs, but that he was still an attractive man. She felt Mike step up behind her and start rubbing her arms and he kissed her neck. She leaned her head to one side to give him better access as she felt Derek?s hands begin to play with her breasts.

Well, guess small talk is out, she thought to herself as she let these two men start to undress her. Roy had often talked about things starting this quickly but they never had. Everyone had always waited until she had made the first move. Not this time. This time she was at their will and loving every second of it. She reached back and began to stroke Mike?s bulging cock as Derek finished un-doing his pants and let them fall to the floor. Reaching for his fully erect and seeping cock she could tell it was smaller then she had first thought. It was about middle way between Roy and Mike and felt rock hard.

?Don?t stroke to much girl, you?ll make me cum in your hand.? Derek warned.

?You better not waste it that way. Those ones don?t count in our bet. Only the ones inside me.? She smiled at him.

?Then how about you get down here and suck my cock?? Derek said as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

She wasn?t accustomed to being talked to that way, but for some reason it turned her on this time. She knew Roy liked to see her give a good show so she ran her hands over Derek?s chest and moved in close. ?Why don?t you sit down then? It would be much easier for me.? She said holding his cock firmly and guiding him to the chair.

Once he was standing with his back to the chair, she kneeled down in front of him. His cock bounced in front of her face as it throbbed, longing to enter her warm wet mouth. She felt her mouth water and she had to lick her lips and swallow before she could take him in. holding his cock to the side, she began licking up and down the side slowly, stopping to teasingly twirl her tongue around the head before moving back down and licking his balls.

She heard him begin to groan as she slowly took him into her mouth. Although it was just like any other hard cock, there was something about the first time with some one that added an extra level of excitement to it. She loved the way it felt to have a mans cock in her mouth, sliding between her lips and into her throat. The sensation of his cock throbbing as she sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could handle always made her wet. And the feeling of a guy cumming in her mouth and watching his face as she swallowed each and every drop always made her cum her self.

True to his word, it wasn?t 5 minutes and Derek was already giving all the signs he was about to cum. She reached her free hand up and grabbed his waist to prepare herself for what was about to be shot into her hot mouth. As soon as her hand touched his hip and her mouth touched the bottom of his shaft one last time, he shot deep into her mouth. She nearly missed tasting any of it because of the position and even gagged a little as some seeped out onto her cheek. She looked over at Roy who had been taking pics and smiled. She knew he wanted pics of her with cum over flow on her cheek and she wanted to give him what he wanted. Once Roy had taken the picture she wiped the rest of the cum off her face and turned to him.

?I thought I told you that you had to cum in my mouth before you could take any pics?? she asked batting her eyes at him.

?I know, but I just figured that was more because you weren?t sure these guys would be able to.? Roy said as he handed the camera to Derek.

?Ok I can forgive you since Derek was nice enough to give me a shake. Now come over here and sit down, I want another one.? She flirted as she motioned for Roy to sit on the sofa.

Being all to happy to give her what she said she wanted, Roy moved over and took up a position on the sofa. He had removed his pants along the way and she could see his cock was firm and full. Not as big as the other two, but by far her favorite of all the cocks she had ever had. She had often times been heard to say it was her idea of the perfect cock for her. Roy would always reply to her says so with some rye comment about any cock that was hard was perfect for her, but he knew that she meant if his was the only one she ever got, she would be more then happy with it. Fortunately Roy gets off watching me enjoy others, she thought to her self.

Taking his seat on the end of the sofa, she crawled over to him and began stroking his beautiful cock with one hand while she caressed his balls gently with the other. She knew it would drive him wild if she deep throated him from the start and she had to admit, she loved the way Roy?s cock fit perfectly into her mouth and throat. She loved this man and loved the way he felt inside her, no matter where he slid it in.

She licked the sides of his cock as she slid her tongue up and down his cock, stopping at the top to kiss it softly once, twice, then a third time. She could see Roy was enjoying her little show, but she began to grow a little impatient, so she decided to quit teasing herself and get down to business. She parted her lips slightly and slipped his throbbing cock between her moist lips. Thankfully Roy wasn?t as long or as thick as Derek had been and was much easier to deep throat. Thick seldom caused her problems when she was blowing, but long always made it harder for her to deep throat.

As she began to work her mouth up and down Roy?s bulging cock, she felt hands move across her back and down over her ass as they headed for her dripping wet pussy. Having all three of these men here in this room just for her had turned her on so much that she had been soaked since before getting on the elevator. She sucked Roy in farther and farther as the hand between her legs flicked back and forth across her clit. As those fingers found their way to her opening, she pushed backwards urging them to enter her. She groaned out her enjoyment as she continued to work her mouth and hand up and down Roy?s full cock.

OH God How Good it felt! She arched her back low to give the man behind her a better angle as she felt those fingers probe deeper and deeper. She was determined not to stop sucking this time. Roy had told her before that he didn?t mind if she had to stop for a minute to get through an orgasm, but she hated to stop before he was done, so she made herself keep him in her mouth while she pushed back onto those fingers and slipped through her second orgasm since entering the room. God how she loved that feeling!!

Sensing her needs, Derek took up a position behind her and allowed his hard cock to begin rubbing up and down her ass as his fingers kept teasing her swollen clit. She was tempted to turn and tell him not there, but decided to just see how far he would try to take it with out her giving him permission. Moments later she began to feel the familiar pulsating of Roy?s cock signally he was on the verge of cumming in her mouth. She slipped her hand in between her lips and the bottom of his shaft to ensure the right angle and prepared for the load she seemed to need to desperately. But before she got that second shot of protein, she got something else. She gasped and took Roy out of her mouth as Derek entered her, touching bottom in one thrust. OH GOD YES!! She had to stop sucking for a few minutes while she tried to catch her breath. Derek began to pump his full, firm, beautiful cock deep inside her with each thrust. She could feel the head of him crashing against that spot deep inside and she began to cry out in enjoyment, calling out for more.

Being all too happy to accommodate, Derek began to pump faster and faster, trying to reach ever deeper and deeper. Being on her knees like this, most any man could hit those spots inside and she loved it. Derek thrust harder and harder until she had no choice but to take Roy out of her mouth and lay her head next to his gorgeous cock as Derek fucked her harder and harder. Pounding deeper and deeper, he pushed her through one orgasm after another as she moaned and groaned and cried out for more. She turned her head and slipped Roy back into her mouth as the latest wave of orgasms began to subside.

She knew that Roy had enjoyed the show, even from his angle because he was still rock hard and was already showing seepage on the head of his cock. He had told her before that the feeling of her being fucked hard while she sucked cock was a turn on in and of it?s self and now he was once again proving it to her. With each thrust Derek drove Roy?s cock farther into her mouth and that just made it that much easier for her to keep sucking away while Derek filled her. In a matter of moments she began to feel that familiar twitching that said Roy was about to cum. She slid her mouth back toward the top and moved her free hand to grab his waist as he began shooting his cum into her mouth. Oh how she loved the feeling of that cum blasting across the back of her tongue and washing down her throat. Nothing compared to the feeling of a cock pulsating as it filled her mouth with cum. She began to orgasm again as she felt the warm sweet fluid continue to fill her mouth.

Sucking every last drop from Roy?s still stiff cock, she slowly moved to the top of it and let it slide from between her lips. She knew this was just that much more teasing of Roy and she loved it. She loved giving him a good show almost as much as she enjoyed the doing the stuff that he said made a good show. He had often times called her a natural since she did enjoy it all so much.

With Roy now done for a while, she leaned up to give him time to move. Derek took this to mean she was ready to get more into it and he reached around and began to play with her clit as he continued to pump into her. She reached back over her shoulder and grabbed his neck as he pushed his throbbing cock into her swollen pussy. She held her head to the side with her eyes closed and let the sensation wash through her as he kept pumping away.

As Derek held her upright while he filled her, she had let her head roll off to one side and had closed her eyes, basking in the ecstasy of the moment. Then she felt something brush across her lips. With out opening her eyes to see who, she simply parted her lips and let this massive cock slip inside her mouth. She knew Mike was the only one left she hadn?t sucked today and could tell from the thickness and length that it was his turn. For a split second she wondered if she would be able to handle Mike cumming in her mouth again. The last time he had nearly drowned her. She had always loved sucking cock, ever since she was in high school, but no one had ever shot so much cum into her mouth. But Mike was seldom able to cum in her mouth, so when ever he could, she was happy to let him. He was after all the first black man to do so.

With Mike in her mouth and Derek filling her drenched pussy, she felt yet another wave of orgasm begin to wash over her. She held Mike?s Massive cock with one hand while Derek pounded into her. Thrust after thrust he still managed to hit that spot inside and drive her through one orgasm after another. Wave after wave of orgasm burst forth from her and flooded out over Derek?s pulsating cock. Derek bucked harder and harder, driving the head of his cock so deep inside she swore she could feel it hit the back of her throat. OH GOD YES!!! She screamed out in her mind. FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!! She wanted to cry out.

As if he had read her mind, Derek pounded as hard as he could, filling her pussy to over flowing as his final thrust brought his second orgasm. She sucked hard on Mike?s cock as she felt Derek?s second load of cum shoot deep, deep inside her. As it always had, the feeling of the cock pulsating and the rush of warm cum filling her made her orgasm again. She sucked on Mike?s cock even harder, determined not to let it go.

As Derek finished cumming and pulled out of her, Mike looked down and asked if she would like to change position. She hadn?t even thought about it, but now that he mentioned it, she would like to try something she hadn?t done yet. She looked up at Mike with glazed eyes and simply hummed her agreement with the idea.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, with her trying playfully to keep it securely between her lips, Mike guided her to standing and led her to the bedroom of the suite. He moved over to the bed and motioned for her to lie down. She looked at him and shook her head. ?You lie down this time.? She told him while she continued to stroke his huge cock to keep it hard.

As most men would, Mike did as he was told and lied down on the bed. She started first by crawling onto the bed and toward him like a starved woman about to be fed. The look in her eyes drove Mike wild as he watched her move toward him and take his bulging cock into her mouth again.

But she had other plans. She sucked him for a few minutes then decided she was ready. She moved up and straddled him, taking his thick beautiful cock in her hand and guided her self down onto it. The moment she felt it penetrate her, she had to stop and allow her next orgasm to wash over her. No matter how many times she had felt it, no matter how many guys she had in a row, each time she was penetrated she came. Something about the sensation of the head of a man?s cock sliding through her moist lips and into her soaked pussy always made her cum.

Once her orgasm began to subside, she started to give the show she had wanted to give so badly. She placed one hand on Mike?s chest while placing the other back on his thigh. Slowly she began to grind her drenched pussy all around on Mike?s cock. She could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it immensely and that only added to the thrill for her. She loved to see a man enjoy what she was doing to him and always had. As she ground back and forth, she felt yet another orgasm begin to well up inside her. She could feel the tingling of her clit as it pressed hard against Mike?s pelvis. As she grew nearer and nearer to orgasm, she leaned down and let Mike lift his hips, driving his massive cock deeper then any had been today.

As she lie there on Mike?s chest, feeling his cock fill her deepest reaches, she felt hands begin to rub her back and her ass. She cracked her eyes enough to see that Roy had put down the camera and was standing next to the bed, reaching out and caressing her soft skin. Instantly she knew what it was he wanted. It had been a long time since her last double penetration and she too found her self wanting it. So she closed her eyes again and just let it happen.

With the patience and skill she loved him for, he began to toy with her ass playfully. Rubbing up and down the invisible line in the middle to the sweet spot in the center. He probed gently at the opening of her ass as he kissed all around it. She was glad that it was Roy and not Derek, she thought to her self. She had promised she would think about it, but she had no plans to let him.

Roy continued to tease her, kissing and licking all around before heading in and reaming her the way she loved. She could only take that tongue twirling around there for a minute or so before she leaned up and told him ?Ok, ok quit teasing me!?

With that, he moved around behind her and got into position. She felt the familiar chill of KY being applied and she tensed with anticipation. She had only had this a few times and had loved it every time. She had been completely surprised by how much she enjoyed Roy fucking her in the ass to begin with. He had been the first man to do it with out hurting her and so he had been the only one she trusted enough to let have it regularly. As Roy?s cock slipped into her ass, at first just a little, then a little more, she called for him to be still. She knew he would remember that when she is first penetrated in her ass while a cock was already in her pussy, she burst into multiple orgasms immediately.

Once the waves of ecstasy began to subside, she nodded and Roy started working his hard cock further and further into her ass. She loved the way it felt when they both would hit that spot deep inside one right after the other. Even on occasions at the same time. She began to cry out, ?OOHHHH, Yessss, MMMM!!! More, More!! Yes baby, harder, harder!!!?

Roy took her instruction well and did just as she asked. Thrusting deeper and deeper each time until she could tell he had every bit of his cock buried in her ass. God how she loved the way it felt. Her eyes were closed tightly, her head was tipped back as she thrust her self forward and back, driving each cock further and further into her, slamming them to the bottom and then back to the head.

Then she felt something brush across her lips. She opened her eyes to see Derek standing over her. Apparently seeing her be filled this way had been enough to get him going again and he was offering his cock to her mouth once more. Being a woman who truly loves to suck cock, she was all to happy to take him into her mouth again. Maybe he would even be one of the few guys who could cum twice for a blow job in the same play session.

She knew it drove Roy wild to see her suck cock, not to mention to see her getting fucked the way she liked. But the site of her sucking while feeling the huge cock in her pussy was obviously more then he could stand. He began to pound into her ass like never before. Harder and faster and deeper then she had thought he could go. OH GOD YES!!! Her mind screamed out as she began to orgasm from both her pussy and her ass simultaneously. The rush of warmth from her orgasms was all it took, Roy thrust once more, then twice and with a loud grunt shot a huge load of cum deep in her ass. It was glorious, pure ecstasy. But she wanted more. She prayed he wouldn?t pull out yet.

But he hadn?t heard her prayer, he began to withdrawal and she moaned her disappointment. Then she felt hands on her ass again. She hadn?t planned to let Derek fuck her in the ass, but she still wanted more. She knew Roy wouldn?t mind, so she closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was Roy coming back for more of her ass. Once Derek?s cock slipped into her ass, her pretending was over. She amazed her self when she immediately began to call out for him to fuck her harder. She wasn?t ready for the feeling of both cocks bottoming out to stop.

Derek was a good inch or more longer then Roy, and slightly bigger around, but it felt good all the same. She hadn?t planned to actually let him have her ass, but she was now so very glad she had. He filled her as he pumped deeper and deeper with each thrust. She didn?t know if it was from the excitement of the day or the thrill of letting another man finally fuck her ass, but she began to feel her body twitch as she began to buck wildly into first Mike, then Derek, forcing them both to slam deep inside her. She loved the feeling of having both the front and back filled at the same time and didn?t want it to end. She leaned all way forward and started to let Derek?s thrust create the motion that kept them all three going. She closed her eyes and let wave after wave of glorious orgasm wash over her.

She had no idea how long it was before she heard Derek begin to moan and groan warning that he was near cumming. The excitement of the moment seemed to be enough to get Mike near that point too as he also began to emit sounds of warning that he was near cumming himself. The thought of two more full loads of cum shooting deep inside her was all it took to push her to the brink. She braced herself as she felt Derek drive deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and harder, forcing Mike further and further into her.

?OH GOD YES!!! Fuck Me, FUCK ME HARDER!! HARDER!!!? She cried out as Derek pounded deeper into her ass then any dick had been in a very long time. Then with a groan that rumbled up from some where deep inside, Derek shot his cum deep in her ass. The feeling of getting a second load shot in her ass was too much. She lost it and started bucking wildly into both men as her pussy flooded Mike?s cock, causing him to blast his over sized load of cum so far up into her that she could almost taste it! Feeling all of Mike?s cum washing over ever inch of her insides only threw her deeper into orgasm. Wave after wave of ecstasy flooded over her as she felt the last drops of each man shoot into her. For a moment, she wouldn?t let either man move. She needed them to stay still so she could try to let the tingling in both her ass and her pussy, subside.

Once she thought it was safe, she told them they could move now. As soon as Derek?s cock pulled out of her ass, she lost it and had another orgasm all over Mike?s cock which was still in her drenched and dripping pussy. She cracked her eyes open to see Roy standing there smiling at her. She knew he had wanted to be the one in front, but that he had also wanted to get her taking double penetration on film. She smiled up to him and asked, ?Did you wash it??

?Of course I did. You know I had to go to the bathroom at some point and since you seemed to be enjoying your self, I figured it was ok.? Roy told her as he moved over closer to her.

?Mmmm oh yes, I definitely enjoyed myself.? She said as she took his hard, gorgeous cock in her hand. ?I know you wanted to be in the front for that, but maybe we can try that later.?

?Only if you want to babes. I figured the only reason you let Derek in there was because of the heat of the moment anyway.? He said as she started licking and kissing the head of his cock.

?That was mostly it. I hadn?t planned on letting him, but I still wanted more when you finished and I knew you wanted to see it anyway. I love you.? She said as she took his full firm cock into her mouth and throat.

?Mmmm I love you too babes!! Thank you for being the best wife ever!!? Roy proclaimed as she worked her mouth up and down his cock, urging him to give her another shake.

As she sucked Roy?s beautiful cock, she felt a set of hands lifting her to her knees. She didn?t care who it was, she just wanted more. She did after all have a bet to win. She stopped sucking Roy just long enough to look him in the eye and tell him, ?Don?t cum though, I still want to give you what you want.?

?Then you might want to go ahead and let me lie down.? Roy told her.

She knew that meant he was ready and she reluctantly let go of his cock and moved so he could take his position in the middle of the bed. She didn?t think Derek was ready yet, but she knew she could control whether or not Roy came better if she was on top anyway.

With Roy laying there, she swung her leg over and straddled him, guiding his cock into her with one hand while balancing herself with the other. As it always did, the feeling of a man?s cock pressing past her lips and into her pussy made her cum immediately. She lie there for a moment, letting her orgasm subside, then began to work her hips around and around, grinding her clit against Roy?s pelvis. She sat straight up and started cupping her breasts as she worked herself toward another orgasm.

Some what surprisingly, she felt hands on her hip and back urging her to bend forward. She thought about looking to make sure it was Derek, but thought better of it. She decided that what had worked that last time was just going with the heat of the moment, so she allowed herself to be guided down onto Roy?s chest. She pressed her lips to his and probed his mouth with her tongue as Derek pressed the head of his cock against her ass. She had been about to ask for more KY when she felt his cock push slowly into her ass. OH GOD YES!!! That feels sooooo good! She thought to herself. Derek?s hands were on her hips and she felt Roy?s hands reach back and spread her ass cheeks apart. She considered telling him no, but before she could she felt Derek reach even further then he had before. The head of his cock pressed against that spot deep inside and she could feel it slide along Roy?s cock until they were both hitting that spot. It was too much for her. She began to toss her head from side to side as she cried out for them to fuck her like never before. She slammed her self into first one then the other. Back and forth, back and forth until her pussy and ass were both totally drenched and full of cock.

As she felt Derek pounding her ass, she felt his cock begin to pulsate. She knew that meant he was about to cum and she wanted it badly. She called out to him, ?Yes, OH GOD YES!! Cum in my ass! I need it, please cum in my ass! Cum in me Now!? She cried out.

Just as Derek was about to cum, she opened her eyes to make eye contact with Roy. He was smiling wide and bucking himself up into her pussy to match each thrust of Derek?s cock in her ass. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, until at last he groaned and grunted and shot what had to be the biggest load yet deep into her ass. She lost it as her own multiple orgasm burst forth from her and soaked Roy beneath her. Feeling her orgasms and feeling the warmth of Derek cumming in her ass pushed Roy to his own orgasm. As his cum shot deeper in her pussy then she thought it could, she was consumed with the ecstasy of all the cum she was getting.

As her orgasm subsided she looked at Roy and told him she loved him. She could see by the look in his eye that he would be talking about this day for a long time to come. At this point she still couldn?t believe she had let another man fuck her in the ass. She had always sworn that Roy would be the only one. But it had felt good, hadn?t it? She decided to put it out of her mind, or to at least try to.

As was always the case, when Derek pulled out of her, she had yet another small orgasm. Then she lifted herself off of Roy and smiled at them all. As she made her way toward the hot tub in the other room, she called back over her shoulder, ?Don?t think we?re done either. I still want more after I relax in the hot tub for a little while? she said to them.

?Wow man, you weren?t kidding when you said she could take it all and still want more!? She heard Derek exclaim as she left the room.

?Yeah, I am one damn lucky man, aint no doubt about it!? Roy proclaimed with pride as he rose from the bed slowly and made for the door. ?Just think, she says she still wants more. Think yall are up for it?? he asked them both.

?Man, I need some rest. I think next time we need to bring a couple more guys!? Mike laughed as they all headed out to the other room.

?So I win the bet then?? she asked from her place in the hot tub.

?Unless you?re gonna let us start back up in a couple of hours, yeah.? Derek conceded.

?Oh I don?t know, guess we?ll have to see.? She laughed as she started stroking Mike?s cock again, urging him to get hard. He was the only one who hadn?t cum in her mouth and she wanted to be able to say all three had.

?If you start that, you know I?m going to have to fuck your mouth.? Mike warned her.

?Well, have you ever seen me tell you no? I mean don?t you fuck my mouth every time I suck you anyway?? she asked.

?Yeah, but this will have to be it. I won?t have anything left after this.? Mike admitted.

?Well then come here so I can win my bet? she told him as she smiled wide and pulled him close.

Mike was already hard again and she wasted no time taking him into her mouth. She loved to suck cock and if her jaw muscles could handle it, she would do it for hours non stop. Mike couldn?t take it for long though. With in minutes he began to pump his cock into her mouth. She didn?t mind as it made it much easier to suck big cock like his. Mike reached down and began stroking her shoulders before moving his hand to the back of her neck. He pumped faster and faster, causing her mouth to make slurping noises as she tried to keep up with him. He surprised her by beginning to twitch sooner then she had expected. She barely had time to get her hand on the back of his thigh and her mouth at just the right angle before he shot his cum deep in her mouth. It wasn?t as much as it had been other times, but it was still enough to nearly gag her and to have some run out onto her chin. Making sure to drain every last drop, she finally drew back. Standing there next to Mike was Derek, cock fully erect and in his hand.

?Tell me you want more? he said to her.

?I always want more!? she proclaimed, smiling at him.

?Oh god yes, come here and get it Tina!? Derek called out.

As she leaned toward him and opened her mouth to take him in, he shot his load. Most of it shot straight into her waiting mouth, but some had missed and was splashed against her chin. She didn?t take the time to wipe it off, but rather moved in quickly and began to use her mouth and hands to milk the last drops from him first. She couldn?t believe how much he had been able to cum, but she didn?t care. All she knew was that she had gotten more protein shakes today then she had at her last orgy.

She knew that the guys were done for. She could see it in their worn out expressions. She took great joy in the fact that she had out lasted three men. Especially since one was very well hung and the other two had fucked her ass. She allowed herself to slide down into the tub and let the water jets massage muscles sore from all the steamy sex they had just enjoyed. Turning her head to see what the guys were up to, she couldn?t help but smile. Mike was sitting in the chair and had fallen asleep and Derek had fallen over on the sofa and was already snoring. Roy was going through the pics on the camera and telling her how hot she was. She smiled at him and thanked him for another wonderful day.

?No babes thank you! Thank you for being all the wife any man could ever wish for. You really are my dream come true!? He told her as he walked over and kissed her passionately.

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