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Jane,Betty and myself all thought a weekend in New Orleans would be fun. So the ladies took care of the travel arrangements and it was of to New Orleans for the weekend, They booked a hotel right in the heart of the French Quarter, was turned out to be great. We got there around noon on Friday and so we all went out to tour the city. we found a great bar not far from the quarter and we all had to have a few drinks. We stayed at the bar until around 5pm, we left the bar and went back to the hotel to get ready for an evening of fun and folic.

As usual the ladies did not disappoint me with their dress, both of them had on skirts and sexy tops.As we walked along in the quarter, both Jane and Betty got alot of looks from both men and women.This made my ladies feel good, so they both became more adventrous and start to flash their tits and every once in awhile would flash there asses.It seemed every time they did this the crowd would roar and yell "show some more" I told the ladies that I did not think it was too good of an idea with all the police that was around. We all drcied to stop at 1 of the local bars and see what kind of things we could get into.

As we all entered the bar heads started turning looking at the ladies.We sat down and started listening to a great jazz group and enjoying ourselfs.After awhile I noticed that it seemed like everyone in the place was looking at us, so I got up and went to the restroom and as I was returning to the table I saw what everyone was staring at. There was Jane and Betty sitting there with there legs wide open and with no panties on either.I smile as I sat down and asked both of them what they were trying to do. They both said that they were horny and wanted to see if they could get a party started.I asked them did they have any one in mind, Jane said they she was attrated to a couple that was in there 40's and Betty said she had her eyes on a very nice looking black couple. I said if they would like i would go talk to both couples. So I went over and srated chatting with the black couple 1st. They were very nice and asked them to join us at our table. Next came the white couple and again they said yes they would be happy to join us.After the intros were made and we all had a few more drinks, jane suggested we all go some place more quiet. Val and Ed (the white couple said that they had a place about 3 mins away. So we all followed them and went to there place.

After arriving at there place drinks were made and music was on, Betty asked Troy (the black guy) if he cared to dance.He gladly accepted and they started to dance very sexy. We were all watching as they danced and thats when the party started going. Troy had his hands all over Betty, it what seemed like a split second he was rubbing Betty's tits thru her top. Betty's ample nipples started getting hard so she unbuttoned her top and let it justfall to the floor. Troy then started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples, Betty grabbed Troy by the back of the head and pulled him towards her tits. Thatwas it, it seemed that was the siginal for everyone to start either taking there clothes off or start kissing who was closest to you.Jana (the black lady ) started kissing Ed and Ed started to remove her top with the 1st kiss. Man was I surprised went he got that top off. She had some of the biggest tits I have ever seen and nipples to match.I could not let Ed have all the fun so I reached over and started playing and then sucking on a nipple right away. Jana got real hot and started to remove her own skirt.When she got her skirt off. I just drove right at her pussy.Her pussy was well trimmedand when I spread her pussy lips it was sooo pink. I started licking the outter lips and then started to nibble on her clit. Man she got so hot and so wet, I was in paradise. I continued licking her clit until she came and I mean came. She started bouching up and down and grabbing me by the back of the head and pushing my face into her pussyI kept licking for all I was worth.and Jana keep saying over and over" I want to fuck everyone here tonight, both man and ladys." This got everyone super hot and it was an all out orgy.Jane and Val were competely naked and were sucking and playing with each others tits.Val slid down and started to open Janes legs, Jane was very open (pund intended)to the idea. Val started eating Janes pussy and in no time had Jane cumming. Ed had gone over to where Val and Jane were and took Vals place eating Jane. Val moved up to Janes mouth and spread her legs for Jane to start eating her. Like the good person she is Jane started to eat Val. While Jane was bring Val to extacsy Ed took his big dick and started to put it in to Jane, as he did Jane had her hips up to meet him. As ed started to really fuck Jane, she stopped eating Val to get into a good fuck timing with Ed.Ed's dick must have been 8 inches long and 4 inches around. He really knew hoe to use it too as he had Jane really rocking and rolling. She started telling to to fuck her good and deep, Ed did as Jane wished and started to really fuck her. Jane started cumming and saying "thats it fuck me good and hard."

Later Jane told me she must have cum at least 6 times from Eds fucking.While Ed was fucking JaneJana reached out and got hold of my dick, she started to lick all the around the head and then she slowly started to put it in her mouth.Her mouth was so hot I thought I was going to pop my "cookies" right away. She kept inching it into her mouth real slow and at the same time was very gently playing with my balls. Just when I thought I could not take it any longer she stopped and said"no way am I going to let you cum in my mouth I wants it in my pussy." She then proceeded to lower her beaiutful pussy on my dick. When I was all the way in she started to bounce up and down on it, when she felt I was ready to cum she would stop and just start to rock back and forth on it.After doing this for some time and with me begging her to let me cum she said no, and got up and turned around and asked me to fuck her in the ass.With that great ass staring me to the face what was I to do, I bent her over and put my dick into her ass. She went crazy, she started saying "fuck my black ass real good, that it faster and deeper. I started to pump like a piston, I could not hold out for too much longer so I told her I was going to cum, she yelled to the top of her lungs to cum in her ass, which I was very happy to do.

While I had been fucking Jana, Ed was busy fucking Jane and trying to eat his wife at the same time. Jane it seemed was in paradise and would not let Ed go.Betty and Troy must have seen what was going on so they came over and Betty started to eat Val as Troy was fucking Betty doggie style. Val was moaning real loud and Betty was also. Val slid away from Betty's tongue and got down by Betty's pussy. As Troy's dick was going in and out of Betty, Val was licking both it and Bettys clit.This must have made them both real hot as they both came about the same time. Betty kept telling Troy not to stop fucking her , as Troy came he pulled hid dick out of Betty and started to shoot his cum on to her back. Val would have none of that, so she grabbed Troys dick and put it in her mouth. Troy must have cum for a full mintue, he came so much that it ran out of Val mouth on to her chin.

After we all settled down and relaxed alittle. Ed said why don't we all meet here tommorrow night and he would invite some of he and Val's friends over also. We all agreed and made plane to meet the next night for more fun and games.

After Betty, Jane and myself all got back to the hotel we all started chatting about the evening events. Thats when Jane turned to me and said" do you think this evening happened by accident? I said ye and she said no that her and Betty had been chatting with both couples and that why they wanted to cum to New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 In future adventures I will tell you all what happed when we all got together for Saturday night. Till then HAPPY SWINGING

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