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If you haven't read 'MASSAGE PARTY AT ROBS' you won't understand where the two hunks came from. They were two nice guys in their early forties who were hitting on my wife and our friend's wife Laurie at our favorite spot the "Rendezvous". We, Rob and I, were having an evening out with our wives when these two come along and with our permission dance with our wives. Now is when the story starts.

Well, my wife and Laurie are pretty close friends and "hob nob" around together. They went shopping together this Friday afternoon and after a couple of hours decide to stop at the "Rendezvous" to have a glass of wine and relax a bit. Nothing new about this. The bar was crowded so they sat at a booth near the dance floor.. I'm telling you this as it was related to me...

They were on their third glass of wine, feeling no pain, and who do you suppose comes in and spots them??? None other than our two friends, the "Hunks" as we, Rob and I, call them....They go over to their booth and ask them to dance, as the juke box was on and the combo had not yet arrived. Well, there weren't too many people dancing yet, so they had to more or less behave themselves on the dance floor. When they got back to the booth they sat down with our ladies. Well, it was no secret that they were both well endowed and both women knew they were good lovers. So naturally at the booth they got friendly, rubbed around a little, and it was no secret where this was leading. They wanted the ladies to go to a Motel with them. No, no, my Mary says. When we party my hubby is around and at least gets to watch. Laurie says, me too.

Well, where are your men Charles asks. They had gone to some car show together and might be home now, Mary says. Well, we could have them come to the Motel couldn't we??? Mary says, I'll call him and explain to him what's up. (Yeah, what's up).. She gets on her cell and calls me. In very few words she says that she's in the mood. It so happens we had just gotten home and Rob was there with me. I hold my hand over the phone and tell him the two "Hunks" are there with them at the "Rendezvous". They, our wives, had been there a while drinking wine and now they've got company. Hell, it's Friday evening and we had nothing planned, so why don't you bring them here and we can all have a drink together.

She says, just a minute. I hear muffled voices with the music playing and she says that they're OK with that. Fine, I say. Rob is here in his own car parked out in front. Have them follow you and you can pull in the garage, they can park in the driveway.

Rob and I take a quick shower as it had been hot at the car show. We talk this over a bit and I suggest we be the observers while these two "hunks" give our wives a massage. Helluvan idea he says. So we put together some snacks as I mix a volatile blender full of marguiritas. I had bought a bottle of EVERCLEAR liquor which has very, very, little taste, but is 95o/o alcohol. I put a bit of this in the marguirita mix.

About a half=hour after they call I hear the garage door open. Then they are laughing, squeeling a little, and they have arrived, a little high I would say. Rob says man they're already shit-faced and the party hasn't even started. Presently they come in and we can see that they've already messed around a bit. Laurie is giddy , she walks up to Rob, spreads her legs and sits on his lap facing him. She says, how would you like a lap dance. Then she reaches in her purse, pulls out her panties and lays them on his head. I look at Mary, she looks at me, reaches in her purse, pulls out her thong and throws it at me. ....By now everybody is laughing their ass off, even the "hunks".

We all sit at the dining table and I pour some marguiritas for everybody. Rob and I have a little catching up to do, so I put a good shot of Everclear in each of our two marguiritas. The stereo is on FM 91.3 with all that good time music. Charles and Bob are dancing with the ladies and slowly but surely their clothes is slipping off and falling to the floor. I'll tell you somethin', these two babes in their fifties pushing sixty are in remarkable condition. We've been swinging for a good many years and if anything, it has drawn us closer together, and Rob agrees.

One of the "hunks" says to me...Man you smell good. Yeah, Rob and I took a shower just before you got here. He says, can I take one too. Hell yeah, and his buddy says me too. Mary says I'll show you to the bathroom and get out some towels..Laurie follows and they all go down the hall. After about five minutes Rob says what the hell, so we go take a look and all four are in the shower together. One thing for sure I say, it's gonna be a clean party.

They come out, the guys are in their boxer's, the ladies have fresh panties on, Laurie is wearing a loaner from Mary, and they're topless...Everybody is giddy sitting at the table drinking these TNT drinks I conjoured up. Again, the guys are dancing with the gals and really getting handsful of ass, titties, tummies, pussies, and sporting monstrous hard ons. Rob and I are just as hard, not quite as big.

After a few more drinks the women are staggering a bit and both are a little drunk. Mary says when the hell does the party start. I said you mean besides the drinking and dancing. Yeah, when...Then Rob says, well we've decided it's massage night again. Oh come on, what the hell is this, same old shit again. No, this time me and Rob will be the observers, and your two friends can do the honors...Charles chimes in that he has never before given a massage. Bob says he has but only about three times, and then not on very willing subjects.

Well, you 've watched, and probably read about a massage, so you can't be completely in the dark. Give the ladies a loving tender rub down with oil and take the tension away. Bob says, where and when, let's get started. So we go into the bedroom to the king-size bed and the ladies lay down one on one side, one on the other. Rob and I each put a chair at the foot of the bed, and I say let the festivities begin. Nobody's fooling around with towels covering the asses or such. Both of these fantastic older mature babes are on their tummy waiting for the exquisite. The guys each have a bottle of oil and we tell them to either put some on their hands or just pour some on their back. Pretty soon they're into it and catching on fast.

Charles is doing Mary and reaches around her back to where her titties are puffing out a little. Bob is busy on Lauries thighs getting closer and closer to her pussy. Charles is now busy on Mary's ass and rubbing between her cheeks. He pours a goodly amount of oil on the crack of her ass and she lets out a soft moan. He then starts rubbing over her rosebud and she is getting very vocal. Yes, yes, yes, that's the spot. Bob is also busy on Lauries ass and basically does the same thing only he reaches a little deeper and is rubbing his fist on her pussy lips. Both these guys have massive hardons sticking out their boxers.

Mary, without being told, rolls over on her back and I'm now I'm close to orgasm rubbing my own cock This is more erotic than I thought it was going to be. Laurie sees Mary on her back and rolls over. Laurie has at times past showed an interest in Mary's body and scoots over a little and lays her right hand on Mary's tummy. This is a long reach for Bob so he gets up on the bed kneeling nest to Laurie. Then she takes her left hand and grabs hold of his steel hard erection. He is oozing a massive amount of precum and she smears it all over his cock. He now leans over and is kissing her and then sucking on her titties.

At this time Charles is kissing Mary and massaging her titties. She senses Laurie's hand on her tummy and turns toward her and is massaging her titties and hips. Now her back is toward Charles, he kicks off his boxers and lies down next to Mary. He takes his massive manhood and slips it into the slippery and well oiled crack of her ass. He starts fucking the crack of her ass as he fondles her beautiful titties.

Somehow Mary and Laurie get closer together as Bob is now doing what Charles is. The two ladies put their free arms around each other and start kissing. This is an almost unbelieveable sight. Two women hugging and kissing while each has a huge cock pushing against their pussies from behing. Rob and I at the foot of the bed are getting a birds-eye view of this and it's mind blowing. The moaning and groaning, hard breathing, and the sloshy noises coming from this can't be described. Laurie has more or less bent over a little bit and makes her ass more available to Bob. He now puts the head of cock against the rosebud he was massaging a while ago, and his head slips in. Laurie screams out OOOOOHHHHHHMMMMMMYYYYYY GOD. Rob and I can see it all but Charles and Mary have no idea. But they could really care less.

Charles cock with everY thrust is rubbing against Mary's clit and is on the verge of entering. Mary and Laurie are still in each others arms and are having a bi-thing while they are being invaded from the back side. Charles grabs his cock and manages to get it into Mary's pussy. Now it's her turn to get vocal. Harumph, harumph, harumph, that's it, that's it, push it in NOW. OH SHIT I CAN'T TAKE MUCH OF THIS...........I'M CUMMING......About this time Charles rams the whole thing in her as hard as he can. She has to be as full as she's ever been or ever will be. He just keeps it there as hard as he can while she's Orgaming.. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN.....Hold me and hug me while I come. He puts his hand at the front of her pussy and starts rubbing her extended clit. I'm gonna pass out.............and she does but her body goes into convulsions and tremors. Laurie recognizes this and hugs her as Bob is fucking hell out of her ass. Now she gets vocal and sceams FUCK FUCK FUCK ME LOVER FUCK ME. And he does. Now Laurie is cumming and cumming. OHMAN, OH MAN, OH MAN, NEVER BEFORE HAS IT FELT LIKE THIS, OH MAN, OH MAN..

Avout this time Charles lets out some ungodly grunt and sounds like a bear in a trap as he fills Mary's pussy to the hilt. As he comes he starts fucking her again trying to hang onto the feeling. Bob hears this as Laurie's ashole is having involuntary contractions on his cock while she comes and it's too much for him to hold back. Now he sounds like the animal in a trap. Now friends, Rob and I are watching all of this from the foot of the bed. I've got my boxers wrapped around my dick as I cum and cum. I look over at Rob and he has his T-shirt in his lap. He said, man I came five minutes ago. There's no way you're ever going to buy a porno as good as what we just saw.

Pretty soon Mary comes back to our world and starts to kiss Laurie again..The two of them lay there looking at one another. Laurie says it's the first time she has ever been so close to another female looking in her face as she has a Mt. St. Helens orgasm and then passes out. I sure want to have the same experience some day she says. Rob and I look at each other and we're thinking the same thing. We'll arrange it if we can honey.

Now the two "hunks" are beginning to come back to reality. Charles says he never dreamt what sex was like until he met us and our friends. He says he's going to get on his PC, find SLS, and sign up. Bob says let's do it together. It's now time to clean up, drinksomething cool and relax. We all end up at the table. Rob and I look at our spouses and feel good for what we could do for them. .

Stick around and watch for our next cock throbbing adventure............................


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