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When this story started Patrick and I had rented a motor home, had gone camping and found two couples who wanted to swing with us. We played along as if we hadn?t done that before and they immediately seduced us into two threesomes. Part One tells of how I got along with the two men and now here is Patrick?s side of the story. Patrick, take it away!

When we walked back into the living room after a private conference in the bed room we found Donnie and Marie (no joke) and John and Sheila all standing ready to leave the camper. ?Wait? Di said in a load voice, ?Patrick and I want to learn more?.

They started all talking at once; they were excited to have us interested in swinging. I think it was Sheila said ?Showtime, Lock the door!? I heard the door lock, and they all started to strip off clothing. Marie?s t-shirt came off, she was bra-less and showed her nice breasts to me and winked at me. Then she pulled my shorts and briefs to the floor. I looked over in Di?s direction to find her naked and sandwiched between the two guys. Donnie was eating her out with one of her legs over his shoulder while John was standing behind her with her tits in his hands kissing her neck. Di showed no resistance.

I was getting the same kind of treatment from the ladies with Marie sucking my cock and Sheila kissing me while rubbing her large breasts on me. Di let out with some moaning and the boys carried her off to the back bed room to get a towel from the bathroom. Marie wiggles out of the rest of he clothes without missing a stroke with her mouth. Sheila broke off the kiss with a loud popping sound and told Marie it was her turn on my love muscle. The girls changed places and Marie?s nipples were already hard as she guided one to my mouth. ?MMMM? I moaned when Sheila took my dick into her mouth.

?We need to lay down now, Patrick? ?We have a lot more in store for you? Marie said as she moved to the smaller side bedroom. Sheila made that popping sound again as she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She than stood up grabbed my dick and lead me to the bed. It was like a sexual tag team match, Marie on one side, Sheila on the other and me in the middle. The girls went for position. They laid me on my back in the middle of the bed the Sheila straddled my face with her pussy and Marie straddled me and let herself down onto my cock with her wet pussy.

I started giving Sheila as much attention as I could to her clit and reached around her leg to put my thumb into her love canal. With my other hand I reached down to held Maries thigh as she pumped herself onto my hard rod. Sheila bent forward bracing herself with the wall above my head and started to quiver. She started gasping and moaning so I went to work a little harder and faster with my tongue and thumb. Soon she grabbed my head with both hands pushed my face deep into her wet pussy. She pulled away and sat on the bed next to me leaning over to give me a nice wet kiss then said, ?My boy you truly are a rare find?.

Sheila told Marie she wanted to fuck me followed by the fact that I gave good head and she should change positions. Marie said she had a better Idea then positioned herself on the bottom, Sheila on top of her in a 69 position and told me to fuck Sheila doggie style. ?Oh Yes?, Sheila said, ?that is a better idea?.

I got up and behind Sheila sliding my hardness into her pussy with Maries face just inches away from my balls. In fact I felt Marie?s hair on my sack while I plunged myself into Sheila. Sheila took no time at all to start shaking with orgasm and gasping for breaths between her cries of ?OHGAWD? ?OHYEZ? over and over. She collapsed on top of Marie who was still eating Sheila out, then Sheila rolled off Marie exhausted and Marie put my cock in her mouth pulling me down over top of her into the 69 position. I licked my heart out down there in Marie?s wet pussy, faster and harder so as to match the cock sucking action I was getting from her.

Marie stopped and said ?Get around here and fuck me?. I did as I was told and got on top putting my hard shaft into Marie?s pussy. Then she said, ?I want you to fuck me till you cum and empty your full load into my pussy, every drop of it, I want to feel you cum, so don?t worry about anything else, just get off in me, adn do not waste a drop, Okay?? ?Yezm? was all I said and went to thrusting harder and faster and as deep as I could into Marie, who was wide eyed looking at my face for the expression that would trigger the exact moment of my climax. Just as it was coming over me that I was going to let go she started pumping her hips to meet each thrust I made. I blew my wad but good and her pumping just kept coming. It was one of the largest loads I?ve ever had. Or at least it felt that way.

I pulled out of Marie and rested on my knees only to have Sheila take my cock in her hand pulling her mouth closer and start sucking and licking on me. Marie said ?If she gets any cum out of your cock then you didn?t give it all to me and you?ll owe us another encounter: Just then I squirted a couple of cum and Sheila sucked them right out of me. The popping noise again as Sheila pulled her mouth off my dick and announced, ?I got some!? and stuck her tongue out to show Marie then swallowed. Marie quietly laid there on her back with a smile and said ?Looks like you owe us another session Honey? ?But now let?s see what the boys did with your woman?.

Sheila added isn?t it time for lunch? We laughed as we realized we just partied the morning away.

Part three would be about the fun we had the next night but I think everyone has the picture now so we?ll let that one fall to ?what happens at the campground??well you know?

Patrick and Di wish to thank all those who read this and especially those making it possible, Donnie, John, Marie and Sheila

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