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Not Just Another Night At The Bar

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One of the sexiest and hands down craziest nights of my life happened with my boyfriend one night a couple of months ago. Now we have great sex, some instances are the best for me and some are the best for him. However, on this particular night I can easily say it was really great for both of us, because we haven?t stopped talking about it.

Kyle and I went out to a small hole in the wall bar with several friends one evening; getting drunk was always on the agenda. Among the group of friends are 2 notable people Nicole, whom Kyle had fucked in the past, and Tim whom we were sure wanted me. Now I was pretty sure Nicole was interested in seeing what else Kyle had to offer, and I was beginning to get the feeling she wanted to find out about me too.

We stayed in the bar all night Kyle was paying attention to other people and I was having a good time flirting myself. Nicole was teasing me about having missed my chance to sleep with Tim and they both seemed to be coming on to me. At several different points I?d noticed Nicole sitting close to me or touching my leg. At last call we all decided to go back to a friends house and continue the party When we got there we drank more and everyone started to separate. Kyle was in the other room, I was with Tim and this time I was sure he was hitting on me. He kept putting his hand on my leg and getting closer. He even brushed his face on my neck, which turned me on, but I was concerned about someone seeing us.

He and I knew that Kyle and Nicole had fucked and were likely wanting to again. I knew that Kyle would probably be ok with me fucking Tim. So we decided to go to a strip club ?just for fun?. We hopped in the car, Tim and I in the back and Kyle and Nicole in the front. All the way there Tim had his hand on my knee, then my thigh, then my pussy, which was getting wetter. Later I would find out that Kyle suspected what was going on and he liked it. He rubbed my pussy for a long time making me really want to get fucked. We all kept talking as if nothing was going on, and decided that the strip club was going to close and perhaps we should go back to Tim?s dorm room. Separately we had all kind of discussed what we were down with and it turned out everything. Kyle and I talked about wanting to go back and pretty much have sex with everyone.

When we got to Tim?s room I guess we all pretty much knew what was going to happen. Kyle went in the bathroom and came out to find Tim and I kissing and grabbing each other and undressing. He was rubbing my tits and kissing my neck, I was pressed up against the wall and grabbing him. It drove me crazy to think of what Kyle and Nicole were doing in the next room. Then I found out. Nicole came in and Tim backed away, she kissed me, which was something I had never experienced before. While we were making out she and Tim started to undress me. My shirt came off then hers, I remarked that her tits were bigger than mine, which was hard to find. Then she moved to my pants and slid them down. I was already really wet from being played with by Tim. She started licking my pussy; being eaten by another girl was another first for me. Then Tim and Kyle came over and sucked on each of my breasts. The scene was pure ecstasy, two hot guys playing with my pierced nipples, and a girl going down on me. I loved every minute of it.

The guys backed off for a minute and suggested we move to the bed, I was naked at this point, I laid on my back and Nicole slid up between my thighs continuing to eat my throbbing pussy. Kyle came over to kiss me and while we were making out I whispered to him that her finger was inside me at that moment.

After a while we all switched positions. Tim and I started fucking on the bed while Kyle and Nicole went over to the couch. The first time Tim fucked me missionary position, the part I loved most was having his hard dick pumping inside me while I looked over and saw Kyle on top of Nicole fucking her on the couch. I was hoping to hear her scream when he made her come but the most I got was some moans from the corner.

Then Kyle came over to me a got me on all fours. My pussy was aching for him to slip inside of me, and he did. Doggie style, he worked in slowly at first and then started fucking me. Tim positioned himself in front of me and I sucked his cock while I was getting fucked by my boyfriend. My fantasy was being lived at that moment. Kyle knows just what to do to me to make me come, and I did with two hard cocks inside of me.

Kyle kind of ran the show and that seemed to be fine with everyone else. It really flattered me that everyone seemed to want to get with me that night, and I know how hot it made Kyle.

It was time to repay the favor to Nicole for licking my pussy and making me come earlier. I was nervous, I had never touched a girl like that but everyone made it all so relaxed and easy. I sucked on her nipples a little, girls are much softer than men are. I kept feeling her long hair drape over me. Then I moved down to explore her shaved pussy. It was a lot like I thought it would be the taste, the feel, and sights. While I spread her wet pussy lips and ate her out, Kyle got behind me and began fucking me again doggie style. Then Tim straddled her and she sucked him while she was getting eaten. I would love to have a picture of that scene, it was extremely hot, I finger myself just thinking about it.

Because I was so drunk my mouth was extremely dry so I stopped for a sip of water, and we changed up again. Tim and I started fucking again; this time we were pretty active. We started out with his dick in my pussy missionary style, then he lifted one of my legs in the air. Then he rolled me over on my side and pumped his cock inside me from behind. That one felt particularly great, and the best part was I got a terrific view of Nicole bouncing up and down on Kyle?s dick over on the chair. That was a sight I play over and over in my head. Tim made me come like this, while I fingered my pussy from the front. We went into the other room for a second for a drink and started going at it again on the sink. I loved the way he would hold my hands over my head against the mirror. He braced himself under me and slipped his dick up between my thighs and fucked me standing against the wall.

After a few more minutes Kyle came over and suggested Tim fuck me doggie style again, after he put his dick in my slippery cunt I was able suck on Kyle?s dick. Again I was penetrated by two guys at the same time, something I had imagined before.

Nicole was getting dressed and ready to go, she was starting to get worn out. So while Kyle and I fucked a little more, Tim was busy stroking himself on the chair. We fucked missionary style and made each other come once more. Then I thought it only polite to get Tim off too, so I straddled him on the chair and slid my pussy down around his dick. I fucked him until he came while he played with my tits.

We got dressed, and Nicole gave me and Kyle a ride back to our room. We all kissed good night. What a night.

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